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Chapter 631: If You Do Not Submit, I Will Beat You until You Do

Chapter 631: If You Do Not Submit, I Will Beat You until You Do

For Wan Feng to become the welcoming envoy, he no doubt had significant standing in the Kunlun Realm. He was definitely not a nobody there.

Everyone understood that by relying on Wan Feng in the Kunlun Realm, the Wan Clan would flourish without fail. There would not be any drawbacks to establishing a good relationship with them.

On the other hand, if they offended the Wan Clan, when their geniuses went to the Kunlun Realm, the power behind Wan Feng would surely suppress them. There would be no benefits at all.

Xiao Chen looked very calm under his bamboo hat. He had received the favor of a person and made a promise to her. Since he had agreed, he could not back out of it.

Xiao Chen would not break his promise. Since he had given his word, he would do all he could to keep it.

The two slowly left the crowd and went to a room in the inn. Then, they waited quietly for news; neither said anything.

After a while, one of Feng Tianming’s guards carefully opened the door and entered.

Feng Tianming, who had waited for very long, immediately stood up and asked, “How did it go? Did you hear any news?”

“The wedding will be held at the Wan Clan’s palace. It will begin at noon,” that person replied respectfully.

Feng Tianming pushed open the window and looked at the sky. He said sullenly, “It will start in another hour. Let’s go. We have to make the situation known to everyone before the wedding starts.”

Guards filled the entire place; countless experts wandered around. The cost of attacking head-on would be astronomically large; furthermore, the attack might even endanger Feng Feixue.

During the previous night, the group discussed and decided to explain everything in front of all the guests. As the father of the bride, if Feng Tianming spoke, his words would have great weight.

No matter how shameless the Wan Clan was, they would not take action in front of everyone.

The Wan Clan’s palace was vast and magnificent. At a glance, it looked like a small city. It was several hectares large, and guards filled the entire place. This estate was the core of the Wanlong Merchant Association’s headquarters.

Xiao Chen and the others arrived before the palace and removed their bamboo hats. Then they walked towards the palace together with the invited guests.

“Halt, who are you? Do you have an invitation? If you do not, you are not allowed in.”

The guard stopped Feng Tianming’s group expressionlessly, speaking in a cold voice.

Feng Tianming took out a medallion to prove his identity. He growled, “What do you mean? I am the bride’s father. Do I even need an invitation?”

Clearly, the guard at the front had received instructions from above. They did not have any intention of allowing the group to enter.

Other guards quietly came over and surrounded them. They used the wall of people to prevent the guests from noticing what was happening.

On top of a wall, the Wan Clan’s Clan Head, Wan Baolou, Wan Feng, and Wan Shan looked coldly at Feng Tianming’s group below. Eight expressionless Martial Monarchs with deep cultivations stood behind them, not revealing any killing intent.

These eight people were the Wan Clan’s famous Eight Great Guardian Deities. When they worked together, they would be able to trounce a peak Martial Monarch.

Wan Feng smiled gently and said, “Uncle, you should go and entertain the guests. Cousin, just go and receive your bride. Leave this place to me. With me around, they definitely will not be able to enter. I guarantee it.”

Wan Baoluo rejected this idea. He smiled and said, “Nephew, you are overthinking this. There is no need for my honored nephew to stand guard at the gates. Eight Great Guardian Deities, guard this place. If they want to force their way in, teach them a lesson.”

Wan Feng looked at the Eight Great Guardian Deities behind him and did not say anything. These eight people knew a cooperative Martial Technique. Even he would find them difficult to handle if he fought head-on with them.

These eight people here would be sufficient to stop Xiao Chen and the others outside. Even if they could not stop them, they should be able to delay them until the wedding ceremony was over. By then, it would not matter whether they came in or not.

The three of them chatted happily as they left behind the Eight Great Guardian Deities watching Xiao Chen and the others below with cold gazes.

Xiao Chen looked up, surreptitiously checking the top of the palace. He saw Wan Feng and the others depart. Then he projected his voice to Feng Tianming, saying, “This is not going to work. Let’s stop wasting time here.”

Feng Tianming felt very wrong. His beloved daughter was getting married, and yet he and his group were prevented from entering, unable to even go through the gates.

“Scram, the Wan Clan is not a place where you can do as you please. It does not matter who you are. If you do not have an invitation, you cannot go in.” The head guard did not even bother to look at Feng Tianming, directly chasing the group away.

This place was the headquarters of the Great Jin Nation’s Wan Clan. In this place, the Wan Clan was king. Given the instructions of the Clan Head, this group of guards did not care about the six Martial Monarchs before them at all.

Even if these six Martial Monarchs tried to force their way in, they would not be afraid. The thirty-six Martial Monarchs of their branches had all arrived already. Furthermore, there were the Eight Great Guardian Deities, who never left the headquarters. Unless a Martial Sage came, these six would not be able to enter from the front.

After hearing Xiao Chen’s instructions, Feng Tianming resisted bursting out in anger here, even though he was furious. He simply led the group away from this place.

A stout man among the Eight Great Guardian Deities, the leader Tuoba Yun, smiled coldly and said, “They are quite wise. It’s too bad, though. I have not gotten to stretch myself properly for several years already.”

A person at the side smiled and said, “The one in the middle looks like the White Robed Bladesman Xiao Chen, the King Grade True Dragon of the current True Dragon Ranking.”

