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Chapter 531: Killing Three Young Masters

Chapter 531: Killing Three Young Masters

Xiao Chen remembered that he sensed Bai Zhan’s cultivation to be Small Perfection half-step Martial Monarch. However, Bai Zhan’s combat prowess was at least two levels higher than the green-robed young master’s.

Xiao Chen bent over and removed a high-grade jade spatial ring from the green-robed young master’s hand. Then, he tossed it to Leng Yue and said, “See what is in there. Help me organize it. I have something to do.”

Leng Yue caught the ring as she watched Xiao Chen leave quickly. She called out loudly, “What are you going to do?”

“I’m going to kill people. Don’t follow me.”

Xiao Chen waved without looking back. The cool breeze blew his calm voice into Leng Yue’s ears.


Above the scarlet sea, the yellow-robed, white-robed, and blue-robed young masters were currently using Spirit Stones to replenish their Essence.

Two hours later, the Medial Grade Spirit Stones in their hands were drained, reduced to useless rocks. The three young masters had also completely replenished their Essence.

The blue-robed young master was the first to open his eyes. He said somewhat worriedly, “Why is Big Brother not back yet? Did something unexpected happen? Should we go and take a look?”

The yellow-robed young master shook his head and said, “That won’t happen. Given Big Brother’s strength, it should be no problem for him to deal with that brat. If there was anything unexpected, he should still be able to flee.”

The white-robed young master sneered, “That’s right. That fellow is probably some lucky bastard that ate some natural treasures, resulting in his Essence being more abundant. However, he is nothing compared to Big Brother. All we have to do is wait here peacefully for Big Brother’s good news.”

At this moment, a green-robed figure appeared in the three’s vision. This green-robed figure was handsome and had an extraordinary aura. He carried a white-robed bladesman on his shoulder. He walked leisurely towards the three.

When the white-robed young master saw the situation, he could not help laughing out loud. “Like I said, Big Brother would not have any problems. He even managed to capture this brat alive. I am going to torture him properly later.”

Xiao Chen’s earlier attack had embarrassed the white-robed young master. When he saw Xiao Chen being carried back, he became very excited. So, he ran over quickly.

The blue-robed young master and the yellow-robed young master heaved sighs of relief as they quickly followed behind the white-robed young master.

“Big Brother, toss this brat over to me. I want to play with him,” the white-robed young master said with a sinister expression.

The “green-robed young master” smiled sinisterly as well without saying a word. He quickly tossed over Xiao Chen, who was on his shoulder, facing away from the white-robed young master.

When the blue-robed young master behind the white-robed young master looked at the silent and smiling green-robed young master, he suddenly felt that something was wrong. However, he could not tell what was wrong. He hesitated for a while before finally deciding to use his perception to check.

In the end, after the blue-robed young master checked, he was greatly startled. The “green-robed young master” before him did not have any cultivation at all; he was an ordinary person. That sinister and vast aura were all a sham.

“Fourth Brother, danger! He is fake!” the blue-robed young master shouted quickly as he looked at the seemingly unconscious Xiao Chen falling towards the white-robed young master, almost within reach.

The white-robed young master was stunned. He could not understand what was happening. He turned his head and said, “What’s going on? What are you saying is fake?”


The moment the white-robed young master spoke, the originally floppy and spiritless Xiao Chen suddenly drew the Lunar Shadow Saber at his waist, using Drawing the Saber.

A cold light flashed at lightning speed. The white-robed young master quickly turned, but he did not even have an opportunity to look at Xiao Chen again; his head immediately flew off his neck.

“Ka ca!”

The blue-robed young master and the yellow-robed young master quickly retreated a hundred meters as they drew their weapons.

The blue-robed young master glanced at the green-robed young master, who was still smiling sinisterly. Then, he asked in a stern voice, “What did you do to my Big Brother?”

“You mean him? That is just a blob of scarlet water. Naturally, the true green-robed young master is dead already.”

Xiao Chen gave the so-called “green-robed young master” a quick glance. Then, he pointed at the green-robed young master and it immediately devolved into scarlet water before splashing back into the sea. This was the Life Bestowal Spell that he was very familiar with.

When the blue-robed young master and the yellow-robed young master saw the green-robed young master turn into a glob of scarlet water, they felt greatly astonished. They had not expected there to be such a strange Martial Technique in this world.

The yellow-robed young master shouted sternly, “Xiao Chen! Do you know what you did?! You kill two of the heirs of the Northern Sea’s four Noble Clans. Even the Heavenly Extermination Union’s Union Chief will not be able to save you.”

Xiao Chen said calmly, “If no one offends me, I will not offend them. If anyone wants to kill me, naturally, I will kill them, instead.”

All four of the Four Young Masters had to die. Otherwise, if one of them fled and gave his testimony, the people of the Northern Sea’s four Noble Clans would chase after Xiao Chen with all their might.

The blue-robed young master and the yellow-robed young master exchanged glances. They used the moment when Xiao Chen was speaking to tacitly attack together.

“Mountain River Sword!”

“Ghost Face Saber!”

The blue-robed young master held a sharp sword in his hand, creating a mysterious phenomenon. A great land of mountain and rivers appeared. He used his sword as a brush to draw out such a scene. It was like the surrounding space was brought into a painting and he was the artist.

The yellow-robed young master held a saber in his hand. He sent out a saber Qi that looked like a black scathing ghost face.

