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Chapter 625: The Arrival of Princess Ying Yue

Chapter 625: The Arrival of Princess Ying Yue

In one breath, Xiao Chen traveled five kilometers. Everywhere he passed, the strong wind kicked up high waves. Only after Xiao Chen stood firmly did the lake water rain back down.

After entering deep thought, he muttered to himself, “The explosive speed of Azure Dragon Tail Whip could almost rival Sima Hong’s speed already. However, explosive speed is not enough. The most important thing is to raise my basic speed.”

Time passed quickly. Xiao Chen spent a total of two months on this lake, practicing the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art at every moment.

He felt that he was not far from Great Perfection. Now, when he circulated the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art, he could maintain an image of the Azure Dragon below him as he moved.

It was not like before, where the Azure Dragon would only last for a while, flickering on and off. His speed increased by twenty percent, but it was still far from what he sought.

“According to the secret manual, after the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art reaches Great Perfection, it can materialize two Azure Dragons and aid the cultivator in flying. If practiced to its peak, it can materialize eighteen Azure Dragons.”

Xiao Chen’s face sank slightly; he felt some frustration in his heart. He had already spent two months, yet he had only made a small step towards his goal of being able to flee from an Inferior Grade Martial Sage. He was still far from achieving that.

He pushed off heavily against the water. Eighteen pillars of water immediately burst out of the calm lake and soared into the sky.

When the water fell back down, Xiao Chen closed his eyes and let it wet his clothes. Then, he slowly recovered from his slight frustration.

“Senior Brother Xiao Chen, I have already gathered all the Spirit Herbs that you asked for.” Just at this moment, Xiao Chen heard a melodious voice. Jade Maiden Peak’s Chu Xinyun had arrived.

Xiao Chen opened his eyes and circulated his Quintessence. Steam came off his body, and his clothes dried immediately.

Smiling faintly, Xiao Chen arrived before Chu Xinyun. Two months ago, he had asked Chu Xinyun for help with gathering ingredients for the Countenance Halting Pill.

Jade Maiden Peak lacked several of the Spirit Herbs he needed. As Xiao Chen did not have much time on hand, he could only ask someone to help.

Coincidentally, Xiao Chen had hit a small bottleneck with his practice of the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art. He needed to set it aside and work on something else. Now, he could use this time to refine the Countenance Halting Pill.

Chu Xinyun handed Xiao Chen a spatial ring, saying, “I have already collected all ninety-nine Spirit Herbs you needed. They are all in the spatial ring. Please check them to make sure they are correct.”

Xiao Chen took the spatial ring and checked the contents. After finding that nothing was missing, he said joyfully, “Many thanks, Junior Sister Chu. You have helped me greatly.”

Chu Xinyun smiled faintly and said enviously, “If I’m not wrong, you should be refining the Countenance Halting Pill. Given that it can preserve a woman’s looks for a thousand years, Elder Sister Ruyue is really fortunate.”

In contrast to men, women paid more attention to their looks. They feared the merciless passage of time that caused their youthfulness to fade. Being able to preserve their beauty for a thousand years was, without a doubt, something every woman dreamed of.

Naturally, Chu Xinyun was no exception. However, she knew these ninety-nine ingredients cost a lot of Spirit Stones. Furthermore, the pill was probably not easy to refine. Wishing Xiao Chen would help her refine one would be an extravagant hope.

“I’ll not interrupt your cultivation any further. I’ll take my leave first.” Chu Xinyun stopped thinking about that matter and prepared to take her leave.

Xiao Chen called out to stop her, “Wait a moment. This is the Alchemic Recipe for the Countenance Halting Pill. In the future, when you have time, you can refine it yourself.”

Xiao Chen could tell what Chu Xinyun was thinking. However, some ingredients were seasonal. He would be leaving in a few months, so he could not help her refine the pill. Hence, he gave her the Alchemic Recipe.

Chu Xinyun stared at Xiao Chen in disbelief. The Alchemic Recipe for the Countenance Halting Pill was worth cities. It would not be an exaggeration to say it was priceless, yet he just casually gave it to her.

