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Chapter 635: Greed

Chapter 635: Greed

Xiao Chen hacked the blazing spear with his saber. A loud explosion rang out, sending intense shock waves surging everywhere.

When the large force blasted out, it pushed Xiao Chen back by a hundred meters. Blood leaked out of the corner of his lips, and a strange look appeared in his eyes. Unexpectedly, the peak attack of seven afterimages combined was still weaker.

Tuoba Yun laughed loudly, “Idiot, you even dared to clash head-on with our Eight Segment Heavenly Dragon Combination Technique! White Robed Bladesman, today will be the date of your death anniversary!”

Tuoba Yun pushed his right palm out as he laughed loudly. The horrifying blazing spear continued towards Xiao Chen without any of its might diminishing.

“Four Season Saber Technique, Burning to Desolation!”

The blazing spear pierced through space even faster than lightning. Without any place to escape to, Xiao Chen attacked decisively with the most tyrannical move of the Four Season Saber Technique.

A blazing summer sun hung high in the air. As Xiao Chen chopped down, it was like the sun fell from the sky, intent on burning everything to desolation.


Before the crowd’s astonished gaze, Xiao Chen did not choose to defend but to clash head-on, continuing to try to break through with force.

An even louder explosion rang out. Boundless blazing flames spread out in the air and turned into small arrows flying everywhere.

The aftermath of Burning to Desolation and the blazing spear appeared in the sky like countless black dots on a white sheet of paper.

Every single black dot was a small spatial tear. However, because the sky was too expansive, they looked as insignificant as black dots.

The heat wave scattered, and blood spurted from Xiao Chen’s lips once again. However, he did not sustain any injuries on his body. His limbs and bones were in excellent condition. As he stood in the air, his aura did not diminish.

Tuoba Yun revealed a slight suspicion in his eyes. He muttered, “That is impossible. I know that he has a strong physical body. However, this blazing spear carried a fiery shock wave. It would have torn even a peak Martial Monarch to shreds.”

“Big Brother, that brat seems to have a defensive Superior Grade Secret Treasure,” someone behind Tuoba Yun said quickly.

Tuoba Yun looked carefully and discovered a dim light fading away from under Xiao Chen’s Clear Wind Robes. A look of greed flashed in his eyes as he smiled sinisterly. “Indeed, it is a defensive Superior Grade Secret Treasure. This is a good item. Even the Wan Clan only has a few Superior Grade Secret Treasures.

“Brothers, disperse first. Afterwards, we will use our cooperative Martial Techniques a few more times and get the attacks to permeate through his Secret Treasures, shocking his internal organs until he dies.”

“Hu! Hu!”

The eight figures quickly separated and turned into eight beams of light. Once again, they held in their hands the weapons they had sheathed earlier, sending attacks at Xiao Chen.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

An intense battle full of danger unfolded in midair. The Eight Great Guardian Deities coordinated well, suppressing Xiao Chen all the while.

Attacks rained down continuously. Xiao Chen maintained his calm, not panicking. He did not have any intention of bringing out his full strength.

The Eight Great Guardian Deities were not Xiao Chen’s true enemy. Wan Feng, who was paying close attention to him, was his true opponent—one that was worth fighting.

Although Wan Feng hid the murderous intent in his eyes deeply, it did not escape Xiao Chen’s notice.

There is no perfect combination in this world. A weak point is sure to appear somewhere.

After making up his mind, Xiao Chen kept some of his trump cards hidden. Under the storm of attacks, he swung his saber light around, dealing with them as they came.


The unpredictable Tuoba Yun suddenly appeared and thrust his sword towards Xiao Chen as Xiao Chen retreated.

Xiao Chen had already anticipated him. He swung his saber down and counterattacked, combining the state of massacre and state of thunder.

He sent Tuoba Yun flying with a loud ‘boom.’ In a one-on-one clash, Xiao Chen held the advantage.

After trying several sneak attacks that Xiao Chen repulsed easily, Tuoba Yun could not help the astonishment in his eyes. He said, “Form up! Eight Segment Heavenly Dragon Combination Technique!”


The seven other Eight Great Guardian Deities moved behind Tuoba Yun and gave off that five-colored light again, combining their auras once more.

“Cooperative Martial Technique! Blazing Spear! Kill!”

“Bang! Bang!”

Xiao Chen used the Thunder Shadow Chop first, dissipating half of the spear’s energy. Then he followed up with Burning to Desolation, shattering the spear.

The aftermath of the clash permeated through Xiao Chen’s protective Quintessence and his Superior Grade Secret Treasure, shaking his internal organs. Blood leaked out of his lips again.

“Xiao Chen blocked it a second time!”

“Xiao Chen again managed to block the cooperative Martial Technique that can kill a peak Martial Monarch!”

Shock filled the eyes of the several thousand guests in the plaza. The Eight Great Guardian Deities had already killed many peak Martial Monarchs by relying on this move.

However, on this day, Xiao Chen succeeded in blocking it twice. Not only was he not torn to shreds, but he also had no signs of physical injury.

Xiao Chen’s condition astonished Wan Baoluo as well. However, he was not anxious. He smiled faintly and said, “The Eight Great Guardian Deities have never lost before, and they will not this time. White Robed Bladesman? How dare he come and cause a commotion in my Wan Clan.”

Tuoba Yun’s face sank. He had not expected Xiao Chen to be so difficult to deal with. He shouted angrily, “Scatter! We will do this a few more times. I don’t believe that this fellow can continue to endure.”

When the eight people split apart again, Xiao Chen’s eyes lit up as he entered deep thought.

The body was a container. Quintessence was the liquid in the container. When a container held several more times the liquid than it normally did, it would come under tremendous pressure.

