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Chapter 636: So What if You Are the Welcoming Envoy

Chapter 636: So What if You Are the Welcoming Envoy

That person turned into a beam of light, flew backwards a kilometer, and crashed into a tall building in the Wan Clan’s palace. A loud explosion rang out with his survival unknown.

This development startled the remaining six people, scaring them. They looked at the death-god-like Xiao Chen and could not help but reveal expressions of fear.

Xiao Chen smiled gently and pushed off from where he was. He quickly charged at the remaining six people. When he attacked, his saber light gave off a bright light, not showing any mercy.

Wan Baolou watched the Eight Great Guardian Deities get defeated. Panic finally appeared in his previously calm expression.

The Eight Great Guardian Deities had already been famous for several decades, their fame spreading far and wide. They had cut a wide swath through the Wan Clan’s enemies. Unexpectedly, they had fallen to a young brat.

Wan Shan quickly ordered people to bring Feng Feixue to the back. He exclaimed to Wan Baolou, “Father, what should we do? Let’s call out the ancestor; this Xiao Chen is simply too strong.”

Wan Baolou’s expression turned grave. He said, “He is now the carrier of Luck in the Sky Dome Realm; the Martial Sages will not be able to do anything to him. Sima Hong over there is a prime example. There will be adverse consequences.

“Go and pass down my orders. Summon all the Martial King and Martial Saint experts in the city. We will use a multitude of ants to take down this elephant. Even if I fall with him, I will make sure he falls.”

When Wan Fang saw Wan Shan rushing off anxiously, rage flashed in his eyes. He gently knocked on the table twice and said calmly, “Cousin-uncle, are you looking down on my strength? Why the need to call a big group of trash over?”

[TL Note: Cousin Uncle: As mentioned in a previous note, the Chinese are quite detailed with the terms of address for family members. In this case, cousin-uncle refers to the father’s younger male cousin.]

Wan Baolou had not expected Wan Feng to be willing to make a move for him. He rejoiced and quickly said, “No, no. Of course not. Given Esteemed Nephew’s status, I feared that it would make things difficult for you to act against a King Grade True Dragon genius.”

Wan Feng snorted coldly. “A King Grade True Dragon genius? Ha ha! After he loses to me, he will no longer be one. No matter who it is, they will not be able to stop me from swallowing up the Feng Clan. I will not sit by idly and watch others get in the way of my wealth!”

While the Wan Clan’s people conversed, Xiao Chen, who had ignited his Quintessence, finished dealing with the remaining six of the Eight Great Guardian Deities. Then, he sheathed his saber and stopped burning his Quintessence.

In less than ten breaths, Xiao Chen expended half of his ninety-nine drops of Quintessence. The rate of consumption was extremely horrible.


Wan Feng smiled sinisterly. He took advantage of the moment Xiao Chen extinguished the burning Quintessence to stand up quickly and attack at lightning speed.

A cold wind howled as a beam of frosty light flashed, lingering in the air for a long time. Wan Feng arrived before Xiao Chen at an incredible speed.

Wan Feng sent out a palm strike. Yin energy gathered in his palm, causing others to feel a chill from the depths of their hearts.

The moment Xiao Chen finished his battle and pulled back, Wan Feng launched a sudden sneak attack. Such actions were extremely despicable. Several of the guests could not help but feel disgusted.

Even though Xiao Chen had expected Wan Feng to attack, he had not expected him to be that despicable. The welcoming envoy of the Martial God Palace conducted a brazen sneak attack, ignoring his status and entering the fray without announcing himself.

This attack happened in the time it took for a spark to fly, so Xiao Chen could not draw his saber in time. He tightly clenched his right fist and merged his Quintessence and Vital Qi. Then, he circulated his energies for Dragon Claw Fist, executing Berserk Dragon.


Palm and fist clashed, producing a loud explosion. Shock waves surged out. Countless snowflakes drifted out from the shock waves.

A white figure flew backwards amidst the shock waves. This person was Xiao Chen. As the attack had caught him off-guard, he suffered a disadvantage in the clash of strength.

