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Chapter 534: Leaving the Battlefield

Chapter 534: Leaving the Battlefield

The seemingly solid, crystalline saber light flickered continuously. Xiao Chen chopped the fireballs flying at him in half. As he did so, he calmly calculated the distance between him and the Fire Demon. “One hundred meters…ninety meters…eighty meters…. I have arrived. Azure Dragon Tail Whip!”

“Hu Chi!”

Xiao Chen suddenly moved in an arc. A huge dragon tail kicked up a strong wind and he instantly appeared in front of the Fire Demon.

The peak high-ranked Fire Demon was stunned. Its expression changed greatly. Clearly, it had not expected Xiao Chen to have such a strange Movement Technique.

“Ka ca!” The saber light flashed before the peak high-ranked Fire Demon’s horrified eyes. Xiao Chen chopped it apart at the waist.

Then, Xiao Chen extracted the Fire Demon’s Demon Core before floating back to the ground. Finally, he closed his eyes and started to digest the killing intent gained from this Fire Demon.

After a while, Xiao Chen opened his eyes again. His eyes were clear; the state of massacre had completely vanished.

“A peak high-ranked Blood Demon’s killing intent is indeed strong. Such trials should be able to help me to perfect my grasp on the state of massacre. I will definitely undergo a rebirth on this Nirvana Island.”

In the following days, Leng Yue served as Xiao Chen’s eyes, helping him locate the Demons in advance. After evaluating their strength, she would decide if Xiao Chen should fight them.

Xiao Chen knew that he was not very strong, so he did not venture too deep into the island; he merely stayed on the outskirts to kill some peak high-ranked Demons.

Time slowly went by as Xiao Chen tempered his state of massacre in battle on this island, living a simple and dull life every day.

Five months passed in such a manner. During this time, the blood moon appeared three times.

All the high-ranked Demons on Nirvana Island went berserk. All the Divine Dragon Palace’s elite disciples and the peak Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarchs fought intense battles in the center of the island.

The battle at the outpost islets was far inferior to this. After seeing it for the first time, Xiao Chen realized that this was the true core of the entire Battlefield.

During this time, the Demons would gather at the center of the island and attack the base of the Divine Dragon Palace. This allowed Xiao Chen a chance to sneak over and not get discovered by the large number of Demons.

Thus, every time the blood moon rose, Xiao Chen would observe the battles of these peak Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarchs. He would learn about and analyze all sorts of Martial Techniques, gaining a lot of benefits.

What made Xiao Chen happier was that he saw Sun Guangquan among the group of peak Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarchs. This senior’s cultivation had improved and was another step closer to advancing to Martial Monarch.


On this particular day, Xiao Chen attracted a total of five peak high-ranked Fire Demons in one go. He only used ten moves to finish all these Demons simultaneously.

A large amount of red light flew into Xiao Chen’s forehead. The depravity of massacre engulfed his entire body, but he remained calm; he did not lose himself in the desire for massacre.

He had already grasped the state of massacre by now; he had also gained a richer experience on how to deal with the bloodlust in his heart.

Xiao Chen expertly extracted the Demon Cores and asked calmly, “Leng Yue, how long have we stayed on the island already?”

“Five months and sixteen days. Why?”

Xiao Chen muttered, “Let’s go. It is time for us to return.”

One had to pace oneself when cultivating. Xiao Chen had undergone high-intensity battles for almost half a year. He had already reached the limits of his body.

He was still young. He did not need to train bitterly on Nirvana Island the way those peak Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarchs did. Those people were already reaching the end of their lifespan, or this was their last chance to advance to Martial Monarch, so they had to bet the rest of their lives on this.

Xiao Chen still had plenty of opportunities in the future. He could not let himself remain stuck here. Doing so would result in a lifetime of regret.

The moment Xiao Chen left the island and flew above the scarlet sea, he suddenly felt very relaxed and at ease.

After thinking about it for a while, he understood what happened. He had spent a long time in a state of suppression on the island. Now that the pressure on his spirit was lifted, it was normal that he felt relaxed.

The dim scarlet sea now appeared very bright in Xiao Chen’s vision. After spending a long time in darkness, his eyes had gained significant benefit.

Xiao Chen looked down at the sea and his reflection appeared to be very different. After half a year of massacre and experiential training, the tenderness and inexperienced look on his face were gone.

When he saw his reflection, he could not help but be stunned. He had not looked at himself seriously for a long time. Now, that he did so, he was shocked to discover how much he had grown.

Xiao Chen muttered to himself softly, “It’s been four years. Unexpectedly, four years went by in the blink of an eye.”

It had been four years since Xiao Chen came to this world. It was unknown if the him from four years ago would have imagined gaining such accomplishments now.

“What has been four years?” Leng Yue, who was at his side, asked curiously.

Xiao Chen did not answer Leng Yue’s question. He looked up and stared into the distance; his gaze seemed as if he could see very far. He said, “Someone is coming.”

Leng Yue looked up and, indeed, there was a team of nine people in the distance. They were all riding formidable Royal Blood Horses as they rushed over. They were headed in Xiao Chen’s direction; clearly, their destination was Nirvana Island behind him.

The auras of the nine were extremely strong; they were Small Perfection half-step Martial Monarchs. The one in the lead was slightly stronger; he was a peak Small Perfection half-step Martial Monarch.

