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Chapter 632: It Is Better to Be the Tail of a Phoenix than the Head of a Chicken

Chapter 632: It Is Better to Be the Tail of a Phoenix than the Head of a Chicken

[TL note: The title seems to be a play on a saying of the opposite meaning, “it is better to be the head of a chicken than the tail of a phoenix.” The meaning of the title is that it is better to be the worst among the best rather than be the best among the worst.]

“This pair of Moonlight Lotus Gems is the wedding gift from my Wang Clan.” The elder of the eight Noble Clans’ Wang Clan stood up and congratulated Wan Baolou.

Following that, all the representatives of the ten great sects and eight Noble Clans stood up and offered their wedding gifts.

Although the gifts given were not particularly valuable, with the status of the eight Noble Clans and ten great sects, the fact that they were willing to give face to the Wan Clan was already incomparable to what the other factions could offer.

Wan Baolou felt very proud. He knew that all this was because of Wan Feng, who sat beside him. If Wan Feng had not managed to gain some status in the Kunlun Realm and become the welcoming envoy, half the people from the ten great sects and eight Noble Clans would not even be present.

When the Supreme Sky Sect’s Yue Chenxi saw all this, her lips twitched as she said, “This Wan Clan is behaving really grandly. It is just a welcoming envoy; there is no need for them to put on such airs.”

A Supreme Sky Sect elder beside her said quickly, “Chenxi, don’t speak so loudly. That Wan Feng is not as simple as you think. He is a Martial Monarch who broke through in the Kunlun Realm. The fact is, he is much stronger than even us old men.

“His talent and Luck are also better than most regular geniuses. However, all these are secondary. The main thing is his master, who is one of the Martial Sages that are likely to become Martial Emperors in the next hundred years.

“The Extreme Yin Sect behind him is even stronger than our Supreme Sky Sect. It is best you don’t offend him now. Otherwise, when he returns to the Kunlun Realm, you will gain a terrifying enemy for nothing.”

After Yue Chenxi heard this, she did not say anything else. However, just at this moment, Wan Feng looked over as if he had heard the two speaking.

Instantly, Yue Chenxi felt an intense pressure. She had advanced to Martial Monarch seven days ago, becoming even stronger than some of the elders in her sect.

However, she could not defend against the pressure of Wan Feng’s gaze. Even her Quintessence went slightly out of control.

When the elder at the side saw the situation, he was rather stunned. He quickly released his own aura and held off the pressure.

Wan Feng smiled disdainfully and withdrew his aura. Then, he picked up his wine cup and took a sip, thinking to himself, How dare someone who is not even in the top three of this lower realm speak badly about me?

However, she looks quite pretty. I wonder if she is still a virgin. If she is, when we go to the Kunlun Realm, I can give her to my Senior Brothers for them to use as a furnace for dual cultivation.

Yue Chenxi felt fear in her heart. Wan Feng’s gaze had an extremely sinister flavor. Combined with the suppression of his aura, she felt like a chill had invaded her bones, prickling her like needles; the sensation was excruciating.

“Are all the geniuses of the Kunlun Realm that strong? Just an Inferior Grade Martial Monarch can make me feel like I have no chance of victory.”

The Supreme Sky Sect elder consoled Yue Chenxi, saying, “Don’t look down on yourself. He is so strong only because he went to the Kunlun Realm a few years before you. His accumulations are deeper than yours, but his talent is just about the same. As long as you work hard, you will catch up sooner or later.”

Yue Chenxi nodded heavily and said, “I wonder just how vast the Kunlun Realm is.”

Although the exchange of auras between Wan Feng and Yue Chenxi was short and did not cause any commotion, Bai Qi, Liu Xiaoyun, Gong Yangyu, Nangong Xiyue, and the others saw it clearly.

The shock in their hearts was no weaker than Yue Chenxi’s. Since the end of the Five Nation Youth Competition up to now, these people had used their Luck to aid themselves in breaking through to Martial Monarch.

