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Chapter 638: The Miserably Oppressed Wan Feng

Chapter 638: The Miserably Oppressed Wan Feng

“Strength Character Formula, thirty-three times combat prowess, Return of the Azure Dragon!”

A boundless sea appeared behind Xiao Chen, and 9,999 pillars of water shot into the sky. Each water pillar tore a pitch-black hole in space.

A three-kilometer-long saber light burst out of Xiao Chen’s saber, rising from the ground to the sky. When that apocalyptic might manifested, an expression of fear appeared in Wan Feng’s eyes for the first time.


When Xiao Chen swung that saber light, he promptly smashed that earth-shattering palm into nothing. It could not resist at all.

The saber light did not stop. Instead, it continued forward and landed on Wan Feng—and knocked him back like he was a sandbag.

Wan Feng apparently had a defensive Superior Grade Secret Treasure as well, since he was not hacked in half. However, the force contained in the saber light injured all his internal organs. He would need more than a month to recover.

When fighting against Sima Hong, Xiao Chen had gained experience in executing the Strength Character Formula together with Return of the Azure Dragon. So this time, he was already prepared.

After Xiao Chen landed, he quickly took a peak grade medicinal pill for replenishing blood and Qi. Although this pill did not have any special effects that would allow him to recover immediately, he would not be in a completely helpless state like before.

Xiao Chen glanced at Feng Feixue, who was behind Wan Baolou. Then, in blood-stained white robes, he continued walking step by step towards her without hesitation.

No one could change what Xiao Chen had decided, not even Wan Feng, the welcoming envoy.

The entire plaza went dead silent. No one had imagined that Xiao Chen would manage to defeat Wan Feng, who was unrivaled in everyone’s eyes. He had sent Wan Feng flying far away, his survival and location now unknown.

This development frightened Wan Shan so much that he hid behind Wan Baolou, trembling with fear. He quavered, “Father, he is coming over. What should we do?!”

Wan Baolou revealed an extremely unsightly expression. He also could not help trembling slightly. He forcefully pulled himself straight up and said, “Damn it! Why are those guards not here yet? This fellow is already a spent force. Four thousand guards can surely wear him down.”


All the routes to the Wan Clan’s palace had checkpoints that everyone had to pass. At these locations, the Wan Clan guards screamed miserably without end. Four or five Martial Monarchs in black waited at each of these checkpoints.

Any guard that got near the checkpoint would die at the hands of the implacable black-robed Martial Monarchs. Given their cultivations, these guards could forget about trying to get past these checkpoints.

Up in a tall building together with four or five menservants, Jin Dabao watched the situation below with excitement.

“Young Master, we have sealed access from all eight directions. None of the guards made it past the checkpoints.”

“Even when the Young Master made a move, these fellows still dared to try forcing their way through. They are really overestimating their strength.”

“Young Master, everything went as expected. We annihilated these people with a snap of the fingers.” The group of menservants rushed to flatter Jin Dabao.

From Jin Dabao’s relaxed expression, he seemed to be enjoying himself. He waved off the flattery and smiled. “They are just small fries. There is nothing much to that. Is this Fat Lord really someone so excitable?”


Right after Jin Dabao spoke, a figure came crashing down through the roof, shattering it into dust.

This figure landed in front of Jin Dabao, startling him. The fatty moved with incredible speed, quickly hiding behind the few menservants.

However, when Jin Dabao saw who it was, he laughed loudly. He pushed his menservants aside and immediately walked over.

Naturally, the person who fell from the sky was none other than the welcoming envoy of the Kunlun Realm’s Martial God Palace, Wan Feng.

Xiao Chen’s Return of the Azure Dragon had dispersed Wan Feng’s Quintessence entirely, injuring all his internal organs. Both Wan Feng’s internal and external injuries were grievous. Someone as strong as him had become as weak as a cripple.

After coughing intensely, Wan Feng vomited a mouthful of blood. He looked around his surroundings and saw Jin Dabao laughing in front.

A look of disdain and disgust flashed in Wan Feng’s eyes. Then, he casually said, “I remember you. You are the Young Master of the Great Tang Nation’s Golden Roc Merchant Association. I will give you a chance now. Find me a place to recuperate, and I will consider returning that Azure Luan Spirit Core to you.

Jin Dabao chuckled and said, “Brother Feng truly lives up to your reputation. Even though you now looked worse than a lump of shit, you are still so magnanimous. The few of you, why are you not helping Brother Feng up? Quick, go!”

When Wan Feng heard those words, a murderous intent flashed in his heart. Damn fatty, when I recover from this, you will be the first I exterminate!

However, at this moment, Wan Feng was heavily injured and could not do much. He looked at the menservants helping him up and smiled. “The few of you are quite wise. I am the welcoming envoy from the upper realm. Working for me will bring you unimaginable results.

“Treat me well, and it might be possible for me to bring you along to the Kunlun Realm…ah!”


Suddenly, the menservants let go of Wan Feng, whom they had just helped up, causing him to fall back down with a ‘bang,’ which jolted the injuries of his body. He could not help crying out in pain.

Jin Dabao said angrily, “What are you guys doing? Don’t you know that this is the upper realm’s welcoming envoy, Brother Feng? If you offend him, he can crush your entire family with one finger.”

“Brother Feng, Brother Feng, let me help you up. These fellows do not know how to do things.”

Dragging his fat body and moving his butt left and right, Jin Dabao swaggered over. Then, he helped Wan Feng up once again.

I’ll endure!

All this moment, Wan Feng held his temper. He only wanted to find a place to recuperate before coming back in the future to deal with this group of people. He forced himself to smile and said, “It’s fine, it’s fine. I can still endure this small injury. Just help me down first.”