Xiao Chen had been on guard against the two suddenly attacking him. Naturally, he did not panic from their killing moves.

The blue-robed young master’s mysterious phenomenon tried to use an imposing aura to suppress Xiao Chen in that scene.

The yellow-robed young master’s attack was a mental attack on the opponent’s spirit and mind that used a secret art to form a ghost face through Essence and Mental Energy.

The two attacks had their own special points. They were not inferior to each other.

After a moment’s thought, Xiao Chen came up with a countermeasure. He decided to break the blue-robed young master’s mysterious phenomenon first. If it was forcibly broken, then the blue-robed young master would not have much combat prowess right after that.

In order to draw the rivers and mountains and contain them in a drawing, one had to comprehend the natural laws or have a complete Holy Weapon.

Unfortunately, the blue-robed young master had neither. He had only scratched the surface. Hence, Xiao Chen had the opportunity to break it.

“Wukui Breaks the Heavens!”

A beam of red light appeared on the saber. As the Wukui Tree above him completed its growth, the beam of light immediately elongated. It extended to the sky, piercing through the nine heavens.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

Cracking sounds could be heard—it was the mysterious phenomenon breaking. The scene that the blue-robed young master drew shattered completely. The mountains and rivers collapsed on themselves because the artist no longer had the power to sustain them.

“Pu ci!” The blue-robed young master vomited a mouthful of blood. His complexion became very pale. It was clear that he was in disbelief.

Although the blue-robed young master knew that Xiao Chen had vast Essence, he had not expected such a big gap to exist between him, a half-step Martial Monarch, and Xiao Chen, a Superior Grade Martial King.

If the blue-robed young master had known in advance, he would not have executed this Mountain River Sword.

Xiao Chen broke the blue-robed young master’s Mountain River Sword with one attack. However, the yellow-robed young master’s Ghost Face Saber was already approaching him.

Just when the ghost face was only a meter away from Xiao Chen, it suddenly opened its mouth. It laughed, emitting sound waves.

The sound waves were very piercing. When they entered Xiao Chen’s mind, countless malicious spirits appeared in his sea of consciousness, attacking his Mental Energy.

Within the sea of consciousness, that golden deity gently swung its sword, reducing countless malicious spirits to ashes. They were no threat to Xiao Chen.


The red light spread in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he unleashed the state of massacre without holding back. He executed the Arclight Chop and chopped the ghost face in half.

The scarlet arclight circled Xiao Chen. Then, it suddenly fired out at the yellow-robed young master trying to sneak-attack him.

When the yellow-robed young master’s sneak attack failed, he knew he would not be able to defeat Xiao Chen. So he decisively retreated. However, how could Xiao Chen give him a chance to flee?

Back then, Xiao Chen had already killed the green-robed young master. The yellow-robed young master was clearly weaker; how could he be a match for Xiao Chen?

After Xiao Chen and the yellow-robed young master exchanged a hundred moves, wounds of various sizes appeared on the yellow-robed young master. Furthermore, crystalline electrical currents lingered in those wounds, aggravating his injuries.

After another fifty moves, Xiao Chen found a big opening and killed his opponent.

Xiao Chen swept his gaze around the sea and soon found the weakened blue-robed young master walking miserably on the water.

“Azure Dragon Tail Whip!”

A huge dragon appeared on the sea and swung its tail, creating a strong wind. Xiao Chen moved in an arc before instantly arriving before the blue-robed young master.


Xiao Chen did not give his opponent any time to spout nonsense. He raised his saber and the blue-robed young master’s head went flying.

A combination of thirty percent strategy, twenty percent courage, and fifty percent strength had taken down the famous Northern Sea’s Four Young Masters. Xiao Chen killed them one after another, sinking them in this vast scarlet sea.

After killing these four people, Xiao Chen’s Essence was not completely exhausted yet. He still had a third of his Essence left in the crystalline Qi whirlpool. The benefit of eleven Spirit Gathering Pearls could be seen at this moment.

Although Xiao Chen does not seem to be on guard, he sent out his Spiritual Sense continuously to check his surroundings. He also moved about and checked the area very carefully before he relaxed.

By the time Xiao Chen landed, Leng Yue had already rushed over and retrieved the spatial rings of the other three young masters.

Leng Yue had a connection with Xiao Chen’s Spirit Blood Jade, so they could always sense each other’s auras. It was not strange for her to be able to find Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen used the Purple Thunder True Fire to burn the three corpses to ashes. After that, he quickly said to Leng Yue, “Have you organized the items in the spatial rings? We cannot stay here for too long. We have to leave quickly.”

Leng Yue smiled faintly and said, “There is no need to worry. These four people are already dead. No one knows that you killed them. Furthermore, their spatial rings are filled with treasures.”

Xiao Chen did not reply; he only walked forward silently. He felt that Bai Zhan would definitely have a back-up plan. That person was like a venomous snake. If he did not bite you, you would be fine. However, when he bit, he would go for the kill.

Even though Xiao Chen already checked the area many times and verified that there was no one around, it was still best to leave quickly.

“The four spatial rings have a total of five million Medial Grade Spirit Stones and seventy thousand Superior Grade Spirit Stones. If you exchange the other materials in there into Spirit Stones, you should be able to get another million Medial Grade Spirit Stones. The total value should be at least thirteen million Medial Grade Spirit Stones.”

As Leng Yue walked behind Xiao Chen, she reported the value of the items in the spatial rings.