When these people saw that they had become stronger than the experts of the older generation in their sects, they all became proud, becoming satisfied with their strength. However, when they saw Wan Feng’s, it was like cold water had splashed on them.

Bai Qi muttered, “Even before he made a move, he is already this terrifying. How terrifying would he be if he actually attacked?”

Not far away, Gong Yangyu’s thoughts went even further. Is Wan Feng’s talent in the Kunlun Realm outstanding, crushing everyone else easily?”

When we go to the Kunlun Realm, all the glory and fame we enjoyed as geniuses will vanish immediately like smoke. We will just become like unremarkable rain falling into the vast sea.

Gong Yangyu clenched his fist and said to himself, “Even so, I have to go to the Kunlun Realm. It is better to be the tail of a phoenix than the head of a chicken. I will have to catch up vigorously in this great age.”

“Brother Wan, isn’t it time to bring the bride up? It’s getting on already,” someone said to Wan Baolou.

Wan Baolou looked at the sun to calculate the time. Then he smiled faintly. “The auspicious hour is almost here already. It is about time. Men! Bring the bride and groom up.”

Soon, a group of pretty maids led over Wan Shan dressed in flowing red robes and Feng Feixue, who wore a red veil, amidst the festive music.

Feng Feixue walked with an unnatural gait like she was under some restrictions. However, the maids supporting her forced her to walk forward step by step.

The arrival of the bride and groom immediately brought an upsurge of excitement to the plaza. Streams of unending praise rang out, shouting things like “talented man and beautiful woman” or “string of pearl and jade.”

[TL Note: “Talented man and beautiful woman” or “string of pearl and jade” both of these are idioms for ideal couple/perfect pair.]

Wan Baolou flushed red, feeling very happy. Feng Feixue marrying into his clan was equivalent to half of the Feng Clan falling into his hands.

Once Feng Tianming died, Wan Shan could take over the entire Feng Clan’s business with his status as the Feng Clan’s son-in-law.

Wan Baolou looked up to recheck the time. Then he stood up with a smile. “The auspicious hour is here. After bowing to heaven and earth, the Feng Clan’s Young Mistress will be formally married into my Wan Clan.”

The clamor of the crowd slowly quietened down. The attention of everyone focused on the bride and groom. The three kowtows would formalize their marriage.

[TL Note: A Chinese wedding ceremony consists of several steps. There are three main steps: offering tea to the elders, the three kowtows, and the nuptial night. Of course, there are many more steps than just these three. Now, modern weddings omit the three kowtows. In ancient China, the marriage can be rushed and would be acknowledged with just the three kowtows. First kowtow is to heaven and earth, the second is to the parents, and the last kowtow is to each other.]

“This kowtow to heaven and earth cannot take place!” Suddenly, a voice rang out in the quiet plaza.

The plaza immediately fell even quieter than before. Thousands of people looked up simultaneously. Unexpectedly, someone had the guts to disrupt the Wan Clan’s wedding ceremony. They were truly reckless.

Xiao Chen and the others had changed out of the Wan Clan’s guard uniforms. They flew over the tables in the plaza, heading for the front, staring at Wan Baolou’s group all the while.

“It’s him, the White Robed Bladesman Xiao Chen. Why is he here?”

“Is this fellow seeking death? The Wan Clan has many experts. Even if he is a King Grade True Dragon genius, he has not truly matured yet. It is impossible for him to take down the entire Wan Clan alone!”

“Something is wrong. The person beside him seems to be the Feng Clan’s Clan Head, Feng Tianming. What do these people intend to do here?”

“Strange, Feng Tianming’s expression looks frighteningly gloomy. What is going on?”

When everyone saw Feng Tianming’s appearance, they felt that the situation was turning weird. Something was going to happen at this wedding.

“This group of people still managed to rush over.” Wan Shan’s expression turned sullen. He clenched his right fist tightly and said, “Are the Eight Great Guardian Deities trash?!”

