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Chapter 663: Overestimating Yourself

Chapter 663: Overestimating Yourself


Zhang Heng had only spoken halfway when Wan Baolou suddenly attacked. He sent out a beam of light that pierced through Zhang Heng’s forehead.

“Where did this filthy person come from? How dare he malign my Wan Clan! How reckless!”

Xiao Chen could have stopped the previous attack. However, he did not do so because it was not necessary.

All this was just a farce anyway. There was no point in trying to use evidence or logic to solve the problem in the other person’s territory. Xiao Chen was not that naive.

Wan Baolou stood straight with his hands behind his back. After killing Zhang Heng, he looked coldly at Xiao Chen and said, “White Robed Bladesman Xiao Chen, let me give you some advice. There are some things other people cannot meddle in. The marriage of the Wan and Feng Clans is not for you to interfere with.”

Just when Feng Tianming was about to say something, Xiao Chen stopped him. He said to Wan Baolou calmly, “You are not the one to determine whether I can interfere or not. As for the facts, all you have to do is let the bride speak, and we will all know the truth.”

Everyone reacted to this. That’s right. All we have to do is get the person involved to clarify everything.

Wan Shan, who was dressed in red wedding robes, said sternly, “Feixue is not feeling well. It is not convenient for her to speak. What does it matter to you anyway?”

As Xiao Chen was about to reply, the thirty-six Martial Monarchs’ killing Qi immediately focused on him, trying to shut him up.

Before such an oppressive aura, one would normally feel less confident and get confused—which was what happened to Feng Tianming earlier. Now, they were trying to do the same to Xiao Chen.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly. Unexpectedly, they dare to play with killing intent in front of me. Interesting…

A faint red light flickered in the depths of Xiao Chen’s eyes. The peak state of massacre instantly poured out like an overwhelming flood. A vast sea of killing Qi surged over.

In an instant, the thirty-six Martial Monarchs’ killing Qi lost in aura, drowned out entirely. Xiao Chen’s killing Qi continued to surge forward, stunning the thirty-six Martial Monarchs and irresistibly forcing them back.

One person managed to repel the killing Qi of thirty-six Martial Monarchs. Such a horrifying scene caused many of the people present to inhale deeply. Xiao Chen’s strength was becoming increasingly unfathomable.

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. “Feeling unwell? More like restricted by you and cannot speak or circulate her energies. If you are willing to let her speak, I can leave immediately. Wan Baoluo, do you dare to do that?!”

Xiao Chen’s voice was calm. He acted neither servile nor overbearing as he looked at Wan Baolou, someone akin to a king in Wan Clan City.

Now that things had gotten this far, everyone present felt that something was wrong with the wedding. Furthermore, this Wan Clan should be the ones in the wrong. If they were not guilty, they would not have killed Zhang Heng or prevented the bride from speaking.

However, this place was the Wan Clan headquarters. There were many experts here. Even if the Wan Clan were in the wrong, it would be incredibly difficult, perhaps even impossible, for Xiao Chen to forcefully take someone away.

Frustrated, Wan Baolou shouted angrily, “Who do you think you are? How dare you speak to me like this? This place is my Wan Clan’s territory. I do not welcome you here. Scram right now!”

“Do you not dare? In that case, I will ask her personally.”

Holding his Lunar Shadow Saber in his left hand and carrying the wooden box covered in black cloth behind him, Xiao Chen pushed off the ground gently.

A resonant dragon roar came from Xiao Chen’s body as he stood on an Azure Dragon image and swiftly moved towards Feng Feixue.

Xiao Chen’s actions startled Wan Baoluo. He had not expected him to be daring enough to make his move before everyone in the Wan Clan’s palace.

“You are overestimating yourself. Stop him! Don’t let him near Feng Feixue!” Wan Baolou shouted furiously, slamming his hand heavily on the table.

“Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!”

Thirty-six Martial Monarchs leaped into the air instantly. Strong auras spread out as they moved their Quintessence.

All thirty-six Martial Monarchs executed their best moves, releasing dazzling lights at Xiao Chen continuously.

Even though there were no Superior Grade Martial Monarchs among the thirty-six, this barrage of attacks was very horrifying. When the Quintessence gathered, it tore pitch-black holes in space.

Everyone sucked in a deep breath. The Wan Clan was too vicious, immediately using thirty-six Martial Monarchs. They were simply trying to suppress Xiao Chen.

“Elder, please do something to stop this. Xiao Chen will die at this rate,” Yue Chenxi said to the Supreme Sky Sect elder beside her.

That old man muttered, “It’s useless, even if I do. Don’t go and help, either. No Martial Monarch would be able to endure the attacks of thirty-six Martial Monarchs at once.”

Yue Chenxi said anxiously, “What should we do? We can’t just watch as Xiao Chen dies. He has agreed to join our Supreme Sky Sect already.”

“Don’t worry. I have sent word to Old Feng. Without a Martial Sage, it would be hard to do anything to the Wan Clan.” The old man said indifferently, “As for now, let’s just wait and see. If Xiao Chen falls here, he is not worth the Supreme Sky Sect nurturing him.”

As the two spoke, the situation in the sky changed abruptly. A Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram appeared before Xiao Chen.

Yinyang, four divisions, and eight trigrams appeared with various mysterious phenomena. The Taiji diagram exploded with light. In an instant, all the attacks immediately bounced back at even faster speeds.

“Pu! Pu!”

Shock waves surged and lights flew everywhere. Blurry lines appeared in space, and anguished cries resounded.

When the lights vanished and the shock waves calmed, Xiao Chen, in his white robes and carrying a wooden box on his back, stood unharmed in the sky.

