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Chapter 618: Obtaining the Flame Seed

Chapter 618: Obtaining the Flame Seed

Xiao Chen stopped and muttered, “However, without the nourishment of Yin energy, even if I uproot the Netherworld Flower, it will not last very long before it withers naturally.”

Ao Jiao smiled and said, That is not a problem. Just bring the dirt of this place into the Universe Ring as well. This Netherworld Flower will be able to survive for a year or so. When you go to the Kunlun Realm, there is a special spatial ring for storing natural treasures. After you placed the Netherworld Flower in it, it will continue to grow.

Furthermore, I think that this Netherworld Flower is not many years away from maturing. The Holy Fire Manor’s people probably do not know much about the Netherworld Flower. That’s why they rushed into harvesting it.

When Xiao Chen did anything, he would always be straight to the point, carrying out his task with drive and vigor. If there was no value, he would leave immediately. If there was value in keeping it, he would take action. So, the moment Ao Jiao finished speaking, he immediately took action.

A dragon roar came from Xiao Chen’s body, and an indistinct Azure Dragon appeared under his feet. The Azure Dragon immediately bore Xiao Chen over everyone’s heads and set him down beside the Netherworld Flower.


Xiao Chen’s sudden appearance startled the Holy Fire Manor’s people, who had just killed the final Netherworld Fire Spirit. Their faces all filled with shock and rage.

When the gray-robed old man saw Xiao Chen, whose back faced them, his heart immediately sank. Staring at Xiao Chen, he boosted his Quintessence, causing his clothes to flutter. The people around him all felt significant pressure.

“Might I ask who your distinguished self is? Why are you snatching my Holy Fire Manor’s Netherworld Flame Seed?”

The gray-robed old man’s aura was like a strong wind blowing at Xiao Chen. His pupils constricted and a killing intent spread out. He clenched his right fist tightly, prepared to make a move at any time.

Xiao Chen kept his back to the crowd, still moving as he pleased despite the gray-robed old man’s aura. He said softly, “The Netherworld Flower is born of nature. How could it belong to your Holy Fire Manor? I will be taking the flame seed. You may all leave.”

“Ha ha! Indeed, born of nature! My Holy Fire Manor saw it first. Naturally, it belongs to my Holy Fire Manor. It is not the turn of a brat like you to speak like this. You can stay here forever.”

The gray-robed old man laughed coldly. Then, the power that he had been storing up burst forth. A surging shock wave kicked up the dust, and he stomped heavily on the ground. He soared into the air like a savage tiger pouncing, sending a punch at Xiao Chen.

The wind sighed as the Quintessence on the gray-robed old man’s fist gave off a faint glow.

Hearing the soughing wind, Xiao Chen turned around. He did not show any fear when facing this punch with its ferocious aura. He clenched his hand into a fist and moved half the Quintessence in his body to counter with a similar blow.


The two punches collided. Xiao Chen did not move a step. As for the gray-robed old man with the ferocious aura, he got knocked back. The energies in his body turned chaotic, and his hand went numb.

The gray-robed old man gave Xiao Chen a strange look. He could tell that the other party had just advanced to Martial Monarch. However, the other party’s Quintessence far surpassed his.

“It’s you!”

“White Robed Bladesman Xiao Chen. I’ve seen his illustration in the True Dragon Ranking List before.”

“It really is him, the champion of the current True Dragon Ranking. Furthermore, he is a King Grade True Dragon genius. Even all the geniuses of the ten great sects and eight Noble Clans of the Great Jin Nation lost to him.”

“Isn’t he suppose to be a half-step Martial Monarch? How did he advance to Martial Monarch in one month?”

When the gray-robed old man saw Xiao Chen’s face, his expression changed drastically. The other people from the Holy Fire Manor started to discuss the matter as well.

The face of the gray-robed old man sank completely. He said, “I used only sixty percent of my strength. If you think you can defeat me so easily, then you are oversimplifying things.”

