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Chapter 522: Plotting against Xiao Chen

Chapter 522: Plotting against Xiao Chen

Xiao Chen took out a jade bottle and carefully poured out a third of the Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid in that bottle. As the golden light splashed into the bathtub, the water started churning and golden bubbles gurgled.

The black Heavenly Demon Flower petals floated gently on the surface, suppressing the Spiritual Energy within the water, not letting any of it leak out.

When the Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid mixed completely with the water, the clear water became golden. Xiao Chen took out a Spirit Gathering Pearl and made it float above his hand. Then, he refined it using the Purple Thunder True Fire.

“Chi! Chi!”

The Purple Thunder True Fire burned fiercely, and the Spirit Gathering Pearl soon began to melt. After a while, it turned into a blob of spiritual liquid floating above his palm.

The spiritual liquid contained a vast amount of Spiritual Energy. It caused cold wind to blow within the room.

Xiao Chen added the spiritual liquid to the medicinal liquid and waited patiently. The golden liquid quickly heated up and mist rose from the bathtub. However, the Spiritual Energy did not leak at all.

The Heavenly Demon Flower petals were like a formless but firm net trapping all the Spiritual Energy within the golden liquid.

When the golden liquid stopped bubbling, Xiao Chen took off his clothes, stepped into the bathtub completely naked, and sat cross-legged.

After one breath, the Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid poured into Xiao Chen’s body via his pores. Then, it circulated one cycle in his body; all three-hundred-odd acupoints of his body suddenly opened.

The wild and surging spiritual liquid hidden in the fluid immediately found ingress; they headed for Xiao Chen’s acupoints.

With three-hundred-odd acupoints open, it was like the might of the spiritual liquid was split into three-hundred-odd portions. This meant that the pressure would be much less.

Xiao Chen’s face immediately lit up in joy. This was indeed useful. The Heavenly Demon Flower stopped the Spiritual Energy from leaking. The Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid opened his acupoints, and at the same time, it split up the spiritual liquid of the Spirit Gathering Pearl.

Given all this, there was no danger in using the Spirit Gathering Pearls to cultivate.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The spiritual liquid poured into his meridians from the three-hundred-odd acupoints. They were like three-hundred-odd rivers in his meridians, surging with boundless Spiritual Energy.

Good timing!

Xiao Chen cheered in his heart. The purple Qi whirlpool quickly spun and the three-hundred-odd streams of Spiritual Energy immediately poured in. They merged together and exploded within the Qi whirlpool.

However, the Spiritual Energy of the spiritual liquid did not all pour in at once. Instead, they poured into the Qi whirlpool in a steady stream. Hence, the might of this explosion was within Xiao Chen’s tolerance.

After the explosion ended, the crystalline purple Qi whirlpool increased in size again. This was comparable to cultivating continuously for a month. Xiao Chen was elated.

However, this was far from the end. The spiritual liquid contained in the golden liquid poured endlessly into Xiao Chen’s three-hundred-odd acupoints.

The purple Qi whirlpool’s speed of growth visibly accelerated, astonishing Xiao Chen greatly and rendering him speechless with joy.

The resplendent purple Qi whirlpool represented Xiao Chen’s cultivation. The larger it grew, the higher his cultivation was.

Previously, Xiao Chen would have had to cultivate for half a month and expend several thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones before he could increase the size of the Qi whirlpool slightly. However, now, the Qi whirlpool continuously increased in size every second.

How can one not be flabbergasted at such a fast rate of cultivation? Xiao Chen thought excitedly, All this is worth it!

One million Medial Grade Spirit Stones? Severely injured and almost dying? Given this speed of cultivation, all this is worth it!

This growth continued for the time it took to brew a pot of tea. After that, the spiritual liquid in the golden water started to diminish. The water turned clear and Xiao Chen’s three-hundred-odd acupoints closed quickly.

The Heavenly Demon Flower petals floating on the water were not excluded, either; they all shriveled into nothing.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes, and his eyes gave off a bright light. They looked very resplendent in the darkness, like crystals. Only after a long time did they dim.

Xiao Chen felt full of boundless energy. He could feel his Qi whirlpool filled with purple liquid. This cultivation session was equal to three months of his normal cultivation.

However, Xiao Chen still felt that he was in the range of a Medial Grade Martial King; he had not reached the bottleneck yet.

“My potential is ridiculously terrifying. I still have not reached the depths of it yet. However, now that I have the Spirit Gathering Pearls, I don’t have to rush anymore. In six days, I should be able to advance to Superior Grade Martial King.”

With such a vast foundation, Xiao Chen would be very strong when he advanced to Superior Grade Martial King. Even he felt afraid just thinking about it.

Then, Xiao Chen remembered the Evil Moon Pavilion’s Bai Zhan. He was a terrifying opponent. He could use a killing technique in an instant. The more Xiao Chen thought about this person’s strength, the more terrifying he seemed.

“However, you are too optimistic in thinking you can use my head to repay the Pavilion Master’s favor. When I advance to Superior Grade Martial King and completely grasp the state of massacre, I would not mind giving you a surprise,” Xiao Chen said with a cold look and serious expression.


A vast and luxurious courtyard stood in the huge Divine Dragon Warship. It had ponds and fake mountains, gardens and rivers. Everything that was needed was present. This was the courtyard that the Northern Sea’s Four Young Masters rented together.

At the moment, the green-robed young master was entertaining an important guest. This guest was the first disciple of the Evil Moon Pavilion’s Pavilion Master—Bai Zhan.

