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Chapter 634: Unrivalled within the Same Cultivation Realm

Chapter 634: Unrivalled within the Same Cultivation Realm

Martial Monarchs, monarchs of the martial way. Even an Inferior Grade Martial Monarch would be considered a peak expert anywhere in this Tianwu Continent. However, they were like vegetables on a chopping board before Xiao Chen, losing so quickly.

“The rumors are true. The King Grade True Dragon genius is unrivaled within the same cultivation realm. He can defeat people with higher cultivations as easily as eating or drinking.”

“We cannot use the normal standards to try and evaluate such people. This insignificant Sky Dome Realm probably can’t contain this True Dragon.”

The people below discussed the fight from earlier. They gazed at Xiao Chen with astonishment-filled eyes. He was the carrier of Luck, the King Grade True Dragon with all sorts of glory to his name.

Regardless of what anyone thought, Xiao Chen had already risen to a towering position in this Sky Dome Realm, leaving his peers far behind.

In this Sky Dome Realm, he was the most excellent, way above the common.

Only the Kunlun Realm was Xiao Chen’s true stage. Only there would he meet geniuses equal to him, or even those that surpassed him.


Xiao Chen slowly landed on the ground. His footsteps never faltered as he walked towards Feng Feixue, carrying that wooden box covered in black cloth on his back.

“Where did this tiny weakling come from? How dare he make a mess of the Wan Clan’s palace. Have we, the Eight Great Guardian Deities, agreed to that?”

A loud shout came from behind, and eight beams of lights quickly flew towards the center of the plaza. A strong aura spread out, creating strong hurricanes.

Wan Baolou’s face lit up in joy. He said coldly, “When the Eight Great Guardian Deities work together, they can defeat even a peak Martial Monarch. Let’s see how capable you are.”

“The Eight Great Guardian Deities are here!”

A loud clamor came from the guests. The Eight Great Guardian Deities’ fame reached far and wide. Every one of them was a Superior Grade Martial Monarch. Although they were not peak Superior Grade Martial Monarchs, they comprehended a cooperative Martial Technique.

Working together, the eight of them could severely injure a peak Superior Grade Martial Monarch. In the past years, they had been guarding the Wan Clan’s palace. The younger generations and the great bandits were all terror-stricken at the sound of their names, not daring to do as they pleased in the Wan Clan.

Aside from Martial Sages, no one dared to have any designs on the vast fortune the Wan Clan had accumulated. All this was due to the Eight Great Guardian Deities.

“Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!”

The eight beams of lights spread apart and formed a simple formation surrounding Xiao Chen. Their fierce auras merged to press heavily on Xiao Chen.

“Tuoba Yun, teach this brat a lesson for me. Let him know the consequences of causing a commotion in the Wan Clan,” Wan Baolou said in a hostile tone and with a gloomy expression.

Smiling ferociously, Tuoba Yun said, “I hear and obey the Clan Head’s orders. Today, we will give this tiny weakling an unforgettable lesson. Eight Great Guardian Deities, attack!”

“Qiang! Qiang!”

The eight people waved their hands in synchrony, and sharp weapons appeared in their hands. They quickly charged at Xiao Chen at lightning speed and attacked. They infused Quintessence into their sabers, and the puissant force instantly created pitch-black tears in space everywhere in the surroundings.

Xiao Chen’s expression turned serious; he did not dare to be careless. He tightly gripped his Lunar Shadow Saber as his saber light danced around, blocking all the attacks coming from the various directions.

The eight of them worked very well together. Just as Xiao Chen blocked the attacks of the three in front, sword lights came flying from his left and right. The attacks were very vicious, targeting vital spots at the sides of Xiao Chen’s head.

At the same time, the thunderous roar of a strong wind came from behind him. With his Spiritual Sense, Xiao Chen could see what was happening behind himself without turning his head.

It was a Martial Monarch using a large, thick saber to hack down from above. Purple electricity leaped around on the saber. The state he comprehended was the same as Xiao Chen’s—a peak state of thunder.

The attacks at all sides sealed Xiao Chen’s escape routes. The three Martial Monarchs Xiao Chen knocked back had already rallied and rushed at him again.

Furthermore, there was the alert and quick Tuoba Yun, who had hidden somewhere, watching Xiao Chen coldly like a venomous snake.

When the Eight Great Guardian Deities attacked, they forced Xiao Chen to a dead end. As long as he was not cautious, he would fall immediately.

All the cultivators in the plaza felt like their hearts had leaped into their throats. They had heard long ago that when the Eight Great Guardian Deities worked together, they could defeat a peak Superior Grade Martial Monarch—a half-step Martial Sage.

Some people did not believe this. However, looking at these eight now, they finally accepted it.

The cooperation of the eight was simply perfect. Furthermore, they were individually very strong. Their Cultivation Techniques, Martial Techniques, and combat experience were not weak.

“Roaming Dragon’s Nine Transformations!” Xiao Chen shouted, and his figure wavered, splitting into nine. Three Xiao Chens moved to the front, two Xiao Chens moved to the side, each wielding the Lunar Shadow Saber.

Finally, one Xiao Chen turned around and defended against the berserk attack from behind. This left three Xiao Chens standing on Azure Dragon images as they soared higher, giving off loud dragon roars. The real Xiao Chen was difficult to make out from the clones.

In the time it took for a spark to fly, nine Xiao Chens moved in every direction, resolving the critical situation he was in.

“Just some parlor tricks and you dare to show off here!”

