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Chapter 600: Defeating You in Ten Moves

Chapter 600: Defeating You in Ten Moves

Yue Chenxi looked at the Lunar Shadow Saber standing upright in the center of the platform. Then, she sighed, “I concede defeat. He he! In the end, you are still not as good as me with close-combat techniques.”

Without even giving Xiao Chen a chance to speak, Yue Chenxi conceded defeat and jumped off the Wind Cloud Platform.

Xiao Chen shook his head helplessly. After his golden dragon finished taking a bite out of Yue Chenxi’s golden dragon, he gently pulled out the Lunar Shadow Saber, returned to his seat in the spectator stands, and closed his eyes to rest.

Endless chatter rang out around Xiao Chen’s ears; the atmosphere became jittery. As the matches passed, everyone’s emotions ran higher.

In another three rounds, this Five Nation Youth Competition would come to an end, and the victor would be decided. Who was a true dragon, able to climb to the peak and be favored by Luck? Who would announce the change of the age?

The stage was already raised, and the curtains drawn. All that remained was for the main character to appear. The show was just beginning. The cultivators in the spectator stands all felt extremely excited. They hated that the matches of the final three giants did not start immediately.

However, Xiao Chen was calm and collected. He quietly waited for his last three matches so that he could defeat the opponents before him and climb to the peak of this Sky Dome Realm.

“Next match: Bai Qi versus Chu Chaoyun!”

During the ninety-eighth round, the referee slowly read out the names of the next two participants in a serious voice.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and stared at the two people on the Wind Cloud Platform. He looked like he was in deep thought.

Of the hundred participants, Xiao Chen had yet to fight three people: Chu Chaoyun, the Noble Clan’s Li Tianhua, and the first seed, Sima Lingxuan.

In the ninety-eighth round, Li Tianhua had already fought his match. Now Chu Chaoyun was fighting. This meant that Xiao Chen’s opponent in this round was Sima Lingxuan.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen felt a strong gaze. He turned his head to look and saw that it came from Sima Lingxuan, who was radiating strong self-confidence. His sharp gaze, infused with the state of kingship, pierced through space and pressed on him.

“I will defeat you within ten moves. If I take even one move more than that, then it will be considered my loss.”

Projecting his voice over, Sima Lingyuan dropped some overwhelmingly confident words in Xiao Chen’s ears. Then, he looked away.

Xiao Chen was unconcerned. He said softly, “If you are really that confident, you would not have sent me such a message. If you are that confident, then why bother looking at ordinary people like me?”

Yun Kexin, who was beside him, felt that something was off. She asked, “Xiao Chen, what’s wrong? Was someone probing you earlier?”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and replied calmly, “It’s not a problem. It was just someone trying to plant fear in my heart. Let’s just keep watching the competition!”

The more confident someone was, the more afraid they were of failure. When metal was tempered too much, it would become brittle. This was a principle that had never changed since ancient times.

Bai Qi had lost to Xiao Chen; there was no more hope of him gaining the first rank. However, if he defeated Chu Chaoyun, he would still have a chance to vie for the second rank.

Before Bai Qi came to the competition, he had already anticipated losing to Sima Lingxuan. He had already been ready to settle for second rank.

Although things had not gone as Bai Qi had expected in losing to Xiao Chen, he had to fight for second rank regardless of the situation.

Furthermore, Bai Qi had lost to an outsider when competing with the Four Season Saber Technique. He could not afford to lose this match. He had to use his full power to prove himself.


The moment the referee spoke, Bai Qi immediately attacked using the Four Season Saber Technique’s first move—Long Lasting Spring Water, Growing Warm Then Cold.

Using the power of the seasons, Bai Qi turned into a surging river and gushed towards Chu Chaoyun.

“Hu! Hu!”

A strong wind blew on the Wind Cloud Platform. A boundless aura immediately surged, allowing the crowd to sense the strength of the Four Season Saber Technique again.

One moment ago, everything was calm and peaceful. In the next moment, when Bai Qi drew his saber, clouds and wind moved, and the sky changed colors, giving rise to a grand atmosphere.

“Life-Extinguishing Blood-Reversing Swordplay!”

Chu Chaoyun’s eyes remained calm. When facing this famous Four Season Saber Technique, he did not dare to be careless. His sword left his hand and floated quietly before him.

He opened his right hand and quickly drew a circle of swords in the air with his flat palm. When the circle was finally completed, eight beams of golden light suddenly descended from the sky and encased him.

Within the golden light, Chu Chaoyun’s clothes and hair all turned golden, giving off a boundless brilliance.

He gently patted the sword in the circle and a dazzling beam of light immediately appeared and shot towards Bai Qi, who was in midair.


Bai Qi could clearly be seen pausing in the air for an instant. That great aura of the power of the seasons was stopped by the energy contained in the golden beam of light.

Chu Chaoyun’s face looked holy as he muttered. A divine sound spread out and the eight beams of light merged together. Previously, his eyes had remained black, but now they turned golden as well. At this moment, the Essence in his body completely solidified.

The sword that belonged to Chu Chaoyun in the circle of swords turned into a beam of light. When it shot out, it ripped open a pitch-black tear in space along its path.

From a distance, it looked like someone had drawn a long black line on a white piece of paper; it looked exceptionally striking.

When the crowd saw this scene, they immediately felt horrified. “His Essence is completely solidified. Its might is now comparable to that of an Inferior Grade Martial Monarch’s Quintessence. Exactly what Cultivation Technique is Chu Chaoyun cultivating?”