The experienced and crafty Wan Baolou appeared much calmer. He waved it off and said softly, “Don’t panic. They might have entered from somewhere else. However, it does not matter if they came here. The results will not change.”

After that, Wan Baolou waved his hand to send a subordinate to summon the Eight Great Guardian Deities from the gates.

Wan Feng’s expression did not change. He merely stared at Xiao Chen, revealing a faint smile on his handsome face. He thought to himself, The King Grade True Dragon genius. This is an opportunity.

The King Grade True Dragon absolutely could not lose to someone of the same generation. Once they lost, they would immediately turn into ordinary True Dragon geniuses. This was because the way of the king did not permit loss.

Xiao Chen had the most Luck in the Sky Dome Realm. If Wan Feng could defeat him here, he could be able to snatch away some of that Luck.

At this thought, Wan Feng’s eyes gleamed with a strange light. An intent to plunder appeared in the depths of his eyes.

“The one with the family name Wan, this is also my daughter’s wedding, and yet you didn’t even let me through the gates!”

[TL Note: The one with the family name Wan: This is a very rude way of addressing someone in Chinese.]

Feng Tianming stepped forward and immediately shouted at Wan Baolou. He had contained the rage within him for far too long already. Now, when it burst out, he retained no respect for Wan Baolou.

The moment Feng Tianming finished speaking, the guests all erupted in chatter. “What’s going on with this wedding? The bride’s father was even not allowed in.”

Wan Baolou said calmly, “How can that be? There must be some misunderstanding. Man! Prepare a seat for the bride’s family.

Feng Tianming shouted coldly, “Wan Baolou, stop pretending. My daughter has never agreed to marry your son. Four years ago, there was just a discussion between the two clans. You took advantage of the time I was away from the Feng Clan to abduct my daughter. I do not blame you for today, but you better not stop me from taking Feixue away.”

“That can’t be! Unexpectedly, the Wan Clan abducted other people’s daughter. This is too despicable!”

“No wonder I felt that this wedding was quite peculiar from the beginning; no one from the bride’s family was around.”

The looks that everyone gave Wan Baolou immediately changed. They did not expect there to be such a thing.

Wan Baoluo continued to remain calm. He said softly, “Why do you say this? Our Wan Clan even sent you the betrothal gift and letter already. Your Eldest Brother signed on your behalf. I have proof here.”

Wan Baolou waved his hand and took out a betrothal contract and a receipt for the betrothal gift. Feng Tianhua’s signature and handprint were on it; the documents were not fake.

After showing the betrothal contract to the guests, Wan Baolou suddenly stood up. He said slowly, “Brother Feng, if you still want things to be amicable, then sit down and enjoy the wedding. Our clans will be one family after this.

“If you are thinking of breaking this promise of marriage, slapping my face in front of everyone, you can forget about leaving our Wan Clan’s palace. Our Wan Clan is not a group you can play around with like that!”

After Wan Baolou said that, the thirty-six Martial Monarchs from the branches stood up. They radiated a strong killing Qi, pressuring Feng Tianming and his companions.

The thirty-six Martial Monarchs were peak Inferior Grade Martial Monarchs. When their killing Qi combined, along with Wan Baolou’s sinister words, Feng Tianming felt tremendous pressure, both physical and mental.

As Feng Tianming felt the pressure building, he could not say out the things that he wanted to say.

Seeing the situation change, the surrounding guests all felt confused. They could not understand what was happening.

Wan Baolou looked coldly at Feng Tianming, revealing disdain in his gaze. You want to play with me? Take a look at where you are first.

At this moment, Xiao Chen woke Zhang Heng, who was being carried, and tossed him out. He placed his saber against Zhang Heng’s back and said calmly, “Tell us everything you know in detail.”

Zhang Heng had seen what Xiao Chen could do. He did not dare to disobey, so he trembled as he said, “Feng Tianhua had been bribed by the Wan Clan long ago. The Wan Clan promised to help him get the Clan Head’s position. That was why he signed…”