After enduring such immense pressure, the body was bound to get injured and need nourishment.

Tuoba Yun was this container. After suddenly containing eight times his Quintessence, his physical body would surely sustain injury.

Otherwise, Tuoba Yun would not have to stop every time they executed the cooperative Martial Technique once. Remaining on the offensive would have been better. When Xiao Chen considered the earlier attacks, he realized that Tuoba Yun had always hidden afterwards and was the last to attack.

Tuoba Yun was probably using the time to heal his physical body. Suddenly enlightened, Xiao Chen smiled and said, “So that is what is going on. In that case, there is no more third chance for you.”

Currently, Tuoba Yun was at his weakest. Now was the best time for Xiao Chen to make his move.

At first, Xiao Chen had thought that Tuoba Yun was the strongest, so he kept looking for weak points in the others and failing every time. It turned out that he had been approaching this battle from the wrong angle all along.

After understanding this, Xiao Chen pushed off from where he was and quickly headed for Tuoba Yun hiding behind the others.

When Tuoba Yun saw Xiao Chen going for him, avoiding all the others’ attacks, fear flashed in his eyes. He shouted, “Stop him! Afterwards, we will burn our Quintessence and execute the cooperative Martial Technique. He will definitely die then!”

Clearly, the other seven realized Tuoba Yun’s situation now. They immediately stepped up their attacks, releasing a multitude of lights.

Xiao Chen dodged all the attacks he could. Those he could not evade, he blocked with his Superior Grade Secret Treasure.

“What’s with this fellow?”

The people watching could not understand what was happening. Xiao Chen did not go after the weaker cultivators first. Instead, he targeted the strongest. His choice did not make sense.

As Xiao Chen stood on an Azure Dragon image, he endured three attacks and dodged seven. Finally, he locked down on Tuoba Yun with his Saber Technique. He said, “Let’s see where you can run to now.”

A dreary wind and incessant rain, a cool breeze blows and autumn water ripples. As my fated person smiles faintly, I will gift you a gentle saber strike. However, do you dare to accept?

Xiao Chen executed Autumn of the Four Season Saber Technique, sending out a gentle saber light, akin to that of a pretty girl smiling faintly.

Left without a choice, Tuoba Yun roared ferociously and burned his Quintessence, sending out a barrier of light. He intended to defend against this attack forcefully.


A boundless force hid in the gentle saber light. It pushed gently and shattered the barrier of light, knocking Tuoba Yun back. He vomited a large mouthful of blood.

Tuoba Yun had yet to recover from the cooperative Martial Technique’s side effects. Now, he sustained further injury. He immediately paled and lost all his combat prowess.

“Big Brother!” the other seven people cried out. They all burned their Quintessence and attacked Xiao Chen in rage.


Xiao Chen stomped heavily on the Azure Dragon image he stood on, and the world trembled. He looked at the seven people approaching and smiled coldly. “Without the cooperative Martial Technique, are you Eight Great Guardian Deities worth anything?”

With one person missing from the Eight Great Guardian Deities, the originally perfect encirclement and cooperation immediately revealed weak points. No matter how they made up for the lack, their efforts were futile.

Even if the seven burned their Quintessence, it would just be a dream to want to defeat Xiao Chen in a short time.

The gap between Xiao Chen and them was never their Quintessence. He pushed off the Azure Dragon image and infused his body with Quintessence.

Then, Xiao Chen slowly activated the Purple Thunder True Fire in his right eye. With a loud ‘bang,’ purple fire flared up around his entire body.

He ignited his surging Quintessence right then. Furthermore, he used the extreme Yang Purple Thunder True Fire.


With just that instant, Xiao Chen felt his Quintessence had declined by one percent. On the other hand, the hidden strength in his body had more than quintupled.

Xiao Chen’s aura soared wildly to a horrifying degree. After only catching a glance, the onlookers below felt a great dread. They could not help taking a few steps back.

Before Xiao Chen’s incomparably fierce aura, the auras of the remaining seven people of the Eight Great Guardian Deities vanished instantly without leaving a trace.

Between the eight, even though they all burned their Quintessence, the remaining seven people of the Eight Great Guardian Deities were like children before Xiao Chen.

They had different foundations. Even with the same multiplier, the one with the better foundation would instantly outstrip the weaker ones by a large margin. Clearly, Xiao Chen had the better foundation.

Burning Quintessence was a massive drain. Xiao Chen did not waste any time. He shouted a ferocious warcry and immediately rushed over.

He took seven steps in the air. Each step left behind an afterimage. Every afterimage sent out an attack containing different states.

If it were not for the same countenance, no one would discover that these were clones created from Xiao Chen’s afterimages. It was hard to imagine that cloning to such a level was possible; even the expressions were different.

When the previously silent Gong Yangyu below saw this, he could not help but stand up excitedly and point at Xiao Chen. He muttered, “It really is my Everlasting Heaven and Earth. How is it so much stronger than mine?”

Earlier, when Xiao Chen used Thunder Shadow Chop twice, Gong Yangyu only found it somewhat familiar, but he was not sure what it was. Now that Xiao Chen executed Thunder Shadow Chop after burning his Quintessence, Gong Yangyu was finally certain.

Staring at Xiao Chen, Gong Yangyu felt that the youth was very terrifying. What kind of genius is this, for him to have such strong learning abilities?

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Seven muffled sounds rang out. The saber lights in the afterimages’ hands sent the remaining seven of the Eight Great Guardian Deities flying. Their expressions were extremely unsightly.


The seven afterimages merged, and Xiao Chen attacked with seven times his peak offensive power. The first person only managed to block for a moment before his weapon shattered.