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Chapter 515: Working with Bai Lixi

Chapter 515: Working with Bai Lixi

The huge scarlet palm pressed down like a small hill. The sea churned and waves surged. Xiao Chen looked very tiny beneath that huge palm.

Xiao Chen had been keeping his guard up against that youth. However, he had not expected the youth to unleash such a powerful killing move. Surprisingly, the youth completed this in an instant; his speed was unimaginable.

However, now was not the time for astonishment and panic. The huge palm covered a large area, leaving Xiao Chen no place to run to. The surging cold Qi also ended his thoughts of diving into the sea.

Xiao Chen was afraid that the instant he dived into the sea, he would be frozen solid by this cold Qi and killed.

There was no place to run or dodge. That meant he had only one option left!

Scarlet bolts of lightning tore across the dark sky. A scarlet Wukui Tree grew quickly above Xiao Chen.

When the scarlet Wukui Tree formed completely, a scarlet light condensed on Xiao Chen’s saber. The light elongated rapidly, rushing at the huge palm pressing down.


When Xiao Chen infused his saber intent into this sharp scarlet saber light, it became even sharper than before. It was unknown how much stronger this Wukui Breaks the Heavens was.

The light flashed and instantly tore a hole in the center of the huge scarlet palm. Cracks spread throughout the palm and just before it touched Xiao Chen’s head, it shattered and turned into countless ice shards.

The remnant saber intent shattered the ice shards that filled the air even further, turning them into drops of scarlet water as they fell back into the sea. Suddenly, the area around Xiao Chen looked like there was scarlet rain.

Xiao Chen looked forward and saw that the yellow-robed cultivator had disappeared already. The Blood Demon corpses were missing as well.

“Interesting. I was wondering how he could dare to clash with me when he doesn't even have half his Essence left.”

Xiao Chen was not afraid of arrogant genius cultivators. For this kind of people, no matter how excellent their talents were, or how powerful they were, they would have limited success.

The ones Xiao Chen was afraid of were those who knew when to advance or retreat. Geniuses who would not make a move if they were not confident, retreating when necessary and not doing anything stupid, such people were terrifying.

Leng Yue walked over and said in a soft voice, “Sorry, I caused trouble for you.”

One of the main reasons why the youth attacked was Leng Yue. When he saw Xiao Chen being so close to an Eros Demon, he was afraid that Xiao Chen was untrustworthy. He did not believe that Xiao Chen was only passing by and not trying to take advantage of him.

Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “There is no need to apologize. Unless we are entering into the encampments of humans, I will not force you to return to the Spirit Blood Jade unless necessary. If you do not want to go in, you can remain outside.”

Leng Yue could not understand. Xiao Chen was clearly someone who weighed the pros and cons, using the results to make a decision. He had always been very decisive. So, she could not figure out why he agreed to her ridiculous request when he clearly knew that it would cause trouble.

Not bothering with what Leng Yue was thinking about, Xiao Chen kept staring at the calm scarlet sea and considering the youth from earlier.

Xiao Chen did not know where this genius came from. Indeed, there were still many hidden talents in the younger generation. He had been looking at the world from the bottom of a well.

He still had a long way to go. As of now, his strength might be at the peak of the four nations’ youths. Aside from the disciples of the Royal Courts, probably no one else could compete.

However, when Xiao Chen took the whole world into account, not to even mention the Great Jin Nation, there might be many youths stronger than him in this Boundless Sea.

Just at this moment, Xiao Chen’s expression turned grave. He had an inkling of danger. So, he scanned the area to the west with his Spiritual Sense and found several middle-ranked Fire Demons riding fire clouds and heading over to this place.

“Quick, let’s leave. We can’t stay here.”

Xiao Chen did not give Leng Yue any time to react. He quickly carried her and executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, rushing forward.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Right after Xiao Chen left, a huge fireball landed where he stood previously. The fireball immediately exploded and a hemispherical hole appeared in the calm sea.

A large volume of seawater was instantly vaporized by the high temperature. The surrounding water quickly filled in the void and a large whirlpool appeared.

Of all the Demons, the one that Xiao Chen was the most wary of was the Fire Demon. While they had the lowest defense, they had the highest offense and the best techniques. With four or five middle-ranked Demons, even if Xiao Chen survived, he would be severely injured.

Xiao Chen had tried that before. Since then, he could not be bothered with Fire Demons. He would immediately flee and not make contact at all.

Now, more than ten middle-ranked Fire Demons chased Xiao Chen, sending out incessant attacks. This caused the water behind Xiao Chen to churn and splash up.

The middle-ranked Fire Demons were more irritating than the low-ranked ones. They moved very fast as well. Even using the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, Xiao Chen could not shake them off quickly.

Now that he was carrying one person, it would take him quite some time to shake off this tail.

Xiao Chen used his Spiritual Sense to scan around continuously, to plan the best route. This saved him from going in the wrong direction and running into other Demons.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen revealed a smile on his face. He picked up a familiar figure in front. It looked like this situation would not be as problematic as it was before.

Xiao Chen’s figure flickered, increasing his speed. After seven or eight minutes, he arrived before that person.

“Old Bai, it’s been a long time. Help me out here!”

