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Chapter 521: Refining the Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid

Chapter 521: Refining the Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid

After another two days, Xiao Chen completely recovered from his internal injuries and blood essence loss. His aura flourished and his face glowed red. He felt spirited; he was back to peak condition.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Knocking came from the door. Xiao Chen calmed down from his excitement. This should be Leng Yue.

Xiao Chen opened the door and indeed it was the charming Leng Yue. She stood at the door and smiled. “I thought of the condition already.”

Xiao Chen nodded gently and asked with interest, “What is it?”

Leng Yue gently replied, “Reduce our agreement from one year to half a year.”

According to their original agreement, Leng Yue had to stay by Xiao Chen’s side for a period of one year, helping him to control the state of massacre. Now, three months had already passed. If the period was changed to half a year, that would mean only three months remained.

Xiao Chen thought for a while before saying softly, “Nine months. Help me for another six more months and I will release you, regardless of whether I have grasped the state of massacre or not.”

“Deal! Nine months it is.”

This was out of Xiao Chen’s expectations. Leng Yue did not try to bargain over it and quickly agreed to Xiao Chen’s counteroffer. Then, she handed him an Alchemic Recipe.

Xiao Chen received the Alchemic Recipe from Leng Yue and took a look. There were many precious herbs listed on the Alchemic Recipe. When mixed together in a certain ratio, it would form a special medicinal liquid—the Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid.

Leng Yue explained, “A Spirit Gathering Pearl contains an incredibly vast amount of Spiritual Energy. One can only resist that surging force when one reaches Martial Monarch and refines one’s Essence into Quintessence. If you want to absorb this Spiritual Energy before Martial King, you will have to use the Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid to dilute the spiritual liquid. Then, you have to fill a bathtub full of the spiritual liquid and add the petals of the Heavenly Demon Flower to it. Finally, you just have to enter the bathtub and you absorb the Spiritual Energy.”

Xiao Chen looked at the Alchemic Recipe carefully and frowned slightly, “The things that you listed here are not cheap. One portion of Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid would cost about 500,000 Medial Grade Spirit Stones.”

Leng Yue had an extremely serious expression as she said gently, “Cultivation is built on resources. Without resources, you cannot afford to be injured. Without resources, you will not be able to obtain methods to cultivate quickly. Only a few Royal Demons know about this Alchemic Recipe in the Demonic World. Also, it is only the Royal Demons who can afford to make the Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid.

“You are only responsible for buying the ingredients. I will make the Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid for you. Otherwise, if you do it yourself, you will end up bankrupt before you succeed.”

Xiao Chen clutched the Alchemic Recipe tightly and looked at Leng Yue. “Can I trust you?”

“Of course you should trust me. Now, a strong enemy is targeting you. If you die, I would not be able to survive, either; we are on the same boat,” Leng Yue said seriously. As she spoke, she exuded an aura of nobility.

In the next two days, Xiao Chen went to all the herb stores in the entire Divine Dragon Warship. Then, he also went to the Cultivator’s Free Market and looked around for a long time. He finally managed to gather enough ingredients for two portions of the Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid.

Xiao Chen spent another one million Medial Grade Spirit Stones. Even he felt like a spendthrift when faced with that kind of outlay. Within one week, he had gone through two million Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

Hopefully, I will be able to achieve my purpose with this. Otherwise, this loss would be too great.

Thousand-year-old Heavenly Demon Flower, Blood Snake Flower, Dead Sea Mushroom, Magic Blood Crystal, Demon Emperor Grass, Poison Stump Fruit…

In Leng Yue’s room, she took stock of the ingredients Xiao Chen brought, carefully checking the quality of every item. She looked very serious and meticulous.

Furthermore, Leng Yue was very strict with the quality. She seemed proficient in this. She found several Spirit Herbs that did not meet her requirements. “This Blood Snake Flower is not really a thousand years old. Only nine hundred years can be counted. When judging the age of an herb, you cannot just look at physical number of years it was alive. This Blood Snake Flower spent a hundred years growing in the belly of a snake. That hundred years are not counted. You have to buy another one.

“As for this Dead Sea Mushroom, there is one that is withered already. The person who sold it to you nourished it with spiritual liquid. This spiritual liquid will be used up in twelve hours; by then, it will be useless.”

The Spirit Herbs in Leng Yue’s Alchemic Recipe were extremely rare. Even the chapter on alchemy in the Compendium of Cultivation did not record them. That was why Xiao Chen had gotten fooled.

Leng Yue’s words did not upset Xiao Chen. He carefully took note of what she said, feeling that he had learned a lot.

After Leng Yue took out the items that did not clear the quality check, she told Xiao Chen, “You have to repurchase these items. You wasted 200,000 Medial Grade Spirit Stones.”

Xiao Chen put the failed items into his Universe Ring and said indifferently, “It is not really a waste. Naturally, I will be teaching the people who dared to cheat me a lesson, making them pay severalfold of what they cheated me. Wait here for a while.”

Leng Yue did not have to wait too long. After four hours, Xiao Chen came back exuding a raging killing Qi. He took out the items that he repurchased.

“I will take my leave first, then. I will not interrupt you while you’re refining the Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid.”

Leng Yue stopped Xiao Chen, saying, “You don’t have to leave. Plus, I need your help as well. The method to refine the Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid is not a secret. As for how much you can learn, that would depend on your abilities.”


Right after Leng Yue spoke, she waved her hand and a cauldron appeared from nowhere. The dark green cauldron was twice the height of a grown man. It was very wide with dragons and phoenixes carved on it. The many talisman scripts on it glowed with a spiritual light.

