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Chapter 628: Be Decisive if You Are a Man

Chapter 628: Be Decisive if You Are a Man

The many people behind Feng Tianhua were his supporters. They all stepped forward and started to point out Feng Tianming’s faults as well, criticizing him.

They raised their voices, overwhelming the angry Feng Tianming, forcing him back.

Feng Tianming was furious in his heart. Not only did Feng Tianhua sell his daughter, he even kept reprimanding him about various faults, intent on pulling him off the Clan Head position.

They were practically unreasonable. Even Feng Tianming’s other brothers and friends of the same generation stood on Feng Tianhua’s side. The situation made it hard for him to dispute anything; he could not even explain himself.

“Feng Tianming, I’ll give you some face. Abdicate the Clan Head’s position. Otherwise, when I summon the elders and oust you, you will account for all your wrongdoings there. Not only will you lose the Clan Head’s position, but you will also be thrown into the disciplinary hall!”

Feng Tianhua revealed a sinister smile. He looked very confident as if the Clan Head position was already in the bag and nothing could change the situation.

“Brother Tianming, since ancient times, the Clan Head position has always been held by the capable. Since you are not capable, you should just abdicate voluntarily.”

“Anyway, even if we summoned the elders, our vote will be for Big Brother Tianming. Whether you abdicate or not will make no difference.”

“Just abdicate right away. Since you lack the ability, stop hogging the position.”

The group of people behind Feng Tianhua all voiced their opinions, applying enormous pressure on Feng Tianming.

Feng Tianhua’s lips curled up in a sneer. He looked at Feng Tianming and quietly waited for an answer.

“How boring!”

Xiao Chen simply could not tolerate listening to this gaggle any further. He did not know why Feng Tianming was still hesitating. Since the other party was pushing him to his death, why was he still dragging his feet over this?

Feng Feixue had already been taken away. The important thing was to quickly rush to the Great Jin Nation and bring her back. They did not have time to waste dealing with this pack of wolves here.

Be decisive if you are a man!


A dragon roar came from Xiao Chen’s body. He remained expressionless, impatient of all the nonsense. Suddenly, he used Berserk Dragon and attacked Feng Tianhua.

A dragon roared ferociously, and an Azure Dragon image instantly appeared below Xiao Chen’s feet, moving up and down. As the dragon head on his fist flew forward, it carried a fierce surging wind.

The momentum of this punch was astonishing. The attack was boundlessly bold and powerful, coming out of the blue. It startled Feng Tianhua, who was waiting for an answer.

Feng Tianhua had not expected that someone would attack him here. Furthermore, the attacker was so ruthless.

Caught off-guard, Feng Tianhua did not even have an opportunity to draw his sword. He took one step back and punched with his right fist, sending out a surging Quintessence in an attempt to block Xiao Chen’s blow.


The two punches clashed, producing a violent explosion that formed horrifying shock waves. The blast forced the surrounding people away.

Two sturdy pillars at the side cracked so much that they looked like they would fall over at any moment.

Feng Tianhua tasted something sweet in his mouth, and blood immediately spilled out of the corner of his lips. Xiao Chen’s force had shattered his Quintessence and injured his internal organs.

“Who are you?! How dare you behave so wildly in the Feng Clan?! Are you tired of life?” Feng Tianhua shouted furiously.

Xiao Chen did not bother saying anything to him. Feng Tianhua was a Medial Grade Martial Monarch. Xiao Chen had to take advantage of the edge his punch had given him to take Feng Tianhua down.

Otherwise, if Feng Tianhua recovered his wits and adjusted to the rhythm of the battle, Xiao Chen might be in trouble.

The Azure Dragon image below Xiao Chen roared continuously. As it moved up and down, Xiao Chen arrived before Feng Tianhua in the blink of an eye.

Xiao Chen circulated all his Vital Qi and formed a fist and a claw. Without using Quintessence, he could bring out five hundred kilograms of force. His attacking speed was incredibly fast. Circulating Vital Qi was much faster than circulating Quintessence.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Feng Tianhua had circulated his Quintessence only halfway for his move when Xiao Chen pushed him back. A gale howled, and wounds of various sizes suddenly covered his body.

“Damn it! Scram!”

After being forced into a miserable state by a junior before everyone, Feng Tianhua finally became furious. Burning Quintessence immediately covered his body.

“Tianhua had to burn his Quintessence!”

The people around them were incredibly astonished. Feng Tianhua had long been a Medial Grade Martial Monarch already. Unexpectedly, he had to burn his Quintessence so quickly into the fight.

What was even more surprising was that Feng Tianhua, who had burned his Quintessence, failed to push back Xiao Chen when they clashed head-on.

Xiao Chen was not surprised at Feng Tianhua burning his Quintessence; he had already expected him to do so. Xiao Chen’s Vital Qi and Quintessence had been merging even before this, and he had never stopped attacking.

A surging shock wave burst forth; ripples spread out in the air. Feng Tianhua took ten steps back, but Xiao Chen took only eight.


The corridor they were at could no longer withstand the pressure from the two’s fight. With a loud sound, the entire place collapsed, turning into rubble.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The two attacked at the same time again. The decorative boulders shattered, blasted into dust and disappearing with the wind.

When Feng Tianhua saw that he still did not have the upper hand despite burning his Quintessence, his face became terrifyingly gloomy. He quickly moved his right hand and grasped the sword hilt at his waist.

“Elder Brother Tianhua is going to draw his sword. That brat is a goner for sure.”

