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Chapter 530: Killing the Green-Robed Young Master

Chapter 530: Killing the Green-Robed Young Master

The green-robed young master had attempted to flee on several occasions. However, he was always blocked by Xiao Chen’s strange moves.

Xiao Chen did not know what Martial Technique the green-robed young master was trying to use, but if it could break through the demonic clouds, it was definitely very mighty. Hence, he could not afford to let him complete it.

The scarlet saber light contained a saber intent of inextinguishable sharpness. It was also executed with dense crystalline Essence. The sharpness of this Saber Technique reached its peak.

Xiao Chen now vanished from the green-robed young master’s sight. All that was visible was saber light.

Body like a saber, intent like the saber. Such Saber Technique did not have any weakness.


The green-robed young master made a mistake and Xiao Chen slashed a bloody wound across his chest. Blood spewed out.

“Berserk Flood Dragon’s Furious…”

When the green-robed young master started to use that move again, Xiao Chen’s eyes turned cold. He activated the secret technique of the Blood Flame Shoes and accelerated to Mach 4.5 in an instant.

Xiao Chen swung his saber light, interrupting the green-robed young master’s move. The rebound inflicted significant internal injuries on the green-robed young master.

His complexion turned ashen. He had already pinned his hopes on fleeing, no longer wanting to fight.

In the past, whenever the green-robed young master fought with cultivators of the same generation, he had always ended the fight within ten moves.

By cultivating the Joyful Yinyang Incantation, his Essence was frighteningly vast. Even the older half-step Martial Monarchs could not compare to him, what more the young cultivators of the same generation.

However, this time, the green-robed young master met someone even more powerful than him. All the while, he had been suppressing others. Finally, he was suppressed by someone else.

It was impossible for the green-robed young master to advance or retreat. He did not have enough time complete his big move. His opponent did nothing but clash head-on with him.

If the green-robed young master hesitated, he would be chopped in half by the saber Qi. Even though he was very unwilling, he could only steel himself to deal with it.

I cannot let this drag on. If this drags out, I will not even have an opportunity to flee. I have to be decisive!

The green-robed young master thought very fast. A resolute look flashed in his eyes. He waved his hands and ten Eros Demons appeared above the sea. They had bewitching figures and revealed a lot of skin as they stood between the two.

“Block him! Without my order, no one is allowed to run!” After the green-robed young master finished speaking, he turned around and fled without looking back.

Right before the ten Eros Demons executed their Charm Techniques, Leng Yue flew out of Spirit Blood Jade and said in a soft voice, “I will help you hold back this group of Eros Demons. You go after him!”


The purple mark on Leng Yue’s forehead gave off a resplendent light. She exuded an ancient aura of Demon nobility.

The ten low-ranked Eros Demons immediately felt fear to the depths of their souls. They dispelled their Charm Techniques and prostrated themselves on the sea. They looked at Leng Yue in panic and horror, their faces full of dread.

Xiao Chen did not say anymore. He extended his Spiritual Sense. After he figured out the direction of the green-robed young master, he immediately chased after him.

Xiao Chen had to catch the green-robed young master. Otherwise, with this person’s influence, it would be dangerous for Xiao Chen if he let the green-robed young master go. He would not be able to remain in this Eastern Sea and would have to end his experiential training early.

In the worst-case scenario, the green-robed young master might go look for his clan’s Martial Monarch elders to kill Xiao Chen.

As Xiao Chen’s murderous intent rose, the scarlet state of massacre became even denser.

“Sou! Sou! Sou!”

Xiao Chen activated the secret technique of the Blood Flame Shoes and his speed immediately reached Mach 4.5, breaking through the limits of a Martial King.

Xiao Chen moved across the scarlet sea like a white phantom. He was so fast, linear shock waves formed in his wake. Waves soared ten meters high and did not crash down for a long time.

This turbulence was because Xiao Chen had not completely grasped his speed yet. If he advanced to Martial Monarch or his Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art improved, he would be able to use his speed freely and not cause so much physical phenomena.

After a few breaths, Xiao Chen, who was moving at full speed, saw his prey. The green-robed young master leaped across the surface of the sea miserably, looking panicked.

Xiao Chen stopped when he shortened the distance between them to a kilometer. The turbulence in his wake calmed, and the waves crashed down.

Xiao Chen sheathed his saber. Then, he started burping all the Vital Qi of his body.

Azure smoke immediately puffed out of his Tianmen Acupoint before it rushed to the sky. It gathered at the demonic clouds and started burning ferociously.

“Claw Burning the Heavens!”

Xiao Chen shouted. The burning azure clouds rapidly turned into a huge dragon claw before descending from the sky. A resounding dragon roar echoed through the heavens; it seemed like there was an ancient Azure Dragon hidden in the endless azure cloud.

“What is that Fist Technique? Unexpectedly, it contains Dragon’s Might!”

The huge azure dragon claw filled the green-robed young master’s vision. It contained the power to burn the heavens as it descended from the sky. Its horrifying Dragon’s Might made him feel like surrendering.

The green-robed young master instantly felt astounded. He had only experienced such a feeling when he fought with Xuanyuan Zhantian in the past. He had not expected this from Xiao Chen.

The green-robed young master did not have any time to think. He shouted to forcibly shake off the fear in his heart before dodging to the side.


Five large splashes immediately appeared on the sea. The green-robed young master flew out of one of the splashes on the west.

