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Chapter 610: Kunlun Realm

Chapter 610: Kunlun Realm

“Furthermore, it is likely that I will never become a Martial Emperor. So I can’t really say that I am busy. Who knows, I might need your help one day. If you do not mind, just call me Old Feng; we can talk as equals.”

Xiao Chen felt embarrassed in his heart. The other party was older than him by an unknown amount of years. His cultivation also far surpassed Xiao Chen’s, so how could Xiao Chen be so presumptuous?

“Elder Feng is joking. I can’t be certain about my future achievements. How can we use my assumed future accomplishments to compare with the current senior?”

The old man saw that Xiao Chen was sincere and that his speech was neither haughty nor humble. There was no arrogance at being a King Grade True Dragon genius or flattery to an expert or senior.

Xiao Chen had good control of his attitude. It was not possible to act out such a disposition on the spot. Without a strong mentality, he could not achieve this sort of result.

Old Feng nodded to himself. Only with such a mentality can one go far.

He had said those things earlier on purpose. In his long life, he had seen many geniuses, even some that were stronger than Xiao Chen, including Emperor Grade True Dragon geniuses. Quite a number were very arrogant. They had high standards but little ability. Many of them died prematurely. No matter how good their talent was, they still died.

Setting down the teacup in his hand, Old Feng smiled gently and said, “Historically, as long as a King Grade True Dragon does not end up dying prematurely, he is bound to become a peak Martial Sage, so my words are not at all exaggerated.”

As they conversed, Xiao Chen realized that the old man was not as reserved as Xiao Chen had thought he would be. Old Feng did not put on any airs and even answered several doubts Xiao Chen had on the martial way.

“Xiao Chen, do you know why the Martial God Palace is bringing you all to the Kunlun Realm?” Old Feng now guided the conversation to the main topic.

After thinking for a while, Xiao Chen answered, “The Martial God Palace might have competitors in the Kunlun Realm. They probably need to bring in a new generation of genius cultivators to raise their own strength.”

Old Feng smiled faintly and said, “It is pretty good that you managed to think that far. However, that is not all there is to it. There is another reason: the Sky Dome Realm cannot afford to raise you geniuses.”

Doubtful, Xiao Chen looked at the old man and echoed, “Cannot afford?”

“That’s right. We cannot afford to.” Pointing at Yue Chenxi, Old Feng said, “Let’s take Chenxi as an example. With her talent, once she enters the Martial Monarch realm, if she wants to maintain her rapid pace of cultivation, she will need at least ten thousand Superior Grade Spirit Stones per year. In less than fifty years, she would drain the savings of the entire Supreme Sky Sect all by herself.”

Xiao Chen was quite intelligent; he managed to infer many things from this information. If it were not an age of geniuses, then there would be no problem raising one such genius.

The reason being, if there were no other characters that could rival Yue Chenxi out there, then after she matured, she could gain more benefits for the Supreme Sky Sect, plundering the resources of other sects.

However, in this age of geniuses, there would be many geniuses like her. When they matured, they would not become unrivaled existences and could not help the sect fight for more resources.

Seeing Xiao Chen’s expression, Old Feng knew that Xiao Chen understood. He nodded and continued, “Hence, we need to send these geniuses to the Kunlun Realm. Only with Kunlun Realm’s resources, can we then afford to raise geniuses like you during such an age.

“Furthermore, the resources of Kunlun Realm are not in the hands of the Martial God Palace. Like always, the strong sects control those resources.”

Xiao Chen asked, “In that case, what is the purpose of the Martial God Palace?”

Old Feng explained, “Kunlun Realm is boundless. Cultivators are not the only ones there. The Martial God Palace represents all the cultivators, helping them fight for resources in Kunlun Realm, protecting them from other strong factions.

“It is impossible to give you a full explanation in a few sentences. If I were to make a comparison, the Martial God Palace is like the Heavenly Extermination Union of the Ancient Desolate Land. However, there are many differences. You will understand when you go to the Kunlun Realm.”

Xiao Chen did not say anything. He knew that the old man was about to get to his main point, so he remained quiet.