The Evil Moon Pavilion was one of the ten great sects of the Great Jin Nation. They were undoubtedly a super great sect in this world. Even the clan that the green-robed young master came from was quite inferior to it.

Furthermore, Bai Zhan’s strength was even more unfathomable. Hence, the green-robed young master did not dare show any disrespect at all.

“After not seeing you for two years, I did not expect your cultivation to exceed mine already,” Bai Zhan said as he picked up a wine cup, took a sip, and looked at the green-robed young master.

Once he drained the cup, one of several enticing maids in revealing clothes came from the side and filled Bai Zhan’s cup with more wine.

There was a slender, black tail on the back of this maid. All the other maids had slender, black tails as well. Unexpectedly, all the five or six maids in revealing clothes were beautiful Eros Demons.

The green-robed young master waved off the compliment and said, “Brother Bai, stop laughing at me. Everyone knows that at our level, cultivation realm is not the only measurement of combat prowess. As of now, I am probably not a match for Brother Bai.”

Bai Zhan smiled faintly without refuting him. He said, “I came looking for you today because I want you to help me kill someone.”

The green-robed young master swirled his wine gently. As he looked at the spinning wine in his cup, he smiled and said, “Speak, what are you offering?”

Bai Zhan placed the wine cup heavily on the table before saying in a soft voice, “An Advanced Eros Demon!”


The green-robed young master shattered the cup in his hand. The wine was like an arrow as it broke through the ceiling and rushed towards the sky.

The four regions of the Boundless Sea all had their own Deep Sea Battlefield. These noble clan heirs or sect inheritors trained in the Battlefield from a young age.

They were no strangers to Demons. They did not fear them, either. They were resolute and had strong willpower.

There were even many strong cultivators who would subdue Eros Demons to keep as sex slaves. This was because the Eros Demons were very beautiful and their physical bodies were almost exactly like human females.

The Eros Demons were even better than human girls at techniques in bed. They felt much better and gave more pleasure than regular human girls.

There were even some cultivators who used the unorthodox cultivation method of dual cultivating. They used the Yin energy to balance their Yang energy, strengthening themselves. The Eros Demons were innately capable of using Yang Energy to balance their Yin energy. They relied on the male’s Yang energy to cultivate. So the Eros Demons were the best cultivation cauldron for such cultivators.

When Yin and Yang supported each other, the effects were even better. This was far better than just plundering the Yin to balance the Yang.

The Cultivation Technique that this green-robed young master utilized was the Joyful Yinyang Incantation. It was an incomplete ancient dual cultivation technique. He had found it in an ancient remnant in the Boundless Sea two years ago.

After the green-robed young master made up for the incomplete parts, he started to cultivate it. When he used the Yin energy to balance his Yang energy, his cultivation improved rapidly. Within two years, he managed to catch up with the top genius of the Boundless Sea, Xuanyuan Zhantian.

The green-robed young master had obtained boundless benefits and pleasures from the Eros Demons. So when he heard Bai Zhan say the words “Advanced Eros Demon,” he was so excited that he could not contain himself.

Unless there was a Demonic Calamity, there would not be any Advanced Demons coming from the spatial cracks. Even if there were, such Demons would just take a look around before returning.

The green-robed young master had once used the strong influence of the four noble clans in the Northern Shallow Sea to search for an Advanced Eros Demon. Even after spending countless resources, he had not obtained even a single clue.

The green-robed young master gazed at Bai Zhan with incomparable fervor. “Brother Bai, are you telling the truth?”

I knew it. This brat would definitely bite on this bait! With a faint smile, Bai Zhan asked gently, “What do I gain from lying to you?”

After that, Bai Zhan told the green-robed young master about Xiao Chen’s backers and about the Advanced Eros Demon that Xiao Chen subdued.

The green-robed young master mumbled to himself for a while. He did not rush into a decision. Instead, he carefully weighed the pros and cons.

The Four Young Masters were backed by strong clans. Since childhood, they had received instruction from famous teachers, not just on cultivation but also on matters of the secular world. They knew how to weigh benefits and costs, and how to devise all sorts of devious plans.

These people were very smart. For them to gain the accomplishments they had today, they had to hone their minds. How could the green-robed young master not know that Bai Zhan wanted to use him?

However, the two would use each other to their mutual benefit. Since Bai Zhan honestly told the green-robed young master about Xiao Chen’s backers, he had displayed his sincerity.

Even if what Bai Zhan said is true, there is no need to worry about it.

While the Heavenly Extermination Union is very strong, this is the Boundless Sea. Their reach would not extend this far.

Furthermore, I will not rely on the power of my clan. All I have to do is to get the other three young masters to help me; then it would just be a dispute between the younger generation. Even if the Heavenly Extermination Union came here, they would not be able to say anything about it.

Given this, the issue of the Heavenly Extermination Union is settled. I will not end up bringing my clan any trouble.

These people were very cautious in their actions. They considered every step they took. It would not be worth it to lose his status as heir for the sake of one Advanced Eros Demon.

“Ha ha! Brother Bai, thank you for the news that you brought. Tell me, what do you want me to do?”

After thinking about it, the green-robed young master felt that there would not be any big problem. So he laughed and made his decision.

Bai Zhan smiled faintly, like he had already anticipated that the other party would agree. He said softly, “I will not make things difficult for you. If you have the opportunity, kill Xiao Chen and pass his head to me. If not, just subdue his Eros Demon.”