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Chapter 611: Enticement with a Large Sum

Chapter 611: Enticement with a Large Sum

Back when Xiao Chen agreed to fight for the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, Jiang Chi gave him practically half of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s savings. Even so, he only managed to take out ten thousand Superior Grade Spirit Stones. However, the Supreme Sky Sect casually gifted him with fifty thousand Superior Grade Spirit Stones.

Aside from this, there were also all sorts of natural treasures. There were several Spirit Herbs for recovering the spirit. A rough count came to at least a hundred stalks. Each stalk was at least two thousand years old.

Finally, there was a faint blue inner vest. Based on the light it gave off and its Spirit Energy, it was a defensive Superior Grade Secret Treasure that would raise Xiao Chen’s defense by at least twenty percent.

“Ha ha, Little Brother Xiao Chen, these are just a small greeting gift. Fifty thousand Superior Grade Spirit Stones should last you half a year. When you go to the upper realm, there will be an even larger gift waiting for you there.”

The last line of Old Feng’s introduction letter indicated the wealth of the Supreme Sky Sect.


Early the next morning, the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s delegation made their preparations to leave. As they were about to set off, everyone was in an extremely pleased mood. One could say that the Heavenly Saber Pavilion had received a bountiful harvest in this Five Nation Youth Competition.

Before the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s group arrived here, they had not imagined that not only would they achieve their objective, but Murong Chong would also manage to make it into the True Dragon Ranking.

Even more unexpected was Xiao Chen, who became the first person in the history of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion to obtain the first rank. There was no doubt that the Heavenly Saber Pavilion would rise due to the King Grade True Dragon’s Luck.

After they left the city, they rode on Shen Manjun’s Golden Jade Glazed Ship, soaring into the sky and heading in the direction of the Great Qin Nation.

Warships and people filled the sky. As these people left, they would disseminate the True Dragon Ranking to every corner of the world.

The names of every genius on the ranking list would shake the world, resounding everywhere under the sky, even many years later when people recalled this Five Nation Youth Competition. This was the birth of a legend.

On the bow, Xiao Chen informed First Elder Jiang Chi about what he had promised the Supreme Sky Sect.

Jiang Chi did not feel any surprise at this. The Heavenly Saber Pavilion did not have any presence in the Kunlun Realm. They would not be able to retain a true dragon such as Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen being able to help the Heavenly Saber Pavilion by obtaining the first rank already gave Jiang Chi a wonderful surprise. How could he dare ask for more?

As a gentle wind blew, the Golden Jade Glazed Ship slowly moved through the clouds towards the vast horizon.


Five days later, above a mountain range at the border between the Great Jin Nation and the Great Qin Nation, a group of Rank 8 Spirit Beasts—Demonic Raging Flame Condors—blocked the path of the Golden Jade Glazed Ship.

A Rank 8 Spirit Beast was equivalent to a Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarch. Furthermore, it moved faster than its cultivator counterpart. It would be difficult for such cultivators to defeat it in aerial combat.

Jiang Chi frowned slightly and carefully counted. There was a total of eight Demonic Raging Flame Condors. Of which, the middle one was humongous; its aura was also much denser.

“This is problematic. Unexpectedly, there is also a Demonic Raging Flame Condor Leader. Even a peak Consummation half-step Martial Monarch would not be a match for it.”

Jiang Chi turned to Liu Suifeng, who was behind him, and said, “Suifeng, go and invite Ancestral Senior Aunt Shen out. If we have to go around them, we will have to extend our journey by half a day.”

At this point, Xiao Chen walked over and glanced at the Demonic Raging Flame Condors in front. He said, “Wait a moment. Let me give it a try first.”

Right after Xiao Chen spoke, the others looked at him in shock. These were eight Spirit Beasts that individually were stronger than Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarchs.

Furthermore, the Demonic Raging Flame Condors’ leader was as strong as a peak Consummation half-step Martial Monarch. Even a regular Inferior Grade Martial Monarch would have difficulty subduing them.

