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Chapter 512: Leng Yue Protecting Her Master

Chapter 512: Leng Yue Protecting Her Master

The middle-aged swordsman did not say anything. He placed his right hand on his sword hilt and slowly headed for Xiao Chen’s body.

When the middle-aged swordsman arrived within a hundred meters of Xiao Chen, he drew his sword and launched a sharp sword Qi. The sword Qi quickly flew towards Xiao Chen.


Leng Yue quickly surged out of the Spirit Blood Jade and sent forth some energy, blocking the incoming sword Qi.

“Eros Demon!”

“Why is an Eros Demon together with a human? What’s going on?”

“It really is an Eros Demon. There really are all sorts of strange things.”

When the cultivators behind the middle-aged swordsman saw the hazy-faced Leng Yue, they were all astonished. They quickly retreated several steps as they discussed it.

In this Battlefield, Eros Demons were extremely mysterious. The legends about the Eros Demon stated that ordinary cultivators would not be able to survive it.

However, the middle-aged swordsman did not panic. An envious expression flashed on his face. He smiled faintly and said, “I nearly made a mistake. Unexpectedly, this fellow managed to force an Eros Demon into becoming his sex slave.”

When the middle-aged swordsman saw the hazy-faced Leng Yue with her large, round eyes, he said calmly, “Don’t make things difficult for me. I will just retrieve something and leave. I will not injure or kill this person.”

The charm of the Eros Demon was a fatal temptation for humans. Before she did anything, the middle-aged man had already felt his entire body heat up.

If the Eros Demon really worked her charms, given the middle-aged swordsman’s determination, he did not have the confidence to resist her.

Leng Yue smiled and said, “No way! This person has a bad temper. If you take away his spatial ring, he will definitely punish me. Big Brothers, please just move on. Pretend you saw nothing.”

Leng Yue’s voice was very sweet, so sweet that it penetrated their bones. Even though the cultivators behind the middle-aged swordsman had retreated farther back, they felt their minds go blank when they heard this sweet voice. They felt very comfortable, like the girl-next-door was acting coquettishly with them.

The middle-aged swordsman composed himself and thought, The Eros Demons definitely deserve their fame. I already started cultivating my Mental Energy, but I still cannot resist her.

“Pu ci!”

The middle-aged swordsman was prepared long ago. He took out a dagger and stabbed himself in the chest two centimeters away from his heart.

The intense pain forced the middle-aged swordsman back to his senses. His expression turned grave as he raised his sword to kill Leng Yue.

Leng Yue was extremely astonished. She had not expected this person to use such a drastic method to break her Charm Technique.

The middle-aged swordsman had pierced himself very accurately. The dagger’s position would make a cultivator feel the threat of death. In the face of death, no cultivator would be able to think about their desires, unless the Eros Demon’s Charm Technique had been cultivated to its limits.

How hateful. The side effects of my forcibly traveling to this realm are too great. Otherwise, such tricks would be useless against me.

Leng Yue thought anxiously to herself as she miserably blocked the swordsman’s attack. The sword Qi of a half-step Martial Monarch was extremely ferocious.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Sword Qi flew everywhere and waves tossed on the scarlet sea. Blood flowed nonstop from the middle-aged swordsman’s chest as he had an extremely maniacal expression.

The swordsman forced Leng Yue to retreat. He laughed maniacally as he said, “Feeling regrets now? You should have just agreed. Ha ha ha! Now, not only I will take his things away, I will take you away as well. I still do not know that an Eros Demon tastes like yet.”


The Sword Technique changed and a huge sword Qi swept out. Leng Yue could not dodge it in time. The sword Qi struck her and she vomited a mouthful of blood as she fell miserably to the water.

Originally, Leng Yue already wore very little clothing. When the sword Qi struck her, her clothes became even more tattered, unable to cover her body at all.

“Aren’t your Charm Techniques very powerful? Try using them on me and see if they work! Ha ha ha!”

The middle-aged swordsman laughed maniacally as his sword light danced around. Leng Yue, who had just gotten up, could not block more than a few moves. So she was knocked down by the attacks again.

Many horrible bleeding wounds appeared on Leng Yue’s fair skin.

After seven or eight minutes, Leng Yue was heavily injured. She lay weakly on the scarlet sea. The middle-aged swordsman smiled coldly and said, “What a reckless fool! Tie her up. We will all enjoy her tonight.”

At this moment, Leng Yue looked very alluring. The blood of the cultivators behind the swordsman was racing already. When they heard his words, they quickly rushed over.

Then, the middle-aged swordsman fixed his gaze on Xiao Chen. When he saw the Universe Ring on his finger, he smiled faintly and said, “You are even able to subdue an Eros Demon; you are very capable. Unfortunately, heaven wants you to fall. You can’t do anything about that.”

The middle-aged swordsman stretched his hand out to take Xiao Chen’s Universe Ring. Just as he bent over, Xiao Chen, who was lying on the sea, suddenly opened his eyes.

“Even if heaven wants me death, it would not be your turn to benefit from it.”

“Pu ci!”

Suddenly awake, Xiao Chen got up and smashed a palm strike on the dagger in the swordsman’s chest.

The dagger pierced through the middle-aged swordsman, inflicting severe injuries in an instant. He vomited mouthfuls of blood and turned extremely pale.

The middle-aged swordsman quickly retreated. Horror filled his face; he had not expected Xiao Chen, who seemed to have stopped breathing, to wake up at this moment.

