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Chapter 519: Attack of the Scar-Faced Man

Chapter 519: Attack of the Scar-Faced Man

After an hour, the Spirit Gathering Pearl completely melted into a fluid flowing with spiritual light. It floated quietly above Xiao Chen’s head.

The Spiritual Energy that leaked out of the liquid became a white mist and spread throughout Xiao Chen’s room. The room immediately filled with a refreshing fragrance.

Xiao Chen carefully separated out a grain-sized drop of spiritual liquid and dripped it into his Tianmen Acupoint.

People had to be bold and cautious in everything they did. They should not act recklessly on their emotions, thinking that they were the main character of a novel, someone who would never die.

Xiao Chen’s dantian, the Chanzhong Acupoint on his chest, and the Tianmen Acupoint on his head were connected, bisecting his body. This path was the most important of the nine major meridians.


The moment the grain-sized liquid touched Xiao Chen’s head, it immediately poured into the acupoint, gushing through the meridian.

It was like a waterfall pouring down from the sky. It went through the Tianmen Acupoint, the Chanzhong Acupoint, and arrived at Xiao Chen’s dantian with great force.

The energy contained within the spiritual liquid was too vast. It moved too fast; Xiao Chen did not even have time to react. He instantly felt horror.

The Qi whirlpool at Xiao Chen’s dantian was like a small stone at the base of a waterfall. When the Spiritual Energy poured into it, his body gave off a loud sound. His internal organs immediately churned and his heart vessels hurt.

“Pu ci!”

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and vomited a large mouthful of blood. He was caught off guard and was severely injured.

Before this finished, Xiao Chen lost control over the large ball of spiritual liquid. It all instantly gushed into Xiao Chen’s body.

The energy of the grain-sized spiritual liquid was very horrifying already, the pressure testing Xiao Chen’s endurance. When the entire glob of energy poured into him, it was like an entire river rushed into him. It was more than a hundred times stronger than a waterfall.

The sudden flood of energy was sufficient to burst Xiao Chen’s body into bits, not even leaving a body.

The situation was currently very dire. If that glob of spiritual liquid plopped into Xiao Chen’s Qi whirlpool, it would definitely explode and he would die.


When the spiritual liquid finally landed in the Qi whirlpool, a loud sound came from Xiao Chen’s body. The purple Essence Liquid within him exploded at this moment.

The purple liquid was Xiao Chen’s Source Energy that he had accumulated over the many years. In terms of capacity and energy, it had much more than the white spiritual liquid.

The two spiritual liquids merged together and rushed around wildly in his body. They ran rampant like a wild horse.

Xiao Chen’s already injured lungs suffered further injury. If he could not find an outlet for this horrific energy, it would eventually rip his body apart.

I cannot die!

Xiao Chen did not despair. At this critical moment between life and death, he remained incredibly calm. The twelve acupoints on each of his arms that he could control freely opened immediately.

Xiao Chen found an outlet for the rampaging energy. It promptly surged towards his arms.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Twenty-four dragon-shaped strands of energy rushed out of Xiao Chen’s acupoints. As the dragons roared, they shattered his room into rubble. Then, they crushed the rubble into dust.

Xiao Chen released his bated breath in relief. Instantly, he felt an unending, intense pain and vomited another mouthful of blood.

Xiao Chen’s complexion became incredibly pale. He could no longer endure and fainted.


The instant the Dragon Qi appeared, Leng Yue, who was in the side room, felt an intense aura. At the same time, she felt pain in her chest.

This was what would happened when the master of the Spirit Blood Jade was in a life-or-death situation. She quickly rushed out and headed for Xiao Chen’s room.

However, the moment Leng Yue arrived at the door, she saw the twenty-four Azure Dragons bursting out of the room and shredding the building into dust.

An intense shock wave surged and Leng Yue instantly soared into the air. When she landed, the entire courtyard no longer existed; only rubble remained.

When Leng Yue searched around the rubble for Xiao Chen’s body, she saw the Spirit Gathering Pearls on the ground. She said angrily, “A Martial Monarch already refined their Essence into Quintessence. Only then would they dare to use the Spirit Gathering Pearls. This fellow is really reckless. Even if you wanted to use it, you should have told me first.”


Right at this moment, a wooden coffin rose up from the rubble in the courtyard.

The coffin lid fell off and the scar-faced man emerged from within. When he saw the unconscious and heavily injured Xiao Chen, he laughed sinisterly. “I originally thought that I would have to spend a lot of effort. I did not expect things to become so simple.”

Leng Yue turned her head to see the scar-faced man who came out from the rubble, but there was no change to her expression.

When Xiao Chen was in the inner area of the Battlefield, he would frequently run into cultivator teams who wanted to rob him. After he had beaten these people up, he would always hand them over to Leng Yue.

After absorbing the Yang energy of many cultivators, Leng Yue already had recovered some of her strength. She was not like before, when she met that middle-aged swordsman, where she could not fight after her charms broke.


Suddenly, Leng Yue sensed the aura of the scar-faced man’s Demonic Beast Martial Spirit. She muttered, “Surprisingly, it is someone from the Dark Church.”

