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Chapter 621: Fighting the Sima Clan Head-On

Chapter 621: Fighting the Sima Clan Head-On

When Xiao Chen saw Liu Ruyue’s concern, he grabbed her hands and said, “Don’t worry. Sima Lingxuan is definitely no match for me at this point. Seven days from now, the Supreme Sky Sect’s Martial Sage will arrive.

“That’s right!” Xiao Chen recalled something. He took out ten Inferior Grade Spirit Gathering Pearls from his Universe Ring and handed them to Liu Ruyue. He said, “You are already a half-step Martial Monarch now. You can use this Spirit Gathering Pearl when breaking through to Martial Monarch.”

Liu Ruyue saw that Xiao Chen exuded strong self-confidence as he spoke. So she did not say anything more on the topic. However, she did not accept the Spirit Gathering Pearls.

Her pretty face revealed a graceful look as she gave him a faint smile. She said, “There is no need. I should not have any problems breaking through to Martial Monarch; it is just a matter of time. The Spirit Gathering Pearl will probably still be very valuable in the Kunlun Realm. You should keep them for your own use.”

When Liu Ruyue mentioned the Kunlun Realm, Xiao Chen evinced a slight trace of sadness. He had to go to the Kunlun Realm, but once he went, it would be difficult for him to return before becoming a Martial Emperor.

He did not know when he would be able to meet Liu Ruyue again after parting from her. She was currently in her prime, possessing exceptional looks and youthfulness; this was the best time of a girl’s life.

After Liu Ruyue had given herself to Xiao Chen, she might never see him again. The bitterness that he felt over this situation was indescribable.

Liu Ruyue could tell what Xiao Chen was thinking. She smiled sweetly, like a hundred flowers blossoming. Holding Xiao Chen’s right hand gently, she said in a soft, tender voice, “You don’t have to give me too much consideration. Since the first time I met you, I knew that this tiny Qingyun Peak would not be able to contain you.

“The reason you are in seclusion here is just for the sake of flying higher. To me, the higher you climb, the happier I will be. All I ask is for you not to forget Qingyun Peak and the Liu Ruyue who will keep waiting for you.”

Tender sentiments stirred in Xiao Chen’s heart. He said slowly, enunciating every word, “I will never forget you in this life. I will definitely become a Martial Emperor in the Kunlun Realm and return here.”

The two exchanged glances, conveying feelings left unsaid.

In the remaining days, Xiao Chen did not cultivate bitterly. Sima Lingxuan had not been a match for him for a long time already. Now that Sima Lingxuan challenged him, he would only be humiliating himself, even if he reached Martial Monarch.

During this time, Xiao Chen collected some materials for refining pills. In the chapter for Alchemy in the Compendium of Cultivation, there was an Alchemy Recipe for the Countenance Halting Pill—it would preserve a girl’s countenance for a thousand years.

This Alchemic Recipe was rather complicated and its ingredients extensive. Xiao Chen planned to finish refining this pill during the time he had left of the half year and give it to Liu Ruyue.

Six days flew by. On this day, while Xiao Chen counted the ingredients he had collected for the Countenance Halting Pill, he felt a strong aura quickly heading for the Heavenly Saber Pavilion without any restraint.

“Little Brat Xiao Chen, get out here and fight, fast!” A voice boomed out, echoing everywhere. It spread through the entire Lingyun Mountain Range and startled all the disciples of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

Under the other party’s purposeful control, when the sound waves propagated, the voice traveled even further. All the cultivators within two hundred and fifty kilometers heard this shout.

Who was Xiao Chen? He was the champion of the most recent Five Nation Youth Competition, the strongest of the younger generation, worthy of being the King Grade True Dragon genius.

Unexpectedly, someone came and challenged Xiao Chen. All sorts of busybodies immediately perked up with interest. Many figures flew up and headed for the Heavenly Saber Pavilion.

When the elders of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion heard Sima Hong’s voice, their expressions all turned unsightly. The Supreme Sky Sect’s Martial Sage would arrive tomorrow at the earliest.