A cold shout came from the sky as the hidden Tuoba Yun suddenly attacked. He appeared from somewhere, holding a short sword giving off a bright light.

Tuoba Yun thrust towards the real Xiao Chen. Unexpectedly, he managed to find the real Xiao Chen in an instant.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The Eight Great Guardian Deities instantly shattered the six Xiao Chens below using their various means.

The seven cultivators had every confidence in Tuoba Yun. When they saw the clones in the air, their weapons lit up as they soared higher, extremely decisive as they charged over without hesitation.

“Azure Dragon Tail Whip!”

When Xiao Chen saw the situation, he did not panic at all. He merged all the clones and turned into an ancient Azure Dragon swinging its tail, creating a strong wind.

Xiao Chen moved in an arc at lightning speed in midair, tearing an arc-shaped hole in space and instantly dodging Tuoba Yun’s attack.

He arrived before the person at the very back. Instantly, he unleashed the peak state of massacre and the immortal state of thunder and combined them.

Purple and red lights alternated on the saber, flickering strangely. Suddenly, the state of massacre poured forth, and the cultivator at the back felt a chill in his heart.

This person had been through hundreds of battle and was a very vicious person. The number of people he had killed was no less than Xiao Chen’s. After a moment’s distraction, he recovered his wits.

However, a fleeting mistake could instantly decide the victor of a battle between experts.

“Four Season Saber Technique, Spring Thunder Chop!”

Xiao Chen used Quintessence in the Four Season Saber Technique, which carried the power of seasons. Heaven and earth trembled as he chopped down.

The aura from the saber became boundlessly majestic. As the four seasons cycled, the spring thunder boomed; all creatures awakened, birds cried, bugs chirped, and beasts roared, all living creatures chattered continuously.

When Tuoba Yun saw this scene, he exclaimed, “Eighth Brother, be careful!”

He had not imagined that Xiao Chen would be crafty enough to identify the weakest among them and decisively attack at the slightest opportunity.

The cultivator addressed as Eighth Brother turned sullen. However, he did not panic at this critical moment. He sheathed his weapon at his waist and held his hands up towards the sky.

A dazzling golden lotus formed above his head. That cultivator poured his Quintessence into it, trying to block Xiao Chen’s attack.


The saber crashed into the golden lotus and gave off a metallic ‘clang.’ Boundless shock waves surged out, forming ripples, layering one over another.

The saber immediately hummed loudly. Xiao Chen infused his sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent into his saber. The might of his attack immediately increased by thirty percent.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

Cracks opened in the golden lotus like it would shatter into dust at any moment.

Tuoba Yun said, “Eight Great Guardian Deities, execute the cooperative Martial Technique! Shield!”

“Xiu! Xiu!”

The remaining seven of the Eight Great Guardian Deities’ figures flashed, forming a line behind the cultivator Xiao Chen was attacking. They sheathed their weapons and linked their hands together.

Waves of five-colored light came from the eight people. The Eight Great Guardian Deities used a mysterious method to merge all the auras perfectly.


The lotus shattered at this moment, and the Four Season Saber Technique continued towards the head of the eighth of the Eight Great Guardian Deities. When the surging force landed on that five-colored light, it immediately dispersed.

The five-colored light distributed the power contained within the Spring Thunder Chop equally between the eight people, diminishing its might significantly.

Blood leaked out of the frontmost of the Eight Great Guardian Deities, but he did not reveal much pain on his face. Instead, he just had an extremely sinister expression.


Originally, Xiao Chen planned to take out the weakest with lightning speed. Who could have imagined that the cooperative Martial Technique could defend as well, spreading out the might of the Spring Thunder Chop?

Having failed in his sneak attack, Xiao Chen lost the initiative. The Azure Dragon below his feet roared ferociously. He quickly flew backwards, moving up and down together with the Azure Dragon. In the blink of an eye, he retreated by five hundred meters.

“You think you can run?!”

The Eight Great Guardian Deities reacted quickly, rearranging their positions in accordance to their strengths. Now, Tuoba Yun stood at the very front, and the other seven stood in a line behind him.

Tuoba Yun shouted a warcry, and a slender fire spear glowing with a faint light appeared before him.

“Pa! Pa! Pa!”

The Eight Great Guardian Deities placed their right hands on the back on the person in front of them, sending their Quintessence forward.

Tuoba Yun, who was at the front, gained the power of seven additional people. His aura immediately soared, and the fire spear behaved like oil had been poured on it, crackling as it burned.

A fierce flame illuminated the surrounding area, raising the temperature of the entire plaza.

“Cooperative technique! Blazing Spear! Attack!”

The fire spear pierced through space with a ‘xiu’ sound, instantly appearing before Xiao Chen; surging heat waves assaulted him.

Large patches of pitch-black areas appeared in the air; the fire spear had directly burned away space. When the people below saw this scene, they paled.

If an ordinary person stood before this flame, the high temperature would roast them without them being able to do anything about it.

Xiao Chen’s face sank. The energy in the spear caused him to feel some fear in his heart. The cooperative Martial Technique of these eight seemed to have some extraordinary tricks behind it.

“Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!”

In the time it took for a spark to fly, Xiao Chen stepped back seven times. With each step, he left behind an afterimage. Soon, he had seven identical afterimages maintaining the saber posture.

This was the Thunder Shadow Chop Xiao Chen comprehended. He did not dare to underestimate the fire spear, so he used all ninety-nine drops of Quintessence in his dantian.


The seven afterimages merged in that instant. Splitting and merging in less than a breath—the people below did not even have time to react.