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Chapter 535: Demonic Spirit Blood Moon Appears

Chapter 535: Demonic Spirit Blood Moon Appears

Xiao Chen’s expression turned grave. Blood leaked out of the corner of his lips as he continuously controlled globs of spiritual liquid to enter his Tianmen Acupoint and crash into the Qi whirlpool.

Xiao Chen did not hesitate or change his expression. He did not show any fear. He was determined and decisive. Only one thought existed in his head: As long as I have one breath left, I will break through the bottleneck that ordinary people would take ten or twenty years to break.

This was because Xiao Chen was not ordinary; he was not and never would be.

Xiao Chen was a one-in-ten-thousand genius. He was the White Robed Bladesman who had killed his way to where he was without losing. He was the peak genius of this budding era of geniuses, the one that could fight with heaven.

This was the great age of cultivation. Countless geniuses filled the land like stars filled the sky. They came from many places, going everywhere.

We cultivators are hot-blooded and full of heroism. We have to endure loneliness and temptations. We dare to fight with heaven, with the world, and other people. We will not appear weak and timid. We fear nothing.

Boundless hot-bloodedness and heroism. I only ask heaven one thing: does the peak belong to me, Xiao Chen? If heaven does not answer, then I will break through this firmament and climb to the peak!

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Explosions rang out continuously in the Qi whirlpool. The remnant shock waves caused injuries to Xiao Chen’s internal organs. However, he did not have any intention of relaxing or giving up.

When the final glob of spiritual liquid fell into the Qi whirlpool, the entire Qi whirlpool exploded and turned chaotic.

Pure Spiritual Energy surged out and spread throughout Xiao Chen’s body. He instantly felt very relaxed and his internal injuries healed.

Xiao Chen waited until the chaos subsided before sinking his consciousness down. The glowing purple Qi whirlpool was now half Qi and half purple translucent crystals.

Superior Grade Martial King! Finally!

Xiao Chen opened his eyes joyfully, and they emitted a bright light. His eyes looked as bright as the sun in the white mist, and as clear as crystal.

Xiao Chen took a deep breath and absorbed all the white mist and dew.

“Cultivation is tough and my road is even harder than others’. However, I finally broke through to Superior Grade Martial King.”

When Xiao Chen felt the explosive Essence of the crystal Qi whirlpool, he smiled faintly.

Xiao Chen pushed the door open and headed for Leng Yue’s room. There are two strengthened Medial Grade Secret Weapons waiting for him there.

Just as Leng Yue took out the black leather gloves from the cauldron, she saw Xiao Chen at the door. She immediately smiled and said, “Congratulations. You were not blasted to death by the Spirit Gathering Pearls.”

Xiao Chen was in a good mood, so Leng Yue’s sarcastic tone did not bother him. He received the black leather gloves and the Blood Flame Shoes from Leng Yue and put them on again.


Before Leng Yue could introduce the two reforged Secret Treasures to Xiao Chen, they felt a chilly wind coming down from the sky. It came in through the window and entered their pores. The chilly wind was overwhelming.

“Something is wrong!”

Xiao Chen was startled. The major event that he anticipated might be starting now.

The two hurried out and looked up. They saw a full scarlet moon slowly rising in the sky. It broke through the pitch-black demonic clouds and shone down a boundless light.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

Earth-shatteringly loud roars resounded, coming from the Deep Sea Battlefield. The air trembled from the roars; despite the huge distance, they could feel it.

Xiao Chen’s expression changed when he saw the scarlet moon rising in the sky. He muttered, “It’s a blood moon, a true blood moon. What’s going on?”

However, Leng Yue’s expression did not change. She said calmly, “This is the Demonic Spirit Blood Moon. When it appears, the Demons become more powerful. The blood in their bodies surge and they go berserk. They become difficult to deal with.”

Xiao Chen felt it was strange. He asked, “Then why are you not showing any reaction?”

Leng Yue smiled and said, “Why would I react to it? However, when the light shines on me, my strength improves by at least twenty percent.”

“What causes the Demonic Spirit Blood Moon to appear? What does it mean? Do you know?” Xiao Chen asked Leng Yue. She was an Advanced Demon; she should know some of the secrets behind this.

When the outstanding talents of the Boundless Sea came back to rest at the same time, Xiao Chen had sensed that something was wrong. Indeed, half a month later, this mysterious blood moon rose in the sky.

Leng Yue shook her head and said, “The Demonic Spirit Blood Moon exists in the starry void. During a Demonic Calamity, the Demons will use the blood of ten thousand virgins to summon the Demonic Spirit Blood Moon to strengthen the Demons. If no one summons it, it would normally appear only once every three years.

“As for what it means, you will know soon.”

At this moment, every cultivator on the Divine Dragon Warship felt that chilly sensation. They rushed out of their doors and were shocked to see that blood moon in the distance.

Shadowy figures leaped across the roofs, heading for the Battlefield. Everyone felt that something was wrong.

