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Chapter 594: There Is No Strongest, Only Stronger

Chapter 594: There Is No Strongest, Only Stronger

Strong saber intent infused every saber strike, each one stronger than the one before. Initially, Yue Chenxi was rather relaxed. However, the pressure on her gradually increased. Soon, she started moving back slowly.

Without taking a single step, Bai Qi turned the Essence cycling in his body into the Eighteen Heaven Breaking Saber Strikes, forcing Yue Chenxi to retreat more than ten steps.

“Eighteenth saber strike!” Bai Qi roared ferociously.

Bai Qi, who had not moved since the start of the match, finally moved. When he was not moving, he had sent saber strikes without pause, like a gale, forcing his opponent back.

However, when Bai Qi moved, he was as calm as the mountains. A strong soul hidden in the blade of the saber turned into an ancient divine mountain, guarding the river every day, breaking the monotony of the starry sky.

As Bai Qi moved, he moved unpredictably.

A grave look appeared in Yue Chenxi’s eyes. When she faced the last saber strike of the Eighteen Heaven Breaking Saber Strikes, she released the might of the Morning Sun Incantation’s thirteenth layer. A morning sun slowly rose behind her, evoking the atmosphere of the rising sun breaking through the darkness.

“Light Rays Illuminating the Sky!” Yue Chenxi roared ferociously.

She leaped up together with the morning sun. Bathed in the golden rays of the proud sun, she looked like a fairy. Everyone held their breath, not daring to breathe out, afraid of ruining this beautiful scene.

In this instant, everyone seemed to have forgotten that Yue Chenxi’s powerful killing move was hidden beneath this beautiful scene.


Startling explosions resounded, breaking everyone’s entrancement in the beautiful scene. Surging shock waves spread throughout the Wind Cloud Platform. Beautiful purples and brilliant reds of every kind surged forward with great momentum. Tiny cracks appeared in the Wind Cloud Barrier, as if it was on the verge of shattering.

“What a strong force! It looks like Yue Chenxi had indeed used only seventy percent of her strength when fighting with Nangong Ziyue.”

“I cannot see clearly. Has the victor been decided?”

“Who is the stronger one? If Bai Qi loses here, it would be such a pity. He still has not used the Four Season Saber Technique.”

“That should not be the case. Bai Qi will not lose so easily.”

“Who knows? Anything is possible. Before they got on the Wind Cloud Platform, did anyone think that Yue Chenxi could explode forth with such an intense fist wind?”

Everyone in the spectator stands stood up and circulated Essence to their eyes. They tried to find the two’s figures in the multicolored shock waves.

However, the shock waves were very thick and dense, far surpassing the crowd’s expectations. They could not see anything at all, so they could not help but feel anxious.

“Long Lasting Spring Water, Growing Warm Then Cold!”

Amidst the dense shock waves, the crowd heard a familiar voice. It was Bai Qi executing the Four Season Saber Technique.

It looked like the final saber strike of the Eighteen Heaven Breaking Saber Strikes was weaker than Yue Chenxi’s Light Rays Illuminating the Sky. Otherwise, Bai Qi would not execute the Four Season Saber Technique.

“Morning Sun Fist, Sky-Shattering Punch!” A similar shout came from within the shock waves. Yue Chenxi did not feel any fear when facing the torrent of hot and cold containing the power of the Cycle of Seasons.

An intense light burst forth and a punch stronger than the Light Rays Illuminating the Sky appeared. Since Yue Chenxi had no way of figuring out whether the state was hot or cold, she would just break through with force. She, Yue Chenxi, would accomplish what Nangong Ziyue could not.

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

An unending chain of explosions like mountains collapsing resounded amidst the shock waves. A strong gale came from where the two were clashing.

In an instant, the gale blew away the shock waves spreading through the Wind Cloud Platform. The scene on the Wind Cloud Platform appeared before everyone again.

The crowd saw Yue Chenxi standing on a rainbow bridge. A morning sun flickered behind her, giving off a faint glow that made the Wind Cloud Platform look peaceful.

However, the glow also gave Yue Chenxi’s face a reddish cast, making her pretty face look somewhat sick. Everyone could not help but worry for her.

In front of Yue Chenxi was Bai Qi. His clothes fluttered in the wind as he quickly moved back. He slowly drifted to the ground like a willow leaf.

Bai Qi looked much better than Yue Chenxi. However, he had a sullen expression on his face.

He had retreated!

Everyone immediately became excited. Bai Qi, who had executed the first move of the Four Season Saber Technique, had been pushed back by Yue Chenxi.

“Breaking technique with brute force! This is breaking technique with brute force!”

“Although we called it technique, Bai Qi’s attack contained the power of the Cycle of Seasons. That is not something that anyone can block. However, not only did Yue Chenxi push back this power of the Cycle of Seasons, she shattered her opponent’s state of spring water.”

“Strong! The strongest technique under Heaven Ranked can be broken! This girl is as strong as a man. With just this move, Yue Chenxi already made me feel very embarrassed.”

All the cultivators in the spectator stands were very excited. Unexpectedly, the first move of the Four Season Saber Technique had been pushed back.

Everyone was filled with shock, their expressions instinct with disbelief.

Spring is over, replaced by summer. A fierce fire mercilessly shines everywhere as the blazing sun soars high in the sky!

Although he had just landed, Bai Qi did not hesitate. He shouted a warcry and executed the Four Season Saber Technique’s second move. Spring ended and summer arrived. The blazing sun of July burned mercilessly, spreading its heat throughout the seas and land.

However, the boundless fighting spirit in Bai Qi’s heart was more intense than the blazing sun of July. His heart soared higher than the sun. This was the state that the Saber Emperor Bai Shuihe had comprehended from summer. This state had been perfectly produced by Bai Qi.