As for the thirty-six Martial Monarchs who had soared into the air, their own attacks caught them unprepared. They cried out in pain and fell to the ground.

Such a scene astonished everyone. In just one breath, thirty-six Martial Monarchs were beaten up so miserably.

The jaws of the Supreme Sky Sect elder fell open. He exclaimed in shock, “How can it be? He actually blocked the attacks of thirty-six Martial Monarchs.”

Furious at the defeat, Wan Baolou said, “Bunch of trash. Get back up and kill him!”


When the thirty-six Martial Monarchs heard Wan Baolou’s furious shout, they quickly got up and charged at Xiao Chen without regulating the chaotic auras in their bodies.

After deflecting so many strong attacks, the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram exhausted too much of Xiao Chen’s Mental Energy. He could not continue using it for much longer.

Waving his hands, the Yin and Yang flames in the Taiji diagram turned into two beams of light and returned to Xiao Chen’s eyes.

While he was doing all this, the three foremost Martial Monarchs already charged forward. Xiao Chen placed his right hand on the saber’s hilt before smiling coldly.

These people are overly ambitious. They are already severely injured, but they did not stop to regulate their energies first. Instead, they dared to continue charging forward. Do they really think that they can finish me off in two or three moves?!

“Clouds moving in all directions, wind and thunder, gather!”

As the wind blew, clouds churned, and thunder rumbled, Xiao Chen drew his saber. A dense Quintessence infused the saber as he executed the starting moves of the Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

The combined momentum of the three Martial Monarchs instantly fell apart. When compared to Xiao Chen’s fusion of state, momentum, and saber intent, they were not worth even a strike. They all vomited a mouthful of blood before falling back to the ground.

The three had failed to stabilize their previous injuries. Now, they suffered further injuries on top of their previous ones. They could no longer stand up, temporarily losing all their combat prowess.

Using the time that the three Martial Monarchs bought, the remaining thirty-three Martial Monarchs rose up and surrounded Xiao Chen, again sending a continuous torrent of attacks at him.

“Roar! Roar!”

The dragon roar coming from his body resounded without end. As Xiao Chen stood on the Azure Dragon image, he moved up and down around the thirty-three. Using the advantage of speed, he avoided all the attacks.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Before Xiao Chen’s speed, the Wan Clan’s advantage of numbers was nothing. Holes appeared throughout the encirclement.

Lights flew everywhere and shock waves surged. Occasionally, Xiao Chen would knock someone back, their survival unknown.

The aftermath of the great battle between Martial Monarchs was extremely horrifying. The various weapon Qi or fist winds gouged thousands of holes in the peaceful plaza, dilapidating it.

The guests from the various parts of the Great Jin Nations had already moved far away to watch from a distance. They were afraid of getting drawn into the fight, bringing disaster upon themselves; most of them were not Martial Monarchs.

When the other geniuses of the True Dragon Ranking saw this scene, it stunned them all. After less than half a year, the white-robed bladesman in the sky was not at a disadvantage despite fighting thirty-six Martial Monarchs.

Instead, the longer the fight dragged out, the more ferocious Xiao Chen became. His aura flourished. As the winds howled and thunder boomed, he used the Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique to force these insufferably arrogant Wan Clan Martial Monarchs into defending passively.

Bai Qi’s right hand, which gripped his saber, could not help but tremble gently. As a bladesman like Xiao Chen, he comprehended the horrifying strength that Xiao Chen was displaying better than anyone else.

Fight! Fight! Fight!

Xiao Chen fought to his heart’s content. His white robes fluttered as he stood on the Azure Dragon, moving up and down. Electricity danced constantly around the saber as the light flickered nonstop.

Figures shot out and landed at Wan Baolou’s feet, crying out miserably. Wan Baolou turned ashen as he watched all this.

It had been many years since his Wan Clan had suffered such a blow. Furthermore, this was in the Wanlong Merchant Association headquarters, within the Wan Clan’s palace.

“Earthly Lightning Tribulation!”

The momentum of wind and thunder finally reached its peak. Xiao Chen seemed to have turned into the Heavenly Dao, sending down the first Lightning Tribulation from the boundless dark clouds.


The berserk lighting surged forth, blasting out seven or eight Martial Monarchs from the sky.

“Heavenly Lightning Tribulation!”

Another even more horrifying Lightning Tribulation fell. After the light faded, less than ten Martial Monarchs remained in the sky.

“Divine Lightning Tribulation!”

The scenery around changed. The thunder high in the sky sounded like it was ferociously roaring, “The rage of deities, the Heavenly Might is vast and powerful.”


The remaining Martial Monarchs paled, and they lost their will to fight. Faced with the final move of this Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique, they fled.


The lightning split into seven. Like flood dragons baring claws and fangs, the bolts of lightning caught up with the fleeing Martial Monarchs, creating loud ‘booms.’

The seven fleeing Martial Monarchs became even more severely injured. Their clothes tattered and their skin blackened. The saber Qi invaded their body, damaging their internal organs. It was a tragic sight to behold.

After all the light faded, everything returned to normal, peaceful once again. Only Xiao Chen stood alone in the sky.

The entire plaza was silent. Xiao Chen’s Lightning Tribulation Saber Technique had defeated thirty-six peak Inferior Grade Martial Monarchs altogether.

He had beaten the thirty-six Martial Monarchs until they could not retaliate. During the entire fight, they had been utterly passive, unable to counterattack in the slightest.

If not for the spatial tears in the sky, which had yet to close, standing as proof of a tremendous Martial Monarch battle, no one would believe that the thirty-six cultivators Xiao Chen defeated were Inferior Grade Martial Monarchs.