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Chapter 535: Bai Zhan Blocking the Way

Chapter 535: Bai Zhan Blocking the Way

When the cultivators who were passing by saw the four people blocking Xiao Chen and Leng Yue, they came over to watch curiously.

“Someone offended those four fellows again. How unfortunate for him.”

“Half a year ago, after the Northern Sea’s Four Young Masters mysteriously disappeared, these four declared themselves the new Northern Sea’s Four Young Masters. In the past few blood moons, they had exceptional performances. Now, they are even more popular than the previous Four Young Masters.”

“Xuanyuan Zhantian taught the four of them a lesson last time. However, a leopard never changes its spots. They are so arrogant that they even snatched away a month’s earnings from our team some time ago.”

“What can we do? These people are the heirs of the Northern Sea’s four Noble Clans. The previous Four Young Masters are already dead. These four people will be the future masters of the Northern Sea.”

The discussion about the new Four Young Masters allowed Xiao Chen to understand what happened in the half year. It looked like no one knew that he had killed the Northern Sea’s Four Young Masters. Either that, or the Northern Sea’s four Noble Clans did not publicize that fact.

Regardless which it was, the situation was to Xiao Chen’s advantage.

The green-robed cultivator said unforgivingly, “Brat, if you know what’s good for you, you will immediately send the woman beside you over and give me a million Medial Grade Spirit Stones. If you do so, I will naturally let you off.”

Of course, Xiao Chen would not agree to such conditions. The war horse galloped, kicking up splashes; Xiao Chen rushed over.

“Blood-Reversing Sword Technique!”

“Knife Breaking Saber!”

“Wind Dragon Burst!”

“Iron Fire Fist!”

The four people smiled coldly and soared into the sky. Four different states spread out in the air. Their auras linked with one another as they each launched their killing moves to heavily injure Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen could not be bothered to waste time with these four. He drew his Lunar Shadow Saber and executed his strongest move while on horseback.

“Wukui Moves Heaven!”

With the induction of Xiao Chen’s saber intent, the black demonic clouds above flickered with scarlet lightning; the lightning rapidly gathered together.

The thunder clouds formed a scarlet Wukui Tree trunk a kilometer high in the sky. The tree trunk grew swiftly as it furiously absorbed the lightning-attributed Spiritual Energy in the surroundings.

Soon, the Wukui Tree grew leaves and formed completely. It covered the sky as it reached hundreds of meters tall.


When the Wukui Tree formed completely, everyone felt the sky tremble.

The natural laws seemed to be changing. Suddenly, the four people found that no matter how they moved, they remained at their original spots; they instantly panicked.

“What’s going on? What Martial Technique is this?!”

The divine, scarlet Wukui Tree descended from the air. It instantly crushed the four’s killing moves, various colored lights and Essence scattering around chaotically.

This move could not be dodged. When Xiao Chen was only a Superior Grade Martial King, he was able to use this move to defeat the peak Superior Grade Martial King Xie Ziwen.

Now that Xiao Chen’s cultivation and state of massacre had increased significantly, the strength of Wukui Moves Heaven had likewise increased significantly. Even an Inferior Grade Martial Monarch would not dare to go head-on against it. These four had relied on Medicinal Pills to reach where they were now; how could they block this?


The four worked together to quickly deploy an Essence shield. However, the scarlet Wukui Tree immediately shattered it. They all vomited blood and fell to the scarlet sea, never to climb up again.

After finishing off the four, Xiao Chen stopped caring about them. He sheathed his saber and rode off on the Royal Blood Horse towards the Divine Dragon Warship, galloping away on the surging scarlet sea.

“Damn it! Who is this person? How come I’ve never seen him before? He managed to finish off the new Northern Sea’s Four Young Masters in one move. He is on a different level from Xuanyuan Zhantian.”

“Indeed, even the top ten of the point ranking board never heard this person’s name before.”

“This fellow did not even say anything. However, the impression he gave is too tyrannical, even more tyrannical than Xuanyuan Zhantian.”

While the people watched as Xiao Chen left, the shock in their hearts could not be described with words. It was hard to imagine that there was another youth in this Deep Sea Battlefield that was as outstanding as Xuanyuan Zhantian.

On the Divine Dragon Warship, Xiao Chen brought Leng Yue to the Exchange Room. He had been stuck at peak Superior Grade Martial King for a long time already. He urgently needed Spirit Gathering Pearls in order to break through.

The moment Xiao Chen entered the big palace, he immediately felt some furtive gazes on him. He merely looked around and ignored these people.

The point ranking wall was as bustling as it was before. Xiao Chen took a quick glance and saw that Xuanyuan Zhantian was still ranked first. However, Bai Zhan had been pushed to fourth place.

The second and third ranked were the leaders of the Western Sea’s Seven Knights and the Southern Sea’s Four Heroes.

As for Xiao Chen’s ranking, even after looking through the top fifty names, he did could not see his own name. So he could not be bothered to keep looking.

The Demons on Nirvana Island were very different from the Demons in the periphery. It was quite understandable that Xiao Chen gained points at a slower rate.

However, Xiao Chen gained many benefits there. There was no doubt that the experience he gained when fighting the strong Demons was better than that against the weak Demons.

“Wait here for me; I will go to the Exchange Room,” Xiao Chen instructed Leng Yue.

After queueing for fifteen minutes, Xiao Chen entered the Exchange Room for the second time.

When the white-haired old man saw Xiao Chen walking in, his calm face immediately changed. He looked very shocked, but he returned to normal after a moment.

Xiao Chen took out his jade pendant and went straight to the point, “I have eight thousand points. Please help me exchange them for six Spirit Gathering Pearls. As for the remaining two thousand points, please exchange them for Superior Grade Spirit Stones.”

