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Chapter 606: King Grade True Dragon

Chapter 606: King Grade True Dragon

In one more move, this Five Nation Youth Competition would come to an end. Everyone was extremely excited, their emotions surging as they discussed the development.

However, the four referees and the eight Great Elders of the City Lord’s Residence had serious expressions. They waited in tight formation, afraid that these two would cause a tremendous commotion and get many innocents injured.

“It has been a very long time since we have seen such absolute talents. The quality of this Five Nation Youth Competition is probably comparable only to the match between the Thunder Emperor and the Saber Demon five thousand years ago.”

“Back then, that was also an age of geniuses. The fight between the Thunder Emperor and the Saber Demon was a fight between the sword and saber too. Just like now, their attacks obliterated the Wind Cloud Platform.”

The twelve elders floating outside the Wind Cloud Platform projected their voices to one another. As they watched the fight, they sighed and chatted casually.


Just at this moment, something strange happened. The entire Wind Cloud Arena started shaking violently. Caught off guard, many of the cultivators in the spectator stands fell over.

Less than half of them managed to react quick enough. Those that did had leaped to the ground the instant the Wind Cloud Arena started shaking.

The area within ten kilometers of the Wind Cloud Platform looked like boats that had flipped over after a massive wave passed. The bleachers jutted out at various angles, with no pattern to the shambles.

Those below Martial King could not fly. These made up about eighty percent of the cultivators who came to watch. When they fell over, they could not right themselves.

“What’s going on?”

“What is happening?”

Chaos appeared amidst the darkness. The clamor of anxious cries made the situation even more chaotic.

“Is the seal on the Dragon Veins weakening?”

The expression of Dragon Sealing City’s City Lord, Zong Liang, changed. He immediately stood up and emitted surging energy from his feet. The ground within a kilometer from him calmed down in stark contrast with the surroundings.


A loud dragon roar came from the abyss below Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun. The dragon roar was even louder than the heavenly thunder. It managed to suppress all the noise around.

When the weaker Martial Kings heard this roar, their auras became unstable. Blood leaked out from the corner of their mouths as they fell out from the sky.

“Roar! Roar! Roar!”

Another three dragon roars resounded as Dragon Might pervaded the Wind Cloud Arena. Few Martial Kings could remain airborne. Now, the ground shook even harder. It seemed like the apocalypse had arrived, causing everyone to tremble in fear.

Zong Liang waved his right hand, and a golden token appeared in his hand. The rhombus-shaped token had ancient complicated patterns on it. The words “Sealing Dragon” was carved on its front.

The golden token gave off a faint glow in the darkness, exuding mysterious and ancient energy.

Just as Zong Liang was about to use the Dragon Sealing Token, an aged voice sounded in his head.

Zong Liang, don’t be in a rush to use the Dragon Sealing Token. The seal on the Dragon Veins has not weakened yet. It is just the four Dragon Veins all awakening.

Dragon Sealing City’s City Lord was slightly stunned. Clearly, the voice he heard in his head was a great surprise. His expression turned to one full of respect as he said, “Great-grandfather, you say that the Dragon Veins have awakened. Do you mean…”

“That’s right. One of these two people is a King Grade True Dragon. He is destined to rule the nine Dragon Veins. Did you not hear the urgency of the dragon roars?”

Zong Liang fell in deep thought. Suddenly, he looked like he was enlightened as he put away the Dragon Sealing Token. “So, that is why. It looks like I was overthinking it.”

At the same time, in the Imperial Capitals of the five great nations several thousand kilometers away, a loud dragon roar also came from each of the seals suppressing a Dragon Vein.

The nine Dragon Veins roared together, resonating with one another. The sound pierced through the barrier of space and gathered at Dragon Sealing City, further aggravating the earth tremors.

Above the abyss, Xiao Chen had already dodged aside long ago. As he looked into the deep abyss, he revealed an expression of suspicion on his face.

After some time, the loud roar, which contained boundless Dragon Might, slowly faded away. The entire Wind Cloud Arena turned peaceful once again.

“That was definitely Dragon Might earlier. The Dragon Veins have awakened!”

“This is too shocking. There was a total of four dragon roars. All four Dragon Veins have awakened. Out of these two people, one of them must be a Monarch Grade True Dragon!”

“You heard wrong. There were nine dragon roars, not four. Only a King Grade True Dragon could cause this much commotion.”

[TL note: I am not too sure how the ranking of this True Dragon thing goes but based on previous chapters, this is one of the ranking systems for Secret Treasures, where it was Emperor > King > Spirit. From the previous paragraph, it seems like Monarch ranks lower than King, which is different from the system for Cultivation Realms. The other system for ranking Secret Treasure is Superior, Medial, and Inferior Grade.]

“Ruling over the nine Dragon Veins, a King Grade True Dragon—this will put him on the same level as the Thunder Emperor. It is possible that one of them could be the next Thunder Emperor.”

When the spectators understood what was going on, they calmed down and, naturally, the fear in their hearts disappeared. The gazes that they had for Xiao Chen and Chu Chaoyun became even more avid.

Who was the Thunder Emperor? He was the strongest Martial Emperor after the Tianwu Continent collapsed. He was unrivaled in his era. Even in the Kunlun Realm, where there were many Martial Emperors, he still ranked very high.