Xiao Chen did not appear too shocked; he had already guessed long ago that Chu Chaoyun’s Cultivation Technique was a Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique passed down from the Tianwu Dynasty. Furthermore, it was likely to be of an extremely high quality.

Many great sects had some Heaven Ranked Martial Techniques. However, since the destruction of Tianwu Dynasty, no Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique had been known to have been passed down.


The horrifying energy on the sword clashed with Bai Qi’s sword. A loud sound reverberated throughout the nine heavens.

The sound was so loud that it shook the eardrums, shaking their tympanic membranes and causing temporary deafness.

Blood leaked out of the corner of Bai Qi’s lips. His body was knocked back by a hundred meters. This shocking sword strike completely obliterated the great momentum of the river and the power of the seasons.

“Eternal Light!”

Chu Chaoyun had always been the kind of person who would take advantage of every opportunity presented. He would not give his opponent a chance to turn things around. So, he immediately leaped into the air, leaving behind golden afterimages. Then, tightly grasping the sword hovering in the air, he instantly executed Eternal Light.

The 321 acupoints in Chu Chaoyun’s body burst open and released a great light. Every one of his acupoint sent out several ten thousand strands of light. Combining the light from the three-hundred-odd acupoints, the boundless light built up, layer upon layer. He turned into a golden blazing sun, one that hurt people’s eyes when they stared at it.

With the boundless light coating him, Chu Chaoyun immediately sent out 99,900 sword strikes. The many figures quickly merged together.

This was the Eternal Light that could defeat Xuanyuan Zhantian’s Ancient and Unending until the End of Time in an head-on confrontation. The instant Bai Qi landed on the ground, Chu Chaoyun arrived before him with a dazzling light.

“Flowing Fire Illuminating Everywhere!”

Bai Qi felt helpless in his heart. He had no choice but to bring out only half the might of the Four Season Saber Technique’s second move to quickly mount a defense. Chu Chaoyun had not given him much time to react, so he could not completely unleash the full power of the Four Season Saber Technique.


Golden light exploded out and Bai Qi vomited a mouthful of blood. Once again, Chu Chaoyun knocked him back, sending him crashing into the Wind Cloud Barrier. Bai Qi’s clothes were in disarray; clearly, he was in a sorry state.

“Damn it!”

Bai Qi’s internal organs received serious damage. The skin on this body was burned by the bright light, turning it into a sight too cruel to be seen. He felt extremely frustrated and furious.

Chu Chaoyun’s strength far surpassed Bai Qi’s expectations. He seemed to be on the same level as Xiao Chen. Actually, if only considering what Xiao Chen had shown so far, Chu Chaoyun was even stronger than Xiao Chen.

Bai Qi roared ferociously and used all the remaining Essence in his body. He seemed to have gone crazy, throwing everything he had into this one attack, betting everything on the Four Season Saber Technique’s third move.

Heaven and Earth are unfeeling. The great Dao is emotionless. The autumn wind is boundless, sweeping across the world.

Chu Chaoyun’s expression did not change. He quickly formed ancient hand seals. Instantly, the thick dark clouds above Dragon Sealing City churned continuously, opening up a hole.

“Inextinguishable Divine Light!” Chu Chaoyun shouted after he finished forming the hand seals. Eight beams of light immediately descended from the hole and encased him. The beams of light contained Divine Might, forming an impenetrable defense.

This was the move that help Chu Chaoyun stay on the Wind Cloud Platform when he fought with Xuanyuan Zhantian. Even the combined shock wave of Ancient and Unending until the End of Time and Eternal Light could not penetrate its strong defense.

“Keng Qiang!”

Bai Qi’s saber hacked on the beams of light and gave off a metallic ‘clang.’ Unexpectedly, the beam of light that contained Divine Might had turned solid.

“What…what defensive technique is this? Unexpectedly, it is so horrifying.”

“With such a defense, who short of a Martial Monarch can defeat Chu Chaoyun?”

“Maybe there is some hope for the Four Season Saber Technique’s final move. However, given Bai Qi’s current state, it is already amazing that he could launch the third move.”

“It feels like this is impossible for a Martial King to execute. The formless light was already very strong when it contained Divine Might. Unexpectedly, it even became solid!”

Loud exclamations came from the spectator stands. The crowd mostly had expressions of disbelief. The group of Martial Monarchs from the City Lord’s Residence was dumbfounded. They had not expected this unremarkable move from back then to have such strong defense.

Looking at the Xiao Chen and Sima Lingxuan card on the table, Zong Liang revealed a helpless expression. He sighed and said, “Unexpectedly, I made a wrong judgment as well. I probably chose the wrong person to fight Sima Lingxuan.”

“It’s too late. Xiao Chen and Sima Lingxuan’s match is next. There is no more time to change it.”

“Looking at Chu Chaoyun, he definitely still has trump cards that have not been revealed yet. The moves he used are exactly the same as the ones he used against Xuanyuan Zhantian.”

The other old men present sighed as well. Regardless of the result of Xiao Chen and Sima Lingxuan’s fight, their greatest trump cards would be revealed.

After all their trump cards were revealed, they would definitely be at a disadvantage when facing Chu Chaoyun in the last match.

Zong Liang cast a glance at Chu Chaoyun, who was encased by the beams of lights, unfazed by Bai Qi’s Four Season Saber Technique’s third move. He said softly, “Maybe this is the effect of the mysterious Luck. However, in the end, he will still have to rely on his own strength. Even though he has the advantage, he might not have the last laugh.”