As expected, Old Feng smiled and said, “When the twenty of you go to the Martial God Palace, they will test your bone age and reevaluate your talent. After that, there will be many sects that you can choose from. The stronger you are, naturally, the more choices you have.

“However, given your talent, there is no need for you to worry. There will surely be a lot of sects fighting to take you in. Here is what the Supreme Sky Sect can offer you. You can take a look. There is no rush to reply to me.”

Old Feng handed over an envelope. In no hurry to open it, Xiao Chen received it with a serious expression and put it away carefully.

Old Feng smiled faintly and said, “I will take my leave first. No matter what choice you make, the Supreme Sky Sect will never make things difficult for you. The Clear Sky Medallion given to you in the past will always be valid.

Not even caring about the strength of the Supreme Sky Sect, Xiao Chen really admired Old Feng’s attitude and manner of speech.


After he finished speaking, a spatial ripple appeared behind Old Feng. Then the spatial ripples swallowed him up. When the ripples disappeared, it was like the old man was never there.

“Xiao Chen, what do you think?” Yue Chenxi, who was at the side, asked in anticipation.

He smiled and said, “Perhaps when we go to the Kunlun Realm, you might have to call me Senior Brother.”

Xiao Chen did not know anyone from the other nine great sects. At least he knew Yue Chenxi. Although they had not known each other for very long, they understood each other’s characters. Furthermore, Ao Jiao approved of him joining the Supreme Sky Sect.

While choosing the Supreme Sky Sect might not be the best choice for Xiao Chen, it was definitely not the worst.


At the same time as Xiao Chen was meeting the Supreme Sky Sect’s sect leader, Jin Dabao was meeting with another person. That person was none other than the welcoming envoy, Wan Feng.

Wan Feng played with a Spirit Core that had overwhelming Spiritual Energy, giving off brilliant lights and vibrant colors. If one looked intently, one could faintly see within it an azure flaming bird that seemed alive.

He carefully put away the Spirit Core and said, “Not bad, even in the Kunlun Realm, this Rank 10 Spirit Beast Azure Luan’s Spirit Core still has some value.”

[TL note: The Luan is a mythical Chinese bird related to the Phoenix.]

Jin Dabao screamed in his heart, What do you mean “some value”?! Even in the Kunlun Realm, this thing is still as valuable as a city. Do you really think this Fat Lord is not aware of it?!

Furthermore, Wan Feng cultivated a fire-attributed Cultivation Technique. The value of this Azure Luan’s Spirit Core to him was immeasurable in coin.

However, as Jin Dabao had things to request from the other party, he could not lose his temper. He smiled and said, “In that case, can our Golden Roc Merchant Association manage the businesses in this Dragon Sealing City in the future?”

The fatty was not lying; he was indeed here to discuss business. Furthermore, he was very ambitious. He wanted to swallow up all the businesses in Dragon Sealing City.

Although Dragon Sealing City only opened for a month, the people who came during this one month were the peak cultivators of the entire continent. With such peak cultivators spending millions, that one month was equal to one year of the entire Golden Roc Merchant Association’s business. It was definitely worth fighting for.

Currently, Dragon Sealing City’s business was in the hands of the top merchant association in the world, the Wan Clan’s merchant association. However, with one word from Wan Feng, it could immediately become Jin Dabao’s.

When Wan Feng heard this, his expression immediately turned cold. He said in an icy voice, “Scram. Don’t mention this again. Who do you think this young master is?”

Jin Dabao was dumbfounded. He could not understand why the other party suddenly became hostile when it was the other party who put out the news first. That was why he brought the Azure Luan’s Spirit Core over.

“Cousin! You are entertaining a guest?”

Just at this moment, laughter reached Jin Dabao’s ears. He turned his head and saw the Young Master of the Wan Clan’s merchant association walk in while laughing.

Cousin? Wan Feng…Wan Clan’s merchant association…they all have the family name Wan…. Suddenly, Jin Dabao realized something. He shouted angrily, “You two bastards, how dare you conspire to cheat me. Return my Azure Luan’s Spirit Core!”