The Thunder Emperor was the only expert from the Tianwu Continent who managed to establish himself in the Kunlun Realm ever since the nine dragons escaped and the Spirit Veins became wild.

In the Tianwu Continent, the Thunder Emperor was a legend, his story having passed down through the ages. Now, it was possible that another character like the Thunder Emperor would be born here.

Holding his sword with one hand, Chu Chaoyun smiled gently and said, “I forgot to tell you. There is no Earth Ranked Martial Technique that can break the defense of the Inextinguishable Divine Light, not even the Cycle of Seasons.”

With a faint smile, Xiao Chen replied indifferently, “I am confident of defeating you. Naturally, I don’t say things at random. Go all out and make your move.”

Without Chu Chaoyun saying anything else, a golden light appeared around him. Then, he pointed his sword at the sky.

A divine sound came from above. That was the language of the deities, containing an ancient Divine Might. It spread out in all directions, imposing tremendous pressure on people.


A circular beam of golden light descended from the sky, encasing Chu Chaoyun within. The light instantly solidified. A Divine Might flowed throughout the light, making the beam of light look like an ancient pillar that would hold up the sky until the end of time.

Chu Chaoyun, who was within the beam of light, did not defend passively. He roared and held up his sword with both hands.

The solid beam of light containing Divine Might that connected the sky and the ground abruptly turned into a huge unrivaled sword light, capable of chopping down the heavens and destroying the earth.

“I never said that the Inextinguishable Divine Light is only for defense. It’s time for you to lose!” Chu Chaoyun stared coldly at Xiao Chen. No matter what, he had to obtain the Luck of a King Grade True Dragon.

“Previously, this was already a very powerful defensive Martial Technique. To think that it can be used offensively as well! This is too heaven-defying!”

This shocking attack tore space into tiny pieces like it was a piece of cloth. Everyone felt fear in their hearts; they had not imagined that such a thing was possible.

When the sword light bore down, Xiao Chen looked small in comparison, an ant that would be squished to death immediately.

Xiao Chen, who had been holding his saber with one hand, immediately placed his left hand on the saber’s hilt as well. Maintaining a calm expression, he replied, “Indeed, an Earth Ranked Martial Technique cannot break this. Unfortunately, I will not use an Earth Ranked Martial Technique.”

He started to circulate his energies for the exclusive Heaven Ranked Martial Technique for the Azure Dragon Martial Spirit, Dragon Subduing Slash, in preparation for executing its first move, Return of the Azure Dragon.

A boundless sea materialized behind Xiao Chen. This sea was even vaster than what Xuanyuan Zhantian’s state of water materialized. Azure seawater filled the space as far as the eye could see, stretching to the horizon. The mysterious phenomenon gave the impression that the sea overwhelmed heaven and earth.

“What is he doing? He’s not executing Cycle of Seasons to clash head-on with Inextinguishable Divine Light? Why is he materializing a sea?”

“Indeed, with such a strong Martial Technique like Inextinguishable Divine Light, if he uses Cycle of Seasons, he might still be able to survive. If he does not use it, wouldn’t that be seeking death?”

The cultivators in the spectator stands could not understand what was going on. They all were shocked as they discussed Xiao Chen’s move.

The people from the Heavenly Saber Pavilion all felt like their hearts had leaped up to their throats. At this crucial moment, how could Xiao Chen be so impetuous?

Shen Manjun, who had been silent all the while, frowned heavily. Suddenly, she told Jiang Chi and the others, who were around her, “Xiao Chen might be severely injured later, or he might even die immediately. I am prepared to make a move in advance to save him.”

Jiang Chi’s expression changed drastically as he asked, “That serious?”

Shen Manjun sighed slightly and said, “That Chu Chaoyun used a secret technique to raise his state of light to a will of light for a short period. Whether I can even save Xiao Chen or not is uncertain.”

As the two communicated quickly, that heaven-defying sword light that extended to the sky swept across. Space shattered and cracks spread everywhere. The sword light hacked the dark night apart into several pieces, turning space chaotic.

Xiao Chen remained calm. At this critical moment, he did not panic. He merely continuously sent out the crystal Essence in his body, maintaining that vast and unending sea.

“Return of the Azure Dragon!”

When that shocking sword light was little more than a hundred meters from Xiao Chen, the aura that he had stored up all this time burst forth with a loud roar.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The sound of water exploding rang out from behind Xiao Chen. Three thousand pillars of water shot into the sky. Each pillar contained boundless energy that pierced three thousand holes in space. After the booming from all the explosions merged, the blue sky stilled. At this moment, heaven and earth fell silent.

The whistling of the sword light, the howling of the strong wind, the discussion of the crowd…all these strangely quieted.

In this soundless world, a clear and loud dragon roar suddenly resounded. An Azure Dragon leaped out from the sea before Xiao Chen, and a horrifying Dragon Might flooded the Wind Cloud Arena. Unexpectedly, this Dragon Might was no weaker than the ones from the Dragon Veins.

The dragon, hidden in the deep abyss, king of the four seas, also called the lord of the skies, could soar to the nine heavens. It could summon wind and call for rain. There was nothing it could not do.