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Chapter 532: Scarlet Blood Flame Prison Painting

Chapter 532: Scarlet Blood Flame Prison Painting

When Xiao Chen heard that there were so many Spirit Stones, he did not consider it strange. The Boundless Sea had many Spirit Mines of high quality.

Aside from the resources from the bottom of the sea, the Northern Sea’s four Noble Clans also controlled the trade between the Northern Sea and the Tianwu Continent. This brought them an incredible fortune.

“The spatial rings of the four have some rare ores in them. We can use them for the Ten Thousand Magic Gathering Spirit Formation. If you change all the points you have into Spirit Stones and add in the earlier Spirit Stones, you should barely have enough to make a Ten Thousand Magic Gathering Spirit Formation.”

Xiao Chen quickly came to a stop and paused for a while. He said, “Go back into the Spirit Blood Jade first. I will move at my fastest speed to quickly return to the Divine Dragon Warship.”

Leng Yue felt it was strange, so she asked, “Are you in that much of a rush? Didn’t you want to go deeper into the inner area?”

Xiao Chen changed his direction and started to rush forward. He slowly said, “I already made up my mind. The next place I’m going to will be the island in the Battlefield’s core area. It would be good to make some more preparations.”

The most dangerous place in this Deep Sea Battlefield was naturally the island in the core area. However, there was a saying “the most dangerous place is the safest place.” Given how dangerous this place was, even if the people from the Northern Sea’s four Noble Clans came, they would hesitate to enter the island.

All Xiao Chen had to do was wait until the storm blew over. Then he would have avoided the danger.

Long after Xiao Chen and Leng Yue left, a rip in space suddenly appeared where the two had originally been. Then, the Evil Moon Pavilion’s Bai Zhan climbed out from the rip.

Bai Zhan floated in midair, holding a glistering mirror. The scene in the mirror was that of Xiao Chen killing the Four Young Masters.

“This fellow’s perception is really strong. I was almost discovered even though I have this Void Battle Armor.”

Bai Zhan looked away from the mirror and in the direction Xiao Chen had left in. He muttered to himself, “It is not too surprising for him to have been able to kill the Four Young Masters when they were separated. However, I did not expect him to win so easily.

“I need to quickly make a trip to the Northern Sea. Ha ha! Now that the heirs of the four Noble Clans have been killed, even if you advance to Martial Monarch, you will not be able to survive.”

Bai Zhan’s plans were multilayered. Regardless of the Four Young Masters’ success or failure, he had already forced Xiao Chen into a dead end. From the moment the green-robed young master agreed to make a move, Bai Zhan had already thought of all the possibilities and came up with countermeasures.


On that huge Divine Dragon Warship, Leng Yue ground Superior Grade Spirit Stones into dust in an isolated courtyard. Then, she carefully drew a large formation.

Xiao Chen pushed open the door and entered. Then, he carefully closed the door. Leng Yue looked up and asked, “Have you purchased everything already?”

With a thought and a flip of his palm, Xiao Chen poured out a large pile of rare ores. He nodded and said, “Several things are missing. However, I managed to get some replacements as per your instructions. See if they can be used.”

Leng Yue inspected the items on the floor. Then, she said, “Normally, they can’t be used. However, I used Superior Grade Spirit Stones to draw the formation lines instead of Medial Grade Spirit Stones. That should make up for the difference.”

Without saying anything more, she took the items on the floor and arranged them in various positions of the formation.

After Leng Yue did everything, she took a break and said, “Wait for me to recover first; then we can activate the Ten Thousand Magic Gathering Spirit Formation. After that, we can carry out the blood binding on that Scarlet Blood Frost Flame Void Projection Painting.”

Three days ago, after the two returned to the huge Divine Dragon Warship, Xiao Chen started to buy all the materials he needed, spending the Four Young Masters’ wealth in a discreet manner. He took another two days to finally gather everything.

Fifteen minutes later, Leng Yue ended her break. She told Xiao Chen to sit cross-legged in the middle of the formation. Then, she prepared to activate the Ten Thousand Magic Gathering Spirit Formation.

The purple mark on her forehead flashed and Leng Yue exuded an ancient, noble aura once again. She took a deep breath and sent out six trails of sparks from her finger. The sparks landed on the formation line made of Spirit Stone dust.

There was a loud explosion and the entire formation started burning, giving off a dazzling, resplendent light. The ores on the various points of the formation turned into a hundred and eight trails of sparks and flew into Xiao Chen’s forehead.

When the sparks entered Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness, all his Mental Energy started to surge and burn up, turning into a ball of golden liquid.

“Sou! Sou! Sou!” Xiao Chen’s body also gave off golden light, like he had turned into a golden person.

Leng Yue quickly formed hand seals with her hands. The Ten Thousand Magic Gathering Spirit Formation on the floor started spinning, giving off all sorts of light as it flickered.

Xiao Chen, who was within the formation, became very blurry. The ball of golden liquid in his sea of consciousness compressed relentlessly.

As the ball of golden liquid kept compressing, Xiao Chen did not feel that his Mental Energy was weakening. Instead, it felt like his Mental Energy was growing stronger.

This continued for some time before the golden light on Xiao Chen’s body faded away. The light from the formation also weakened. The ball of golden liquid compressed until its diameter was a hair’s width. Then, it floated out of Xiao Chen’s forehead.

The tiny ball of liquid gave off a dazzling, resplendent light, illuminating the entire courtyard like it was day. Fortunately, this place was very isolated. Otherwise, a mysterious phenomenon of this scale would attract a lot of attention.

