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Chapter 604: Too Strong

Chapter 604: Too Strong

In an instant, Chu Chaoyun’s clothes and ornaments gave off a dazzlingly golden light. Strands of golden hair fluttered in the wind and his black eyes turned golden.

Thousands of rays burst forth from him, rendering that colorless and odorless wind golden. As the light shone, countless swords hummed faintly with the wind, singing a song no one could understand.

The strong winds howled and the light pierced through the dark night like it was a thick cloth, ripping it into countless shreds.

The expression on Xiao Chen’s delicate face did not change. Even if heaven shattered and the earth cracked, he would face it calmly.

He did not feel any fear in his heart for he had his saber in his hand. He said softly, “As you wish.”

“Ka ca!”

Xiao Chen drew out the Lunar Shadow Saber by a few centimeters. Instantly, a boundless electricity turned into arcing purple lights. Following that, the aura that he had been gathering all this time burst forth.

His white Clear Wind Robes and the ornaments on it all turned a crystalline purple. Boundless electricity materialized in the depths of his eyes to the accompaniment of the cheerful hum from countless sabers.

The strong wind that had previously been suppressed by Xiao Chen’s aura howled. Countless arcs of electricity leaped around the wind, crackling without end.


The golden and purple gales clashed. A loud sound rang out in the silent night. It was ear-splitting, startling everybody.

The two rivals both raised their auras, and the gales turned into hemispheres of light, one golden and one purple. They pushed against each other, not giving way at all.

The golden hemisphere was formed by millions of lights woven together, giving off a constantly glittering light. It looked illusionary.

The purple hemisphere had countless berserk arcs of electricity sparking and leaping around. As the arcs of electricity burst out, they rent the void, forcing out indistinct ripples.

The golden light and purple electricity pushed against each other, emitting an extremely intense energy that generated countless tiny cracks in the Wind Cloud Platform.

The vast Wind Cloud Platform looked like a spider web in the blink of the eye, cracks covering every square centimeter of it.


The two auras seemed to be of equal strength, neither giving way to the other. The two rivals lost their patience, no longer willing to continue waiting. So, they drew their weapons again.

The golden and purple hemispheres instantly exploded with a loud ‘boom.’

The instant the two drew their weapons, the kilometer-wide Wind Cloud Platform shattered. Countless hard rocks floated in the air. Before the rivals properly executed their moves, half the Wind Cloud Platform was already destroyed.

The spectating cultivators were dumbfounded. This was a scene that they had not dared to imagine. Even the other giants, Bai Qi, Liu Xiaoyun, Wang Quan, and the others, revealed expressions of shock. They felt like something was stuck in their throats and they could not say anything.


The two shouted and tightly grasped their weapons. The instant the light exploded out, they launched themselves at each other with boundless fighting spirit.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The weapons clashed and countless sparks flew. The two in the air moved very fast.

Aside from a few Martial Monarch experts, the ordinary cultivators could only see two blurry flashes of light—one golden and one purple—clashing with each other. They moved all over the place, leaving behind countless afterimages.

The dense saber Qi and sword Qi clashed. At those locations, tiny cracks appeared in space.

The two’s solid saber Qi and sword Qi unexpectedly reached a level that even some Inferior Grade Martial Monarchs could not achieve—capable of tearing space.

The Wind Cloud Barrier surrounding the stage seemed like thin paper sliced into countless pieces.

Thunder and wind howled; light scattered. After several dozen moves, the Wind Cloud Barrier was completely wrecked. The surrounding ten dragon pillars could no longer send out any energy.

“Flowing Light Sweeping Shadows!”

Suddenly, in the midst of the intense combat, Chu Chaoyun shouted. His body turned into flowing light and eighty-one afterimages appeared beside Xiao Chen. Each afterimage sent a sword strike at Xiao Chen.

Each afterimage used a different move. Some hacked, some chopped, and some stabbed. Golden light flashed on the sword and the eight-one flashes of golden light merged together. It glowed very brightly, dazzling all the spectators.

Everyone’s vision seemed to become useless with this attack. No one could see anything clearly.

“Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations! Change! Change! Change!”

Xiao Chen shouted and his figure split into nine. The crystal Essence in his body circulated continuously and he executed the Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations again and again, creating a total of eighty-one figures as well.

Each of Xiao Chen’s clones sent an attack as well, blocking all the attacks from Chu Chaoyun’s afterimages.

“Keng! Keng!”

In that instant, the clanging of the many weapons merged together and formed a horrifying sonic boom. The resultant surging shock wave rushed out in every direction.

The four referees floating more than five hundred meters away from the Wind Cloud Platform revealed grave expressions. They quickly made their move, raising Quintessence shields to prevent the shock wave from propagating any farther.

The four shocked old men exchanged glances, then projected their voices to one another. “What a strong shock wave! Newly advanced Martial Monarchs would not be a match for these two.”

“If this shock wave continued spreading out, the spectators in the first five rows would have been severely injured.”

“Fortunately, the City Lord had the foresight to arrange for us to stand guard outside the Wind Cloud Platform. Otherwise, many cultivators would die in this Five Nation Youth Competition.”



The two people fighting in the air did not have any time to pay attention to the gazes of others. They simply shouted at the same time.

