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Chapter 514: Mysterious Youth

Chapter 514: Mysterious Youth

“Ka ca!” Xiao Chen drew the Lunar Shadow Saber. It flickered with a scarlet light and an intense battle began.

One high-ranked Blood Demon was equivalent to a Superior Grade Martial King. Killing twelve high-ranked Blood Demons was much harder than killing the nine Superior Grade Martial Kings from earlier.

The battle lasted a very long time. In the intense battle, Xiao Chen executed all his Martial Techniques and Movement Techniques to the fullest.

In the end, Xiao Chen had no other way to end the battle but to wield his state of massacre at its limit. Once again, his mind became obsessed and controlled by the depravity of massacre.

Xiao Chen’s Saber Techniques immediately became much sharper. He looked more like a demon than the Demons when his eyes turned scarlet.

Blood never stopped dripping down the pitch-black saber. Xiao Chen’s robes were dyed red once again.

After Xiao Chen killed the final high-ranked Blood Demon, a copious amount of red lights formed by killing intent flew out of the Blood Demon corpses and into his forehead.

The blood pool in the scarlet throne filled up very quickly. The desire to massacre, for bloodshed, that Xiao Chen had been suppressing for a long time erupted.

Rationality and bloodlust clashed. Xiao Chen fell into a state of boundless pain again. His expression became very horrifying.


A dim light flashed. Leng Yue appeared and her pure face instantly turned incredibly charming. When she opened her big, round eyes, she looked very beautiful. It felt like one glance at her was sufficient for him to fall for her charms.

It was very strange. The moment Leng Yue appeared, Xiao Chen’s pain decreased significantly. His eyes turned from scarlet to crimson.

The desire to massacre also vanished, replaced by a primal instinct.

A hazy illusion appeared before Xiao Chen’s eyes. The Leng Yue before him seemed to have become his most perfect goddess.

Leng Yue looked pure and charming. Her smile was soul-entrancing. It felt like Xiao Chen saw the lover that he had long been waiting for.

This kind of Charm Technique did not rely just on the temptation of pure lust. Instead, it penetrated deep into the heart, evoking that nebulous emotion in one’s heart.

She is the one you have been looking for. She is the one who can accompany you to the end of the martial path.

Even if the sky fell and the seas dried up and the mountains toppled over, she will always silently accompany you till the end of time.

Such words constantly rang out in Xiao Chen’s mind, like hypnotism. They kept repeating until one accepted them as the truth.

This created a desire to have her, to possess her, her body, her spirit, her everything….

The most frightening thing was that this was not weaker than his bloodlust.

Xiao Chen relied on his strong willpower to resist this temptation, to deal with his frustrations.

When Leng Yue saw that Xiao Chen had now forgotten the desire to massacre, she smiled faintly and dispelled her charm. Then she stood before Xiao Chen with a calm expression.

After a long time, Xiao Chen opened his eyes. They had already returned to normal. When he looked at Leng Yue now, he believed what she said previously.

“Only I can pull you back from the depravity of massacre.”

Xiao Chen said calmly, “Your Charm Technique seems to have improved. Does it have anything to do with the earlier matter?”

Of course, the earlier matter referred to Leng Yue absorbing the swordsman’s Yang energy. She nodded without denying it.

Xiao Chen looked at Leng Yue and discovered that she was hiding more than he had imagined. He asked straightforwardly, “If one day, you do not dispel your Charm Technique and I fall for it completely, what will happen?”

Leng Yue revealed a gentle smile on her pure and innocent face. She said ambiguously, “Who knows?”

It seems like the Spirit Blood Jade will not be able to completely restrain her, Xiao Chen thought to himself, keeping his guard up. If Leng Yue successfully charmed me, it would be very easy for her to escape the control of the Spirit Blood Jade.

Without saying anymore, Xiao Chen purified some water from the scarlet sea and washed himself. Then, he resumed his experiential training.

Xiao Chen had not truly grasped the state of massacre yet. He had to reach the point where he still had a calm heart even when the thought of massacre filled his mind. Only then would he be successful.

Time slowly passed in a similar manner. Xiao Chen wandered deeper and deeper into the inner area. The Demons that he fought also became stronger.

Every battle was intense and risky. Xiao Chen nearly died on several occasions. When he tread the line of life and death, he repeatedly broke through his own limits.

The pool of blood in the scarlet throne also became a lake of blood; it was now much larger than before. With a thought, the surging state of massacre could spew out instantly.

However, when Xiao Chen used the state of massacre to the limit, that sense of depravity, of sinking into bloodlust, grew stronger. If Leng Yue had not been helping him, he might not have been able to endure for long.

Xiao Chen fought battle after battle, day after day, and night after night. There were nonstop fights and nonstop massacres enriching his combat experience considerably.

Xiao Chen gained a better understanding of his Saber Techniques and Fist Techniques in battle. Sometimes, he could even make small changes to the Martial Techniques to tailor them to himself.

The cruelty of the Deep Sea Battlefield hardened Xiao Chen’s resolve. The cultivators who died and became the Demons’ lunch served as motivation for him to continuously improve.

