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Chapter 529: Fighting the Green-Robed Young Master

Chapter 529: Fighting the Green-Robed Young Master

Leng Yue heaved a sigh of relief before turning into a beam of dim light and entering the Spirit Blood Jade.

The green-robed young master felt mildly surprised. He had not expected Xiao Chen to take the initiative to attack him in order to break out of the encirclement.

The green-robed young master could not help but laugh coldly, “How reckless! Unexpectedly, you chose to break out of the encirclement from my side. I will block you first. When the other three get here, you will be completely trapped. Let’s see how you fight back then.”

“Boom! Boom!”

He took a defensive stance. His aura surged out, kicking up huge waves and churning the scarlet sea behind him.

Xiao Chen smiled slightly. When his saber reached within one meter of the other party, he shuffled his feet, executing the Azure Dragon Tail Whip.

His position changed quickly. He immediately launched the move that he had held ready—Wukui Breaks the Heavens—at the white-robed young master.

A scarlet light appeared in the saber. It quickly elongated as fast as lightning. The white-robed young master had not expected Xiao Chen to have such exquisite Movement Techniques.

In the time it took for a spark to fly, Xiao Chen changed his position in a very incredible manner.

The white-robed young master was startled. When he saw the sharp red light and the might it contained, he quickly dodged to the side.

When Xiao Chen saw the opening, he quickly canceled his Martial Technique and quickly flew through it.

The green-robed young master flushed red with anger. He glared at the white-robed young master and complained, “What’s wrong with you? To think something like that happened at such a crucial moment. Will it kill you to block it?”

The white-robed young master also felt that his actions were very embarrassing. He did not dare to rebut. Instead, he lowered his head and said, “My bad. However, this brat is not very fast. He will not be able to escape our grasp.”

The green-robed young master watched as Xiao Chen fled. He commanded coldly, “Cut the crap! Chase him!”

The four quickly flew up and executed their Movement Techniques, going after Xiao Chen. The green-robed young master was the strongest of the four, and also the fastest. So he managed stay on Xiao Chen’s heels.

When Xiao Chen sensed the green-robed young master trailing him closely, he did not activate the Blood Flame Shoes. He only maintained a certain distance from the other party in an unhurried manner.

Naturally, Xiao Chen did not have any confidence in dealing with four half-step Martial Monarchs simultaneously. So he wisely chose to flee; he would not play around with his life.

If it was only the green-robed young master chasing after him, Xiao Chen would not have been too worried. He could give the other party an unforgettable surprise.

The green-robed young master had a high cultivation; he had already advanced to Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarch.

Although Xiao Chen did not know what Cultivation Technique the green-robed young master used, he could tell that despite his high cultivation, his Essence was not very dense. Furthermore, it was full of impurities. He did not need to worry too much about him.

The Four Young Masters continued in pursuit. As time passed, the distance between the green-robed young master and the other three young masters grew.

“This fellow is too fast; we can’t catch him. Let’s just wait here for Big Brother’s news.”

Panting, the white-robed young master stopped. He said, “Big Brother is a Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarch. He should be more than sufficient to capture an insignificant Superior Grade Martial King. Even if something unexpected happens, he would be able to escape safely. There is no need for us to waste our efforts.”

The three of them had chased after Xiao Chen with all of their might, exhausting a lot of their Essence. The other two were of the same opinion. So, they gave up the pursuit and rested where they were, replenishing their Essence with Spirit Stones.

However, the green-robed young master, who remained at Xiao Chen’s tail, did not care that the other three had given up. Although he acknowledged Xiao Chen’s strength, he never saw Xiao Chen as an true opponent.

As for Xiao Chen, he was currently slowing down. This put the green-robed young master in a good mood. His cultivation realm is too far from mine. In the end, the Essence of a Superior Grade Martial King can never compete against mine.

“Xiao Chen, if you stop now and plead for your life, I will give you a chance!”

When Xiao Chen heard the green-robed young master’s words behind him, he smiled faintly. Then, he turned around and stopped as requested.

The green-robed young master revealed a sinister smile as he looked at Xiao Chen. He said, “Your Essence is insufficient. You are feeling afraid now, right? Get on your knees and beg for your life. Hand over your Eros Demon and I will spare you.”

Xiao Chen’s purple crystalline Qi whirlpool spun quickly. A pure, surging Essence spread throughout his body. Instead of being angry or sorrowful, he laughed; he only felt that the situation was hilarious.

“What are you laughing at? I will say it one more time. Kneel down and beg for mercy. If you do that, I will spare you,” the green-robed young master shouted ferociously. When he saw Xiao Chen laughing, he felt very uncomfortable.

Xiao Chen’s expression turned cold as he stared at the green-robed young master. “I am laughing at you. You have fallen for my trap. Even at the moment of your death, you are still so ignorant. It is very laughable.”

After Xiao Chen spoke, he completely unleashed his state of massacre, holding nothing back. A cold wind blew on the sea and a red light spread out.

The air seemed to turn sticky, dense and stifling. The sea became absolutely calm, motionless as if it was frozen.