Turning the boundless mental state into a Saber Technique. No matter how bright the sun shines, burning the mountains and rivers, only my saber exists.

Bai Qi’s warcry was not very loud, but the instant he executed his Saber Technique, his aura flared infinitely, becoming very tyrannical.

The crowd in the spectator stands felt uneasy in their hearts. Yue Chenxi had already won them over. So when they saw Bai Qi’s horrifying second attack, they could not help but worry for Yue Chenxi.

The sun rising from the east looks like fire. How can the blazing sun be defeated so easily? The passion of the heart is inextinguishable, daring to reach for the bright moon. A fiery red sun shines over the world, its light never extinguishing from the rivers.

Yue Chenxi’s red face flickered with a proud glow. She exuded a strong passion from her chest and a multicolored pillar of light appeared behind her. Scarlet, orange, red, green, blue, indigo, purple—the seven colors formed a mysterious rainbow-colored sunlight.

Yue Chenxi turned into the blazing sun, emerging from the multicolored sunlight. A fist wind several times stronger than the one before welcomed Bai Qi’s tyrannical attack.


Upon contact, the sunlight behind Yue Chenxi shattered and turned in a five-colored light diffusing throughout the Wind Cloud Platform. She vomited large mouthfuls of blood, making her complexion turn even redder.

Only a dim morning sun remained behind Yue Chenxi, continuing to rise proudly.

On the other hand, Bai Qi was in an even more miserable state than Yue Chenxi. He had been instantly knocked back a hundred meters. Without slowing down, he continued flying towards the Wind Cloud Barrier.

Yue Chenxi had repelled the Four Season Saber Technique.


The crowd was very excited; the several hundred thousand cultivators in the spectator stands called out together without any prior arrangement. Their roars broke through the clouds, shaking even the entire Wind Cloud Arena. They were so excited, they could not contain it.

The Supreme Sky Sect’s Yue Chenxi broke another move. Who knows, she might be able to create a miracle. Using brute force to break technique, defeating the famous Four Season Saber Technique, and becoming the biggest dark horse of this competition.

The wind is emotionless as summer passes. The world is very emotional, like leaves. Even to the end, they feel attached to the branch. The autumn wind rustles, sweeping the world of emotions.

Just as Bai Qi almost crashed into the Wind Cloud Barrier, he forcefully turned around. He pushed off the Wind Cloud Barrier with his feet and executed the Four Season Technique’s third move.

Heaven and earth are unfeeling, the great way is emotionless. This saber is cold and void of love. With the momentum of the autumn wind sweeping through the world, can Yue Chenxi block that?

Outside the Wind Cloud Platform, Xiao Chen’s eyes flickered. Thoughts flew through his head quickly as he watched Bai Qi’s Four Season Saber Technique.

From the moment Bai Qi executed the Long Lasting Spring Water, Xiao Chen placed all his focus on this person.

Xiao Chen’s now much stronger Spiritual Sense penetrated the Wind Cloud Barrier. It turned into tiny specks that hid in the air, monitoring Bai Qi’s every move.

“Bai Shuihe truly lives up to his reputation as a Saber Emperor. It looks like when I was in the Ancient Desolate Tower, he had held back against me, a junior. Otherwise, I definitely would not have been able to block even one move.”

Xiao Chen quickly analyzed Bai Qi’s performance. “However, when Bai Qi used it, it lacked a certain spirituality and seemed somewhat artificial. It is rather unfortunate.”

Xiao Chen was not the only person observing Bai Qi. The other giants—Xuanyuan Zhantian, Chu Chaoyun, and even Sima Lingxuan—were paying close attention to Bai Qi’s every move.

The Four Season Saber Technique was too famous. Yue Chenxi forcing Bai Qi to this level provided a rare chance. If they did not cherish this opportunity to comprehend the technique’s mysteries, it would be a great waste.

“It looks like I overestimated you before this. The Saber Technique is pretty good, but your talent is somewhat lacking.”

Sima Lingxuan’s conclusion was similar to Xiao Chen’s. As he watched Bai Qi, a calm expression flashed in his eyes. The self-confidence in his heart became even stronger.

Yue Chenxi’s pretty face did not look good by any means. Her bright-red face seemed like it would drip blood at any moment. This was a very unnatural condition. Clearly, she already reached her limits. She probably would not be able to block the third move.

The sky looked like a large wok had flipped over and covered it. Darkness encompassed the entire area, causing night to fall.

Yue Chenxi had not given up yet; she wanted to persevere. So, she used the greatest state of the Morning Sun Fist.

Within the darkness, Xiao Chen frowned slightly. He muttered, “This girl is pushing too hard.”

The pitch-dark night looked boundless, completely silent and devoid of light. When one stretched their hands out, they could not see their fingers. Humans had an instinctive fear of and resistance against darkness. This was why they called out for the morning sun, hoping that the bright light would never be extinguished.


In the boundless anticipation, the blazing sun broke through the night. A bright radiance shone on every corner of the Wind Cloud Arena. With the tempering of night, this morning sun became extraordinary, its radiance everlasting and inextinguishable.

A fiery-red sun shone on the world, eliminating the darkness.

When facing the Four Season Saber Technique’s third move, Yue Chenxi still chose to break through with brute force. She was prepared to used the stronger power of the rising sun to break the emotionlessness of the autumn wind.

Bai Qi turned towards her, his expression cold. There was no trace of emotion in his eyes. A heartless autumn wind blew behind him. He used this overwhelming attack to welcome Yue Chenxi’s.


A strong saber light flashed on stage. Following that, a dazzling light completely encased the entire Wind Cloud Platform. The crowd could only see light and nothing else.