In that instant, both sets of eighty-one figures merged back together and sent out bright lights. The two burst forth with light in the pitch-dark night, completely illuminating the Wind Cloud Arena as bright as day.


The two swung their weapons at each other. They were very accurate, ruthless, and emotionless. The golden sword light and purple saber light clashed. The force from the collision rent the surrounding space into pieces.

The huge force compelled the two, who had merged all their clones back together, to part in an instant. Both of them somersaulted to dissipate the force that pushed them back.

Xiao Chen stabilized himself and gently drifted down, landing on the head of a dragon pillar. He held his saber with one hand and his white Clear Wind Robes fluttered in the strong wind.

Chu Chaoyun, who was on the other side, landed on a dragon pillar as well. The light on his body dimmed; only a golden sword light pulsated on the sword.

The two were separated by a kilometer. The Wind Cloud Platform between them was so dilapidated that it was covered in holes, clearly in a sorry state. There was not even a proper place to stand on.

The dragon Qi released was turbid as well. The exchange between the two of them had sliced the dragon Qi into thousands of pieces; it did not even have time to give off a dragon roar.

Chu Chaoyun tightly grasped the sword in his right hand. He revealed a rare unrestrained expression as he smiled. “I have not fought to my heart’s content for a long time already. Xiao Chen, you are indeed qualified to say that to me.

“However, the show is just starting. Do you know that? Eternal Light, Inextinguishable Divine Light!”

Chu Chaoyun shouted and the thick clouds above suddenly opened and sent down an intense beam of light. It tore through the night sky and encased him.

This was not the first time the crowd saw Chu Chaoyun unleash the state of light containing Divine Might. However, when seeing it at night this time, it felt different.

The blazing golden beam of light seemed even more piercing with the dark night as contrast. When the Divine Might spread out, a solemn and dignified aura spread out as well. An urge to prostrate oneself in worship could not help but appear in the spectators’ hearts.

Xiao Chen pulled off the strip of cloth on his forehead. The immortal state of thunder and peak state of massacre poured out, merging together. They formed a strange alternating purple-and-red light, suppressing the Divine Might bearing down on him.

“Clouds move in all directions. Wind and lightning gather!”

With the merger of the two states, Xiao Chen executed the starting moves of the Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique, taking the initiative to attack.

Wind blew from all directions and thunderclouds churned overhead. Compared to regular thunderclouds, these thunderclouds above Xiao Chen’s head had the additional sharp state of massacre.

When Chu Chaoyun saw this, he thought to himself, He used the peak state of massacre to make up for his inadequacies with the state of wind and cloud. This will be much more difficult to deal with.

While Chu Chaoyun thought, Xiao Chen’s attack arrived swiftly. Chu Chaoyun stood on the dragon pillar and sent out golden sword images; he did not intend to retreat.

The sword images moved in an unusual fashion. It seemed like there were many Chu Chaoyuns sending out hundreds of moves at the same time.

Unexpectedly, this attack had a hint of Eternal Light. The principles behind the two techniques were similar. While the might of this attack was significantly weaker, its advantage was in its speed and ease of execution.

Chu Chaoyun stood there without moving, pushing Xiao Chen back with his attack. Its might unexpectedly surpassed Xiao Chen’s by a level.

When Xiao Chen saw the result, he could not help but be astonished. He pushed off in midair. After he performed a somersault, he sent out a second attack.

“Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop! Chop!”

Xiao Chen swung five times, each attack stronger than the one before. Although Chu Chaoyun still did not move, the dragon pillar below him had cracks that expanded.

“Earthly Lightning Tribulation!”

When the momentum of winds and clouds finally gathered to its peak, all the lightning-attributed Spiritual Energy in the earth resonated with an electric maelstrom in the sky.

Xiao Chen roared ferociously and seemed to turn into the Heavenly Dao, sending out the first lightning tribulation.

The lightning infused with the state of massacre contained a frantic desolate killing intent. It felt infinitely close to the cold and emotionless Heavenly Dao.

“Peak state of light!”

Knowing the might of this attack, Chu Chaoyun did not dare to be careless. He sent out thousands of light screens layered one over another, forming a thick mirror of light.


There was a loud sound but the light mirror did not crack. However, the dragon pillar under Chu Chaoyun completely shattered. Despite the obstruction of the light mirror, the attack actually still had so much power after it penetrated the shield.

Paling slightly, Chu Chaoyun scattered the peak state of light. He turned into a beam of flowing light and rushed to another dragon pillar.

“What a powerful Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique. After merging with the state of massacre, its might was raised to another level!”

“Lightning Tribulation destroying the masses. Actually, that is an act of massacre. This state of massacre completely matches the Lighting Tribulation Saber Technique. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen did not use this when fighting with Bai Qi.”

“With just this Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique, Xiao Chen should have been able to defeat Bai Qi already. He really hid himself well.”

“Chu Chaoyun is now at a disadvantage. Without using the Eternal Light or the Inextinguishable Divine Light, he will not be able to block it.”

When the crowd saw the horrifying might of the Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique, several of the spectators started discussing it. A ripple finally appeared in the stalemate between the two.

“Heavenly Lightning Tribulation!”

Xiao Chen shouted ferociously again and descended from the sky. He carried a Heavenly Might and was emotionless, like Chu Chaoyun was really a criminal who offended the Heavenly Might.