The scar-faced man looked at Leng Yue. Originally, he did not care too much about her. However, when he saw her slender, long tail, he could not help but frown. Unexpectedly, this brat has an Eros Demon with him.

The Dark Church was established by Demons. Naturally, they worshiped the Demonic God of the Deep Abyss. It was the same even until now.

Everyone entering the church had to place a mental imprint on the statue of the Demonic God and swear on a heart demon that they would be loyal to the Demonic God.

Only then would their Martial Spirits become Demonic Beast Martial Spirits and gain strong power. At the same time, they would be able to learn the Martial Techniques of the Demons. Naturally, the people with naturally mutated Demonic Beast Martial Spirits did not count.

However, the scar-faced man was not one of those people. He had placed a mental imprint on the Demonic God’s statue and sworn loyalty. One of the rules was not to kill Demons. Killing a Demon meant that they were disloyal to the Demon God and they would suffer from a heart demon.

When the scar-faced man swore on his heart demon, he had not thought too much of it. After all, the Demonic Calamity had been several years ago already. The Demons were also very far from them. Such rules did not impact him much.

However, the scar-faced man had not expected that the person the Vice Church Master wanted him to kill had an Eros Demon.

After thinking for a long time, the scar-faced man looked at Leng Yue and said expressionlessly, “Go away and don’t obstruct me from doing my job. Although I cannot kill you, I can still heavily injure you.”

The scar-faced man did not have any true loyalty to the Demonic God. He did all this for the sake of gaining power. He did not even respect the Demons and only found them problematic.

Leng Yue smiled gently and said in a gentle voice, “No.”

It might just be a simple word, but Leng Yue said it in a flirtatious manner. Even though the scar-faced man was very resolute, he still felt his mind waver.

The scar-faced man steeled himself and recovered his senses. He said in a cold voice, “Very good. You used your Charm Technique on me. That means you made the first move. Nothing will happen to me if I accidentally kill you.”

The scar-faced man had a Demonic Beast Martial Spirit and was very strong. He might be a half-step Martial Monarch but with a Demonic Beast Martial Spirit, he was stronger than most regular half-step Martial Monarchs.

As a result, the scar-faced man was very arrogant. He did not care about Xiao Chen at all, much less an Eros Demon.

Leng Yue’s lips curled up. When she looked at the wooden coffin behind him, she had a playful expression. She smiled and said, “I wonder which layer you have reached in this Coffin Evasion Art. I hope you will be able to come back.”

After Leng Yue spoke, she formed complicated, ancient hand seals with a serious expression. The purple mark on her forehead started to glow and she emitted an ancient aura.

The scar-faced man felt a dangerous aura. He quickly took three steps back and made similar hand seals as well. Eight wooden coffins slowly rose up from the rubble of the courtyard.

The wooden coffins contained the Rank 4 Demonic Corpses that the Dark Church refined. One Rank 4 Demonic Corpse was equal to a peak Superior Grade Martial King. Furthermore, the corpse had undergone special tempering; ordinary Martial Techniques would be insufficient to damage the Demonic Corpses.

With eight of such Demonic Corpses, the scar-faced man could kill even a Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarch.

Leng Yue finished her hand seals before the scar-faced man did. A dazzling purple imprint formed between her palms and she pushed it forward.

The purple imprint exploded into a complicated formation in the air. The formation flickered with a purple light and encased the scar-faced man and the eight wooden coffins.

The scar-faced man’s expression changed greatly. He said in astonishment, “This is the Great Exorcism Imprint, a Martial Technique of the Advanced Demon races. How can you, an insignificant Eros Demon, know it…”

Before the scar-faced man could finish speaking, the light of the formation became more dazzling. When the light became extremely resplendent, the eight wooden coffins that were still rising up returned to where they came from. A strong suction force from the scar-faced man’s coffin tried to pull his body back in.

That suction force was very strong, like the wind of a strong hurricane. The scar-faced man’s face filled with dissatisfaction. He dropped to one knee and clutched the ground with his fingers.

“Chi! Chi!”

However, the scar-faced man could not resist the suction force. His ten fingers left long gouge marks in the ground. His expression turned into one of horror. The Great Exorcism Imprint could send Demons back to the Demonic World.

There were eighteen layers to the Demonic World. No matter which layer he was sent to, he would not have a good life there.

[TL note: In Chinese folklore, hell has eighteen layers. The eighteen layers of the Demonic World could be a reference to that.]

Although the scar-faced man joined the Dark Church, he was still human. He still wanted to enjoy the world of humans. How could he get used to the Demonic World?

Furthermore, every layer of the Demonic World was filled with dangers. It would be difficult for him to survive as a human.

However, no matter how strongly the scar-faced man resisted, his efforts were futile. The light of the formation grew even more dazzling and eventually, he could no longer hold on; he was sucked back into the coffin.


The coffin lid covered and sealed the coffin again. Then, Leng Yue pointed into the air. The purple Great Exorcism Imprint immediately pressed on the wooden coffin, and the coffin vanished into the rubble of the courtyard.

After Leng Yue did all this, she looked at the ten gouge marks on the ground. She rolled her eyes and patted the ground flat again, restoring the place to exactly as it had been when the courtyard turned to rubble.