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Chapter 528: Divine Azure Dragon Palace

Chapter 528: Divine Azure Dragon Palace

Leng Yue felt curious, so she asked, “What do you mean?”

Xiao Chen said indifferently, “Without massacre, this world would not have a new order. Winter passes and spring comes. The spring winds blow away the cold of winter, starting the cycle of the seasons all over again. Thousands of creatures wake up and the flowers bloom.

“Thus, the true nature of massacre is not death or destruction. Instead, it is new life. Just like my earlier act of massacre. When I slaughtered the Demons, I saved ten humans. This is the will of life.”

Leng Yue, who was within the Spirit Blood Jade, was extremely astonished. In her long life, this was the first time she had heard of such strange theory. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen managed to comprehend an even more profound state of life from the state of massacre.

There were many states in the world, so many that they were uncountable. However, there were some states that were publicly recognized as high-level states, like massacre, destruction, ruin, desire, illusions, despair, and pain.

Furthermore, there were four publicly recognized peak states. They were life, death, Yinyang, and space-time.

When Xiao Chen said this, suddenly, he gained some enlightenment. He finally figured out what the Four Season Saber Technique’s Spring Thunder lacked—killing Qi.

In order to test his theory, Xiao Chen quickly looked around and rushed towards the area with the most Demons.

Killing Qi brewed in Xiao Chen’s mind as his eyes turned scarlet. Every time he swung his saber, he killed a Demon.

However, Xiao Chen remained calm. From massacring, he started to comprehend the state of life, entering a state where he was oblivious to himself.

“Big Brother, is that the brat that you are talking about? He does not seem very strong. Although his aura is continuously drawn-out, he is still only a Superior Grade Martial King.”

In the sky, the Northern Sea’s Four Young Masters had already gathered kilometers behind Xiao Chen for some time. They stared at Xiao Chen as he battled the Demons.

The one who spoke was the young master in blue. As he watched the white-robed Xiao Chen, his eyes showed that he did not care about him. “I can handle such a person alone. What more a genius Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarch like you?”

The yellow-robed young master at the right side shook his head slightly. He said, “Third Brother, you are oversimplifying things. He has already comprehended the state of massacre and saber intent at such a young age. How could he be easy to deal with? If we were to fight solo, aside from Big Brother, none of us would even have a seventy percent chance of victory.”

The green-robed young master withdrew his gaze. After gaining an understanding of Xiao Chen’s strength, he revealed a cruel smile. He said, “However, fairness does not exist in this world. Let’s go. There is nothing more to see. We will come for his life in three days.”


Above a huge castle-like Divine Dragon Warship, the overseer of this third grade Battlefield, Feng Buyu, stood in midair, staring at the distant blood moon.

Beside him, an old man with white hair muttered, “‘When the blood moon appears, the Divine Weapon will reveal itself; an Azure Dragon will break through the nine heavens.’ This was what the old Dragon King said five thousand years ago. He said that this will be a great opportunity for the Divine Dragon Palace. The Divine Azure Dragon Palace will appear on this day as well. The blood moon has appeared; maybe this might be true.”

Feng Buyu withdrew his gaze and said indifferently, “Don’t overthink this. This is not the first time in history the Demonic Spirit Blood Moon has appeared. The Divine Weapon is used to guard the sect’s Luck. Who would risk it by bringing it here? Just guard the Divine Dragon Warship and do what we are supposed to do. The Dragon King does not take this prophecy too seriously.”

The white-haired old man had a grave expression as he said, “That may be so. However, before a Sage dies, they would have a chance to peer through time and space. We have to be ready.”

Smiling faintly, Feng Buyu said, “Don’t worry. His Majesty the Dragon King has his own arrangement. This matter is rather mysterious. It is better to believe and be disappointed than to not believe and lose out.”

The two’s gazes had not been fixed on the outpost islets and the terrifying numbers of the Demons. They were looking only at the blood moon, as if they did not care about the Demons at all.

When the sky lightened, the distant blood moon slowly sank into the scarlet sea. The Demons, who had gone berserk for the whole night, tossed away the corpses with them and retreated like the ebbing tide.

All the cultivators inside the blue barrier heaved sighs of relief. They sat on the sea and panted.

However, the cultivators who were outside the barrier looked very excited. Although the last night had been very exhausting, they obtained a harvest worth half a month of work. The number of points they had soared, sufficient for them to exchange for many good things.

There were also cultivators who had broken through in the midst of intense battle. The grins on their faces were as wide as they could be.

However, while some celebrated, some despaired. While the strong were enjoying the banquet of Demons, the weak became countless corpses floating on the sea. There were also many severely injured cultivators on the islets, all sad and dispirited.

In this battle, the most dazzling had to be the Eastern Sea’s Little Dragon King. One man, one horse, and one halberd. Combined together, they had been like a reincarnated war god, turning the tide of the battle singlehandedly.

Similarly dazzling were the outstanding talents of the Boundless Sea and the Evil Moon Pavilion’s Bai Zhan. The number of Demons that died at their hands exceeded two thousand on this night. Everyone felt the horrifying power of the genius cultivators once again.