Tuoba Yun said disdainfully, “King Grade True Dragon? Wait until he matures first. Now? Ha ha! If he dares to be unruly here, I would not mind teaching him a lesson.”

After Feng Tianming led the group to a faraway place, he could not help asking, “Xiao Chen, why did you tell me to leave? The wedding is going to start soon.”

After a moment’s thought, Xiao Chen said, “The Wan Clan’s Eight Great Guardian Deities were standing on the wall, staring at us. They were just waiting for us to make a move, so that they could delay us there.”

When the group heard him mention the Eight Great Guardian Deities, their expressions changed involuntarily. The Eight Great Guardian Deities were very famous for the viciousness of their methods.

For so many years, even though their Martial Sage was in closed-door training, no one dared to attack the Wanlong Merchant Association’s headquarters due to the notoriety of the Eight Great Guardian Deities.

Even within the Great Jin Nation, which was full of experts, the Eight Great Guardian Deities were people who stood at the top. The eight of them executed a cooperative Martial Technique that could even kill a peak Martial Monarch.

“What should we do? We can’t just stand here and watch them take away Feixue,” Feng Tianming said depressedly.

Xiao Chen muttered, “I am confident of having a fifty percent chance of handling the Eight Great Guardian Deities. The bigger problem is the one called Wan Feng. However, this is not the main point at the moment. I’m going to see if there is any other entry point first.”

The Wan Clan’s palace occupied a vast area. Xiao Chen did not believe that they could maintain such a high level of defense like at the main gate everywhere else.

Xiao Chen looked around the walls that surrounded the palace and saw that there were no holes in it. Then he carefully inspected the defenses along them.

He discovered that although the wall spanned a large distance, there were guards stationed everywhere, spaced out by a certain distance from each other. Each group would have ten Martial Saints and one Martial King.

If they noticed some activity anywhere, they would be able to call for help. All the guards could then gather quickly, not giving the enemy any chance.

We can only enter by force. I can kill seven in an instant. It should not be a problem to leave the remaining four to Feng Tianming and the rest.

After a while, Xiao Chen came up with a plan. He called Feng Tianming and the others to a wall behind the palace.

“I can deal with seven of the eleven guards. Can you handle one each of the remaining four?”

Xiao Chen pointed at a group of guards roaming on the wall and said, “Furthermore, you need to complete it in one breath. We cannot alert the other guards or let them raise the alarm.”

Feng Tianming and the rest were all Martial Monarchs. It should not be difficult for them to kill four people in an instant if they mounted a surprise attack.

Instead, it was Xiao Chen that Feng Tianming worried about; Xiao Chen had to kill seven people in one move. “Xiao Chen, will you be fine?”

“It will be fine. I’m fully confident.”

Feng Tianming did not speak further on that topic. He said, “If no one else has a problem, we will take action on the count of three.”

“One, two, three!”


The group soared into the air, attacking the targets that they had agreed upon. They gathered Quintessence in their hands and silently took them out.

The Essence of the Martial Saints and Martial Kings was far from being able to block the terrifying Quintessence.

Feng Tianming turned his head to check on Xiao Chen’s situation to see if there were any problems, so he could help him if needed.

Naturally, there was no need to doubt Xiao Chen’s capability to deal with seven Martial Saints. Nevertheless, Feng Tianming still worried as Xiao Chen had to do it silently and in an instant.

However, when Feng Tianming turned his head, he did not even see Xiao Chen attacking. He only saw seven afterimages merging in the air.

After the afterimages merged, Xiao Chen sheathed his Lunar Shadow Saber. Such a scene felt surreal.

The seven Wan Clan guards behind him had faint wounds on their necks. Then they slowly and silently collapsed.

“Put on their clothes. It will make it easier for us to infiltrate the place,” Feng Tianming said after thinking for a while.

The group changed into the uniforms of the guards. Then Xiao Chen used his purple fire to burn the bodies. After he destroyed the evidence, they leaped down the wall, entering the tightly guarded palace.

The moment they landed on the ground, they heard cheerful music, sounding clearly festive. The sound should be coming from where the wedding ceremony would take place.

Feng Tianming quickly rushed over without saying anything, revealing a gloomy face.

Bright vases lined the way, looking very beautiful. The palace was bustling, filled with people wandering around. It seemed that the Wan Clan had put in a lot of thought into this wedding.

Clad in the uniforms of the Wan Clan guards, the group arrived at where the music was coming from without any problems.

Many tables sat neatly arranged in a vast plaza. A rough count gave no less than a thousand tables.

The people who could sit there were people of repute in the Great Jin Nation—particularly for the tables in front, which had the esteemed guests from the ten great sects and eight Noble Clans.

The entire place rang with cheerful laughter and conversation. Everything was peaceful amidst the celebration.

As for the Wan Clan’s Clan Head, Wan Baolou, who sat on a dais, his face was filled with smiles. Occasionally, the people around would come over and congratulate him with a toast of wine. Wan Feng sat beside him with a faint smile on his face.

As Wan Feng looked at the people coming to congratulate Wang Baolou, he had a faint look of disdain in his eyes. It was like he looked down on all the people of this Sky Dome Realm.

“Brother Wan, for this grand wedding, my Evil Moon Pavilion is giving you a five-thousand-year-old Heavenly Mountain Snow Ginseng to show our regards.” The Evil Moon Pavilion’s Deputy Pavilion Master stood up and handed over a brocade box.

Wan Baolou smiled widely and said, “You are too polite. Just a simple gift would have sufficed.”