“That’s right. Elder Brother Tianhua’s sword intent has reached forty percent comprehension. After he draws his sword, he will be able to finish off this person in ten moves.”

“No doubt this brat will die today. Even if Feng Tianming shields him, it will be no use.”

All of Feng Tianhua’s supporters spoke out. They were clearly frustrated at Xiao Chen’s sudden appearance.


Feng Tianhua drew his sword, and a surging sword intent spread out. His entire sword trembled continuously. In that instant, all the swords around could not help but vibrate in harmony with his.

He leaped up with a venomous look in his eyes. His Quintessence gathered on his sword and created a sharp sword light together with his forty-percent-comprehended sword intent.

Feng Tianhua’s supporters immediately revealed expressions of joy. After they defeated this brat, they would be able to add one more to Feng Tianming’s list of wrongdoings.

“Qiang! Qiang!”

However, before Feng Tianhua’s supporters could stop smiling, Xiao Chen already drew his Lunar Shadow Saber from its scabbard. He used his sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent and his Quintessence to form a dazzling purple saber light.

“Ka ca!”

When the saber light and sword light clashed, the sword light did not stand a chance. It broke in half like an ordinary piece of wood.

When Feng Tianhua’s sword light disappeared, only half his sword remained. The other half had shattered in the air and rained down metal scraps, creating tiny tears in space.

With one move, Xiao Chen broke his opponent’s sword in half, defeating him.

Such strength left not only Feng Tianhua’s supporters dumbfounded, even Feng Tianming himself was astonished, his mouth gaping open wide.

Feng Tianhua had used this sword for several decades. He had already established a deep connection with it. When the sword broke, he immediately vomited a mouthful of blood.

Feng Tianhua revealed an expression of disbelief on his pale face. He asked, “Who in the world are you?”

“There is no need for someone who is about to die to ask so many questions!”

Xiao Chen stomped on the ground and hacked out with his saber continuously. Saber lights rained down like a storm as he took advantage of Feng Tianhua’s weaponless state to try and kill him.

A strong aura enveloped Xiao Chen. From his posture, it looked like he intended to kill Feng Tianhua, not even allowing him a chance to flee.

The expressions of Feng Tianhua’s supporters immediately changed. They quickly leaped into the air and attacked Xiao Chen, trying to save Feng Tianhua.

However, these people were only half-step Martial Monarchs. After all, Martial Monarchs are not exactly common.

The attacks of Essence could not break Xiao Chen’s Quintessence shield, so there was no need for him to pay them too much mind. All he had to do was avoid their killing moves.

After heavily injuring Feng Tianhua, Xiao Chen shifted his gaze to the minor characters. He used the Thunder Shadow Chop, and afterimages flickered.

He sent out seven attacks instantly, knocking down all the people harassing him. They all keeled over in pain.

Feng Tianhua and his group all fell to Xiao Chen’s hand quickly. They no longer had the imposing air they had previously. No one dared to say anything.

Ying Yue watched as Xiao Chen sheathed his saber. A look of appreciation flashed in her pretty eyes. She asked softly, “Mister Feng, are you still unable to make the decision?

“They have the Wan Clan to support them, but you have the support of the Great Qin Nation’s Royal Court. The Royal Court will never stand by idly and watch the Feng Clan’s business get swallowed up by the Wan Clan.”

Feng Mingtian’s heart turned cold; he knew that there was no going back. He instructed the five people behind him, “These people are colluding with outsiders to harm the clan. Kill them all, and show no mercy!”

Xiao Chen ignored the five guards who started killing. He walked directly to Feng Tianming and said, “Prepare the best warship. We have to make use of the next seven days to catch up.”

Feng Tianming shook his head and said, “Seven days would not be enough for an ordinary warship to reach the Great Jin Nation. I’m sure that Wan Feng is using the Martial God Palace’s warship.”

After muttering to herself, Ying Yue said, “Use our Imperial Dragon Legion’s flagship, the Imperial Dragon. Although it is not comparable to the Martial God Palace’s warship, if you pick the right route, you should be able to arrive in five days.”

Feng Tianming’s eyes lit up. He said hurriedly, “Many thanks, Princess Ying Yue.”

She smiled gently and said, “I cannot leave the Great Qin Nation, so I will not be able to follow you. I will send some people to coordinate with you at the border.”

The Great Qin Nation could not openly offend the Wan Clan. Xiao Chen and Feng Tianming understood this. For Ying Yue to lend them the Imperial Dragon Legion’s flagship was already a great help.

After Feng Tianming exhibited a heavy hand, the chaotic situation finally stabilized. As for gathering the elders, he no longer had time to bother with it.

Feng Tianming held a map in the great hall. He discussed the best route with his five guards.

Flying in a straight line was impossible. Some places had large numbers of horrifying high-ranked flying Spirit Beasts blocking the way.

Some places had spatial storms that would shred anything that flew into those areas to bits. Some places were the territories of ancient clans; they could not enter that airspace without permission.

If they followed the regular trade routes, it would take them seven days to reach the Wan Clan’s headquarters in the Great Jin Nation from the Imperial Capital, even if they used the Imperial Dragon Legion’s flagship.

Hence, they had to pick areas that they would normally avoid and break through forcefully to save some time.

Xiao Chen placed the wooden box wrapped in black cloth behind him on the table. Then, he sat down and rested.

After about fifteen minutes:

“Xiao Chen, we have picked the route. We plan to make the breakthrough in the airspace of Black Smoke Mountain Range. This will allow us to save two days.”