Xiao Chen’s achievement in battle was also great. He had likewise killed more than two thousand Demons. Unfortunately, he was further away from the crowd. What was more, with so many dazzling genius cultivators, no one paid him any notice.

Sensing that Xiao Chen was clear-headed, Leng Yue came out from the Spirit Blood Jade and said softly, “Congratulations, you have taken another step forward in grasping the state of massacre.”

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change as he looked into the distance. He sighed and said, “I am still a step away. As long as I don’t take this step, I will never be able to progress. I should strike while the iron is hot. Let’s go!”

While everyone else rushed back, returning to the Divine Dragon Warship to enjoy their victory, Xiao Chen left quickly, continuing to hunt Demons.

Xiao Chen felt neither sorrow nor delight. He merely remained calm.

Two days later, Xiao Chen was only five kilometers from the island in the core area. He had just hunted a group of peak high-ranked Blood Demons. Suddenly, a white-robed youth obstructed his way.

This was the crucial moment for comprehending the state of massacre, so Xiao Chen did not want any trouble. He changed directions but found a blue-robed cultivator blocking his way.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly and ignored him. He changed directions again, heading to the north. However, this time, he was blocked by a green-robed cultivator.

When Xiao Chen looked west, there was also a cultivator there blocking his way. While he was hunting Demons, these four people had sealed off his path of escape.

“The Northern Sea’s Four Young Masters!”

When Xiao Chen clearly saw the appearances of the four men, he could not help but reveal an expression of doubt. He did not remember having a grudge with these people.

When the green-robed young master saw Leng Yue, who was dressed in black-and-white robes and a veil, his eyes immediately lit up.

The green-robed young master had subdued many Eros Demons. He also cultivated the Joyful Yinyang Incantation. He was very familiar with Eros Demons; with one look, he could figure out Leng Yue’s identity.

A smile appeared on the green-robed young master’s mouth. He said, “You are Xiao Chen, right? I have long heard of the great name of the White Robed Bladesman. Now that I see you for myself, you do look extraordinary.”

Xiao Chen did not like the tone that he was being addressed with. He also did not like the way this person blocked him. So he did not have a good impression of this person.

He said expressionlessly, “So what if I am? It is none of your matter. Don’t block my way.”

“Brat, are you seeking death? How dare you speak to my big brother like that? This is the Boundless Sea. We are the Northern Sea’s Four Young Masters. With one word from us, we can make life difficult for you, throwing you out of the Eastern Sea. You’d best wisen up.

“What is our status and what is yours?!”

When the fourth ranked of the Four Young Masters, the white-robed young master, heard what Xiao Chen said, he could not help but shout angrily.

The green-robed young master smiled and raised his hand to stop the white-robed young master. He looked at Xiao Chen and said, “Naturally, I can let you go. Just hand over the Eros Demon beside you. I will give you one million Medial Grade Spirit Stones.”

After all, this was a person that the Heavenly Extermination Union’s Union Chief had declared as protected. The green-robed youth did not want to escalate matters. If he could settle this with Spirit Stones, that would be for the best.

The Boundless Sea was different from the continent. They might lack a lot of things but Spirit Stone was not one of them.

Xiao Chen was not moved by the offer. He said calmly, “I’m not interested!”

The green-robed young master did not get frustrated. He smiled indifferently and said, “You think that it is too little? I will add another million. If two million is still not enough, I can add another million.”

Leng Yue could not help but feel nervous. She looked up at Xiao Chen, her eyes full of worry.

Leng Yue knew that three million Medial Grade Spirit Stones were a large sum. Many Martial Kings could not even earn this much in their entire lives.

Currently, Xiao Chen was broke. This was a time when he urgently needed Spirit Stones. It would be hard to say whether he would agree.

When Leng Yue heard the other party nonchalantly offer three million Medial Grade Spirit Stones, her mouth opened wide.

Xiao Chen shook his head and revealed a mocking smile. Since when he could be moved by money?

When the green-robed young master saw Xiao Chen’s action, his eyebrows twitched. However, he intuited Xiao Chen’s meaning. He said, “He he, I understand what you mean. Aside from the three million Medial Grade Spirit Stones, I will give you two Eros Demons.”

“Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!”

A moment after the green-robed young master spoke, he waved his right hand. Four beautiful and scantily clad Eros Demons immediately appeared.

Xiao Chen’s expression did not change. He took half a step back and instantly, three sharp killing intents locked on to him.

As long as Xiao Chen moved another half step, the attacks that were prepared would be launched at him without any hesitation.

When the green-robed young master saw this, his face sank. He said in a cold voice, “Don’t think of trying any tricks. I have already tolerated you long enough. Just graciously accept it when I give you some face.”

Xiao Chen raised his eyebrows. His eyes looked very calm and a faint buzz of a saber seemed to come from them. “Ridiculous. Do I need you to give me face?”

“Ka ca!”

The moment after Xiao Chen spoke, the Lunar Shadow Saber turned into a red flash of lightning. It instantly left the scabbard and a resplendent saber light appeared, quickly attacking the green-robed young master.