“Xiao Chen, quickly! Make your move. This is your Magic Energy. It will exist for only four seconds,” Leng Yue said hurriedly.

He opened his eyes and promptly replied, “Alright!”

Xiao Chen had already learned from Leng Yue long ago how to initiate the blood binding with this Magic Energy.

He circulated his energies and pricked his fingertip. A drop of blood quickly flew out and merged with that golden Magic Energy, intertwining with it continuously.

Four seconds was just two breaths of time. Xiao Chen did not dare to delay. He quickly took out the Scarlet Blood Flame Prison Painting and unfurled it.


The instant the painting unfurled, Xiao Chen’s blood with the Magic Energy fell on it. The four seconds ended.

Xiao Chen looked at the painting floating quietly in the air. He felt like that the painting had come to life.

This felt very wonderful, different from the feeling of Secret Treasures. Secret Treasures had a mental connection. However, this Scarlet Blood Flame Prison Painting was a Magic Treasure. It required both mental and blood connections. This Scarlet Blood Flame Prison Painting was now part of his body.

Xiao Chen issued a mental command and the unfurled Scarlet Blood Flame Prison Painting immediately turned into a beam of dim light. It flew into Xiao Chen’s chest and mixed with his blood.

Smiling faintly, he waved his right hand and the painting instantly appeared in his hand.

Leng Yue walked over and said, “Xiao Chen, this Scarlet Blood Flame Prison Painting has already become your Magic Treasure. It is different from Secret Treasures. If the Magic Treasure is destroyed, the master will suffer from significant damage to their spirit.

“You do not have Magic Energy. So compared to regular Immortal Cultivators, you will suffer even more damage to your spirit.”

Xiao Chen quickly nodded to indicate his understanding. He already comprehended that Magic Energy was created from Mental Energy, just like how a Martial Monarch turned Essence into Quintessence.

So, any Magic Energy damage received would result in Mental Energy damage of severalfold.

Xiao Chen suffered from the restriction of this world. He could not turn Mental Energy into Magic Energy. However, that did not mean that he would not be able to do so in the future.

Without checking on the details of the Scarlet Blood Flame Prison Painting, Xiao Chen put it away. Then he said seriously, “Let’s go. We will rush over to the core area island now.”

Leng Yue revealed astonishment in her eyes. She said, “Ever since you killed the Four Young Masters, you seem to be in a rush.”

Xiao Chen revealed a somewhat helpless expression. He smiled bitterly and said, “I don’t wish to, either. Such a mental state is not suitable for cultivating. However, Bai Zhan is too big of a threat. I originally thought that he would sneak-attack me after the Four Young Masters, but he did not.

“When unexpected things happen, something must be wrong. This Bai Zhan would definitely not rest all his hopes on the Four Young Masters. He should also be very familiar with the level of the green-robed young master.”

Leng Yue was very intelligent; she quickly figured out the crux of the problem. She said, “You are afraid that he informed the people of the Northern Sea’s four Noble Clans. However, if he has no evidence, the four Noble Clans cannot do anything to you, either.”

Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “Sometimes, people do not need evidence to kill; all they need is suspicion. I do not know what kind of people the four Noble Clans are. So it is best to be cautious. Let’s go.”

Leng Yue went into deep thought, recalling some of her experiences, and agreed with Xiao Chen.


In the airspace of the Eastern Boundless Sea, heading for the Northern Boundless Sea, Bai Zhang activated his Void Battle Armor at its limit. He was inside the void, travelling at Mach 15.

There was no air resistance in the void, so a cultivator could move thrice as fast as normal. If they had a Secret Treasure, their speed might even be one more fold on that.

The Void Battle Armor was an early Superior Grade Secret Treasure. There were only three Superior Grade Secret Treasures in the entire Evil Moon Pavilion. One of them was in Bai Zhan’s hands. This clearly showed his position in the Evil Moon Pavilion.

If the Void Battle Armor was activated at full power, it could be used only once every six months. However, it would last for seven days. This was something the Evil Moon Pavilion’s Pavilion Master gave to Bai Zhan to protect his life. Once he entered the void, unless a Sage changed the natural law, even a peak Superior Grade Martial Monarch would not be able to do anything.

“I already flew for two days straight, in another four hours, I should be able to reach the headquarters of the Northern Sea Alliance.” Bai Zhan calmly calculated the time as he flew. He smiled and said, “Xiao Chen, Xiao Chen, you can feel proud even if you die. You have managed to force me to use the Void Battle Armor.”


After Xiao Chen left the huge Divine Dragon Warship, he quickly rushed to the most dangerous place of the third grade Battlefield.

Along the way, Xiao Chen checked out the details of the Scarlet Blood Flame Prison Painting. The Scarlet Blood Flame Prison Painting was previously the Void Projection Painting. Naturally, one of its uses was to contain things.

Xiao Chen could trap the Demons that he saw in the Scarlet Blood Flame Prison Painting. After he used it a few times, he discovered that trapping an enemy within it exhausted a lot of Mental Energy.

Furthermore, there were many restrictions. First, if the distance was more than five hundred meters, he failed to trap his opponent. Second was strength. If the person he wanted to trap was much stronger than him, it would be very difficult to trap him as well.

The second use of the Scarlet Blood Flame Prison Painting was, of course, the Scarlet Blood Frost Flame in there. Xiao Chen could summon out the flames to attack his enemy.