Xiao Chen handed the Alchemic Recipe to Chu Xinyun and immediately returned to his abode to prepare to refine the Countenance Halting Pill. He arranged the ninety-nine Spirit Herbs on the wooden table and counted them. Finally, he took out the Azure Dragon Medicine Cauldron.

Looking at the Azure Dragon Medicine Cauldron with its overwhelming Spiritual Energy, Xiao Chen became slightly distracted. The image of a pretty girl who liked to crossdress appeared in his mind.

“I wonder how she is doing now? I am already about to leave the Sky Dome Realm. After I refine the Countenance Halting Pill, I should make a trip to the Imperial Capital.”

Xiao Chen muttered to himself and collected his thoughts. He still owed Feng Feixue a favor. If he had a chance, it would be best that he dealt with it before he left.

“Dong! Dong! Dong!”

Just as Xiao Chen was about to start refining the Medicinal Pill, the sound of knocking interrupted him.

Who can it be at this time? Xiao Chen remembered instructing Liu Suifeng not to let anyone come and disturb him.

He swept his hand across the table and put away all the Spirit Herbs and the Azure Dragon Medicine Cauldron. Then, he went over to the door.

A fragrance assaulted Xiao Chen’s nose, and then he saw a girl in a red dress standing in the doorway. This girl was gorgeous enough to bring down a kingdom. He stood there, stunned for a moment, before smiling. “What wind blew Princess Ying Yue over here?”

This person was the highly popular Princess Ying Yue. She said softly, “Just because you became the champion of the True Dragon Ranking, you now dare to speak to me with such poor manners?”

Xiao Chen smiled slightly and replied, “I don’t dare to. One doesn’t visit a temple without a cause. What do you need, Princess? Just tell me straight.”

[TL note: One doesn’t visit a temple without a cause: The meaning of this should be quite straightforward. It usually refers to someone who normally would not come for a visit unless they needed help.]

Ying Yue immediately stopped smiling and said sullenly, “Do you still remember the promise you had with Feng Feixue?”

The startled Xiao Chen nodded and said, “Naturally, I remember. I made the promise to her back when she gave me the Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art outside Mohe City.”

Ying Yue said, “She is in trouble. Her clansmen are keeping her under house arrest.”

Xiao Chen frowned and asked, “House arrest? Why?”

Feng Feixue ran most of the Feng Clan’s businesses. She had a lot of say within the Feng Clan, so how could she have been placed under house arrest?

Ying Yue took time to organize her thoughts before saying, “The Feng Clan controls the second-ranked merchant association in the world. The first is the Wanlong Merchant Association. Do you know that?”

Xiao Chen nodded to indicate he understood. There were five great merchant associations in the world. The leader was the Great Jin Nation’s Wanlong Merchant Association; they had a lot of power. Xiao Chen had seen this for himself in Dragon Sealing City. The Wan Clan ran all the businesses in Dragon Sealing City, aside from Ignorant About Tea Teahouse.

Although Dragon Sealing City opened for only one month, the millions of cultivators who qualified to enter were strong cultivators in the continent. They definitely would not lack Spirit Stones. Just this one month of business netted the Wan Clan an enormous profit.

Xiao Chen had also heard some news about the Wanlong Merchant Association from Jin Dabao. They were a strong faction.

The Wan Clan had amassed a vast fortune. However, there had not been any stories of anyone trying to rob the Wan Clan—which would be impossible without strength and some trump cards.

Otherwise, such a fat lamb would have been swallowed up by some strong sects and Martial Sages.

Ying Yue continued, “Four years ago, the Wan Clan’s Young Master fell in love with Feng Feixue at first sight. So, he got the Wan Clan Elders to propose to Feng Feixue.

[TL note: In traditional Chinese culture, a proposal is made by the male’s parents or elders to the female’s parents or elders. They are the ones who have the rights to decide whether to accept or not. In some variants, the male can make the proposal himself, but it will always be to the parents or elders of the female.]

