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Chapter 533: Peak Fire Demon

Chapter 533: Peak Fire Demon

Xiao Chen could turn the Scarlet Blood Frost Flame into Blood Flame Beasts to deal with his enemies. However, Xiao Chen was limited by his strength. He could only summon Blood Flame Beasts that were as powerful as Martial Saints. They were only good as cannon fodder.

Aside from this, the thing that interested Xiao Chen was the hand suppressing the Scarlet Blood Frost Flame. If his guess was right, that hand should be the arm of a Martial Emperor.

He did not know what percent of the Martial Emperor’s power this arm could wield. However, even ten percent would be enough for him to move around unhindered.

One week later, in the most dangerous place of the third grade Battlefield, the contour of the island in the core area appeared before Xiao Chen.

The clouds above the small island looked like they were dyed black with ink. No light shone on the island; it was truly shrouded in darkness.

The cultivators had a name for this island in the core area—Nirvana Island.

According to legend, when the Divine Bird, the Phoenix, died, it would undergo a test of pain and intense burning. Once it passed the test, it would be reborn and rise to a higher level. This was known as Phoenix Nirvana.

When cultivators went to the core area island, they would definitely be ready to die when they entered. They were prepared to go through all sorts of tempering and trials. Once they cleared these trials, they would be able to rise to a higher level as well. Hence, it was called Nirvana Island.

“Nirvanic rebirth,” Xiao Chen muttered. “There is still half a year. I have to advance to half-step Martial Monarch in that time.”

Holding the Lunar Shadow Saber with his left hand, he walked to Nirvana Island with a resolute gaze in his eyes.

What Xiao Chen did not know was that at this moment, there was an intense discussion about him on the Divine Dragon Warship.

Within a big hall, a few old men were currently watching a projection in the air. This projection was showing a white-robed, red-eyed bladesman killing the Northern Sea’s green-robed young master.

After that, this white-robed bladesman played a trick and killed the white-robed young master. Finally, he fought one on two against the yellow-robed and blue-robed young masters. This projection depicted how the Northern Sea’s Four Young Masters died at the hands of this person.

A few elders from the Northern Sea Alliance sat in chairs in the hall. Their complexions were ashen, but this was not their first time seeing this scene. However, every time they saw it, they felt humiliated.

Unexpectedly, the heirs of the Northern Sea’s four Noble Clans died at the hands of a Great Qin Nation’s bladesman. Furthermore, that bladesman looked to be only twenty years old.

The projection paused when it showed the White Robed Bladesman and Leng Yue leaving. Bai Zhan smiled and took back the Revolving Light Mirror.

“Elder Feng, do you believe us now? We have evidence!” said Ao Feng, an elder of the green-robed young master’s clan, with a sullen expression.

Feng Buyu frowned slightly. As the overseer of this third grade Battlefield, he did not have much of an impression of Xiao Chen. After all, there were several ten thousand cultivators in the third grade Battlefield. It would be difficult for him to remember all of them.

Since Feng Buyu did not have an impression, he could not be bothered about him. Just as he was about to say something, the white-haired old man beside him looked at Bai Zhan and said, “Young Hero Bai, this is very strange. Since you had been at the back using the Revolving Light Mirror, why did you not lend a hand to rescue the Four Young Masters? Instead, you opted to just watch them die.”

While Feng Buyu did not have any impression of Xiao Chen, the white-haired old man had a deep impression of Xiao Chen. As a Medial Grade Martial King, Xiao Chen had already attained the tenth rank of the point ranking wall. The white-haired old man guessed that Xiao Chen had a complicated background.

Now that something like this had happened, the white-haired old man’s first instinct was that this was strange; it was clear that something was wrong.

Hearing the white-haired old man ask that, the people of the Northern Sea’s four Noble Clans looked suspiciously at Bai Zhan.

Bai Zhan did not show any panic on his face; he had already anticipated this question long ago. He calmly replied, “Back then, I did try to help. Unfortunately, this person was too strong. Within ten moves, he severely injured me. I was forced to rely on my Void Battle Armor to hide in the void. Only then was I able to escape this calamity.”

The crowd could not pick out anything wrong with what Bai Zhan said. Even if they could, they would not be willing to do so.

Their heirs were dead. What they wanted to do was find the murderer. Then, they would kill the murderer in a horrendous fashion in order to protect the prestige of the Northern Sea Alliance and the four Noble Clans.

The truth was not important. As long as they could accomplish this task perfectly, it would be fine. Between Bai Zhan and Xiao Chen, one was the first disciple of the Evil Moon Pavilion’s Pavilion Master, the other was an independent cultivator with no backing. It was clear whom they would rather trust.

The white-haired old man looked away from Bai Zhan and said indifferently, “It is common for cultivators to kill each other in the Battlefield. Our Divine Dragon Palace will not care about this and will not make an exception. So we will not use the jade pendant to locate this person.

Feng Buyu felt somewhat depressed. He did not know why the white-haired old man was protecting Xiao Chen, but the two of them were on the same side, so it was inconvenient for him to ask why.

He could only look at Ao Feng, the person leading this group of people from the four Noble Clans, and say in an apologetic manner, “We cannot break the rules. If others knew that we used the jade pendant to track their location, no one would ever come to our Eastern Sea for experiential training anymore.

