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Chapter 623: Divine Weapon Revealed

Chapter 623: Divine Weapon Revealed

To think there is such a secret technique to instantly increase the might of one’s Martial Technique by thirty-three times! If he were a regular peak Martial Monarch, I would have been dead already.

After calming down, Sima Hong thought in fear, I have to eradicate this brat. Otherwise, I will just be leaving a future problem to fester. If he matures, he will destroy the Sima Clan.

Seeing Sima Hong stand up once again, Xiao Chen, who was lying on the ground weakly, could not help a bitter smile. Combining Return of the Azure Dragon with the Strength Character Formula was already his strongest move.

Activating the Strength Character Formula would instantly strengthen any Martial Technique by thirty-three times.

The first time Xiao Chen activated the Strength Character Formula, Liu Ruyue’s father had handled it for him. Back then, Xiao Chen had activated it passively without understanding the principles behind it.

After Xiao Chen advanced to Martial Monarch, he barely managed to learn this secret technique with the aid of Ao Jiao. Right now, he still was not that familiar with it. His Quintessence was not surging enough, either.

Under such circumstances, it would deplete not only his Quintessence but also his Vital Qi. Xiao Chen would not be able to recover without three to five days of rest.

As Xiao Chen watched Sima Hong slowly walk over like a death god, he calmed down, instead. If he could choose again, he would still not choose to lose without a fight. He would rather die in combat, never bowing his head.

Life was short. Why make himself live that sort of a miserable life? Such was not a life that he wanted. There would be no point in living, then.

Xiao Chen sheathed the Lunar Shadow Saber and stopped Ao Jiao from coming out. He did not want Ao Jiao to risk her life for him. He had promised the Thunder Emperor she would never suffer again, not even at the point of his death!

“When a cultivator advances to Martial Sage, after his body is immersed in Spiritual Energy for a long time, his body will turn into a Sage Body the instant he comprehends the natural laws. Martial Sages cannot be evaluated by normal standards.”

“Most light injuries can heal in a very short time. Their physical body’s defense will also be several times stronger than a peak Martial Monarch’s.”

“Although Xiao Chen hurt Sima Hong, he did not hurt his core. So it is futile.”

“Even so, Xiao Chen can be proud of himself. As a Martial Monarch, he managed to injure a Martial Sage. In the past thousand years, he is probably the only one. How unfortunate…”

Outside the Heaven Ascending Platform, the cultivators who came to watch revealed looks of pity. As of now, no one within the Heavenly Saber Pavilion could stop Sima Hong. Xiao Chen’s end was easy to imagine.

Despite the one-kilometer distance, Sima Hong only took a hundred steps to arrive before Xiao Chen. He looked at the feeble Xiao Chen, not showing any emotion on his face.

“You should feel proud at dying in the hands of a Martial Sage.”

Sima Hong immediately sent an attack towards Xiao Chen’s chest at lightning speed.


Just as the tip of the sword was about to pierce Xiao Chen’s chest, a scarlet saber Qi descended from the sky. It emitted a boundless state of massacre as it stabbed towards Sima Hong.

That saber Qi contained surging energy as if the energy of thousands of people had fused to form it. Unexpectedly, it also included a trace of the natural law.

Feeling some threat from the saber Qi, Sima Hong immediately draw back the sword and launched a sword light at the saber Qi.


The saber Qi and sword light clashed. Sima Hong took three steps back. When he looked up, he saw that it was Jiang Chi leading two thousand elites of the Divine Saber Camp over.

All the Divine Saber Camp’s members wore tight robes and held scarlet sabers in their hands. Their eyes were icy cold, staring at Sima Hong without any fear. They only gave off a boundless state of massacre.

Under Jiang Chi’s lead, the two thousand people formed the Heavenly Profound Blood Slaughtering Formation in midair. Everyone’s auras were linked together into a vast aura.

These two thousand people had worked together to form that one saber Qi from earlier. They had truly pushed Sima Hong back by three steps for the first time.

Jiang Chi said, “Sima Hong, leave this place now, and the Heavenly Saber Pavilion will treat it as if nothing happened. Otherwise, even if the Heavenly Saber Pavilion falls, we will make you pay for it.”

Sima Hong laughed coldly, “Idiot, just an insignificant Heavenly Saber Pavilion and you think you can make me pay? I will show you the true power of a Martial Sage today!”


Sima Hong stomped on the ground and quickly arrived before Jiang Chi. Every time he swung his sword, he sent out a strand of sword Qi. Every attack had the natural law infused into it.

The two thousand Divine Saber Camp disciples all drew their sabers at the same time. Relying on the formation, they focused all their energies on Jiang Chi.

Jiang Chi did his best to defend. However, when facing the full-power Sima Hong and the vast natural law, the difference was clear.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Sima Hong’s eyes were calm as he sent out all sorts of attacks. His speed became increasingly faster and stronger, forcing Jiang Chi to retreat continuously in the air.

The Heavenly Profound Blood Slaughtering Formation formed by the two thousand elites could not truly block Sima Hong.

“Just a rubbish formation and you dare to behave so impudently. Break!”

Sima Hong lost all his patience. He gathered all the sword lights together and attacked. Jiang Chi’s Saber Technique broke, and his saber went flying.

After the attack struck Jiang Chi’s body, all the accumulated injuries from earlier burst forth in one go. He vomited a large mouthful of blood and fell feebly from the sky.