However, Wan Feng, who stood still within the shock waves, was not unscathed. Three faint claw marks appeared on his face—the work of Xiao Chen.

Before Xiao Chen moved back, he had suddenly changed his fist into a claw while his opponent was unready. Clearly, Wan Feng had not expected him to have an opportunity to counterattack under such circumstances.

“Pu Ci!”

After Xiao Chen landed, he did not forcefully suppress his injuries. Instead, he immediately vomited a mouthful of turbid blood and instantly felt better.

Since Xiao Chen was wearing a defensive Superior Grade Secret Treasure, his injuries were not as severe as they looked, although the palm strike was hard to bear. Frost only covered his right arm, turning it stiff and temporarily unusable. Wan Feng’s Quintessence seemed extremely strange.

“As the welcoming envoy, he unexpectedly made a sneak attack. This is too much.”

Seeing Xiao Chen get injured, Yue Chenxi struggled free from the old man trying to stop her and immediately flew up. Then, she sent a punch at Wan Feng.

Yue Chenxi did not have a good temper in the first place. She had already found Wan Feng to be an eyesore long ago. At this moment, seeing that Wan Feng was despicable enough to mount a sneak attack, she disregarded the consequences and attacked.

A rising sun sparkled behind Yue Chenxi as rays of light exploded from her fist and turned into a ferocious fist wind flying at Wan Feng.

Wan Feng smiled disapprovingly and said, “What does a silly girl like you know? Nothing in war is too deceitful. The victor does not have to care about what others think about him. Scram!”

Wan Feng’s figure flashed. Although he did not seem to do anything, that boundless light immediately frosted over and shattered into ice fragments, which then fell from the sky, looking extremely strange.

Unexpectedly, light froze. Yue Chenxi had never seen such a situation before. Stunned, she failed to react until Wan Feng had already charged at her.

“You are making a fuss over nothing. Why are you daydreaming in the middle of a fight? Go back down, ant from the lower realm!”

Wan Feng sent a palm strike at Yue Chenxi’s fist, laughing loudly. A cold energy burst forth, and she vomited a mouthful of blood. Then, she fell to the ground and skidded very far when she landed.

The Supreme Sky Sect elder immediately became angry. He got up and said, “Wan Feng, you went overboard with your strike!”

Wan Feng looked at that old man, and an expression of displeasure flashed in his eyes. He gave a wintry smile and said, “She simply asked for it. What does it have to do with me? Stop trying to put on a pretense of seniority in front of me. If you were an elder from the Supreme Sky Sect’s main sect, I might have given you some face. Unfortunately, you are not!”

That old man pointed at him, saying lividly, “Don’t push things too far!” Now, he had become utterly enraged.

Wan Feng’s expression changed as he immediately attacked. He said icily, “Still trying to put on airs?”

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Wan Feng sent out three palm strikes and sent the Supreme Sky Sect elder flying. The old man vomited three mouthfuls of blood and fell to the ground, unable to get up again.

A ferocious aura spread out. Wan Feng seemed incomparably tyrannical. People felt fear in their hearts from just one glare.

“Overestimating yourself!”

Wan Feng swept his gaze through the crowd and smiled coldly. He did not care about these lower-realm people at all.

Then, Wan Feng quickly headed for Xiao Chen, whose arm was still frozen.

Finally, Feng Tianming reacted. He said, “Even if we can’t stop him, we can’t let him have this opportunity to take out Xiao Chen while he is in a critical condition!”


Feng Tianming led his four guards forward, instantly igniting his Quintessence. The five did not hold back at all as they charged towards Wan Feng.

They did not seek to defeat Wan Feng, only to buy Xiao Chen enough time to recover, to drag things out a little longer.

Wan Feng laughed loudly, not reducing his speed at all. Specks of white light appeared on his palm, turning it bright and smooth as if it was transparent.

There were no bright displays of light or horrifying Quintessence fluctuations. Wan Feng sent out a palm strike and froze all the Quintessence that the guard in front launched.