“I can represent the Divine Dragon Palace in saying that we will not interfere with your personal operation. In this matter, we will remain neutral.”

Ao Feng had a hostile expression as he got up and snorted coldly. “Remember what you said. Maintain neutrality. Let’s go.”

After Feng Buyu saw the four Noble Clans’ people leave, he commented to the white-haired old man, “You seem to know that Xiao Chen?”

The white-haired old man nodded and replied, “Back then, Xiao Chen left a deep impression on me. Later on, I did some investigation on him. I discovered that he is under the protection of the Heavenly Extermination Union. It is best if we don’t interfere here.”

Feng Buyu nodded and said, “The Heavenly Extermination Union can be considered a powerful great sect. Unfortunately, the trouble this person got into is too huge. Otherwise, I would not mind lending a hand and doing the Heavenly Extermination Union a favor.”

This time, the four Noble Clans sent out eight people. They were all Martial Monarchs. Sending out eight Martial Monarchs made it clear how much the Noble Clans cared about this.

Outside the big hall, Ao Feng frowned and said, “Young Master Bai, do you know where that brat is hiding? We had best finish this fast, so we can quickly return and give an account for this matter.”

Bai Zhan shook his head and said, “I do not know. However, you don’t have to be anxious. He has a frighteningly high amount of points. He will definitely return to exchange for items. You just have to stay here and wait.”

When the eight Martial Monarch old men heard that, they heaved sighs of relief. The Battlefield was so vast. Even though they were Martial Monarchs, it would be very difficult for them to find a person, not to mention time-consuming.


Most cultivators who dared to step onto Nirvana Island had combat prowess equal to a Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarch’s. A large part of them would be like Sun Guangquan, peak Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarchs.

If Xiao Chen included all his Secret Treasures, his overall combat prowess was already equal to a Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarch’s. He was qualified to step onto this Nirvana Island, but he would not be able to venture too deep into it.

When Xiao Chen landed firmly on the beach, his limbs immediately felt stiff. He felt an even stronger suppression on his Mental Power in his sea of consciousness.

“What strong mental pressure. No wonder Sun Guangquan would choose this place to open his sea of consciousness. With such great pressure, it would definitely be easier to open the sea of consciousness here compared to outside.”

Xiao Chen stretched himself where he was, letting his body get used to the environment of Nirvana Island.

Nirvana Island was completely dark and the environment was complicated. Thick jungles and piles of rocks were scattered around messily, filling Nirvana Island without any observable pattern.

“There is a peak high-ranked Fire Demon two kilometers ahead. It has sensed you already and is heading over.” With her purple eyes, Leng Yue, who was beside him, could look into the distance without any obstruction.

In this place where Xiao Chen’s Mental Energy was suppressed, Leng Yue’s eyes were better than his Spiritual Sense.

Xiao Chen stopped moving. His blood surged in his body as he said with anticipation, “Peak high-ranked Fire Demon? Let’s see what my first opponent on Nirvana Island is like.”

After a few breaths, Xiao Chen also saw the peak high-ranked Fire Demon. The clearest part was the flame on its head, which looked like ghost fire in the dark jungle.

Xiao Chen placed his right hand on his saber hilt. He raised his fighting spirit and circulated his Essence. His clothes fluttered without wind as a surging energy spread around him and his aura rose continuously.

A peak high-ranked Fire Demon was as strong as a human Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarch. The only disadvantage it had was that it could not learn Cultivation Techniques or Martial Techniques like humans could.

As a low-class Demon, it could only rely on its innate abilities to fight. This gave Xiao Chen the opportunity to kill it.


Three huge fireballs left huge fiery trails as they cut through the darkness, heading towards Xiao Chen. The peak high-ranked Fire Demon had taken the initiative to attack first.

The fireballs flew very fast, moving at Mach 3.5. Xiao Chen bent over slightly, placed his feet apart, and rushed forward.

“Bang! Bang!”

The fireballs on the left and right crashed into each other, blasting the afterimage Xiao Chen left behind at the original spot into nothing. A deep pit ten meters in diameter also instantly appeared in the ground.


Xiao Chen drew the Lunar Shadow Saber. It flashed like blood-red lightning in the darkness, completely unleashing the state of massacre. Then, it chopped the fireball above in half.

“Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations!” Xiao Chen shouted before his figure wavered and became nine. His overwhelming killing intent faded away as he vanished into nine cool breezes.

The air that had solidified earlier due to the state of massacre started to flow when the cool wind blew.

The peak high-ranked Fire Demon squinted; it knew the might of this move. Suddenly, the ground below it exploded. The shock wave tossed the peak high-ranked Fire Demon into the air.

The moment the Fire Demon soared up, Xiao Chen’s nine figures merged back under it. The nonexistent killing intent erupted and reduced the rock fragments, which the shock wave created and kicked up, to dust.

Xiao Chen’s attack missed.

This Fire Demon was very smart. Unexpectedly, it knew how to use some method to quickly raise its speed. Although Xiao Chen’s attack missed, he used his momentum to quickly chase after the Fire Demon in the air.

The best way to deal with a Fire Demon was to get close to it, then hack it to death. Of course, one had to be able to survive getting close to it first.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Fire Demon in the air continued to soar higher. Its hands moved around as it launched fireballs at Xiao Chen.

The timing between each fireball was no more than two seconds. When seen from a distance, the fireballs looked like a flaming snake biting Xiao Chen.