Jin Dabao loosened his grip as he chuckled. “No problem. This Fat Lord will send you down. Stand still. Don’t move, don’t move at all. That’s right, that’s right. Maintain this posture!”

Suddenly, Wan Feng’s heart started thumping heavily. He was not standing stably yet in the first place. But before he could tell that something was wrong and react, he received a heavy strike on his butt. He bounced around like a rubber ball as he tumbled down from the top of the building to the bottom.

“Bang! Bang!”

After falling from a height of a hundred meters, Wan Feng bounced twice after hitting the ground. He vomited another mouthful of blood as he moaned in pain.

Up at the top of the building, Jin Dabao retracted the leg that he kicked with. Then, he looked down together with his menservants. When they saw the miserable Wan Feng, they all laughed loudly together.

“Brother Feng, sorry about that. Your butt looked too shapely. This Fat Lord could not resist. I offer my apologies to you!” Jin Dabao chuckled as he fanned himself with his gold fan. His jowls jiggled continuously.

Wan Feng, who was on the ground, flew into a rage out of humiliation. At this moment, he finally understood: this Fatty Jin did not care a whit about him. From the very start, Jin Dabao had been toying with him.

Wan Feng struggled to stand up. Then, he looked up and said to Jin Dabao, “Damn fatty! Laugh while you can. In the future, after I recover, I will kill your entire Jin Clan!”

If looks could kill, Jin Dabao would have been torn to shreds already.

“You damn bastard. How dare you scold our clan’s Young Master? You must be tired of life. I will drown you with my spit!”

“Phui! Phui! Phui!”

Before Jin Dabao could say anything, the menservants with him found an opportunity to flatter him further. They immediately started spitting for real at Wan Feng.

With the combined efforts of the menservants, spit rained down without pause.

Wan Feng turned green in startlement. No one had ever treated him like this since he entered the Extreme Yin Sect. Even his past humiliations were not this severe.

Unexpectedly, the crude menservants of the lower realm bullied Wan Feng like this with spit.

However, at this very moment, Wan Feng had no means of dealing with this. He could only drag his grievously injured body along the street, limping heavily, in fear of more spit landing on him.

Jin Dabao waved his hand and smiled. “Stop it! What did this Fat Lord teach you in the past? This is Brother Feng from the Kunlun Realm. It is a rare thing for him to come to the Sky Dome Realm, and this is how you treat him?”

Wan Feng stopped moving and wiped away the spit that had landed on him. He heaved a sigh of relief. At least this fatty knew how far to go; he did not dare to offend him completely, pushing him over the edge.


A strong wind blew. When Wan Feng looked up, he saw a golden coffin lid falling from the sky. Then, it smashed into him.

The impact knocked Wan Feng into the air. His nose caved in, and a few of his teeth fell out of his mouth together with the blood he vomited out.

Wan Feng spun for more than a hundred revolutions in midair before crashing heavily on the ground.

By then, Jin Dabao had already gotten down and was holding his coffin lid once again, laughing heartlessly. “If it does not hurt or itch, what kind of treatment is that? This is more thrilling, isn’t that right, Brother Feng?

“He he, Brother Feng likes it so much, he is unable to say anything. In that case, let’s do it a few more times.”

Hearing Jin Dabao’s footsteps suddenly approaching shocked Wan Feng, who was on the verge of fainting, awake.

At this moment, Jin Dabao’s shameless smile looked like that of the devil. In fact, even the devil was not as scary as this fellow.

Thinking of his earlier misfortune, Wan Feng suddenly reacted. He quickly took out that Azure Luan Spirit Core from his spatial ring and proffered it, saying, “I was in the wrong. I will return this Spirit Core to you, and we will no longer owe each other!”

Jin Dabao chuckled and said, “What did you say? I did not hear you. That felt good!”


Right after Jin Dabao finished speaking, his wide coffin lid came crashing down again. Wan Feng flew into the air once more, and intense pain caused his body to freeze up. It felt like dying was better than this.

“He! He! I really couldn’t tell that Brother Feng had such a hobby. In that case, even though this makes things difficult for this Fat Lord, I will do it a few more times.”

When Jin Dabao made his move, he did not pull any punches. This time, Wan Feng completely lost all his pretensions. He quickly handed the Spirit Core over and shouted with tears in his eyes, “Lord Jin, I was wrong. I should not have worked together with the Wan Clan to cheat you.”

“What did you say? Speak louder. This Fat Lord does not have Brother Feng’s cultivation.” Jin Dabao laughed as he placed the coffin lid in front of him.

“Pu tong!”

Wan Feng knelt on the ground. He endured that indescribable pain as he shouted, “Lord Jin, I really was wrong. I no longer dare to try and cheat you again.”

Jin Dabao smiled and said, “I told you long ago. This Fat Lord has never suffered from any disadvantage before. Since you already admitted your mistake, this Fat Lord will be magnanimous and forgive you.

“The treasures on your body should barely be enough to make up for this Fat Lord’s loss.”

When Jin Dabao waved his hand, his menservants understood what the fatty meant. They immediately rushed forward and stripped Wan Feng bare, taking everything that was worth something.

At this moment, Wan Feng could not muster even an iota of resistance. Rage filled his heart, but he could not do anything. Soon, the menservants had stripped him of everything, leaving him naked on the ground.

“Young Master, this thing is the most valuable. It seems to be a Superior Grade Secret Treasure.” One of the menservants held out a damaged inner vest, which he handed to Fatty Jin as though he was paying tribute to a king.