Nobody had expected Sima Hong to arrive at the Heavenly Saber Pavilion five days early; they had not made the necessary mental preparations.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Sima Hong casually broke the restrictions at the entrance of the mountain. In the blink of an eye, he arrived at the Heaven Viewing Platform, carrying Sima Lingxuan, who wore attire similar to his.

Xiao Chen packed up the pill ingredients and leaped out the window. He rode on the Azure Dragon image and arrived at a place a kilometer from the two.

Shooting a glance over, he found that Sima Lingxuan had indeed already advanced to Martial Monarch. His aura was drawn out, rivaling that of a peak Inferior Grade Martial Monarch.

“Xiao Chen, you should know what to do without me having to say it. If you do not lose, this Heavenly Saber Pavilion will be destroyed because of you,” Sima Hong said coldly, projecting his voice to Xiao Chen.

Ignoring Sima Hong, Xiao Chen gazed directly at Sima Lingxuan. “There are too many people here. Come with me. We will go to the Heaven Ascending Platform for the fight!”

Sima Hong watched as Xiao Chen left. He smiled coldly to himself. You better know what’s good for yourself. After you wrecked the Luck of my Sima Clan for the next five hundred years, I will not mind taking this Heavenly Saber Pavilion down with me.

“Father, I’m going,” Sima Lingxuan said to Sima Hong after taking a deep breath.

Collecting his thoughts, Sima Hong smiled faintly and said, “Relax. Now that you have advanced to Martial Monarch, the knowledge you accumulated in the Martial King realm will burst forth with ten times the combat prowess.

“You will definitely win this match, gaining back the King Grade True Dragon’s Luck. You will be able to enter the Kunlun Realm in the most perfect condition. Because of you, the Sima Clan will stand tall without falling!”

Strong self-confidence radiated from Sima Lingxuan’s eyes as he nodded his head resolutely. “Just wait for my good news.”

Sima Lingxuan’s figure flickered nonstop in the air, chasing after Xiao Chen to the large drill ground in the Heaven Ascending Platform.

“Xiu! Xiu!

The two landed on the drill ground one after another, standing in opposite corners facing each other.

Heavenly Saber Pavilion disciples already filled the tall buildings of the Heaven Ascending Platform. Many of them had not seen Xiao Chen fight before nor did they know that Sima Hong had pressured Xiao Chen.

The gazes of the spectators all gleamed with excitement and anticipation at Xiao Chen revealing his might and defeating the Great Jin Nation’s genius swordsman once again.

“Senior Brother Xiao Chen, do your best! Since his father was so rude, teach his son a lesson. Send him scramming!”

“Right! Send him scramming!”

“Send him scramming! Send him scramming!”

Instantly, entire mountains resounded with these words. When the voices rang out together, it caused the air to tremble.

Right now, all the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s disciples idolized Xiao Chen. When Sima Hong called Xiao Chen to get out, the blood of all the disciples had boiled.

It did not matter if you were a Martial Sage or not. This was the Heavenly Saber Pavilion, the Great Qin Nation’s Heavenly Saber Pavilion, Xiao Chen’s home ground. If they did not cheer for Xiao Chen, protecting his reputation, who would?!

Sima Lingxuan’s face sank. Even though he had only obtained the third rank in the True Dragon Ranking, no one in the Great Jin Nation dared to speak about him like this; he had never suffered such humiliation.


Having advanced to Martial Monarch, Sima Lingxuan allowed his powerful aura and the rage in his heart to burst forth. A strong wind blew continuously, and the clouds churned without pause.

The sword in Sima Lingxuan’s hand hummed as he infused it with Quintessence. He pointed it at Xiao Chen, and a sword Qi made from Quintessence spewed out, creating spatial tears.

Before Sima Lingxuan even attacked, he showed great strength. Some of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion Supreme Elders felt fear in their hearts at this display.

