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Chapter 637: Pack Up that Worthless Pride of Yours

Chapter 637: Pack Up that Worthless Pride of Yours

The expressions of the seven turned extremely unsightly. They had not expected something like that to happen. Their Quintessence could not even get near Wan Feng, failing to display the might of their moves.

“After you go to the Kunlun Realm, remember to keep your tails tucked between your legs. Not everyone is as benevolent as me. Now scram, ants!”

[TL note: Keep your tails tucked between your legs: This means to keep their pride down, humbling themselves.]

“Bang! Bang! Bang!

Wan Feng’s figure flashed, and he sent out a palm strike at each of the seven, causing them to vomit blood and fly back. The impact shook their internal organs, reducing them to a sorry state.

“What strong Quintessence! Its density is several times more than mine. Is he really an Inferior Grade Martial Monarch?” Bai Qi, who fell to the ground, exclaimed in disbelief.

Gong Yangyu said resentfully, “Furthermore, his Quintessence is much purer than mine. If he did not cultivate a Heaven Ranked Cultivation Technique, he must have eaten some kind of natural treasure.”

“His state of ice is extremely odd as well. Even the combination of all our states cannot compare to his.”

Shaken in their hearts, the seven stared at Wan Feng, who stood proudly in the air, revealing disdain on his face. They could not help feeling a sense of helplessness.


The same time all this was happening, all the experts ranked Martial Saint and above in the vast Wan Clan City were summoned together. They quickly rushed towards the Wan Clan’s palace from all directions.

At least five hundred people were coming from each of the eight directions. All combined, there would be at least four thousand people. With so many experts, surely they could suppress a peak Martial Monarch if they managed to surround him and launched a rain of attacks in combination?

“Quick! Quick! Quick! The Clan Head sent orders down. The Wan Clan’s palace is under attack!”

These people quickly rushed through the streets. The hostile atmosphere made the bystanders extremely curious.

“Isn’t it the wedding of the Wan Clan’s Young Master? Could it be that someone dared to cause trouble?”

“Who knows? The Quintessence fluctuated very intensely in the Wan Clan’s palace earlier. I think a big battle is going on there.”

A certain fatty sat by a window in a restaurant along the street. As this fatty watched the Wan Clan’s guards rushing around, he chuckled. “Cleaning up the small fries? This Fat Lord loves that the most.”


Back in the plaza of the Wan Clan’s palace, Xiao Chen had a grave expression as he looked at his frozen right hand. Half his arm had gone numb, losing all sensation; he could not move it.

Strands of cold Qi rushed up from his arm. Xiao Chen circulated his Quintessence and formed a dam, blocking this cold Qi.

With the cold Qi attacking him, Xiao Chen’s Quintessence drained nonstop. If he had not cultivated the Purple Thunder Divine Incantation, resulting in a higher quantity and quality of Quintessence, he would have become an ice sculpture as well, shattering after he fell.

The might of Wan Feng’s state of ice has reached the threshold of a will. He is probably already close to comprehending the will of ice. When combined with his strong Quintessence, he can unleash a horrifyingly destructive force.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, However, it is just initial rudimentary understanding. He still cannot use it as he pleases. The extreme Yang Purple Thunder True Fire can eliminate it.

“Zi! Zi!”

Strands of purple flames appeared on Xiao Chen’s arm. The purple flames burned the cold Qi, turning it into steam rising into the air.

Once Xiao Chen dispersed the cold Qi completely, he could move his arm again. He clenched his fist, and his Quintessence flowed smoothly once more.

Xiao Chen glanced at Feng Feixue, whom Wan Baolou was pulling behind himself. Then, he walked towards them.

No one could change the things that he decided. No one could stop him on the path that he walked.

Wan Feng narrowed his eyes and considered Xiao Chen with a cold gaze. Then he said, “Instead of taking this opportunity to flee, you rush forward, instead. You really think you are not an ant?!”

Bitter winds howled and snow fell. Wan Feng turned into a white beam of light, carrying a boundless, baleful aura as he charged towards Xiao Chen.


When the icy wind blew, Xiao Chen drew his saber. A purple flame flared up on the pitch-black Lunar Shadow Saber. When he swung the saber light, it burned away the cold Qi into steam.

Wan Feng’s state of ice, which had always been successful previously, retreated before Xiao Chen. Xiao Chen’s saber light sliced it apart, sending an attack towards Wan Feng.


The palm wind and saber light clashed, producing a loud blast. On the ground, Xiao Chen took seven steps back. Wan Feng, on the other hand, tumbled seven times in midair before he slowly stabilized himself.

Wan Feng revealed a shocked expression. He muttered, “This is an extreme Yang lightning-attributed flame. However, even though it counters my state of ice, my Quintessence and speed are sufficient to suppress him.”

As Wan Feng’s figure flashed, snow drifted down from the sky. He pushed off from where he was and charged towards Xiao Chen.

This time, Wan Feng raised his speed to its limit. Everywhere he passed, others only saw a white beam of light; they simply could not see him clearly.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

In this instant, amidst the drifting snow in the air, Wan Feng sent out fifty or sixty palm strikes.

The palm winds came like an avalanche on a snowy mountain. Rumbling resounded out in the air nonstop. The entire plaza shook under the might of this torrent of palm winds.

Right then, cracking sounds echoed in the flower- and table-filled plaza. The festive wedding scene devolved to chaos and confusion.

Some stray palm winds flew wildly, freezing the guests unfortunate enough to get in the way. They shattered immediately, dying without an intact corpse.

Xiao Chen’s expression remained calm, but he did not dare to be careless. The density and purity of his opponent’s Quintessence were no less than his.

