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Chapter 597: Intense Fighting Spirit

Chapter 597: Intense Fighting Spirit

“The two great genius bladesmen are finally fighting each other. Let’s see how far Xiao Chen can push Bai Qi.”

“Bai Qi has yet to use the Four Season Saber Technique’s Winter Saber and the final Cycle of Seasons. I wonder, what other trump cards does Xiao Chen have?”

“Without the Four Season Saber Technique in play, given Xiao Chen’s sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent, he would be able to fight on equal terms with Bai Qi. Not only that, he would have the advantage.”

“Unfortunately, Xiao Chen, who also is a bladesman, meets with Bai Qi, someone who has the Four Season Saber Technique.”

“For Xiao Chen to have comprehended his saber intent to sixty percent, that is proof that he has more talent with the saber than Bai Qi. However, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s resources are inferior.”

Although Xiao Chen was still on a winning streak and the strength he had shown had proven to be unfathomable, the crowd still did not think that he could defeat Bai Qi.

This was not because they looked down on Xiao Chen. It was because Bai Qi had the Four Season Saber Technique and he had practiced it to Great Perfection.

There were many aspects to a cultivator’s combat prowess. Cultivation was the foundation. Martial Techniques brought out this foundation to best effect. If a person’s foundation was one thousand, a strong Martial Technique could bring out one hundred percent of it, or even two hundred percent.

A weak Martial Technique might be able to bring out only seventy percent of the cultivation or maybe even just half.

A strong Martial Technique was something every cultivator sought, even in their dreams. This was one of the major reasons why the great sects could attract so many genius cultivators.

The strong Martial Techniques in the world were all held in the hands of the great sects, aside from those hidden in unknown secret lands, awaiting discovery.

Without a doubt, the Bai Clan was a Noble Clan that was as powerful as a great sect. The Four Season Saber Technique was one of those Martial Techniques that could bring out a person’s cultivation by two hundred percent, or even three hundred percent.

In the crowd’s opinion, if Xiao Chen did did not have a sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent, then based on the strength he had displayed, he would not be Bai Qi’s match. He probably would not even be able to withstand a single move.

The sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent introduced another variable into this fight, attracting more attention than it would have.

Up on the Wind Cloud Platform, Bai Qi’s heart surged with a strong fighting spirit. The hum of a treasured saber rang out in the depth of his eyes. The sharp saber intent turned into a bright light and cut through space like a sharp knife as it flew towards Xiao Chen.

The formless bright light seemed very solid. As it headed for Xiao Chen, it carried a sharp wind.

Xiao Chen smiled slightly and a surging saber intent gushed out from his eyes. The sharp wind that blew stopped between the two before exploding.

“Keng Qiang!”

The melodious and pleasing sound of weapons clashing came from the air. The berserk saber intent passed through the Wind Cloud Barrier, spreading in all directions. Some of the closer cultivators could not help but tighten their grip on their weapons.

Xiao Chen and Bai Qi were about equal. When their auras clashed, neither had the advantage.

However, this was not the result Xiao Chen wanted. Suddenly, he squinted and the saber intent issued by Xiao Chen condensed itself into a line, like a formless saber.

“Chi! Chi!”

The saber intent tore through the air with a piercing screech. It immediately scattered Bai Qi’s aura and continued on, bringing with it the might of the sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent at a fast pace.

Bai Qi revealed a surprised expression. He had no time to think too much, so he could only tilt his head slightly to dodge. “Hu chi!” The formless energy driven by the saber intent brushed past Bai Qi’s cheek, cutting a few strands of hair that fell to the floor.

Seeing the falling strands, Bai Qi was extremely shocked. In the clash of their auras, Xiao Chen had managed to defeat him without putting in serious effort.

Bai Qi looked towards Xiao Chen again, this time with more caution. He said sullenly, “Sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent. Indeed, your talent for the saber is better than mine. If you had another two years and grew to a Martial Monarch, I would no longer be a match for you.”

After reaching Martial Monarch, all the Essence in one’s body would be refined into Quintessence. That would be sufficient to resist the power of the Cycle of Seasons. The advantage of the Four Season Saber Technique would be insignificant then.

Xiao Chen retained his sang-froid, neither confirming nor denying his opponent’s words. He said calmly, “You will know soon whether we need to wait for two years or not.”

Several cultivators in the spectator stands were surprised at Xiao Chen’s composure. They felt suspicious and said, “Strange, where does Xiao Chen get his confidence from? It sounds like he has a card up his sleeve, not caring about Bai Qi at all.”

At Xiao Chen’s attitude, Bai Qi’s face sank. He said in a cold voice, “White Robed Bladesman, don’t overestimate yourself. I only praised you a little bit. Don’t think that you are already a match for me.”

Placing his right hand on his saber hilt, Xiao Chen said indifferently, “I have never looked highly upon myself. Now, you are already not a match for me. Two years later, that will become even more obvious. Since you are not making the first move, then I shall!”

“Ka ca!”

Right after Xiao Chen spoke, he swiftly drew his Lunar Shadow Saber. Strong winds blew from all directions and the clouds churned in the sky above, massing above Xiao Chen.

Strong winds blowing everywhere and clouds gathering, this was the initial move of the Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique. Xiao Chen’s figure flickered a few times before arriving in front of Bai Qi.

Xiao Chen’s attack carried the momentum of wind and cloud, infused with his sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent.

Bai Qi quickly drew his saber and brought out his peak Small Perfection saber intent to its peak. He shouted, “Eighteen Heaven Breaking Saber Strikes’ First Strike!”


The weapons clashed and Xiao Chen pressed forward gently. A surging energy poured over. When Bai Qi felt the might of the sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent, he jumped and was forced to retreat by twenty-odd meters.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Having gained the advantage with the first move, Xiao Chen did not hesitate. He seemed to have turned into a saber with a sharp edge, sending out all sorts of attacks continuously.

