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Chapter 513: Fighting High-Ranked Blood Demons Alone

Chapter 513: Fighting High-Ranked Blood Demons Alone

The eight cultivators wanted to flee several times. However, Xiao Chen would quickly catch up with them. With a flash, a dazzling saber light would force them back.

Although the Saber Techniques were infused with the state of massacre, Xiao Chen remained very calm. When he looked at Leng Yue in his arm, he went into deep thought.

This is the feeling of controlling the state of massacre. I have to find the trick to doing this. I wonder if it has anything to do with Leng Yue?

Xiao Chen was not worried about the eight people among the petals. He was confident of dealing with another ten people like this.

Fifteen minutes passed and someone exposed an opening. Xiao Chen focused and countless petals danced about behind him.

A sharp saber light flickered on Xiao Chen’s saber and his saber intent spewed out. He sent his opponent’s weapon flying and hacked at his neck. Blood spurted everywhere and his opponent’s head fell into the sea.

After one more person died, the rest panicked. They only thought of escaping. However, this resulted in Xiao Chen finding more opportunities.

Leng Yue, who was in Xiao Chen’s embrace, looked up to see his calm expression. A strange feeling arose in her heart. This youth was different from the other humans she had seen.

After another seven or eight minutes, Xiao Chen finished dealing with the remaining seven people. He glanced at the middle-aged swordsman treating his wounds anxiously. Then, Xiao Chen gently set Leng Yue down and descended to the water surface.

“Wukui Supporting the Heavens!”

Countless petals danced behind Xiao Chen and boundless red light poured into his body. This resulted in this attack moving at his fastest possible speed—Mach 4.5.

The middle-aged swordsman opened his eyes and saw Xiao Chen flying over with countless petals behind him. He laughed maniacally. “My wounds have recovered already and yet you still dare to charge over. Idiot! Eagle Spreading Wings!”

The middle-aged swordsman stood up and shouted a battlecry ferociously. His sword lit up and a ferocious eagle spread its wings behind him. Then, it launched itself at Xiao Chen with boundless momentum.

“Chi! Chi!”

The eagle gave off a resounding cry. A strong wind blew as it flapped its wings. Its sharp talons glistened with a cold light as it clawed at Xiao Chen’s head.

“Be careful!” Leng Yue, who was behind Xiao Chen, cried out softly.

Xiao Chen’s expression remained unchanging. He thrust his saber forward with the countless scarlet petals behind him.

The faint red light in Xiao Chen’s eyes became bright scarlet as he fully unleashed the state of massacre. The scarlet saber light instantly became very resplendent, making the eyes hurt.


Xiao Chen leaped into the air and stabbed the eagle’s belly, piercing through.

At the same time, the two eagle claws struck Xiao Chen’s body, scratching out a few bloody wounds. However, that was all it managed while Xiao Chen impaled it completely.

Under the swordsman’s shocked gaze, Xiao Chen descended quickly from the sky and knocked away his sword before stabbing his chest.

“Hu chi!”

The petals behind Xiao Chen instantly poured into the swordsman’s body via his wounds. A huge energy exploded out, throwing the swordsman back several hundred meters.

A scarlet Wukui Tree quickly grew from the swordsman’s wound. As the tree grew, its roots extended into his body, wrapping around his internal organs.

The Wukui Tree held down the middle-aged swordsman, who was trying to get up, pinning him in place and preventing him from moving at all.

Then, Xiao Chen slowly walked over. Blood dripped down the saber as he approached the middle-aged swordsman. He was going to kill the swordsman without hesitation.

“Xiao Chen, can you hand this person over to me to deal with?” Leng Yue, who followed him, asked in a soft voice, not daring to raise her head to look at him.

Xiao Chen was slightly stunned before he understood what Leng Yue meant. Eros Demons cultivated by absorbing a male’s Yang energy.

By cultivating with Yang energy, strong Eros Demons would not be weaker than the other Demons. Combined with their Charm Techniques, they were the natural enemies of male cultivators.

Xiao Chen had always felt that Leng Yue was weakened. Ordinary Eros Demons would not be this weak, what more an Advanced Demon. She was Demon nobility, someone qualified to learn Demonic Martial Techniques.

No matter what, the middle-aged swordsman was still a half-step Martial Monarch. He would be very useful in helping Leng Yue recover her strength.

Xiao Chen was not afraid of Leng Yue posing a threat to him after she became stronger. With the Spirit Blood Jade, he had complete control over her life and death.

Xiao Chen stepped forward and dispelled the Wukui Tree from the swordsman. Then he pressed on the swordsman’s chest quickly with his fingers, sealing the swordsman’s meridians.

Xiao Chen looked at Leng Yue and said, “Go ahead. I will not disturb you.”

Normally when Eros Demons absorbed Yang energy, it happened when men had congress with them. When the man was at the climax of extreme pleasure, he would automatically emit Yang energy.

There were other ways to extract the Yang energy, but their effects would be significantly weaker. No Eros Demon would be willing to use those methods.

After Xiao Chen spoke, he quickly left the place. He had fought consecutive big battles without rest and exhausted a significant amount of Essence. He also needed to deal with his injuries.

When Leng Yue saw Xiao Chen leaving, she smiled bitterly. After that, she fixed her gaze on the middle-aged swordsman. A faint light spread out like pollen.

