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Chapter 524: Using the Spirit Gathering Pearls Again

Chapter 524: Using the Spirit Gathering Pearls Again

Leng Yue smiled happily, “I already thought of a name long ago. Even if you did not say it, I would have said something. Palm Sword is a horrible name. Let’s call it the Thunder Fire Sword.”

“Thunder Fire…Thunder Fire…good name! We will call it the Thunder Fire Sword, then.”

Xiao Chen played with the small sword awhile more before taking it back into his palm.

When Xiao Chen recovered his wits, he recalled his other purpose in coming here. He took out the painting in his robes and handed it to Leng Yue. He said, “Take a look at this. Do you know what this is?”

Leng Yue received the painting. At first she did not care too much for it. However, after she unfurled the scroll, her expression slowly turned serious. She said, “This is a Void Projection Painting. Originally, it would be blank. However, it can make a perfect copy of a certain space. This is a rare treasure even in the Kunlun Realm. Where did you get it? Was it at the Heavenly Pagoda?”

“No, I got it at the Ancient Desolate Tower. One would obtain some benefits for every floor that was cleared. I obtained this in the third floor.”

Leng Yue furled the painting and said, “Without a doubt, that is the Heavenly Pagoda. In every one of the three thousand great realms, there is a Heavenly Pagoda. Each realm calls it by a different name. This makes sense, now that I think about it. That is the only place in your realm where you can get this Void Projection Painting.”

Xiao Chen was not very interested in the history of the Ancient Desolate Tower. When he took back the painting, he asked, “What can this Void Projection Painting be used for now?”

Leng Yue explained, “Naturally, it is very useful. If you dripped your blood on it and bound it, you can use the Scarlet Blood Frost Flame within it. If your Mental Energy is stronger, you can even pull in other cultivators and trap them there.”

“Isn’t the scene within the painting fake? How can the Scarlet Blood Frost Flame be used?”

Leng Yue patiently explained, “I said that it was a perfect copy. It cannot be differentiated from the real one.

“Let’s say I make a clone, one with your memories, your personality, your character, your physical attributes, your appearance, and your Martial Techniques. If I call this clone Xiao Chen, no one would be able to tell the difference. Would you say that he is real or fake?”

Xiao Chen pondered about this for a while. Just thinking about it made his hair stand on end. If everything was the same and no one could tell the difference, then the fake would be real.

“You figured it out, right? This Scarlet Blood Frost Flame was copied in such a manner. When it was copied, that person who made it must have held back. It is impossible for him to have perfectly replicated the might of the Scarlet Blood Frost Flame. Otherwise, he would have overdrawn on his Mental Energy and died.”

Xiao Chen nodded, “I figured it out. You know how I can bind it with my blood, right?”

When Xiao Chen heard Leng Yue’s words, he started thinking. If he could use this Scarlet Blood Frost Flame in the painting, his strength would soar.

Leng Yue said, “If you have Magic Energy, it would be simple to bind it with your blood. All you have to do is drip your blood on it. However, it cannot be done without Magic Energy. This is a Magic Treasure; you cultivators cannot use it.”

Xiao Chen felt extremely disappointed. He had such a good treasure but he could not use it; this was very depressing.

While Xiao Chen had the cultivation method for Immortal Cultivation, he could not build the foundation for Immortal Cultivation. So how could he condense Magic Energy? The Immortal Cultivation Technique—the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation—cultivated Mental Energy, not Magic Energy.

“However, if you have the resources, I can construct a Ten Thousand Magic Gathering Spirit Formation and help you forcibly condense some Magic Energy. Then, you will be able to bind it with your blood.”

Xiao Chen asked, “How many Medial Grade Spirit Stones are needed to get the resources?”

Leng Yue already had a rudimentary understanding of the value of items in this world. She made some mental calculations and said, “You should be able to get all the ingredients with twenty million Medial Grade Spirit Stones.”

Xiao Chen opened his mouth wide. He looked very stunned. Then…then there was no more then.

He had fought very hard in order to obtain the three million Medial Grade Spirit Stones that he had had.

Twenty million Medial Grade Spirit Stones were an overwhelmingly huge amount. Unless Xiao Chen could get as lucky as Bai Lixi, he would not be able to obtain that much.

If Xiao Chen sold the Demonic Beast materials on him and added the remaining Spirit Stones that he had, he would barely manage to raise one million Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

Raising twenty million Medial Grade Spirit Stones seemed impossible for Xiao Chen. However, he still wanted to obtain one set of ingredients for the Ten Thousand Magic Gathering Spirit Formation and hand them to Leng Yue.

While there was very little chance, it did not mean that there was no chance at all. When he reached Martial Monarch, it might still be possible for him to obtain twenty million Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

Xiao Chen took out his Blood Flame Shoes and the pair of black gloves on his hands. Then, he handed them to Leng Yue and said, “Help me strengthen these two Secret Treasures. Just let me know what materials you need.”

Leng Yue received the Blood Flame Shoes and black gloves and said, “You should only have about a few hundred thousand Medial Grade Spirit Stones. You will need at least a million Medial Grade Spirit Stones to strengthen these two Secret Treasures.”

“I have my ways. Just write down the materials needed.”

Xiao Chen received the list of materials from Leng Yue and looked through it. Then, he left decisively.

Xiao Chen went to the market and sold off all the Demonic Beast materials in his Universe Ring, the items he gained from other cultivators, and some useless Secret Treasures.