With the full power of the sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent, the might of his attacks was astonishing. Bai Qi, who was not mentally prepared, was caught off-guard and did not know what to do.

Retreat! Retreat! Retreat! And retreat again!

Under Xiao Chen’s oppressive aura, Bai Qi could not gather the momentum necessary for the Eighteen Heaven Breaking Saber Strikes. In an instant, he ended up retreating over two hundred meters.

Bai Qi’s expression turned cold. He no longer tried to preserve his strength. So, he brought out the one-fifth of Quintessence that he had already refined.

Instantly, a dazzling blue light limned Bai Qi’s saber. As the saber light moved, tiny tears appeared in space. The might of his attack increased greatly; his aura immediately strengthened, becoming as least twice as strong.

Essence and Quintessence. They only differed a bit in spelling but there was a great difference in quality.

Just having one fifth of his Essence refined into Quintessence already resulted in such might for Bai Qi. It was hard to imagine the true extent of the power of a Martial Monarch, who had refined all his Essence into Quintessence.

“Eighteen Heaven Breaking Saber Strikes, the Sixteenth Saber Strike, Furiously Chopping the Blue Dome of Heaven. Scram back!” Bai Qi roared in fury. Since he was using Quintessence, he tried to turn the situation around in one move.

Xiao Chen did not show any fear. Scarlet color spread in his eyes as he released a horrifying state of massacre that merged with the peak state of thunder. A strange purple-and-red light appeared on the Lunar Shadow Saber.

“You will be the one to scram! Wind and clouds gather, lightning of all directions, heed my call! Earthly Lightning Tribulation!”

Sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent, peak state of massacre, and peak state of thunder all converged. They exploded out together with the Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique’s Earthly Lightning Tribulation.

The formidable power contained in the saber made everyone tremble. Its aura was no weaker than Bai Qi’s. In fact, it was even slightly stronger.


A maelstrom of thunderclouds gathered above Xiao Chen’s head and hurled down jagged bolts of purple lightning. Xiao Chen’s Earthly Lightning Tribulation landed heavily on Bai Qi’s saber.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Sparks flew in all directions as the weapons clashed. Xiao Chen’s feet did not stop moving, his saber continuously suppressing his opponent’s. This forced Bai Qi to keep moving backwards at a frantic pace.

Great astonishment flashed in Bai Qi’s eyes. He was extremely surprised. What Cultivation Technique does this fellow cultivate? His Essence actually became solid.

After he merged his two states and sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent, my Quintessence refined from one-fifth of my Essence is surprisingly unable to block him. He is already so strong before refining Quintessence. How strong will he be when he finally begins to refine Quintessence?

After forcing Bai Qi back again, Xiao Chen completed forming the mysterious phenomenon of lightning behind himself, bringing it to its peak. As the thunderclouds churned, the sky changed color.

An oppressive aura spread out, making everyone feel that a lightning tribulation would fall at any time and that Xiao Chen was the emotionless Heavenly Dao that would unleash it.

“Heavenly Lightning Tribulation!”

Xiao Chen executed the second move of the final series in the Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique. He immediately burst out with purple light. When he swung his saber, he seemed to have transformed into heavenly lightning descending from the sky.

Bai Qi’s eyes flickered. He finally made his decision. He temporarily relinquished the thought of vying with Xiao Chen. He swung his saber and went totally on the defensive.


Xiao Chen swung his saber, as though he was a heavenly being. An indistinct grunt was heard and blood trickled out of Bai Qi’s lips. Then, Bai Qi was knocked into the sky.

From the start of the competition, Xiao Chen’s aura had been going strong and incredibly sharp.

Unexpectedly, he managed to suppress Bai Qi all the way, not giving him any chance. Reducing Bai Qi to a sorry condition, forcing him into a constant retreat. Not allowing him to counterattack.

From the start of the elimination matches, Bai Qi had never encountered a match where he had to spend so much effort yet ended up in such a miserable state.

All the cultivators in the spectator stands were astonished. This was vastly different from what they had imagined.

“This Xiao Chen is extraordinarily strong. Without the Four Season Saber Technique, Bai Qi will definitely be defeated. This is too unfortunate for Xiao Chen.”

“Indeed, if Xiao Chen had another two years, the results of the match would definitely be different.”

At the sight of Xiao Chen’s strength, several people sighed, pitying him.

The moment the Four Season Saber Technique was executed, the situation would surely turn around immediately. Even the strong Yue Chenxi could not change the result, so how could Xiao Chen do any better?

Bai Qi was probably just waiting for Xiao Chen to finish executing the Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique. In the instant Xiao Chen’s momentum plummeted, Bai Qi would execute the Four Season Saber Technique, reversing the situation.

As everyone discussed, Xiao Chen finally executed the final move of the Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique—the Divine Lightning Tribulation.

Layer upon layer of thunderclouds massed in the sky, an apocalyptic sight that stirred dread in those who saw it. The heavy atmosphere made it difficult for everyone to breathe.

When Xiao Chen swung his saber, only that purple light remained, dazzling and resplendent.

From within the maelstrom of thunderclouds, countless golden deities proclaimed, “The Heavenly Might is vast and puissant. All who disobey will be killed without pardon!”

The voices echoed, lending the aura of Xiao Chen’s attack a strand of Divine Might. If this were executed by the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s founder, this attack would consist of golden lightning and be filled with Divine Might.

Bai Qi’s expression turned grave. He did not dare to be careless. He immediately drew out all his Quintessence, layering a thick Quintessence shield before him.


Xiao Chen, who was high in the sky, flashed like lightning. He arrived before Bai Qi, arriving as planned—like a Divine Lightning Tribulation.