The green-robed young master had reacted very fast, but in the end, he was too slow. His back suffered a horrific wound.

“Fist Burning the Heavens!”

The dragon claw that struck the sea quickly pulled back at Xiao Chen’s shout. Then, it turned into a dragon fist and punched the green-robed young master.

Xiao Chen held nothing back for this punch. He burned all the remaining Vital Qi in his body. This was the strongest attack he had to offer with his physical body.


The dragon roared again. This time, the green-robed young master, who had just gotten up, did not even have an opportunity to react. The dragon fist punched him in the back mercilessly.

The green-robed young master was instantly tossed back like a sandbag. He created a huge splash when he landed on the sea.

The green-robed young master’s backbone shattered and his internal organs were severely injured. He had lost all his combat prowess.

Furthermore, this was the result despite the green-robed young master’s vast Essence. If his Essence shield had not been strong enough, this punch would have pierced through him.

Xiao Chen nodded in satisfaction. Although he had long known that this Burning the Heavens would be stronger when he burned more Vital Qi, he had not expected it to be this mighty.

Xiao Chen grasped the Lunar Shadow Saber with his left hand and stepped forward, walking slowly to the green-robed young master.

“Ta! Ta!”

At this moment, the scarlet sea was very calm. When the Blood Flame Shoes came in contact with the water, rhythmic footsteps could be heard. When the severely injured green-robed young master heard them, it felt like death was approaching.

As the footsteps got nearer, the green-robed young master thought of many things. He thought of how he was distinguished and accomplished at an young age, how he had outstanding talent and wandered the four seas freely, how he was a capable and handsome youth.

In the future, he would be one of the rulers of the Northern Boundless Sea, becoming a true overlord. His future had no limits. If he died here at Xiao Chen’s hands, he would be very dissatisfied.

“I beg you, please don’t kill me! I’ll give you ten million Medial Grade Spirit Stones. I don’t want your Eros Demon anymore. I will give you a hundred Eros Demons, instead. Please let me off this once.”

When the green-robed young master felt Xiao Chen’s merciless, ice-cold murderous intent, when he felt his death approaching, he could no longer stay calm; he lost all his dignity.

The green-robed young master lay prostrate on the sea as he begged for mercy. He offered all sorts of enticing benefits to Xiao Chen.

However, Xiao Chen was not moved by the offers. Looking down on the very miserable green-robed young master, he demanded expressionlessly, “Who told you that I had an Advanced Eros Demon?”

A look of hope flashed in the green-robed young master’s eyes. He quickly asked, “If I tell you, will you spare me?”


The green-robed young master cried miserably. Xiao Chen had drawn his Lunar Shadow Saber and chopped off one of the young master’s arms. “I’ll ask one more time. Will you tell me or not?!”

The green-robed young master clenched his teeth and said, “I won’t say it unless you agree to let me go. Otherwise, I will not say it even if I die.”

Xiao Chen frowned. He was not good at torturing people or lying. Since the green-robed young master was not willing to say anything, then he could only end his life.

When the green-robed young master saw Xiao Chen raising his Lunar Shadow Saber and the determination in his eyes, he quickly said, “Don’t move. I’ll tell you. It was Evil Moon Pavilion’s Bai Zhan. He even told me everything in detail, everything about you. I thought about it very long before making my decision to make a move.”

Xiao Chen paused before nodding slightly. He said, “Alright, you can die now.”


The green-robed young master only managed one word before his head separated from his body, flying into the air.

The green-robed young master’s eyes were wide open; he died without closing his eyes. If he had not been in such a rush to deal with Xiao Chen and had waited for his brothers to catch up and worked together, how could Xiao Chen have had the chance to kill him?

Unfortunately, there was no such thing as medicine for regret. The head of the green-robed young master plunged into the sea; one of the Northern Sea’s Four Young Masters fell at Xiao Chen’s hand.

Xiao Chen sheathed his saber. He was not too concerned when he saw the green-robed young master’s headless corpse.

Killing this person is problematic, but not killing him would have been even more problematic. Since I have to kill him, I cannot hesitate.

Xiao Chen sank into deep thought, muttering Bai Zhan’s name. He had not anticipated such a move from him.

Unexpectedly, Bai Zhan used the Northern Sea’s Four Young Masters to deal with Xiao Chen, fighting him with borrowed force. He completely lacked the demeanor of an expert.

“Such a person is scarier than the green-robed young master. First, not to mention the difference in strength, just his train of thought is very scary already.”

“Xiu! Xiu!”

Leng Yue quickly rejoined Xiao Chen. When she saw the green-robed young master’s corpse, she suppressed the astonishment in her heart before saying, “I asked the Eros Demons. This person used an unorthodox Cultivation Technique called the Joyful Yinyang Incantation. It relies on extracting the Yin to nourish the Yang. That is why he was interested in me.

“However, he took the wrong path. The Joyful Yinyang Incantation lacks the most crucial component of mutual nourishment of Yin and Yang. Although it allows for one’s cultivation realm to rise very fast, the Essence would be very impure and cannot be refined. There is no value to it.”

Xiao Chen was slightly stunned. He had not expected such a miraculous Cultivation Technique. However, he did not believe in shortcuts.

Even if there was a shortcut to allow one’s cultivation to increase explosively, it would not improve one’s combat prowess. The green-robed young master before him was a very good example.