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Chapter 527: Comprehending the State of Massacre

Chapter 527: Comprehending the State of Massacre

The person at the very front was a middle-aged cultivator. He punched out ruthlessly and sent the Iron Demon back by five hundred meters. When he saw the Iron Demon not reacting to him, like nothing had happened, his expression became very unsightly.

The group of Demons moved around all over the place. This situation was a feast for the strong but also a graveyard of the weak.

At this moment, this ten-man team was completely surrounded by the Demons. They could neither advance nor retreat. All they heard was the laughter of the Demons.

“I like that girl. Haha, soft skin and tender flesh. She will be nice to eat up. Don’t injure her.”

“I like that old fellow. He would be very chewy. His cultivation is high as well. After eating him, my strength will definitely increase.”

“I want that fatty. He’ll have a lot of fats. Have you eaten fats before? They are very delectable. Ga! Ga!”

At this moment, the Demons seemed very carefree. They were like cats playing around with a mouse, messing with this ten-man team.

When the ten cultivators heard the words of the Demons, their expressions became more and more unsightly. When they thought about being eaten by the Demons, they despaired.


Just at this moment, a saber Qi containing purple crystals and a saber intent of inextinguishable sharpness flew over from the sky.

The sabers of the few bladesmen in this team started to buzz like they were going out of control when the saber intent of inextinguishable sharpness drew near.

In an instant, this saber Qi chopped three Blood Demons and a Winged Demon in half. Their black blood rained down.

“Saber intent and solidified saber Qi. An expert is coming!”

Everyone felt shaken. They quickly looked in the direction of where the saber Qi came from. They saw a white figure quickly flashing above the scarlet sea.

The white figure moved very fast above the water, leaving white afterimages. In a few blinks, he arrived before everyone.

The eyes of the high-ranked Blood Demon circling in the air turned red. A greedy look flitted across his face. “What strong Qi and blood! If I eat him, I might be able to evolve!”

“Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations! Clear Wind Chop!”

Beneath the Demon-filled sky, Xiao Chen’s figure wavered and became nine figures. Then, nine cool breezes blew across the surface of the calm sea.

Xiao Chen’s overwhelming killing intent disappeared into the cool breeze. Even the weapon in his hand vanished without a trace. Clear wind, clear wind, only seeing the cool breeze and not the saber.


The nine figures merged back together. Before the nine Demons behind Xiao Chen could react, bloody holes appeared in their heads. Then, a purple light flashed and they split into halves starting from the hole.

“Kill him!”

The other Demons were astonished and furious. They quickly surrounded Xiao Chen and locked on him with a strong murderous intent.

When the other cultivators on the water saw this, they immediately blanched in horror. No matter how strong someone was, once they were surrounded by a large number of Demons, death would be the only outcome.

“We are finished. This youth is overloaded. If he had worked with us, we could definitely have carved out a path to survival,” said the middle-aged cultivator with a pallid complexion, who was leading the ten-man team, as their hopes seemed to be dashed.

His conclusion took the team aback. As for the White Robed Bladesman surrounded by Demons in the air, the Demons were bombarding him with all sorts of powerful attacks. However, his expression did not change; there was no hint of panic at all.

The white robed-figure swung his saber around, moving everywhere. Not only did he block all the attacks, he even counterattacked fiercely. Everyone was flabbergasted.

“Flight On Wings, Disordered Dance of a Thousand Years!”

Suddenly, Xiao Chen shouted. He used a Martial Technique that he had not used in a long time—the Disordered Dance of a Thousand Years. In that instant, his figure moved all over the place as he sent strands of purple crystalline saber Qi flying every which way.


When Xiao Chen withdrew his saber and landed back on the scarlet sea, most of the Demons surrounding him died. They were sliced into several pieces by the purple crystalline saber Qi; they died without a complete corpse and disappeared into the water.

“This person is a genius cultivator!” the crowd exclaimed in astonishment. They had not expected to meet another genius cultivator, aside from the outstanding talents of the Boundless Sea and the Evil Moon Pavilion’s Bai Zhan.

Xiao Chen glanced at the stunned crowd. He frowned slightly and said, “Still not leaving?”

When the ten-man team heard Xiao Chen’s words, they were surprised. When they finally understood that Xiao Chen had saved them from the danger, they quickly nodded and said, “Come on, come on, let’s go right away. Thank you, Young Hero.”

“Thinking of leaving? Not so easy. Iron Demon! Charge at them. Don’t let any of them escape!”

The old Blood Demon leading the Demon group gave the order with a sinister expression as it gazed at the people beneath it.


The Iron Demon stomped on the water and shouted. Moving rapidly over the water, like a speeding train, it charged at Xiao Chen and the others.

Xiao Chen’s expression turned cold as he said in a frosty voice, “Scram!”

Merging his Essence and Vital Qi, he kicked. A surging force exploded out and the Iron Demon flew back like a fired cannonball. It tumbled for a kilometer before it came to a stop.

The ten-man team quickly took advantage of this opportunity and fled to the three outpost islets. They no longer dared to linger here.

“I will deal with this group of Demons first. Then, I will use this high-ranked Iron Demon for my experiential training.”

Xiao Chen looked coldly at the remaining fifty Demons in the sky. His eyes flashed scarlet but he remained calm.