The two thousand Divine Saber Camp disciples sending energy to Jiang Chi could not hold on any longer by then. They all vomited mouthfuls of blood and fell to the ground like rain.

After breaking the Heavenly Profound Blood Slaughtering Formation, Sima Hong landed on the ground again and headed for Xiao Chen, emitting a boundless killing intent.

“Fight to the end!”

The Supreme Elders who feared Sima Hong’s strength saw Jiang Chi and the two thousand disciples falling miserably from the sky.

Those Supreme Elders’ eyes filled with hate as they executed their most potent attacks, sending out multicolored saber lights and chopping down at Sima Hong from the air.

Sima Hong revealed a disdainful smile and said, “No matter how many ants there are, it is useless!”

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Sword light flickered, but Sima Hong never stopped moving; he did not even pause to deal with these attacks. He simply countered as he took a step forward.

Sima Hong destroyed those Supreme Elders with one attack, breaking all the various Martial Techniques that they had studied for their whole life in an instant. He knocked back all the Heavenly Saber Pavilion Supreme Elders like sandbags; they could not even retaliate.

“This is the strength of a Martial Sage? This is too horrifying. They truly deserve to sit at the peak of the Tianwu Continent. Even the full power of a sect cannot stop him.”

“The Heavenly Saber Pavilion will probably be destroyed.”

The cultivators who came to watch revealed some pleasure at the Heavenly Saber Pavilion’s misfortune. The rise of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion was not a good thing for them.

“Stop him! We cannot let him kill Senior Brother Xiao Chen!”

The Heavenly Saber Pavilion disciples gathered around the Heaven Ascending Platform rushed forward with hot blood running through their veins when they saw Sima Hong getting closer to Xiao Chen.

Those disciples could no longer restrain themselves as they continuously launched themselves at Sima Hong—all this for the sake of delaying Sima Hong, trying to help Xiao Chen fight for a chance at survival.

“How dare you block my way?! You are all not even as strong as ants!”

Sima Hong revealed an impatient expression. He could not even be bothered to swing his sword; he merely waved his left hand.

Winds blustered from every direction and formed a strong air current that blew the Heavenly Saber Pavilion disciples a kilometer away.

The footsteps grew louder as Sima Hong approached Xiao Chen. He looked at Xiao Chen and said, “I never boast. Now you know what kind of consequences one decision can bring about.”

Xiao Chen’s pale face remained expressionless. He only said coldly, “If I do not die, I will definitely wash the Sima Clan in blood in the future!”

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Who can save you?!” When Sima Hong heard Xiao Chen’s words, he behaved like he heard a hilarious joke. He laughed brashly, “Who would dare offend a Martial Sage to save you? Even at your deathbed, you are still so stupid. Well, you can try destroying my Sima Clan when you are in hell!”


Just at this moment, a cold snort came from the horizon. The person who spoke seemed to be far away, but the sound was like someone whispering in the ear.

These two conflicting impressions merged. Sima Hong’s expression changed drastically. Feeling a dangerous aura, he quickly turned to look.

However, before Sima Hong could react, a wooden box seemed to have flown through space and appeared, crashing into Sima Hong.

“Pu ci!”

The wooden box apparently contained an unrivaled force. Sima Hong vomited a mouthful of blood as the wooden box knocked him back.

With a ‘sou,’ it landed in front of Xiao Chen. The words “Like the Emperor Arriving Personally” were written on the front of the wooden box. No one dared to take it lightly.

Sima Hong wiped off the blood from his lips and shouted ferociously, “Acting all pretentious. There has not been a Martial Emperor in the Tianwu Continent for a long time already. Die!”

After Sima Hong spoke, he launched himself at Xiao Chen with an even more ferocious air.

“Ka cha! Ka cha!”

The four planks of the wooden box fell off, and a simple saber floated quietly in the air.

The saber gave off a horrifying aura that seemed like it could flip mountains and seas. Before this aura, Sima Hong was simply like a drop of water in the sea, totally unremarkable.

This aura was as vast as the sea and as massive as the mountains. When Sima Hong crashed into this aura, he bounced back miserably. Then, he rolled on the ground several times before stopping.

“Divine Weapon!”

An expression of horror filled Sima Hong’s face as he recalled something. Without saying another word, he picked up the unconscious Sima Lingxuan and flew away without looking back.

“Come here, saber!”

An aged voice rang out. Everyone looked up and saw a gray-robed old man flying over. He waved his hand, and that Divine Weapon came out of its sheath.

The Divine Weapon of the Heavenly Saber Pavilion that had not been drawn for many years finally saw the light of day again!

While hovering in the air, the gray-robed old man extended his hand and tightly grasped the Divine Weapon, Heavenly Universe Saber. In that instant, everything under the sky seemed insignificant.

Normally, if a Martial Sage wanted to run away from another Martial Sage of the same grade, the one chasing would have difficulty keeping the other one. At this moment, Sima Hong had already flown several kilometers while carrying Sima Lingxuan.

To the onlookers, the two were a black dot in the distant sky. The crowd could not even make out the direction they were moving in.

The old man held the Divine Weapon and sent an attack at Sima Hong. The Divine Weapon immediately lit up with a bright light, even overwhelming the sun.

Then, everyone saw an unimaginable scene: night suddenly fell, and countless stars flickered in the sky. The boundless universe became like a painting unfurling at this moment.

In the eyes of ordinary people, the brightest sun was no more than one of the stars above. It was utterly unremarkable when compared to the vast universe, absolutely minuscule.