The gray-robed old man roared loudly and circulated all the Quintessence in his body. In that instant, he used his Extreme Yin Flame to burn all his Quintessence, making a layer of burning Quintessence appear on him.

The gray-robed old man’s aura soared to that of a peak Inferior Grade Martial Monarch. The surrounding cultivators were all forced back a few steps, unable to endure the overwhelming pressure.

“Tiger Roar Resounding in Mountains and Rivers!”

An enormous tiger image materialized behind the gray-robed old man as he attacked once again.

Xiao Chen moved the ninety-nine drops of Quintessence and the Vital Qi in his body. He merged the Quintessence and Vital Qi as he executed the Dragon Claw Fist’s first move—Berserk Dragon.

A realistic dragon head manifested over Xiao Chen’s fist. A berserk dragon roared as he launched an explosive punch.


The tiger and the dragon contended with each other, their roars resounding without pause. The instant the fists collided, the tiger image behind the gray-robed old man shattered. Vomiting a mouthful of blood, he went flying backwards.

“I did not say that I had used my full power.”

Xiao Chen took a step forward and executed the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art. The image of an Azure Dragon flickered beneath his feet, and in one breath he caught up with the gray-robed old man, who was still in the air.

“Berserk Dragon Claw!”

Xiao Chen turned his left hand into a claw and swiped. Five azure-colored talons appeared over his fingers. The gray-robed old man had not even landed on the ground when Xiao Chen sent him flying again.

The sound of the dragon roar resounded without end. Xiao Chen brought out his Small Perfection Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to its peak. He stood on the Azure Dragon as it moved up and down in midair, alternating between fist and claw.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

At first, the gray-robed old man could keep up with Xiao Chen’s rhythm, managing to block a few moves. However, he soon ended up passive, no longer able to put up a fight.

The Quintessence blasted the gray-robed old man’s clothes into tatters. The sound of cracking bones rang out nonstop. Xiao Chen kept switching between fist and claw as he rained down a barrage of attacks on the gray-robed old man like he was hitting a sandbag. Only after knocking the gray-robed old man back for more than a kilometer did he stop.

The elders and the elites of the Holy Fire Manor were flabbergasted. They could not believe what was happening before their eyes.

In an instant, a youth had beaten the Second Manor Lord, who was peerless in their eyes, into such a sorry state that he could not even retaliate.

“A King Grade True Dragon genius is not something we can imagine. Even when he has just advanced to Martial Monarch, he is already so strong.”

“Indeed, the Second Manor Lord has been a Martial Monarch for almost five years already, yet he is helpless.”

“This operation will probably fail. Even if the First Manor Lord comes, he would not be a match for him.”

“Berserk Dragon Break!”

Xiao Chen roared ferociously, and the dragon head on his right hand and the dragon claw on his left connected. They formed a complete Azure Dragon, which soared towards the gray-robed old man falling to the ground.


The gray-robed old man stood up and cried out in pain. Then, he vomited a mouth of blood before falling over again. This time, he could not get up anymore.

The Holy Fire Manor’s cultivators in the area were all frightened. No one dared to say a thing. Nobody dared to go over and help. The strength that Xiao Chen displayed was not something they could handle.

The gray-robed old man was now riddled with heavy injuries. As he watched Xiao Chen walk over, he said in hatred, “The First Manor Lord will be here soon. White Robed Brat, you will still end up dying.”

Xiao Chen said softly, “Sorry to disappoint you, but he will never come here.”

“You killed him!!” the gray-robed old man said in extreme shock at having his final hope dashed.


Without a word in reply, Xiao Chen casually sent a strand of purple flames piercing through the old man’s forehead. Then, he took away his spatial ring.

As Xiao Chen prepared to leave, he discovered that a clump of pale white flames had emerged from the old man’s corpse. An Origin Flame, the size of half a chicken egg, glowed in the middle of the flames.