That familiar person was a figure completely clad in Medial Grade Secret Treasures. It was Bai Lixi, whom Xiao Chen had not seen for a while. At this moment, Bai Lixi had just finished a battle and was happily sweeping the place for spoils and gaining a lot in the process.

When Bai Lixi saw Xiao Chen’s somewhat miserable appearance, he stopped what he was doing and laughed loudly. “I just knew that you would not know your limits and come into the inner area. You ran into trouble, right? Looks like I, Old Bai, will have to make a move at the crucial moment.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and did not deny it. “Naturally!”

Bai Lixi tilted his head and looked behind Xiao Chen. He saw more than ten Fire Demons flying quickly after Xiao Chen. His expression instantly changed and he retreated a few steps back. “Damn it. I knew that it would not be anything good if you are looking for me. Of all the Demons you could have stirred up, it had to be Fire Demons!”

Leng Yue, who was in Xiao Chen’s embrace, smiled at Bai Lixi and said in a lovable manner, “Big Brother, please help out. I beg of you.”

When Bai Lixi heard this, he felt dizzy and his heart beat very hard. Unexpectedly, a shy blush appeared on his coarse face.

“Alright, I’ll help just this once.” Bai Lixi no longer dared to look at Leng Yue. He leaped up and arrived behind Xiao Chen.

By the time Bai Lixi stood firmly, he came back to his senses. What am I doing? This is a group of more than ten Fire Demons!

However, there was no more time for Bai Lixi to hesitate. The attacks of the Fire Demons were already landing around him.

With Bai Lixi’s help, Xiao Chen fled quickly, bringing Leng Yue more than a kilometer away before coming to a halt. He was not worried for Bai Lixi’s safety. Back then, the Black Dragon Group’s Ancient Demonic Energy Cannons could not do anything to him at all.

Just these ten-odd middle-ranked Fire Demons would not be able to do anything, either. Bai Lixi’s set of Medial Grade Secret Treasures was not for nothing. At most, he would feel some pain.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Xiao Chen could hear the constant explosions at the distance. Waves soared more than a kilometer away; by the time they reached Xiao Chen, they were still very strong.

After an hour, the explosions ended. The sea also stopped surging. The battle was probably over. Xiao Chen put Leng Yue down and quickly moved forward, going to the place where he left Bai Lixi.

Bai Lixi was charred black and his hair was smoking. He sat miserably on the sea, catching his breath. Five or six Fire Demons corpses floated on the sea beside him.

The remaining Fire Demons were gone, frightened away by Bai Lixi’s ridiculous defense. The person who could make the Fire Demons feel like that was Bai Lixi alone.

When Bai Lixi heard Xiao Chen’s and Leng Yue’s footsteps, he got to his feet and looked at Xiao Chen. His charred face looked very helpless as he said, “Brat, this time, I ended up in a miserable state because of you.”

Leng Yue smiled gently and said, “Thank you, Big Brother.”

When Bai Lixi saw Leng Yue’s smile, he was startled. He quickly said, “Little Sister, please stop smiling at me. I cannot endure anymore.”

The slender, black tail behind Leng Yue betrayed her identity. Bai Lixi had not noticed it earlier, when she was in Xiao Chen’s embrace. Now that he saw it clearly, he quickly put some distance between them. Then, he pulled Xiao Chen aside and whispered, “You don’t look like you were charmed by the Eros Demon. What’s up with her?”

Xiao Chen did not want to explain too much. He said seriously, “I know what I’m doing. I will not fall for her charms; we have an agreement.”

Bai Lixi waved off Xiao Chen’s reassurance and said, “I can’t be bothered with your matters. I have to go back. I’ll say this first: the Spirit Stones for restoring my Secret Treasures will be paid by you. Now.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and said, “Don’t worry. I will go back with you. I have not returned for three months already. It is time I went back and rested.”

When Bai Lixi heard this, he stared at Xiao Chen like he was looking at a monster. He had not expected Xiao Chen to have been wandering outside for three months without returning.

Knowing that Xiao Chen was going to return to the human’s base camp, Leng Yue did not say anything. She simply turned into a beam of dim light and entered the Spirit Blood Jade.

Along the way, Bai Lixi was very shocked to hear about Xiao Chen’s experiences. He also felt very curious. It was very strange that Xiao Chen had not returned to rest at all in the past three months.

One had to know that when one was immersed in massacre, one would always be in a tense mental state.

After a long time, one’s mind would grow fatigued. Ordinary people would have to vent themselves properly, returning at least once a month. Otherwise, it would be too hard to endure.

Xiao Chen did not offer any explanation. This was because he himself did not understand what was going on. Maybe it was because his Mental Energy was stronger than others.

Bai Lixi chuckled and said, “You don’t have to explain yourself. You kept an Eros Demon as a sex slave. You can vent yourself whenever you want. There is no need for you to return to the huge Divine Dragon Warship.”

Xiao Chen was flabbergasted. It was not easy for him to explain this matter, so he could only change the topic. “Is there any news from Sun Guangquan?”

When Bai Lixi heard this, his expression immediately turned grave. He shook his head and said, “That fellow has made up his mind this time. He will not come out until he is a Martial Monarch. He has had enough of being called ‘unrivaled under Martial Monarch.’”