“The Wan Clan is much stronger than the Feng Clan. If the Feng Clan offended the Wan Clan, they would face difficulties doing business. Furthermore, there were many people in the upper echelons of the Feng Clan who wanted to use this opportunity to gain connections with the Wan Clan. So they agreed to this marriage.”

Four years ago… Xiao Chen recalled some matters of the past. It seemed like the first time he met Feng Feixue in Mohe City was four years ago.

Could it be that Feng Feixue had come to Mohe City then because of this matter? Did she anticipate such a day long ago?

Xiao Chen remained silent for a long time before asking, “Princess Ying Yue, what exactly is the relationship between Mohe City’s Xiao Clan and the Feng Clan?”

Given Ying Yue and Feng Feixue’s friendship, plus the information network of the Great Qin Nation’s Royal Court, Ying Yue should know the answer to this. Xiao Chen had always harbored some suspicions about this. Finally, he could no longer resist his curiosity.

Ying Yue revealed a stunned expression. She said in surprise, “Your father never told you?”

Xiao Chen shook his head in reply.

Ying Yue said, “Then I cannot tell you. All I want to know now is, will you fulfill the promise you made? To take up the responsibility to stop this marriage?”

Taking up this responsibility meant becoming enemies with the strongest merchant association in the Tianwu Continent. Xiao Chen may be strong now, but if he faced a powerful faction like that, it would be like flinging an egg at a rock.

Xiao Chen did not take long to decide. He calmly said, “Since she asked, naturally, I will do my best to help.”

Ying Yue smiled gently and said, “Feng Feixue did not misjudge you. What you just said was worth her enduring so bitterly for four years.”

“I need to make some preparations first before I can follow you to the Imperial Capital.”

Nodding, Ying Yue said, “Then I will wait for you at Saber City. Feng Feixue’s father is there as well. The main thing is that the Feng Clan’s old man just passed away. Her father cannot contain the situation any longer. Otherwise, she would be able to continue dragging this out.”

“I understand!”

After Ying Yue left, Xiao Chen sat down in front of a small tree in the courtyard. He took out two medallions from the Universe Ring and fiddled with them in his hands. His eyes looked pensive.

Of the two medallions, one was the Supreme Sky Sect’s Clear Sky Medallion and the other was the Myriad Fiend Palace’s Heavenly Fiend Medallion. Either one allowed him to request the aid of a Martial Sage at a crucial moment.

With the favor of two Martial Sages, Xiao Chen would not have to fear any major factions in the Tianwu Continent. Martial Sages stood at the peak of this continent; they were not people any sect could afford to offend.

“It is likely impossible for them to help me deal with the Wan Clan. However, they should be able to ensure that I do not die.”

The two medallions floated in front of Xiao Chen as he made up his mind. In the end, he put away the Clear Sky Medallion and grasped the Heavenly Fiend Medallion tightly with his right hand.

It was best that Xiao Chen leave the Clear Sky Medallion for the Kunlun Realm. When all was said and done, the Wan Clan was just a merchant clan. Just one Martial Sage should be able to protect him.

Pushing off the ground, Xiao Chen rode an Azure Dragon image, moving up and down in the sky. He quickly flew towards the Ancient Desolate Land at a speed far surpassing that of Martial Monarchs of the same grade.

Ten days later, Xiao Chen arrived where the Myriad Fiend Palace was in the Heavenly Extermination Lake. After he took out the Heavenly Fiend Medallion, Xiao Bai’s father, An Zixuan, came out to meet him.

After Xiao Chen explained what he was here for, An Zixuan took the Heavenly Fiend Medallion and smiled faintly. “I was beginning to think that you will never use this Heavenly Fiend Medallion.”

Xiao Chen asked with uncertainty, “Senior, I wonder if you will agree to my request?”

An Zixuan carefully put away the medallion and said softly, “Although the Wan Clan is strong, they are, nevertheless, just businessmen. I can still ensure your safety. However, I have something I need your help with.”

Xiao Chen performed a cupped-fist salute and said, “Please, do tell me what is on your mind. If this junior can do it, I will do my best.”