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Chapter 523: Reforging the Palm Sword

Chapter 523: Reforging the Palm Sword

Actually, Bai Zhan did not care about Xiao Chen at all. Even though Xiao Chen had comprehended saber intent, had exquisite Saber Techniques, and simultaneously comprehended two states, Xiao Chen was still two Cultivation Grades lower than him.

Bai Zhan’s cultivation had been obtained through hard work. He had used an unknown amount of Spirit Herbs, miraculous medicines, and natural treasures. He also cultivated the peak Superior Grade Earth Ranked Cultivation Technique of the Evil Moon Pavilion.

In regard to cultivating conditions, Bai Zhan was far ahead of Xiao Chen. Furthermore, his talent was not weaker than Xiao Chen’s. He had the confidence of dealing with Xiao Chen in ten moves, not even giving him an opportunity to escape.

However, Xiao Chen had an Advanced Eros Demon with him, which added a variable into the fight. Bai Zhan no longer had complete confidence in preventing Xiao Chen from fleeing. So, he had to deal with Xiao Chen’s Eros Demon first before he would make a move.

This was how Bai Zhan was. He would not make a move unless he had complete confidence of victory. However, the moment he made a move, he would not leave any room for failure.

The green-robed young master smiled and said, “That is the best. If he is tactful, I might be willing to spare his life. If not, then don’t blame me for being vicious.”

Thus, this topic ended here. The green-robed young master asked Bai Zhan another question: “Brother Bai, you are part of the group at the peak of the Great Jin Nation. Tell me, with my strength, will I be able to rank highly in your Great Jin Nation? Maybe I should participate in the next Five Nation Youth Competition and see if I can snag a top ten position.”

Previously, the many outstanding talents of the Boundless Sea could not be bothered to participate in the Five Nation Youth Competition. The rewards were not sufficient to catch their eyes.

This was because there were similar competitions in the four regions of the Boundless Sea as well. Furthermore, the rewards were not inferior to what was offered in the Five Nation Youth Competition.

However, there was a rumor that this round of the Five Nation Youth Competition was special. This was the budding era of geniuses. Heroes poured forth, and geniuses gathered. This had already attracted the attention of the upper echelons. Those who ranked highly could enter the Upper Realm.

The mysterious Upper Realm held a fatal attraction for the cultivators of the Boundless Sea. Naturally, the green-robed young master was no exception.

When Bai Zhan heard the confidence in the green-robed young master’s tone, as if getting a top ten position was inevitable, he could not help but mock the green-robed young master in his heart. You overestimate yourself. Even I am not confident of making it to the top ten. I wonder where his confidence is coming from?

“Everyone knows that the Great Jin Nation has ten great sects. The true inheritors of every sect are all top-rate geniuses. However, what many people do not know is that there are eight great noble clans that are even stronger. These clans have existed since the Tianwu Dynasty. Some of these clans even date back to before the Tianwu Dynasty. Every one of these clans have produced a Martial Emperor before.

“Ten true inheritors and the heirs of the eight noble clans—those are eighteen people. The top eighteen positions of every Five Nation Youth Competition are usually monopolized by these eighteen people. With your strength, you can try fighting for the remaining two positions of the top twenty.

“However, you do not have much hope, either. This is because there are many hidden independent cultivators. The four nations have recently produced some peak geniuses as well. With your strength, you can only be sure of a top thirty position.”

Bai Zhan wanted to deal a blow to this person’s arrogance, to prevent him from getting overconfident. So, Bai Zhan told him the truth.

When the green-robed young master heard Bai Zhan’s words, he felt embarrassed. The top ten was the standard for the peak. The top twenty were top rate. As for the top thirty, they were merely second rate.

The green-robed young master smiled disconcertedly and stopped pursuing this topic in preference of other things.

As the few Eros Demons served them, the two happily drank and chatted. The sky slowly turned dark.

“Brother Bai, stay here tonight. I will discuss that matter with my brothers first.”

The green-robed young master did not let Bai Zhan refuse his offer, insisting that Bai Zhan stay. He revealed a nefarious smile on his handsome face as he ordered the scantily clad Eros Demons, “Take care of Brother Bai properly tonight. If he is not satisfied, I will punish you.”

The subdued Eros Demons bowed, revealing a lot of their skin. They smiled and said in seductive voices, “Rest assured, Master. We will definitely not disappoint Young Master Bai.”

As Bai Zhan watched the green-robed young master leave, he smiled coldly to himself. This person is extremely reckless. He even dares to cultivate an incomplete ancient Cultivation Technique.

In the end, dual cultivation is an unorthodox cultivating method. Furthermore, it is incomplete. This person will end up developing a heart demon and sinking deeply into it.

There were no shortcuts in the Martial Path. This had been proven since ancient times. Few who took shortcuts had good endings.

Bai Zhan set down his winecup and looked at the beauties surrounding him. He frowned slightly and said coldly, “Thinking of absorbing my Yang energy to pry into the Evil Moon Pavilion’s Cultivation Techniques? Do you really think that I would not figure out this trick? Stupid.”

Bai Zhan quickly moved his forefinger. It flashed with a brilliant light as it poked the six Eros Demons in the forehead. Then, a mark appeared and they all fell into deep sleep.


In the past four days, Xiao Chen had been focusing on refining the Spirit Gathering Pearls. This was so he could strengthen his cultivation to deal with the Evil Moon Pavilion’s Bai Zhan.