A glossy, transparent, sparkling mirror floated above the cauldron.

A crystal tablet lay beneath the cauldron. There was a formation carved on the tablet and a clump of white flame floated at the center of the formation.

All this was an eye-opener for Xiao Chen. The Immortal Cauldrons recorded in the Compendium of Cultivation looked almost exactly like this.

When Xiao Chen looked at the charming and innocent-looking Leng Yue, he felt shaken. Leng Yue’s identity was greater than he had imagined.


The purple mark on Leng Yue’s forehead flashed with a glistening and dazzling light. Then, she pointed at the crystal tablet, sending out a beam of dim light. The clump of white flame in the center of the formation erupted, burning intensely and fiercely.

However, that flame did not raise the surrounding temperature. Instead, there was a cool wind, making one feel comfortable.

Xiao Chen knew that this white flame was a high-ranking Yin flame. As for what kind of Yin flame it was, only Leng Yue knew.

“The mirror floating above is the Raging Golden Light Flame Mirror. Originally, it can automatically absorb the flames of the sun during the day and use it. However, we are in the Deep Sea Battlefield. The sun is completely blocked by the demonic clouds. Hence, we need to use your Purple Thunder True Fire.”

Xiao Chen nodded to indicate that he understood. He gathered the purple flames in his right eye, condensed it into a purple dragon, and sent it into the Raging Golden Light Flame Mirror.

The glossy, transparent mirror instantly refined the purple dragon into a pure Yang flame. It dazzled with a golden light as it flickered.

Leng Yue opened the lid of the cauldron and added the ingredients one by one. Water bubbled inside; she had apparently placed water in the cauldron in advance.

Then, Leng Yue replaced the cauldron lid. She pointed at the Raging Golden Light Flame Mirror and a beam of golden light went through the cauldron lid and entered the cauldron.

At this moment, Leng Yue closed her eyes. The Yin and Yang flames mixed together, working together to refine the herbs. The purple mark on her forehead flashed and she exuded an ancient and noble aura that overshadowed her usual charm.

After refining for six hours, Leng Yue opened her eyes again. She emitted two beams of dim purple light from the depths of her eyes, then started the final stage of the refining process.


The dim light disappeared and Leng Yue waved her hand. The cauldron lid immediately fell off and two portions of golden liquid leaped out of the cauldron.

Under Leng Yue’s control, the golden liquid flew into the jade bottles that she had waiting on the table. Then, she stopped the bottles carefully and handed them to Xiao Chen.

“The Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid is done. Here you go. Remember, one bottle can only handle a maximum of three Spirit Gathering Pearls. After that, it would be useless.”

Xiao Chen clenched the jade bottles, but he was in no rush to leave. He stared at the cauldron and asked, “This cauldron can be used to refine equipment as well, right?”

Leng Yue was slightly stunned; she had not expected Xiao Chen to know this. Nodding her head, she said, “It can. What are you thinking of? You will not be able to afford the natural treasures needed if you want to refine Magic Treasure.”

Xiao Chen did not respond to that. He took out the Palm Sword in his right hand and said, “Help me strengthen this Secret Treasure. I will pay for all the materials needed. If you have any more requests, you can name them as well.”

Leng Yue accepted the Palm Sword that Xiao Chen proffered. She looked at it carefully and nodded. “There are some differences between Secret Treasures and Magic Treasures. However, they come from the same origin. I can help you strengthen it. I will list the ingredients; think of a way to obtain them yourself.

“As for any further conditions, there is no need for those. Just continue to hand over those cultivators who come to seek trouble for you to me. The stronger you get, the more I feel assured staying by your side in the next six months.”

While Xiao Chen was an Inferior Grade Martial King, the Palm Sword was one of his trump cards. He could activate the Palm Sword at a moment’s notice and deal an attack, catching his opponent off-guard. Furthermore, it was hard to dodge.

However, as Xiao Chen advanced, the Palm Sword would lose its utility. Its flying speed would not pose a threat to half-step Martial Monarchs.

If Leng Yue could strengthen it, that would be for the best. In the future, Xiao Chen could also ask her to improve the Blood Flame Shoes and the black leather gloves he wore.

Xiao Chen received the list that Leng Yue wrote and took a look. The list contained all sorts of rare ores, like Ink Crystal, Brilliant White Steel, Earth Crystal Rock, and Magic Blood Crystal. Without a doubt, they were all expensive.

Now, Xiao Chen only had 700,000 or 800,000 Medial Grade Spirit Stones left. After purchasing the items on the list, he would only have about 200,000 Medial Grade Spirit Stones left.

Even just 200,000 Medial Grade Spirit Stones should be enough for me to cultivate to Martial Monarch. Let’s not think too much for now. I will think about the problem of resources again when I reach the Martial Monarch realm. If I really still cannot figure it out, I will just have to rely on Yue Chenxi’s Supreme Sky Sect.

The further one climbed in cultivation, the more resources one would need. This was especially so for genius cultivators. Without sufficient resources, they would not be able to bring out their potential.

Hence, most genius cultivators would rely on large sects to gather the necessary resources, so they could afford the horrifying amount of resources needed.

Once Xiao Chen made up his mind, he no longer hesitated. He went out and spent 400,000 Medial Grade Spirit Stones to buy all the rare ores in the list. Then, he handed them over to Leng Yue together with the Palm Sword.

After Xiao Chen did all this, he returned to his room to make preparations to absorb a Spirit Gathering Pearl.

A bathtub that was half a grown man’s height stood in the room, filled with water. Black Heavenly Demon Flower petals floated on the water.