Struck by the state of massacre, the green-robed young master suddenly felt a buzz in his head, his thoughts unexpectedly chaotic.

All the green-robed youth master thought of was despair, pain, massacre, death, and all sorts of other negative emotions.

What a powerful state of massacre! The green-robed young master was terrified. He quickly bit his tongue and the intense pain cleared his eyes.

However, this moment of distraction was enough to give Xiao Chen many opportunities. By the time the green-robed young master came to his senses, Xiao Chen’s surging saber Qi was only one meter away from his face.

The green-robed young master was startled. He executed his Movement Technique and quickly retreated.

However, the green-robed young master was horrified to discover that his Movement Technique could exhibit only fifty percent of its usual capability under the influence of this spreading red light. Normally, he could move one hundred meters in an instant. Now, he moved just fifty.

In his hurry, the green-robed young master drew out a large amount of Essence to his palm. He formed a jade-green ball of light to block the saber.


The moment the crystalline purple saber Qi came in contact with the jade-green ball of light, it shattered the jade-green ball of light. Then, it continued to strike the green-robed young master, sending him flying.

After he landed, the green-robed young master wiped blood off the corner of his lips, a look of disbelief on his face. When they competed in Essence, he had lost.

Even though the green-robed young master had formed that ball of light in a hurry and it was not his true strength, it should have been more than sufficient to block the attack of a Superior Grade Martial King. After all, that was the advantage of the difference between cultivation realms.

However, reality smacked the green-robed young master hard in the face. Not only did the jade-green ball of light not block Xiao Chen’s attack, it did not prevent Xiao Chen’s attack from landing on him. That failure left him significantly injured. Furthermore, he lost all his momentum.

“This brat is really hard to deal with….”

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Xiao Chen did not give the green-robed young master much time to think. He immediately flew over with a surging killing intent.

The green-robed young master did not dare to be careless. He exhibited his state of water, resisting Xiao Chen’s attack with all his might.

The two of them started a big battle on the sea surface. The shock waves and remnant energies from the attacks sent the boundless scarlet water splashing up in waves several meters high.

The scarlet water continuously crashed down. From a distance, it looked like it was raining blood.

The green-robed young master became more and more astonished. That crystalline Essence was much denser than his.

When Xiao Chen only used ten percent of his Essence, the green-robed young master had to use forty percent and above before he could block Xiao Chen’s attacks.

No, I cannot continue to fight with him like this. At this rate, my Essence will be exhausted before his will. I have to move quickly and put some distance between us. Then, I will use a big move to decide the victory.

The green-robed young master analyzed anxiously. Originally, he had thought that with his advantage in cultivation realm and his vast Essence, he would be able to deal with Xiao Chen easily.

However, the green-robed young master had not expected Xiao Chen’s Essence to be so dense and pure. If he wanted to compete in stamina, he would be on the losing end.

“Berserk Flood Dragon's Furious Roar!”

After the green-robed young master made up his mind, he stopped hesitating. He sent out a palm strike and intense waves rose on the scarlet sea, rising three meters high.

Then, the green-robed young master spread his hand in a claw and swiped. A flood dragon immediately broke out of the scarlet waves, rushing at Xiao Chen while baring its fangs.

However, the green-robed young master was not interested in the results of this attack. The moment the flood dragon roared, he quickly retreated, trying to put some distance between himself and Xiao Chen.

After that, the green-robed young master intended to use a big move to end this battle. As long as he could execute his sure-kill technique, he was confident of knocking back even an Inferior Grade Martial Monarch. The effect on Xiao Chen would go without saying; it would be too easy.

“Wukui Shakes the Heavens! Break for me!”

Xiao Chen shouted. When he saw the roaring scarlet flood dragon, his expression did not change. He did not have any intention of retreating. Instead, he slammed an Wukui Shakes the Heavens into it.

A scarlet Wukui Tree descended from the sky and crashed into the flood dragon. However, the flood dragon did not exploded immediately. It opened its jaws and swallowed the tip of the scarlet Wukui Tree.

This flood dragon is rather interesting. It is different from the natural phenomenon created by Essence. It seems intelligent. Unfortunately, I do not have much time. Otherwise, I can play around with it.

A strange light flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he quickly formed a hand seal with his left hand. Boundless lightning coursed through the scarlet Wukui Tree, and it exploded. The flood dragon disappeared along with it.

A huge pillar of scarlet water rose into the sky. Xiao Chen leaped and passed through the water. When he looked around, he saw the green-robed young master quickly forming hand seals.

As the green-robed young master moved his hands, a crack appeared in the demonic clouds. A beam of golden light pierced through the clouds and shone on the dark Deep Sea Battlefield.

“Azure Dragon Tail Whip!”

Xiao Chen moved like a dragon swinging its tail. As he described an arc, a strong wind blew. His saber lit up with a resplendent saber light as he attacked the green-robed young master.

“Damn it! I nearly succeeded!” The green-robed young master stopped forming hand seals. He had no choice but to clash head-on Xiao Chen again.