Jiang Chi said worriedly, “Xiao Chen, I think it is best we let Ancestral Martial Aunt Shen deal with this. Don’t be too impetuous.”

Xiao Chen still wanted to test himself, to find out how strong he was after he gained the true dragon. He smiled and said, “First Elder, rest assured. I know my limits. If I find that I cannot deal with them, I will retreat immediately. I will not cause any trouble for you.”

Seeing Xiao Chen’s determination, Jiang Chi could not say anything else to dissuade him. “In that case, do be more careful. Second Elder, lead some people and follow behind. If there is any change in the situation, rush over immediately.”


Xiao Chen gently pushed off the bow of the ship. As he flew over, a strong wind blew. In the blink of an eye, he arrived within five hundred meters of the Demonic Raging Flame Condors, approaching them from high in the air.

A black flame burned on the broad wings of the Demonic Raging Flame Condors. They had long hooked beaks that gleamed with a cold light. When their pitiless eyes caught sight of Xiao Chen, they immediately flapped their wings and cried out as they rushed over with a surging heat wave.

Placing his right hand on his saber, Xiao Chen quickly observed the eight Demonic Raging Flame Condors. After ascertaining their trajectories, he drew his saber with lightning speed.

“Thunder Shadow Chop!”

Back when Xiao Chen was in the courtyard, because he was worried about causing massive damage, he had not used this move with all the Essence possible.

Now that he was flying in the air, there was nothing for him to worry about. The surging crystal Essence rushed towards the Lunar Shadow Saber like a gushing river. In that instant, it gave off dazzling purple electric light.

One step…two steps…three steps…Xiao Chen took a total of seven steps, leaving seven realistic afterimages. Each afterimage sent out an attack.

When Xiao Chen obtained the true dragon, he had advanced to peak Great Perfection half-step Martial Monarch from Small Perfection half-step Monarch. When Xiao Chen now used his full power, the might of his attacks was shocking.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Seven agonized cries resounded. The saber lights sent out by Xiao Chen’s afterimages instantly hacked seven Demonic Raging Flame Condors in half. After that, he prepared to attack the leader. Everyone was dumbfounded.


The seven afterimages merged and Xiao Chen’s body erupted with electric light. His aura became overwhelming; he was like a thunder god that descended from heaven. As his saber Qi surged out, it ripped a long tear in space.

The Demonic Raging Flame Condor Leader was startled. It quickly flapped its wings anxiously and flew backwards. It did not dare to face this attack head-on.

“Pu ci!”

However, the saber Qi was too fast. Even though the Demonic Raging Flame Condor Leader did its best to flee, the saber Qi still chopped off its right wing.

The Demonic Raging Flame Condor Leader’s strong defense seemed useless. Crying out loudly, the Spirit Beast plunged towards the ground.

Xiao Chen had instantly killed eight Demonic Raging Flame Condors with one Thunder Shadow Chop. Jiang Chi and the others on the warship were all stunned.

Xiao Chen sheathed his saber, dissatisfied that his final attack failed to chop the Demonic Raging Flame Condor Leader in half.

This result proved that the Thunder Shadow Chop still had room for improvement.

When Xiao Chen landed back on the deck, Jiang Chi and the other exchanged glances. They realized that they could no longer discern Xiao Chen’s strength. With such strength, he was probably the equal of a regular Inferior Grade Martial Monarch.

Suddenly, Xiao Chen said, “There is a warship chasing us at Mach 5.”

Jiang Chi and the others were again stunned. They soared into the air and quickly looked behind. Indeed, a large black warship appeared before them, breaking through the obstruction of air and rushing over rapidly.

Their motive was clear: they wanted to stop Xiao Chen and the others within the Great Jin Nation’s airspace.

When Jiang Chi and the others returned to the deck, Jiang Chi revealed an unsightly expression and said, “They seem hostile. It is the Bai Clan’s warship.”