The middle-aged swordsman’s eyes filled with horror. He knew what was going to happen. So he struggled on the water, trying to stand up.

However, the swordsman was helpless. His internal organs were all injured and his meridians were sealed. Every time he tried, he failed.

“Don’t…don’t come over…”

Leng Yue ignored the pleas of the swordsman. Her gaze was cold as she controlled the pollen-like lights to enter his body.

At first the middle-aged swordsman resisted. Eventually, his eyes turned hazy. He revealed a faint smile on his face.

The swordsman now looked happy and relaxed, like he was experiencing something pleasurable. Many delusions of affection and love appeared in his mind.

After a while, Leng Yue made her move. She grabbed the swordsman’s head with one hand and closed her eyes. Yang energy flowed into her body.

This method was completely different from the method Xiao Chen imagined. If he had known, he would not have gone away.

As the Yang energy poured into Leng Yue’s body, her wounds healed at a visible pace.

Leng Yue’s soft and tender skin become smoother and glossier; it even glowed faintly. Her face became radiant and her fair skin seem delicate enough to break at the slightest touch.


Leng Yue released the swordsman, and he slowly sank into the water, no longer breathing. Before he died, he had a happy smile on his face.

Then, Leng Yue took the swordsman’s spatial ring without opening it and headed for Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen sat cross-legged on the scarlet sea. He held four Medial Grade Spirit Stones in his hands. When he heard Leng Yue’s footsteps, he opened his eyes. Then, he put away the Medial Grade Spirit Stones, which were not completely drained yet.


Leng Yue tossed the spatial ring to Xiao Chen. He stretched his hand out and caught it. Then, he scanned it with his Spiritual Sense before placing it in his Universe Ring.

When Xiao Chen saw the radiant Leng Yue, he frowned slightly. He felt some displeasure, but when he remembered that she was an Eros Demon, he realized it would be unfair to judge her by human standards.

Xiao Chen stopped thinking about this matter. He asked, “I want to ask you a few things.”

Leng Yue nodded and said, “I will tell you what I can. As for what I cannot, don’t force me.”

Xiao Chen smiled gently and said, “Don’t overthink this. I am not interested in your identity or status. My first question: How long did I sleep?

“Ten days.”

Unexpectedly, I slept for so long. Draining my Mental Energy is too dangerous. This time, if not for Leng Yue’s help, I might have been killed by Demons or malicious humans.

It looks like I should be more cautious in the future. I have not tempered my Mental Energy; it is rough and not suitable for use in combat.

Xiao Chen glanced at Leng Yue and said softly, “Thank you for helping in the past ten days. Second question: What do you know about Witch Fiends? Especially that final Advanced Witch Fiend?”

Leng Yue thought for a while before replying, “Witch Fiends are not that mysterious. They exist everywhere. They are formed where the resentment of cultivators or Demons accumulate. When the quantity is sufficient, it will possess a skeleton and form a Witch Fiend.

“This is very common in this kind of Battlefield where countless numbers of humans and Demons have died in the past thousands of years. It is not surprising for Witch Fiends to exist here.

“However, that final Advanced Witch Fiend is quite ridiculous.”

Xiao Chen showed some surprise, and then he asked, “How is it ridiculous?”

“It is ridiculously strong. An Advanced Witch Fiend should not be that strong. Furthermore, its aura was very gentle and felt holy. I have never seen this kind of Witch Fiend before.”

Indeed, it was ridiculously strong. It was able to use Mental Energy to that extent. Just thinking about it made Xiao Chen shudder.

However, there was no need to worry about the Advanced Witch Fiend for now. That Witch Fiend would not leave the bottom of the sea. As long as Xiao Chen did not go and seek trouble, he would be fine. He should stop thinking about using Witch Fiends to strengthened his Mental Energy.

That kind of untempered Mental Energy is useless, no matter how much I have.

Xiao Chen had already wasted ten days. After resting for a while, he did not hesitate to continue his experiential training. He wanted to completely grasp that state of massacre.

Otherwise, he could encounter a lot of hidden dangers. One day, he might turn into a slave to massacre, being controlled by the strange scarlet throne.

Xiao Chen avoided the other cultivators. Along the way, he chose his opponents carefully.

He stopped at a rather desolate area. There was a group of Blood Demons, who just finished a battle, two kilometers north. The battle ended in the humans’ defeat. The Blood Demons were currently feasting on the corpses; the scene looked very cruel.

No matter how many similar scenes Xiao Chen had seen before, he felt sorrow in his heart. Such a scene was the most miserable for the fallen cultivators.

Xiao Chen closed his eyes and regulated his emotions. He only took action when he recovered his calm.

“Life Bestowal Spell!” Xiao Chen shouted and ten-odd human figures condensed above the water from the scarlet water. They looked very realistic; one would not be able to tell that they were fake just by looking at them.

Xiao Chen was already extremely familiar with using the Life Bestowal Spell to lure Demons away. Soon, more than ten high-ranked Demons chased after the water figures happily.

“There are twelve high-ranked Blood Demons remaining. That should be within my limits. I can try challenging them.”

Xiao Chen counted the remaining Blood Demons with a glance. Then he circulated his state of massacre as he held his Lunar Shadow Saber before rushing towards them.