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Chapter 526: Outstanding Heroes Killing Demons

Chapter 526: Outstanding Heroes Killing Demons

What a strong horse. It surprisingly sounded so mighty.

Xiao Chen looked back and saw a scarlet warhorse trotting over from a distance. The warhorse had a lone golden horn on its head and its eyes glinted with a ferocious red light.

The warhorse had a long mane that glowed scarlet and fluttered up and down as the warhorse leaped up.

Indistinct light flickered as it moved. Unexpectedly, it created countless scarlet horse images.

A person wearing purple Battle Armor with a purple cape sat on the warhorse, holding a two-meter-long halberd in his hands. He emitted an overwhelming battle intent as he rushed over to the front of the warship. A formless tyrannical aura seemed to gush out of his Tianmen Acupoint, rushing to the sky and splitting the dark clouds above him in half.

“It’s the Eastern Sea’s Little Dragon King, Xuanyuan Zhantian. That is his steed, a mixed-blood Rank 8 Demonic Beast—the Royal Dragon Horse.”

Loud exclamations came from the crowd when they saw Xuanyuan Zhantian. They quickly opened a path for him to pass through, allowing him to reach the front of the warship unhindered.

“Bang! Bang!”

The Royal Dragon Horse galloped on the scarlet sea like it was on flat ground, its four hooves kicking up spray.

Nothing got in the Royal Dragon Horse’s way as it galloped in the scarlet sea. It moved at full speed like a strong wind. Soon, it reached Mach 4 and arrived at the outpost islets in a few blinks of an eye.

The Royal Dragon Horse did not slow down; it continued charging forward ferociously. Neighing loudly, it eventually carried Xuanyuan Zhantian through the blue barrier, rushing towards the phalanx of Iron Demons.

Bai Lixi muttered, “What an impressive fellow. He is starting off with the Iron Demons.”


After Xuanyuan Zhantian passed through the blue barrier, he held up his halberd and tossed it. The halberd turned into an azure flood dragon and pierced an Iron Demon.

The Iron Demon was tougher than thousand-year-old Frost Iron. Yet, Xuanyuan Zhantian was able to easily stab it; this showed how sharp this attack was.

A dazzling light erupted from the tip of the halberd. The Iron Demon exploded and turned into countless fragments that fell to the sea like rain.

The instant the Iron Demon exploded, 990 miniature azure flood dragons flew out together with the metal fragments, dancing in the air.

Bearing Xuanyuan Zhantian, the Royal Dragon Horse leaped over the thousands of Iron Demons. When it splashed down on the water, it kicked up layer upon layer of scarlet waves.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Soon after Xuanyuan Zhantian landed, he thrust his halberd forward. It flashed about nine times and the 990 miniature flood dragons returned to him.

A chain of explosions ranged out and six Iron Demons exploded into fragments in rapid succession. With a surging shock wave, the Iron Demons’ formation fell into disarray.

Xuanyuan Zhantian laughed loudly as he continued killing on his Royal Dragon Horse.

The speed of the Royal Dragon Horse was like lightning. The scarlet afterimages it left behind in the midst of the Iron Demons made it hard for others to figure out where it was.

Waves surged on the scarlet sea. Azure lights flickered and flood dragons roared. Countless Iron Demons were blasted to bits, dying without a corpse.

One man, one halberd, and one horse. Xuanyuan Zhantian weaved through the Iron Demons, attacking as he rode. The Iron Demons could not even touch the corner of his cape.

Xuanyuan Zhantian had thoroughly raised havoc among the Iron Demons. The thousands of Ancient Demonic Energy Cannons on the outpost islets could finally display their might.

Thousands of energy shells shot into the air. Without the Iron Demons blocking them, they shattered the Demons into bits everywhere they passed. A rain of blood poured down from the sky.

The illumination of the scarlet moonlight, the downpour of blood, and the tens of thousands of Demons made for a spectacular sight.

“This is the attack of an Ancient Demonic Energy Cannon charged with Superior Grade Spirit Stones. Each shot exhausts a hundred Superior Grade Spirit Stones. I believe they will be able to fire only five more volleys.”

Leng Yue, who was beside Xiao Chen, calmly analyzed the crucial problem of this scene.

Xiao Chen sighed and said, “Five volleys is enough. This Xuanyuan Zhantian is really impressive. He singlehandedly broke the formation of the Iron Demons. He turned the situation around by himself.”

Earlier, the Iron Demons’ blockade prevented the Ancient Demonic Energy Cannons on the outpost islets from affecting the battle.

The Iron Demons did not feel pain and they had strong defenses. When the energy shells struck them, it was just a waste of Spirit Stones.

Leng Yue’s lips curled as she said, “How is he impressive? It is all thanks to that horse. Without that horse, no matter how powerful he is, if he were surrounded by the Iron Demons, he would be finished.”

Xiao Chen said objectively and calmly, “The horse is impressive but the person is even more impressive. When the person and horse work together, they are even more so. He really lives up to his nickname—Eastern Sea’s Little Dragon King.”

From what Xiao Chen learned about the Royal Dragon Horse, it was a cross between a Spirit Beast and a Demonic Beast. Furthermore, it was mutated.

The Royal Dragon Horse moved astonishingly fast. Even with Xiao Chen’s excellent eyesight, he could only capture a blurry figure; he could not figure out its exact location.

If Xiao Chen were to fight someone he could not even locate, there would not even be a point in continuing to fight.