Just based on the strength that Sima Lingxuan demonstrated, some of the Inferior Grade Martial Monarchs among them would not be his match. Even some of the Medial Grade Martial Monarchs would have no more than a sixty percent chance of victory.

No one here had seen Xiao Chen fight after he advanced to Martial Monarch, so they could not help but worry for him.

Sima Lingxuan said coldly, “Xiao Chen, my accumulations in the Martial King realm is not something you can even imagine. Back then, you defeated me in ten moves. Today, I will only need one move!”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly and retorted without a care, “You got it wrong. It was not that you forced me to use ten moves to defeat you. Rather, it was I who was willing to defeat you in ten moves. If I really wanted to defeat you quickly, I would not need ten moves.”

“Let’s see what capabilities you have to say such words. The Mandate of Heaven is with me, I lord over the world. Sword of the King!”

Sima Lingxuan soared into the air, and a storm surged behind him. The scenery around changed, materializing a panorama of people fighting, armies clashed and the dynasty warred.

Then, Sima Lingxuan arrived as the son of heaven, ending these conflicts, holding the mandate of heaven. The name of the king of swords resounded everywhere. He used the power of a dynasty to form the state infused in his sword to fight against Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen felt surprised. No wonder Sima Lingxuan had so much self-confidence this time. His state of kingship had advanced another level. Not only did his previous failure not halt his progress, it even helped him to improve further.

However, that was not enough. A dynasty would eventually fall. A true king would not rely on the power of a dynasty, for he himself was the unrivaled king. Why would he need to borrow external power?

Under normal circumstances, Xiao Chen would have been interested in fighting with his opponent for a hundred moves. After all, Sima Lingxuan had some unique understandings.

When fighting such an opponent, Xiao Chen would always benefit. However, the situation now was different. There was an even more horrifying Sima Hong behind Sima Lingxuan.

Xiao Chen had never entertained the thought of losing without a fight. A King Grade True Dragon would not bow down because of fear.

If Sima Hong wanted to bury this Heavenly Saber Pavilion with him, Xiao Chen would even sacrifice his life to make things difficult for Sima Hong, to teach Sima Hong what regret was.

Xiao Chen made up his mind, and his eyes flashed, one purple and one white, like the resplendent glow of stars.

“Xiu! Xiu!”

The Purple Thunder True Fire’s Origin Flame and the Lunar True Flame’s Origin Flame flew out. In an instant, they chased each other like a pair of fishes. The Mental Energy in Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness drained continuously.

When the Taiji diagram formed, Xiao Chen pushed his right hand forward, shouting ferociously, “Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram!”

The Yin and Yang flames formed into a perfect Taiji diagram. They interacted with each other and produced an incredibly chaotic force. No matter what mandate of heaven you have, materializing the power of a dynasty, the Yinyang is everlasting, breaking through everything with might.

“Yin and Yang flames unexpectedly merged! How did he think of this? How did he achieve this?!” Jiang Chi and the other elders were all shocked.

“That diagram! What is that diagram?! Why have I never seen it before?! Yin and Yang, two extreme energies of opposite attributes, can actually merge with such a mysterious method.”

The people of the Tianwu Continent had never seen the Taiji diagram before. This sight broadened the horizons of Shen Manjun and the others, causing them to enter deep thought.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram moved extremely fast. Before absolute power, the Quintessence mysterious phenomenon of Sima Lingxuan’s Sword Technique utterly derailed.

The new dynasty that Sima Lingxuan’s state of kingship formed crumbled in the fires of war. Miserable cries rang throughout the land; smoke rose everywhere. At this moment, the state of kingship foundered.

“Pi ci!”

The Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram crashed into Sima Lingxuan. The surging energies exploded, and he instantly vomited a large mouthful of blood. He could not control his body as he went flying backwards.

That power far surpassed the crowd’s expectations. The instant it exploded, the shock waves scattered all the clouds. The horrifying energy knocked Sima Lingxuan straight out of the Heaven Ascending Platform.