Xiao Chen followed the crowd and headed forward, preparing to find out what was happening.

The front edge of the huge warship was packed with people. As he got closer, the roars of the Demons became louder.

Xiao Chen floated in midair, trying to go forward to take a look. He could not help but frown.

Three huge pillars of light rose up from the three outpost islets. Talisman scripts appeared around the pillars of light, connecting the formations of the three outpost islets together in a dazzling blue barrier.

Countless Demons gathered behind the barrier. All eighteen races of Demons were present and there were plenty of each race.

The Iron Demons that had the strongest defense were charging in front. They played the role of meat shield in the Demon army.

Four thousand Iron Demons lined up like a wall. They blocked all the energy shells fired by the Ancient Demonic Energy Cannons on the outpost islets.

Behind the Iron Demons was an unending chain of red flaming clouds more than five kilometers long. Fire Demons stood on the clouds, sending all sorts of strong attacks at the barriers.

Then, further behind were Ice Demons, Winged Demons, Ghost Race, Blood Demons…all eighteen races were accounted for. They all roared together like a true army, mercilessly attacking the blue barrier.

Under the relentless chain of attacks, the blue barrier that seemed like it held up the sky rippled. At this rate, the barrier would be broken soon.

The three islets would be destroyed. Then the Demons would charge at the Divine Dragon Warship. Once the Divine Dragon Warship was destroyed, this third grade Battlefield would spiral out of control. Then, the islands inhabited by humans would have to be evacuated. Humans would have to migrate and suffer great losses.

“How could this happen? All the Demons from the periphery and inner area are gathered together.”

“We cannot carry on like this. The islets will fall sooner or later. Once that happens, this Divine Dragon Warship will fall. All of us will die.”

“What about the Divine Dragon Palace’s people? I do not see them. Where are they?”

“Are you stupid? The Divine Dragon Palace’s elites are in the core area. They are holding back the high-ranked Demons there. Otherwise, how could we have the chance to go to the periphery and inner area to kill Demons. Just a single high-ranked Demon would be able to slaughter us all.”

Xiao Chen was not the only person who considered the consequences of the islets falling. Many cultivators on the Divine Dragon Warship thought of the consequences as well.

“Xiao Chen, you really hit it on the nail. If we were in the inner area, we would not be standing here today.”

When Bai Lixi saw Xiao Chen in midair, he immediately flew over. He asked with a serious expression, “What should we do? Should we flee first? I see several people already making preparations to do so.”

Xiao Chen looked around and discovered that it was as Bai Lixi said. Several people at the front had already taken to the sky and were flying away.

Such a scene was not surprising. One might have been prepared for death in experiential training, but in the end, they hoped to live.

If the islets fell, the Demons would attack. With the blood moon’s light, the large number of Demons, and the strengthened Demons, there was no hope of survival.

Furthermore, the continued existence of the Divine Dragon Palace had nothing to do with these people. This was not their sect, so there was no need for them to sacrifice their lives for it.

Xiao Chen had a calm expression as he replied, “No rush. Although the experts of the Divine Dragon Palace are at the island in the core area, you’ve forgotten about the Southern Sea’s Four Heroes, the Northern Sea’s Four Young Masters, the Western Sea’s Seven Knights, and the Eastern Sea’s Little Dragon King.

“They are all half-step Martial Monarchs. A dozen-odd half-step Martial Monarch experts is a sizable force. I believe the Divine Dragon Palace had summoned them back because of this.”

Bai Lixi analyzed what Xiao Chen said and found that it made sense. He chuckled and said, “It looks like I panicked too soon. In that case, for us, this is a fortuitous encounter.”

For the weak, it was very good if they could stay alive in such danger.

However, for the strong, as long as there was a chance of survival, this endless stream of Demons was a large number of points; they were an immense fortune.

Xiao Chen’s eyes glowed with confidence. His expression was resolute and his tone serious as he said, “That’s right. Normally, it would be hard to find so many Demons. Now, they are all gathered together, saving us a lot of effort. This has to be a fortuitous encounter.”

As he spoke, Xiao Chen unconsciously emitted a strong aura that pressured Bai Lixi somewhat.

Xiao Chen had just advanced to Superior Grade Martial King. His Essence was vast and pure, but he had not tempered it yet. He could not control his Essence freely yet. After a while, after he tempered it, such a situation would not happen again.

Bai Lixi said in shock, “Xiao Chen, you advanced to Superior Grade Martial King?”

Xiao Chen had a deep look in his eyes and a firm expression. He nodded and said, “Yes, I just advanced. I already made a vow in the Battlefield. I will not leave before becoming a half-step Martial Monarch.”

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

As the two of them conversed, they suddenly heard hoofbeats. The neighing and the ‘clip clops’ of the horse hooves were like thunder when mixed together.

When the crowd heard the sound, their heads buzzed. Their Qi and blood could not help but surge. They had to circulate their energies to block their ears.