However, Xiao Chen did not know that Bai Zhan had already made a move. Furthermore, he was using someone else to do it, using tricks to deal with Xiao Chen. He laid trap after trap to force Xiao Chen into desperation one step at a time.

In the past four days, Xiao Chen already used four Spirit Gathering Pearls. His Essence increased explosively. The purple Qi whirlpool became even more resplendent and crystalline.

Suddenly, faint crystals appeared in the Qi whirlpool, a sign of Qi crystallization.

In the end, the purple Qi whirlpool was just a mass of Qi. If it could crystallize completely, a cultivator’s heart vessels and cultivation could not be damaged even if someone else wanted to.

“After Four Spirit Gathering Pearls, I finally can see the end of the Medial Grade Martial King realm. Once I absorb two more Spirit Gathering Pearls, I should have completely uncovered all the potential of the Medial Grade Martial King realm.” Xiao Chen muttered as he climbed out of the bathtub, having finished his cultivation for the day.

No matter how great one’s potential was, one would eventually reach one’s limits; Xiao Chen had already expected such a day to arrive. He did not show any signs of depression. Instead, he was very excited; he had been waiting for this day for a very long time already.

Xiao Chen put on his clothes. As he prepared to go out, he saw a scroll of a painting on the table. So he paused.

Xiao Chen had taken this painting from the Ancient Desolate Tower. He had obtained this after he broke out of the Scarlet Blood Flame Prison. While everyone else’s paintings exploded, his remained intact.

The scene depicted in the painting had also changed from the Scarlet Blood Flame Prison to what it currently was: a huge hand floating above a lotus-flower-shaped Scarlet Blood Frost Flame.

The painting was very weird. Xiao Chen could not put it into his Universe Ring. Originally, he had forgotten about it. However, every time he entered the bathtub, he had to remove his clothes. So, he saw the painting again.

“I should go ask Leng Yue if she knows what this is. It has been four days; my Palm Sword should be ready already.” Xiao Chen put the painting back within his robes, pushed open the door, and headed for Leng Yue’s room.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

“Come in. The door is not closed.” Leng Yue’s melodious voice rang out after Xiao Chen knocked on the door a few times.

When Xiao Chen entered the room, he saw the two-man-tall cauldron right away. The Yin flame burned fiercely on the crystal tablet below the cauldron and the Raging Golden Light Flame Mirror shone down a golden light.

Leng Yue’s purple mark flashed brightly as she stared at the cauldron. She did not even look when Xiao Chen came in.

My timing seems to be bad. When Xiao Chen saw the situation, he knew he should not interrupt Leng Yue. So he prepared to step out.

“Don’t go. It is almost ready. Just wait awhile more,” Leng Yue said softly, still staring at the cauldron.

So, Xiao Chen sat down on a chair at the side. He continued to watch with interest, his heart filled with anticipation. He really wanted to know how strong the Palm Sword would become after Leng Yue tempered it.

The Immortals used cauldrons to refine Magic Treasures and Medicinal Pills. Xiao Chen was very familiar with the contents of the Compendium of Cultivation, so he understood this very well.

As for the Secret Treasures of the Tianwu Continent, they were refined using cauldrons as well. Although Secret Treasures were very similar to Magic Treasures, there were still differences. Xiao Chen did not know if he had made things difficult for Leng Yue by asking her to strengthen the Secret Treasure using the methods for the Magic Treasures.

The expression on Leng Yue’s face became more and more serious. Her fair fingers flickered with a purple light. She quickly formed hand seals with her hands. The purple light flashed constantly, filling the room with bright sparkles.


When Leng Yue finished forming the hand seals, the cauldron lid opened and a seven-centimeter sword flew out of the cauldron.

Purple flames burned brightly on the sword. Leng Yue shouted and the small sword instantly enlarged into a 1.3-meter sword. The sword trembled and gave off a melodious hum.

The raging purple flames became a purple sword light, firing out from the sword and flashing in the air. The temperature of the room instantly rose.


Leng Yue pointed and the sword flew towards Xiao Chen at an extremely fast speed, like a bolt of lightning. In the blink of an eye, it arrived before Xiao Chen’s nose. He did not even have the chance to react to it.

The instant the sword flew over, Xiao Chen felt a dangerous aura. For a moment, he thought that the sword would stab him.

Xiao Chen felt the power of his bloodline in the sword and smiled. Then, he stretched out his hand and the sword automatically flew over. With a thought, the sword shrank and became the size of a palm again.

Xiao Chen controlled the Palm Sword to fly around in the room. Everywhere the small sword passed, a raging purple fire burned and lightning flashed.

It was not just fast. Its might had increased significantly. What was even more interesting was that it now shared Xiao Chen’s attributes; it was no longer a simple, sharp sword.

Xiao Chen held the small sword in his hand. Excitement filled his face as he said seriously, “Thank you, Leng Yue. It’s been rough on you.”

Leng Yue placed the cauldron lid back and said gently, “It was not that difficult. Secret Treasures are adapted from Magic Treasures. The main purpose is to allow cultivators with no Magic Energy to use them. It can be considered a simplified Magic Treasure.

“I have used the materials that you passed to me to reforge this Palm Sword. It is now even harder that the Heaven Ranked Spirit Weapons of your world. I also placed a formation within it and raised the explosive power of the small sword. Finally, I infused all of the thunder fire that you stored in the Raging Golden Light Flame Mirror. Your little Secret Treasure is now reborn.”

Xiao Chen could not stop smiling as he caressed the smooth formation markings on the sword. The more he looked at it, the more he liked it. He said, “This can no longer be called the Palm Sword. You should rename it.”