The leader of the team was wearing green and he looked very handsome. His gaze was as sharp as a sword. He resembled the green-robed young master quite closely.

When the leader of the team passed Xiao Chen and Leng Yue, he suddenly shouted, “The two of you, stop there!”

Xiao Chen frowned slightly, displeased by that person’s extremely tyrannical way of speaking.

The Royal Blood Horse could walk on water at a very fast speed. It was expensive and could be found only in the Boundless Sea. Furthermore, they were in very short supply.

Since these nine people were all mounted on Royal Blood Horses, their origins were definitely not simple. Xiao Chen thought for a while before turning around and asking, “Yes?”

The green-robed cultivator smiled slightly. He looked at Leng Yue, who was beside Xiao Chen, and said, “Tell your woman to remove her veil for me to see.”

Xiao Chen frowned and did not say anything. He only placed his right hand on his saber hilt.

“Brat, you should be more tactful. Don’t you know who our young master is?”

“Ha ha! It is just one look from our young master. You won’t die from it. If our young master likes her, it is your fortune!” the cultivators behind the green-robed leader chimed in.

Leng Yue saw Xiao Chen nodded slightly in a barely perceptible manner and she understood what he meant.

The purple mark on Leng Yue’s forehead flashed and a pink light came from her eyes. The nine people were instantly dazzled and their blood started to surge as they fell for the illusions they saw.

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen drew the Lunar Shadow Saber at lightning speed. His figure wavered and turned into nine figures. Then, he used one of Qingyun Peak’s secret techniques—the Clear Wind Chop—to hide his boundless killing intent in the cool breeze.

The green-robed cultivator had the fastest reaction of the group. He only used half a second to wake up from the illusion.

With a slap to the rump of the horse, the green-robed cultivator shot forward quickly, immediately moving more than five hundred meters. However, a bloody wound still appeared on his chest.

Electricity flickered in the wound. A saber intent spread out as the saber Qi rampaged in the green-robed cultivator’s chest, causing him a lot of pain.

The other eight people were charmed by Leng Yue for a whole second before waking up. Just when they were about to make their move, they discovered a cool breeze blowing at them.

Suddenly, saber lights appeared and an overwhelming killing intent erupted.

That killing intent was boundless, like a river overflowing its banks. The few of them never felt such vast killing intent before. They instantly lost their ability to move. Before they could even draw their weapons, a bloody wound appeared on their necks and then their heads flew off.

One second was sufficient for Xiao Chen to do many things.

The green-robed cultivator in the air sensed Xiao Chen’s surging killing intent and his horrific strength. He felt extremely astonished. Furthermore, he had not expected Xiao Chen to be so decisive, killing people without even saying a word.

“Very good. If you have the guts, then return to the Divine Dragon Warship. I will make sure that you never leave the Boundless Sea.”

“Bang!” The nine figures merged together and Xiao Chen sheathed his saber. He stared at the distant green-robed cultivator but did not give chase.

“Should we go after him?” Leng Yue asked.

Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “There is no need. He is merely a hedonistic son of rich parents, nothing more than a dancing clown. Just ignore him.”

After cultivating for half a year on Nirvana Island, Xiao Chen’s cultivation had already risen to peak Superior Grade Martial King. He only needed to obtain six more Spirit Gathering Pearls to break through to half-step Martial Monarch.

Xiao Chen had already opened his sea of consciousness. Once he advanced to half-step Martial Monarch, he would not fear anyone under Martial Monarch.

Even now, he did not fear a lascivious hedonistic heir who only used miraculous medicines and natural treasures to boost his cultivation. Those were no use if one had never undergone any tempering.

The two of them each mounted a Royal Blood Horse and galloped forward.

While the Royal Blood Horse was not as fast as a cultivator, it had great stamina. It did not need to rest and could run through the night. It was very useful for traveling long distances.

After traveling day and night, the three islets appeared before the two’s eyes after four days. This place was already at the edge of the Battlefield; many cultivators traveled in this area.

Riding Royal Blood Horses, Xiao Chen and Leng Yue stood out from the many cultivators traveling over the scarlet sea; they attracted a lot of attention.

This was especially so for Leng Yue. Although she wore a fur-lined gown and a veil, one look at her exquisite figure, exposed eyes, and naturally charming aura told everyone that she was a beauty.

Wearing a veil gave Leng Yue a mysterious aura. Everyone felt a compelling urge to know how pretty she was after she removed her veil.


Suddenly, four figures flew out from the islets. The four people were wearing robes of various colors, in the same fashion as the Northern Sea’s Four Young Masters. They were all peak Small Perfection half-step Martial Monarchs.

When the four landed on the water, they obstructed Xiao Chen. The green-robed cultivator he met a few days ago smiled coldly and said, “I said it before: if you dare to return to the Divine Dragon Warship, you will never leave the Boundless Sea.”

“Fourth Brother, is this the person you were talking about? The cultivator who is not even a half-step Martial Monarch but managed to injure you so badly?” the white-robed cultivator on the left side asked.

The green-robed cultivator replied angrily, “I was careless! I already said I was careless. The woman beside him is very strange; don’t look at her eyes.”