Just as the Golden Jade Glazed Ship neared the border, the Bai Clan’s massive black warship overtook them and turned sideways, blocking their path in a tyrannical manner.

Shen Manjun walked out of the ship’s hold leisurely. When she saw the Bai Clan’s warship, she felt suspicious and asked, “Jiang Chi, what’s going on?”

“I’m not sure. The Bai Clan’s people blocked us without saying anything.”

After Shen Manjun appeared, Jiang Chi calmed down somewhat. After all, she was a half-Sage. As long as the Bai Clan’s Clan Head did not come, it would not be easy for the others to try and block them.

“Everyone, there is no need to be anxious. My humble self is Bai Feng, the Bai Clan’s current Clan Head. I just want to meet with your White Robed Bladesman.”

A middle-aged man appeared on the warship’s bow. He was dressed in light-blue robes and was like an unsheathed treasure saber, giving off a bright brilliance.

The moment Bai Feng appeared, everyone from the Heavenly Saber Pavilion felt a huge pressure. When Bai Feng looked at them, it felt like a sharp saber was hovering above everyone’s heads.

Saber Sage! A Martial Sage of the saber—a Martial Sage that comprehended saber intent to its peak. When regular Martial Sages met a Saber Sage, they would not be a match.

A Saber Sage could easily defeat ten Martial Sages of the same cultivation. The Bai Clan’s Clan Head, Bai Feng, was one such person.

Bai Feng smiled faintly and said, “I remember sending an invitation before, but Little Brother did not seem to think highly of it. So I could only resort to such a crude method.”

Xiao Chen looked at the other party, and yearning bloomed in his heart. A Sage of the saber. He wondered when he could reach such a level.

He calmed himself and took a step forward. He said, “Might I know why Senior is seeking me?”

Bai Feng smiled and said, “Come over here, and we can talk. It is not convenient to speak down there.”

“Senior Brother Xiao Chen, don’t go over. They definitely do not have good intentions,” Yun Kexin said from behind. Liu Suifeng and the others did not say anything, but their expressions conveyed their agreement.

Xiao Chen said softly, “It’s fine. Given his status, if he makes a move against a junior like me, everyone in the world will laugh at him.”


After Xiao Chen said that, he pushed off the ship gently. Then, he flew over and boarded the Bai Clan’s black warship. He stood opposite Bai Feng, staring at him without any fear.

Bai Feng laughed, “Young man, you are rather courageous. I will get straight to the point. Where did you learn the Four Season Saber Technique? This matter concerns the foundations of my Bai Clan, so I have to clarify this.”

Having long expected the other party to ask this, Xiao Chen replied, “I met Senior Bai Shuihe in the Ancient Desolate Tower. He passed this Four Season Saber Technique to me. However, rest assured. I already swore on a heart demon that I will not leak the Four Season Saber Technique.”

Bai Feng’s expression indicated that Xiao Chen had confirmed his conjecture. Then, he said, “That is not far from what I expected. I have an unreasonable request. Little Brother, will you give me a copy of the Four Season Saber Technique you comprehended, along with its mysteries and your understandings of it?”

Xiao Chen said straightforwardly, “Sure!”

Bai Feng was somewhat stunned. He had not expected Xiao Chen to agree to his request so simply, without even trying to haggle.

The secret manual that Xiao Chen would write would have immeasurable value. The Four Season Saber Technique that the Bai Clan had been learning was the path that Bai Shuihe left behind.

With one more path to take, the number of Bai Clan descendants that could master the Four Season Saber Technique was bound to increase in the future.

Given this, Bai Feng felt rather embarrassed. He said, “Little Brother, do you have any requests?”

“There is no need. The Four Season Saber Technique belongs to your Bai Clan in the first place. Since you asked for it, I am just returning it.”

Xiao Chen maintained a calm expression and did not say much. A piece of white paper floated in front of him as he focused on writing down the Four Season Saber Technique that he comprehended.