This was what Xiao Chen needed to achieve with the state of massacre. He needed to maintain his calm and slowly increase the might of the state of massacre. If Xiao Chen kept this up, one day, he would be able to grasp the state of massacre without falling into depravity.


Xiao Chen shouted and the state of massacre suppressed in his eyes poured out. The horrifying state of massacre made the air seem like it was solid.

The Demons in the air were stunned and astonished. Unexpectedly, this human’s state of massacre was as least twice as strong as theirs.

Xiao Chen flew forward, taking advantage of their moment of distraction. The crystalline saber Qi containing saber intent instantly chopped three Demons in half.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

When the Demons died, invisible red lights came out of their bodies and flew to Xiao Chen’s forehead. This made Xiao Chen’s state of massacre even denser.

The state of massacre was like a viscous liquid spreading through the air and dragging on the remaining Demons. It felt like a boundless state of massacre poured into their brains with every step they took, putting tremendous pressure on their spirits.

As the might of the state of massacre increased, more Demons died under Xiao Chen’s saber. The desire to massacre slowly creeped in.

Kill! Kill! Kill them all. The more you kill, the stronger you become. You felt the charm of massacring, right? Look at these Demons. With the state of massacre, they would not even be able to survive ten moves from you.

Such thoughts ran through Xiao Chen’s head like a storm, roaring out continuously, tempting Xiao Chen to sink into his desire to massacre.

Bloodlust descended on Xiao Chen once again, pulling him deep into the depravity of massacre. Leng Yue, who was in the Spirit Blood Jade, sighed silently. She was already prepared to go out.

In Leng Yue’s opinion, the path that Xiao Chen was taking was too difficult. It had almost no chance of success; it was a road of no return.

The scarlet throne was an ancient Secret Treasure. It was incredibly mysterious. The more Xiao Chen massacred, the stronger it became. There did not seem to be a limit to its growth.

It was too ambitious to try and subdue this power with the strength of a Martial King.

However, this time, Leng Yue was surprised to find that after fifty Demons died, Xiao Chen had not yet fallen into a state of no return.

The red light in Xiao Chen’s eyes receded, turning back to normal. While the Demons’ killing intent turned into red lights that poured into his forehead, he looked calmly at the distant Iron Demon fleeing.


A purple saber Qi condensed on the saber. Then, he rushed forward and chopped down on the fleeing Iron Demon. However, the saber only raised sparks but left no visible damage.

Xiao Chen withdrew his saber and muttered to himself while looking at the saber, “The high-ranked Iron Demon’s defense is indeed strong. Even with fifty percent of my strength after its increase, I still can’t mark it.”


The Iron Demon roared and punched at Xiao Chen, who was muttering to himself.

Xiao Chen tilted his body slightly, casually dodging the Iron Demon’s attack. Xiao Chen swung his saber and hacked the Iron Demon’s back.

“Chi! Chi!”

This time, the saber scratched the Iron Demon’s body, leaving a seven-centimeter mark.

“I can only break its defense with seventy percent of my strength. I should be able to break through completely with my full power.”

Xiao Chen spun around, making an entire revolution above the scarlet sea. Then, in the blink of an eye, he appeared before the Iron Demon and hacked down without hesitation.

“Pa!” A saber light flickered. This time, Xiao Chen used his full power and easily chopped off the Iron Demon’s right arm.

“I should try adding in my saber intent!”

Xiao Chen played the high-ranked Iron Demon like a puppet. It was so frustrated that it cried out loudly, but it could not do anything.


The Lunar Shadow Saber flickered with purple light. It instantly stabbed into the chest of the Iron Demon. With the support of the saber intent, the saber sank easily into the chest of the Iron Demon.

Even though the Iron Demon did not feel any pain, it roared angrily. It quickly punched towards Xiao Chen’s head.

With a thought, Xiao Chen poured his purple crystalline Essence into the saber. Then, he shouted, “Explode!”


The surging Essence instantly exploded.

When the high-ranked Iron Demon’s fist was just an centimeter from Xiao Chen’s head, its entire body blew up, bursting into countless pieces that scattered in the air.

Xiao Chen stretched out his hand and casually caught a metal fragment. The piece was about palm size and as hard as iron; it was cool to the touch.

Xuanyuan Zhantian could shatter an Iron Demon with one attack as well. However, the fragments were like powder. Xiao Chen was still inferior to him in this aspect.

“I already used my full power with this attack. Furthermore, I infused it with my saber intent and state of massacre. However, the power of the explosion is far from what Xuanyuan Zhantian’s capable off.”

“Chi! Chi!” Xiao Chen casually crushed that piece of metal into dust. He appeared to be in deep thought.

It seems that I can only reach that level when I become a half-step Martial Monarch. At least, this high-ranked Iron Demon allowed me to understand my offensive power thoroughly.

Suddenly, Leng Yue’s astonished voice came from the Spirit Blood Jade. “Xiao Chen, you have successfully grasped the state of massacre?”

Xiao Chen nodded, and then he shook his head. “I can’t be considered to have grasped it. I can only say that I have gotten a feel for it and discovered some of the tricks behind it. The nature of massacre might not be death and destruction but something else.”