However, Xuanyuan Zhantian’s offensive power was truly astonishing. Xiao Chen was very familiar with the defense of the Iron Demons and their strong lifeforce. Even he could not kill them in one move.

Such horrific offensive power qualified Xuanyuan Zhantian as a peak genius. When the horse and the man worked as one, they could defeat all the geniuses of the younger generation.

Bai Lixi laughed and asked, “What’s wrong? Receiving such a blow right after advancing to Superior Grade Martial King, are you losing your confidence?”

Shaking his head, Xiao Chen said, “Ha ha! I am just excited. I have not lost my confidence. Let’s go. It’s time for us to make a move.”

While they spoke, the Ancient Demonic Energy Cannons had finished firing five volleys. The Southern Sea’s Four Heroes, the Northern Sea’s Four Young Masters, and the Western Sea’s Seven Knights all went forward and started killing.

When the cultivators at the front of the warship saw the opportunity, they rushed forward excitedly, going to the Battlefield to kill.

As Xiao Chen and Bai Lixi approached the blue barrier, they separated. They each found a spot and started killing Demons, seeking their own fortuitous encounter.

This time, Xiao Chen chose the Fire Demons who had caused him misery before. If he still could not defeat them now that he was stronger, then he would have wasted the past half month.

“Hu! Hu!”

The moment Xiao Chen landed, about ten Fire Demons noticed him. Fireballs rained down, covering the sky.

When Xiao Chen saw the fireballs raining down, he quickly drew his Lunar Shadow Saber. He infused his Essence into the saber, forming a resplendent saber light. However, he did not rush to charge at them.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Xiao Chen chopped all the fireballs in half as they flew at him. His attack speed was apparently twenty percent faster than before.

When he faced the densely packed fireballs, he did not feel any pressure. Chopping all the fireballs into half with his saber light was no challenge.

“Your black leather gloves have the effect of increasing your attack speed. I placed a Ninety-Nine Spirit Wind Great Formation on it; this will suffice to increase your attack speed by forty percent. Even when you become a Martial Monarch, it still can help increase your attack speed by twenty percent.”

Leng Yue explained to Xiao Chen from the Spirit Blood Jade.

So that is what is happening. Xiao Chen smiled slightly. This meant that he would be able to deal with the Fire Demons with even more ease.

Xiao Chen stood on the water, unmoving. A saber light glowed on his saber as he waited for an opportunity.

After a while, there seemed to be a break in the Fire Demons’ relentless attacks. Xiao Chen used this opportunity to make a decisive move.

“Glittering Wukui!”

The resplendent saber light on the saber immediately turned into condensed saber Qi as it flew towards a Fire Demon. The sharp saber light seemed to cut the air in half as it gave off a buzzing sound.

There was a lot of glittering purple crystals in the saber Qi, making the saber Qi look very solid; it was much stronger than before.

The saber Qi was so fast, it left behind afterimages. The locked-on Fire Demon tried to dodge but it still lost an arm.

“I did not use my saber intent or states with this saber Qi. Yet, it is already so mighty. If I used them, it would be fifty percent stronger.”

A red light flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes; he unleashed the state of massacre. He stopped testing his strength and started a true massacre.

Xiao Chen flashed forward and left behind afterimages in the sky.

“I used the Ink Crystal, Magic Blood Crystal, Brilliant White Steel, and ninety other rare ores to reforge your Blood Flame Shoes. The most important thing is that I completely merged the secret technique it had into it. Now, your movement speed can reach Mach 4 at any time.”

Xiao Chen went into deep thought. No wonder my movement speed is ridiculously fast. So that is why.

The Fire Demons had lost their advantage against Xiao Chen. Their explosive attacks could not damage him. They could not move or attack as fast as him; they could only wait to be beaten to death.

After seven or eight minutes, fifteen Fire Demons died under Xiao Chen’s saber. They did not even have the chance to flee; it was a unilateral slaughter.

“The Fire Demons have weak defenses; their movement speed and attack speed are slower than mine. Logically, for me to test out the true might of my saber Qi, I would have to face Iron Demons. Furthermore, they have to be high-ranked Iron Demons.”

After collecting the fifteen Fire Demon cores, Xiao Chen did not feel satisfied. He merely calmly analyzed the situation.

When Xiao Chen looked around the chaotic Battlefield, he saw a group of cultivators surrounded by Demons. When he looked more carefully, he realized that there were all sorts of Demons: Fire Demons, Ice Demons, Blood Demons, Winged Demons…. However, there was a high-ranked Iron Demon serving as their core.

Dozens of Demons surrounded a team of ten cultivators, using the high-ranked Iron Demon as a shield. The Demons suppressed the human cultivators to the point where they could not counterattack. They could only passively defend. At this rate, they would be exterminated sooner or later.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The front three cultivators of the ten-man team had bright lights on their weapons as they sent all sorts of Martial Techniques at the high-ranked Iron Demon, creating a lot of sparks.

The high-ranked Iron Demon laughed loudly. Even though there were a lot of sparks, it was not injured at all. Then, it charged forward and threw the team into confusion.

The various Demons circling above them sent down all sorts of attacks. This caused the ten people to continuously retreat.

“Big Brother, what should we do? We can’t break through its defenses!”

“We should not have tried to join the excitement. Originally, we thought that Xuanyuan Zhantian had lured away all the Iron Demons. I didn’t expect we would run into a high-ranked Iron Demon here.”