“Very good, you would have been fine if you had not awakened. I would have just taken away your things and left. Now that you’ve injured me, I will cut you into a thousand pieces.”

The middle-aged swordsman roared ferociously as he brandished his swords. A resplendent light flickered as an eagle formed by Essence flew towards Xiao Chen.

The eagle looked very realistic; all its feathers could be seen clearly with plenty of details. It flew close to the water as it rushed at Xiao Chen. A vast energy kicked up the scarlet water.

The further the eagle flew, the higher the surge of scarlet water. When the eagle was a hundred meters away from Xiao Chen, the scarlet water was like a huge wave.

Xiao Chen waved his hand and the Lunar Shadow Saber appeared from the Universe Ring. The saber hummed and came out of its scabbard at lightning speed.

“Wukui Shakes the Heavens!”

A pure state of massacre formed a scarlet Wukui Tree. It carried the saber intent with inextinguishable sharpness as it fell from the sky.


The Wukui Tree struck the body of the eagle. The eagle cried out before turning into Essence and dissipating.

However, the might of the scarlet Wukui Tree did not diminish. It pressed on that huge wave and a formless energy spread out from the tree. The frighteningly huge wave was immediately suppressed.

The surging scarlet sea turned calm again. A scarlet Wukui Tree stood stably on the water, not moving at all.

After dealing with the swordsman’s counterattack, Xiao Chen looked towards Leng Yue. He saw that her fair skin was covered in wounds, looking very pitiful.

The middle-aged swordsman’s nine subordinates had wretched appearances as they rushed excitedly towards Leng Yue.

“You are seeking death!”

Xiao Chen’s gaze turned cold and he stomped heavily on the water. The force of this stomp was very great. After he leaped into the air, a pillar of water quickly followed.

“Glittering Wukui!”

A scarlet Wukui Tree branch appeared from nowhere, flickering with a scarlet light as it headed for a cultivator.

The sharp killing Qi merged with Xiao Chen’s saber intent with inextinguishable sharpness. The scarlet tree branch seemed like saber Qi that fell from the sky.

The cultivator in front felt a bone-chilling sensation. He quickly turned around and drew his saber. He launched a large number of attacks to block this saber Qi.

However, the tree branch, which was infused with the state of massacre and saber intent, was very sharp. It pierced through all the attacks before piercing through that cultivator’s protective Essence shield. Finally, it pierced through his chest.

That cultivator’s heart shattered. Naturally, he was now very dead.

That person fell backwards with his eyes wide open. He died filled with dissatisfaction, crashing into the water when he landed.

The other eight people were startled. They quickly scattered and surrounded Xiao Chen and Leng Yue at a distance.

Xiao Chen helped Leng Yue up and asked, “Are you alright?!”

“That person injured me too severely. I do not want to return to the Spirit Blood Jade.” Leng Yue said miserably as she wiped the blood off her lips.

Xiao Chen nodded to indicate his understanding. It was not that she could not return to the Spirit Blood Jade. It was that she would enter into a deep sleep when she returned, able to come out again only after she recovered.

Leng Yue would not be able to come out for at least half a month. Xiao Chen took out a set of clothes from the Universe Ring and handed it to her. He said calmly, “Sure, if you say you don’t want to go in, you don’t have to. I will deal with them.”

“Attack together. This brat is able to subdue the Eros Demon. He must have a lot of good things!”

The remaining eight people summoned their courage, their greed eventually overcoming their fears. They soared into the air and sent all sorts of killing moves at Xiao Chen.

When Xiao Chen saw the multicolored attacks, he did not dare to underestimate them. He swung his saber forward and formed hand seals with his left hand. Scarlet light lit up the sea below his feet.

“Wukui Blossoms!”

After Xiao Chen finished forming the hand seals, he carried Leng Yue. A scarlet flowerbud enveloped the two of them.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The eight sharp attacks struck the flowerbuds. Xiao Chen’s Qi and blood surged, and his face flushed as he resisted the pressure from the flowerbud.

The vast energy rebounded off the flowerbud and formed a strong shock wave that created a wall of scarlet waves.

Not far away, the middle-aged swordsman saw the flowerbud and hesitated. Then, he took out a Medicinal Pill, swallowed it, and sat cross-legged on the water.

The injury the middle-aged swordsman received on his chest was horrifying. Originally, he had thought that Xiao Chen was only an ordinary peak Medial Grade Martial King and that this wound would not be a problem.

However, the truth was far from what the swordsman expected. Xiao Chen was able to break his killing move at sixty percent power. Ordinary Superior Grade Martial Kings would not even imagine doing so.

The swordsman had to deal with his injuries first before doing anything else. As for the other eight people, they would help buy him some time. He could not be bothered with their life or death.

“Blossom!” Xiao Chen shouted and the scarlet flowerbud immediately bloomed. Countless scarlet petals drifted through the air. It looked very pretty.

The moment the flowerbud blossomed, Xiao Chen picked up Leng Yue and leaped out. Holding his saber with one hand, he attacked the eight Superior Grade Martial Kings flying at him.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The scarlet petals gave off an invisible red light. When this light shone on Xiao Chen, it greatly increased his speed. He could deal with the eight people’s attacks very easily.

A faint red light flickered in Xiao Chen’s eyes. The scarlet throne in his sea of consciousness trembled nonstop. The state of massacre spread out in the air.

Although there were eight people fighting against one, when the eight people fought Xiao Chen, they did not feel like they had an advantage. Instead, they were all being suppressed by Xiao Chen among the petals.