Suddenly, an Azure Dragon image appeared below Xiao Chen. As a dragon roar resounded, his figure flickered and moved around everywhere.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Xiao Chen’s saber light lashed out as fast as lightning, moving as his instincts told him. The burning purple flames on the saber destroyed all the icy palm winds that approached.

In the time it took for a spark to fly, the two soon exchanged hundreds of moves in this intense battle.

It was unknown what Movement Technique Wan Feng used; no one could see his figure clearly. As he moved around, he turned into a white beam of light circling Xiao Chen.

From a distance, it looked like the multiple beams of light created a sphere of light that encased Xiao Chen.

Occasionally, horrific explosions came from within the light sphere.

That light sphere did not stay in place, either. Occasionally, it would move up or down, startling the many guests, who were all afraid the shock waves would strike them.


The light sphere vanished as a white figure flew out from inside. He vomited a mouthful of blood. When he landed on the ground, it fractured, long cracks extending in all directions.

Yue Chenxi exclaimed, “It’s Xiao Chen!”

The person who flew out was indeed Xiao Chen. Wan Feng moved even faster within the light sphere. In the end, Wan Feng’s palm winds filled the entire space.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Is the King Grade True Dragon genius really that slow? You are not even worth a strike. Receive another strike from me. Extreme Yin Tyrannical Heavenly Palm!”

Wang Feng flew into the air, laughing boisterously. The boundless icy wind in the surroundings suddenly rushed into his body.

The ambient temperature abruptly increased rapidly. This sudden heat was not due to Wan Feng raising the temperature but because he absorbed all the Yin energy.

The imbalance between Yin and Yang left only a chaotic pure Yang energy, which made people feel that the air had become significantly hotter.

“Time for you to lose!” Wan Feng shouted ferociously. Without moving from his position, he sent out a palm strike.

A palm fell from the sky. That palm was smaller than an adult’s palm, but it gave the impression that it covered the sky like there was nowhere to hide.

As the palm fell, the chaotic pure Yang Qi on the ground compressed into clumps of Yang fire that shot off in every direction like thousands of arrows launched at the same time.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

The fire crashed into the buildings of the Wan Clan’s palace and exploded with horrifying energy. It blew all these buildings to smithereens, filling the air with dust.

What a strange and shocking Martial Technique! It used both Yin and Yang Qi to form attacks. The older generation of cultivators was dumbfounded at the sight of this; this was a great eye-opener for them.

Xiao Chen’s expression turned serious. The Mental Energy in his sea of consciousness surged quickly; he did not hold any of it back.

A purple light flared up in the depths of Xiao Chen’s right eye, and a white light flickered in his left. The two lights were as resplendent as stars, shining their radiance everywhere and looking magnificent.

“Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram!”

Xiao Chen pointed to the front, and his Mental Energy immediately drained completely. Two beams of light flew out, forming a Taiji diagram in an instant.

Yinyang, the four divisions, eight trigrams, and all sorts of mysterious phenomena appeared. The Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram went forth in its most puissant state.


The Taiji diagram gave off a brilliant golden light as it clashed with that palm. Intense, explosive sounds came from it. A huge bottomless pit suddenly gaped on the ground.

The palm made from Yin Qi and the Taiji Diagram exploded simultaneously. Wan Feng recoiled by a hundred meters, but Xiao Chen did not move at all.

Shock appeared on Wan Feng’s face. He muttered, “How can this be? Even famous experts in the upper realm would not dare to clash head-on with this Extreme Yin Tyrannical Heavenly Palm, yet you—an ant of the lower realm—managed to block it.”

Xiao Chen remained expressionless. He said calmly, “You were merely viewing the sky from the well. There are many things that you are unable to imagine in this world. Didn’t you want to compare speeds with me? Well, I will compete in speed with you now. Let’s see who is the one that is truly not worth a strike!”

[TL Note: Viewing the sky from the well: This means a limited worldview, thinking that what one saw was the full extent of the world. It describes an ignorant and narrow-minded person.]


Xiao Chen executed the Great Perfection Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art. Boundless dragon roars came from his chest as three Azure Dragon images suddenly appeared under his feet.

Turning into an invisible beam of Azure Light, Xiao Chen shot towards Wan Feng; he was now four times faster than before.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Sharp saber lights poured out like torrential rain in a storm. They flew relentlessly at Wan Feng as thunder rumbled in the sky.

At some point in time, an immortal attribute appeared in the thunder. The thunder was everlasting, never fading away, suppressing Wan Feng’s rudimentary comprehension of the will of ice.

Xiao Chen did not bother wasting time with Wan Feng. He simply charged forward, sticking closely to him. He relied on the Great Perfection Azure Dragon Cloud Soaring Art to continuously force Wan Feng back.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Wan Feng could not keep up with Xiao Chen’s speed. Xiao Chen’s immortal state of thunder and Purple Thunder True Fire worked together to suppress the will of ice. Wan Feng paled as he retreated continuously.

Xiao Chen ruthlessly suppressed Wan Feng’s previous savagery. Wan Feng roared ferociously a few times, wanting to try and turn the situation around. However, Xiao Chen always forced him back down without showing any emotion.

“Scram! Extreme Yin Tyrannical Heavenly Palm!”

After making several unsuccessful attempts, Wan Feng became thoroughly angered. He burned his Quintessence and sent out a palm flickering with a cold light.

Everywhere the palm passed, space collapsed. Spatial tears like tears seen on a piece of paper appeared, a fearsome sight to behold.

Xiao Chen smiled coldly and said, “Wan Feng, this is your trump card? In that case, I will be returning your earlier words to you. Pack up that worthless pride of yours. In the future, when you come to the Sky Dome Realm, keep your tail between your legs.”