Xiao Chen was slightly stunned. He said, “This is a pleasant surprise.”

The Lunar True Flame in Xiao Chen’s left eye came out and swallowed the white flame up. Once again the Lunar True Flame grew larger. From the formerly very weak Lunar True Flame, it finally had some basic offensive power.

After doing all this, Xiao Chen took a look around and discovered that the elders and many elites of the Holy Fire Manor had all scattered and fled, disappearing without a trace.

Xiao Chen could not be bothered with these small fries. He waved his right hand, and the Lunar Shadow Saber appeared in his grip. Then, he slowly flew over to the Netherworld Flower.

Looking down at the lava, Xiao Chen carefully examined the area. After gaining an understanding of the area, he drew the Lunar Shadow Saber out of its scabbard. He sent out attacks towards the ground, firing out four strands of purple saber Qi.

“Ka cha! Ka cha!”

Four linked cracks appeared in the lava. The piece of ground within the four cracks was like a piece of tofu cut out into a perfect square. The Netherworld Flower sat quietly in the middle of this piece.


Xiao Chen leaped down and smashed his palm on the ground. The lava trembled violently, and the square piece of land slowly lifted off the ground with the force of this palm strike.

After the piece of ground rose by a hundred meters, Xiao Chen used all his Quintessence to chop it off, separating a large block of land that included the Netherworld Flower.

The Universe Ring flickered as Xiao Chen placed this block into it.

“I’ll simply leave by going up. I just advanced to Martial Monarch. I should quickly find somewhere to familiarize myself completely with my current strength.”

After Xiao Chen did all that, he looked up at the rock ceiling a kilometer above him. He felt that the rock was not particularly tough.

Pushing off the ground, Xiao Chen leaped up and sent a punch upwards. A hole immediately appeared in the rock ceiling.


At some point in time, Xiao Chen managed to completely pierce through the entire mountain and reappear within the lake.

After a while, Xiao Chen emerged like a flood dragon coming out of the water. Huge waves surged high as he took in a deep breath of fresh air.

After flying around, he found an uninhabited island. He immediately landed on it and took out the spatial rings of the two Martial Monarchs.

Xiao Chen’s eyes gleamed with anticipation. He smiled faintly and said, “The spatial rings of Martial Monarchs should contain a lot of treasures. I hope I gain something from this.”

First, Xiao Chen opened the gray-robed old man’s spatial ring. After looking around, he discovered more than five thousand Superior Grade Spirit Stones.

Xiao Chen now lacked Superior Grade Spirit Stones the most. Naturally, he smiled at the sight of them. While there were not that many Superior Grade Spirit Stones, there was a frightening amount of Medial Grade Spirit Stones—a total of three million.

However, this disparity was easy to understand after thinking about it. Rank 4 Spirit Veins that could produce Superior Grade Spirit Stones were rare in the Tianwu Continent. It was easy to imagine the number of Superior Grade Spirit Stones produced annually.

On the other hand, the Tianwu Continent had many Rank 3 Spirit Veins that could produce Medial Grade Spirit Stones. Given the status of this gray-robed old man, it was no surprise that he managed to obtain such a large number of Medial Grade Spirit Stones.

As for the other miscellaneous items, like Inferior Grade Secret Treasures or some Earth Ranked Spirit Weapons, these did not interest Xiao Chen. So he casually tossed them into a corner.

After that, Xiao Chen opened the blue-robed old man’s spatial ring. As the First Manor Lord of the Holy Fire Manor, he should be carrying even more treasure and wealth than the gray-robed old man.

Indeed, it was as Xiao Chen expected. After he opened the spatial ring, he carefully counted the number of Superior Grade Spirit Stones; these were in excess of ten thousand.

Aside from that, there were even more Medial Grade Spirit Stones, a total of over five million. Adding what Xiao Chen already had, he now had more than eight million Medial Grade Spirit Stones.