In the end, Xiao Chen managed to obtain 1.1 million Medial Grade Spirit Stones and purchased all the natural treasures and rare ores on the list.

The 1.1 million Medial Grade Spirit Stones were all spent in an instant, leaving Xiao Chen completely broke.

“I brought the stuff. I will pick up the Secret Treasures in three days. Sorry for all the trouble.” Xiao Chen appeared very resolute as he handed the items over to Leng Yue.

With the precedent of the Thunder Fire Sword, Xiao Chen believed that the Blood Flame Shoes and the pair of black leather gloves would bring him a pleasant surprise.

Even if Xiao Chen became poor, he did not care. He had to raise his strength quickly. Only then would he be able to hold his own against Bai Zhan in a short period of time.

Back in the bedroom, Xiao Chen took out the bottle containing the Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid and poured the golden liquid into the bathtub.


The water in the bathtub bubbled and the clear water turned golden. Xiao Chen continued watching as he waited for the Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid to completely mix with the water.

Then, Xiao Chen took out a Spirit Gathering Pearl and refined it into spiritual liquid before adding it to the golden liquid.

Xiao Chen closed his eyes and waited for a while. When he knew that liquid was ready, he stopped looking at the bathtub and took his clothes off one by one.

He had already gone through this process a few times. He was no longer as cautious as he was the first time he tried this.

Xiao Chen entered the bathtub and sat cross-legged. Soon, all three-hundred-odd acupoints on his body opened with the aid of the Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid.

The spiritual liquid that the Spirit Gathering Pearl melted into poured into Xiao Chen’s body continuously. He closed his eyes and started to refine it into his cultivation.

The purple Qi whirlpool glowed with a resplendent light and spun wildly like a tornado as it greedily absorbed the vast spiritual liquid.

The Qi whirlpool slowly became stronger and larger. When Xiao Chen had absorbed half of the spiritual liquid, the Qi whirlpool stopped growing larger. He rejoiced, knowing that he would arrive at his bottleneck soon.

For most people, when they sensed a bottleneck, they would be very dispirited. This was because the bottleneck would result in them being stuck for at least one and a half years. They would find it hard for their cultivation to improve.

If their state of mind was not right and they did not have any natural treasures, they might be stuck at the bottleneck for four to five years. There were even people who were stuck for several decades.

However, Xiao Chen did not have this frustration. He had the Spirit Gathering Pearls and a foundation that was hard to compete against. The most important thing was that he had already failed once.

Xiao Chen knew that even though he failed the first time he used the Spirit Gathering Pearl, he had merely been severely injured because he had twenty-four acupoints that he could freely open.

As for other geniuses, they did not have these twenty-four acupoints. Failure meant death for them. Even if they had the Spirit Gathering Pearls, they would not dare to use them.

The next day, Xiao Chen absorbed another Spirit Gathering Pearl. Now, the Exquisite Seven Aperture Fluid was completely used up.

This time, the purple Qi whirlpool did not grow larger. However, there were more crystals outside the Qi whirlpool.

Xiao Chen tried cultivation and his cultivation did not increase as well. He had truly reached the bottleneck between Medial Grade Martial King and Superior Grade Martial King.

“If I cultivated like normal, I would have needed at least half a year before I reached the bottleneck of Medial Grade Martial King. These six Spirit Gathering Pearls saved me half a year of time, helping me to close the gap.”

Xiao Chen clenched his fist tightly with an resolute expression.

On this day, Xiao Chen did not do anything. He merely lay in bed and slept. The next day, he did not do anything, either. He rested, recovering his spirits, making preparations to break through the bottleneck to Superior Grade Martial King.

On the third night, Xiao Chen finally moved. He got out of bed. After resting for two days and nights, his spirit was in peak condition.

Xiao Chen sat on the prayer mat on the floor, took out the remaining five Inferior Grade Spirit Gathering Pearls, and placed them on his head. Then, he slowly refined them with purple fire.

When most people made a breakthrough, they would only require three Spirit Gathering Pearls. However, Xiao Chen’s foundation was greater than the average person’s. Naturally, it would be much harder for him to break through his bottleneck. He even worried that five Inferior Grade Spirit Gathering Pearls were not enough.

After seven or eight minutes, the five Spirit Gathering Pearls were all refined into spiritual liquid. The leaked Spiritual Energy immediately spread throughout the room. White mist shrouded Xiao Chen’s figure, making him look indistinct.

The white mist condensed on the furniture in the room, forming dew on the vase, the table, and the bed.

This dew was formed by the pure Spiritual Energy. It was very precious. However, at this moment, it filled Xiao Chen’s room.

Taking a deep breath, Xiao Chen relaxed himself before controlling a glob of spiritual liquid to enter his Tianmen Acupoint.

The moment the spiritual liquid entered, it followed the major meridian and rushed down like a vast river gushing with all its might.

Its force and momentum was like a huge army kicking up dust as they charged. The warriors pointed their swords to the front; nothing could stop them.

As Xiao Chen had experienced this before, he did not panic. He quietly waited for the spiritual liquid to reach his dantian.


In just a moment, the spiritual liquid crashed heavily into the purple Qi whirlpool. It caused an intense explosion and the immovable bottleneck trembled. However, it was just a very slight motion.

Xiao Chen’s Qi and blood surged. Despite the intense pain, he just gritted his teeth and endured it. He roared out in his heart, Not enough! More!

“Boom!” Another stream of spiritual liquid landed and exploded again. Still not enough! More! More!