The white-haired old man received the jade pendant and glanced at it; there were indeed eight thousand points. After that, he returned the jade pendant and smiled. “Little Friend, you are going to be disappointed. The Spirit Gathering Pearls are out of stock.”

Xiao Chen frowned and asked, “How did that happened?”

The white-haired old man explained, “There is only one Martial Sage in the Divine Dragon Palace. How could he have so much time to refine Spirit Gathering Pearls? He will refine only a hundred per year.”

That was indeed so; the Spirit Gathering Pearls would exhaust a Martial Sage’s Source Energy. Hence, the amount that could be created was limited.

Xiao Chen could not help but feel disappointed. There was no Spirit Gathering Pearls. He might need another half year to break the bottleneck; if he was unlucky, it would be longer.

“However, I can use my personal Spirit Gathering Pearls to exchange with you. We will just use your points.” The white-haired old man changed the topic and brought out six Inferior Grade Spirit Gathering Pearls.

Xiao Chen did not rush to accept the white-haired old man’s Spirit Gathering Pearls. He asked, “Senior, why are you helping me?”

The white-haired old man handed over the Spirit Gathering Pearls. Smiling, he laughed, “Ha ha! Are you afraid that I will harm you? You are someone who even dares to kill the Northern Sea’s Four Young Masters. Do you not even have this amount of courage?”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly but his expression did not change much. He only tightened his left hand’s grip on his saber. He said, “Senior, please do not speak nonsense. The Four Young Masters are such great characters; how could I dare do anything to them?”

“Are you still not admitting to it? The Evil Moon Pavilion’s Bai Zhan already used the Revolving Light Mirror to capture the scene of you killing the Four Young Masters. Currently, the palace is filled with spies from the Northern Sea Alliance.

“It is likely that they already sent news back to the Northern Sea by means of the Five Hundred Voice Transmission Talisman. After one hour, they will use the Ancient Conveying Formation to send the Northern Sea Alliance’s elders over. If I were you, I would immediately pack my things and leave immediately,” the white-haired old man said unhurriedly as he smiled gently.

Xiao Chen’s face sank as he put away the Spirit Gathering Pearls. He quickly got up and said, “Many thanks to Senior for reminding me. I owe you a great debt of gratitude. I will repay it in the future.”

Indeed, Bai Zhan had a back-up plan. Unexpectedly, his plan was so meticulous. At that time, regardless of whether the Northern Sea’s Four Young Masters succeeded or not, I would have been forced into a dead end.

However, one hour is more than enough for me to flee far away.

After Xiao Chen left the Exchange Room, he looked around. He quickly found Leng Yue and went over. He said, “Come with me. We need to leave this place at once.”

When Leng Yue saw Xiao Chen’s expression, she knew that something had happened. She rushed after Xiao Chen.

He immediately sped out of the palace, pushing all the cultivators in the way aside. His feet did not stop at all.

The people Xiao Chen pushed around were angry. They cursed at him but Xiao Chen just ignored them.

However, after five minutes, the person that Xiao Chen did not want to see the most appeared in front of him.

“Bai Zhan!” Xiao Chen revealed a murderous intent in his eyes.

Bai Zhan stood in the middle of the crowd and smiled faintly, “White Robed Bladesman, why the rush? Where are you going? You have not been back for half a year. Why not go have a good rest?”

Xiao Chen did not disguise the murderous intent in his eyes as he said, “Move aside!”

Bai Zhan merely raised his eyebrows slightly and remained silent. He did not move at all; clearly, he had not intention of moving.


Xiao Chen pushed off the ground and his figure flashed. A strong wind blew as he prepared to pass Bai Zhan.

The elders of the Northern Sea’s four Noble Clans would be arriving in an hour. Xiao Chen did not wish to waste time with Bai Zhan. He would settle any grievances with him in the future.

Bai Zhan took one step forward and blocked Xiao Chen. He said indifferently, “Thinking of leaving? You will have to ask me for permission first.”

“Hu! Hu!”

Xiao Chen moved back, then soared into the air. Bai Zhan pushed off the ground and blocked Xiao Chen again.

This repeated four or five times. Even when Xiao Chen used clones, Bai Zhan was always able to block him at the crucial moment.

After he was blocked by Bai Zhan again, the anger on Xiao Chen’s face vanished. He took a step back and floated down to the floor. He said calmly, “I will tell you one last time: move aside.”

Bai Zhan shook his head and said, “Threatening me? I don’t feel that you are qualified to say this.”

The two glared at each other, raising their auras continuously. Suddenly a cool breeze started to blow. The bystanders felt that something was wrong, so they immediately moved aside and gave the two some space.

Bai Zhan was quite famous. As a peak genius from the Great Jin Nation who had spent almost a year here, almost everyone knew about him. They found his strength to be unfathomable and believed him to be a true genius.

As for Xiao Chen, he had vanished for half a year. Very few people even remembered him.

“Who is this person? He defeated the new Northern Sea’s Four Young Masters at the islets earlier. Why is he fighting with Bai Zhan now?”

“Bai Zhan cannot be compared with those Four Young Masters. He has been in the top five of the point ranking wall for a long time already. His strength is undeniable.”

“There might be a good show for us to watch. This person is quite strong as well.”

The people around, who were discussing the two, looked as though they were watching a good show.

Xiao Chen placed his right hand on his saber hilt and his killing intent spread out. His eyes turned scarlet as he gazed at Bai Zhan, waiting for a good moment to strike.


Just at this moment, at the palace where the Exchange Room was located, faint golden lines appeared. These lines quickly connected with one another and formed a complicated formation. Spiritual Energy poured out continuously from it.