If Xiao Chen did not wish to become the Demons’ lunch, his only option was to keep growing stronger.

On this particular day, after Xiao Chen finished a battle, Leng Yue pulled him out of the depravity of massacre again. Then, she made a request.

“I don’t want to return to the Spirit Blood Jade in the future. I don’t like the environment there.”

Xiao Chen had known for a long time now that Leng Yue did not like the environment in there. That day, when she was severely injured, she had refused to return to the Spirit Blood Jade.

Something must have happened for her to feel extreme horror and fear about it.

Xiao Chen muttered, “Sure. If you don’t want to go in, then don't go in.”

Leng Yue felt somewhat surprised. She had not expected Xiao Chen to agree to her request so easily. After all, if humans saw an Eros Demon following him, it would be problematic.

Leng Yue lowered her head and said softly, “Thank you.”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Just at this moment, Xiao Chen heard a loud explosion coming from a distance. Ripples spread out on the surface of the scarlet sea.

The ripples reached Xiao Chen and a strong energy came from them. Caught by surprise, Xiao Chen was knocked off his feet.

Fortunately, he reacted very quickly. He exerted some force and stood up again. He sent out Vital Qi from his feet and the energies clashed, raising a ten-odd-meter wall of water before Xiao Chen.

“What a powerful person! Even this far, the remnant energies of their attacks are still so strong.”

That person should be a Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarch, Xiao Chen thought to himself. This is not the deepest part of the inner area. There should not be many strong cultivators here.

After thinking for a while, Xiao Chen decided to go over and take a look. Fifteen minutes later, he could see the scene of the battle with his Spiritual Sense.

A young cultivator in bright yellow robes floated above the scarlet sea. He was fighting more than twenty Winged Demons alone.

“Flaming Palm!” the young man shouted and sent out thousands of flaming palms that exploded on the group of Winged Demons. Instantly, several Winged Demons were significantly injured.

When the flaming palms exploded, they chained together to form an intense shock wave that spread out. This was probably the cause of the ripples on the scarlet sea that Xiao Chen encountered earlier.

When Xiao Chen saw all this, he was very astonished. Even he did not dare to deal with so many Winged Demons simultaneously by himself. He would only take on fifteen, at most, in one go.

The greatest surprise for Xiao Chen was that person’s age. He looked very young, not much older than Xiao Chen. Yet, that person was already a half-step Martial Monarch. Furthermore, his combat prowess seemed to be equivalent to Bai Lixi’s.

There should not be any genius like this in the four nations. This should be a genius of the Great Jin Nation, or an expert from the Boundless Sea.

The flying speed of the Wing Demons was very fast. Every time that youth blocked an attack, another attack would follow. If he got surrounded, no matter how high his cultivation was, he would be finished.

This youth did not panic. He gathered ice-attributed Spiritual Energy in his hand and strands of white cold Qi appeared. Then, he pushed the cold Qi forward gently.


Sparkly frost spread through the group of Winged Demons. The sparkly frost around the Winged Demons immediately turned into hard ice and they slowed down.

The youth took advantage of this opportunity to fly backwards, opening the distance between him and the Demons. Then, he used an AOE fire-attributed attack again.

This cycle repeated several times. The expression on that youth’s face remained calm at all times. Although there were many Winged Demons, everything was within his control; the Winged Demons could not attack him at all.

This youth seemed very familiar with alternating between ice and fire; the transition was very smooth. When used together with his peak Movement Technique, it gave off the feeling that he was playing around with the Winged Demons.

However, Xiao Chen knew that this person was playing with fire. He was dancing on the edge of a knife. All it took was one small mistake and he would die, becoming the lunch of these Demons.

However, this youth did have the right to dance on the knife’s edge. Perhaps he pursued this kind of exciting and high-tension game.

After another fifteen minutes, all the high-ranked Winged Demons were played to death by that youth. As for him, he did not seem to be injured at all.

The yellow-robed cultivator was not in a rush to sweep the place for spoils. Instead, he glanced in Xiao Chen’s direction and said softly, “Friend, you have been watching me for a long time. Do you not intend to reveal yourself?”

Although the youth’s voice was not loud, Xiao Chen who was a kilometer away heard everything clearly. That youth must have picked up on his Spiritual Sense.

This youth had just finished a huge battle; he should only be left with fifty percent of his combat prowess. So Xiao Chen did not need to be afraid. He slowly crossed the distance. Then, he looked at the youth and said calmly, “I do not have any malicious intent. I was just passing by.”

The yellow-robed cultivator scrutinized Xiao Chen, not accepting Xiao Chen’s Cultivation Realm at face value. He could see a strong hidden killing Qi in Xiao Chen’s eyes and hear the faint hum of a saber.

When the youth looked behind Xiao Chen, he discovered Leng Yue. He frowned slightly and his face instantly turned cold. Without saying a word, he immediately sent over a palm strike.


A huge wave soared up in the scarlet sea, propelled forward by the cold Qi. It turned into a scarlet ice palm as it smashed towards Xiao Chen.

The scarlet ice palm was more than five hundred meters tall. The fingers were like pillars holding the sky up. The palm lines were very clear and a scarlet cold Qi spread out around it.