After Wan Feng charged forward, the frozen Quintessence shattered into ice fragments. The miserable scene of Yue Chenxi’s fall recurred.


This guard vomited a mouthful of blood. Before he could disperse the cold Qi in him, he turned into an ice sculpture and fell to the ground.

“Ka ca! Ka ca!”

The ice sculpture shattered. A body made of flesh and blood broke into pieces along with the ice—a sight too tragic to behold. One strike from Wan Feng did not even leave a bona fide peak Inferior Grade Martial Monarch with an intact corpse.

The surrounding guests were local heroes, grand characters within their sects, talented youths, high-rankers of the True Dragon Ranking. When they saw this horrifying scene, their hearts turned cold, and they felt intense fear.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Wan Feng’s figure flashed, and he sent out three palm strikes. Snow drifted in the air as another three ice sculptures fell down and shattered into pieces. He was ruthless and vicious.

The sight of the four people who had followed him for several decades dying like that turned Feng Tianming’s eyes red with rage. Then, he ignited all his Quintessence.

A fiery-red lotus flower bloomed under Feng Tianming’s feet. His aura immediately soared to that of a peak Superior Grade Martial Monarch. As he sent out a palm strike, it carried a boundless heat wave as it launched forward.

Wan Feng revealed disdain on his face. He smiled coldly and said, “Your Quintessence is not dense enough. No matter how many of you come, it will be useless. Scram!”

Compared to Feng Tianming’s, Wan Feng’s aura did not leak out. Only specks of cold light appeared on his right palm, not leaking any Quintessence at all.


After clashing head-on with Feng Tianming’s full-power strike, Wan Feng only took three steps back in the air and panted slightly.

Feng Tianming flew backwards like a meteor. When he landed, he could not get up again, clearly severely injured.

Wan Feng dusted himself off and smiled faintly. “You are quite powerful. You did not die after receiving a palm strike from me. However, ants are still ants. To me, the Martial Monarchs of the lower realm are not even worth a fart.”

When Wan Baolou heard this, his face could not help twitching. Initially, he had been celebrating joyously inside as he watched Wan Feng defeating everyone and demonstrating his might.

However, Wan Feng said that the lower realm’s Martial Monarchs were not even worth a fart. Wan Baolou was also a Martial Monarch, which meant that this also applied to him.

The top ten rankers of the True Dragon Ranking immediately revealed expressions of displeasure. They looked at Wan Feng in rage; his words were too offensive.

Seeing the expressions of those people, Wan Feng laughed, “You don’t agree with me? Wait until you go to the Kunlun Realm and you will know where you stand; you will know why I look down on all of you.

“Don’t think that I am just boasting. Your so-called True Dragon Ranking is just a joke to me. You would be extremely fortunate if even two or three of you manage to make it in the Kunlun Realm.”

“Damn it! I, Bai Qi, will sample your exquisite techniques, then.”

Bai Qi felt angry. He had his pride as well. After Wan Feng’s disparagement, plus the fact that Bai Qi was young and rash, naturally he could not contain his anger.

“Four Season Saber Technique, Cycle of Seasons!”

Bai Qi took to the air. His saber light flickered as he executed the most powerful move of the Four Season Saber Technique.

“I, Gong Yangyu, want to sample your exquisite techniques as well. Show me the might of the welcoming envoy.”

“I, Liu Xiaoyun, will give it a try too!”

“Nangong Ziyue will sample your exquisite techniques as well!”

“Xiu! Xiu! Xiu!”

Seven figures soared into the sky. These highly ranked people on the True Dragon Ranking flew up at the same time, charging towards Wan Feng.

Openly disdainful, Wan Feng sneered icily and said, “No matter how many ants there are, it will be useless. Before you go to the Kunlun Realm, I will first beat your worthless pride out of you.”

Suddenly, Wan Feng unleashed the aura that he had kept withdrawn. A strong and chilly aura immediately spread out. That cold Qi penetrated the bones, making it hard to bear.

“Shua! Shua! Shua!”

Various strong attacks flew over. Under the influence of this cold Qi, they turned into ice and created deep pits below.