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Chapter 639: The Fatty’s Style—Stripped Bare

Chapter 639: The Fatty’s Style—Stripped Bare

Jin Dabao’s eyes lit up. He smiled and said, “No wonder this brat was so cocky. It turns out he was wearing a Superior Grade Secret Treasure. Let’s go and see what the situation in the Wan Clan’s palace is. See if there is anything we can get from there.”

“Young Master, what should we do with this fellow? We can’t just leave him naked here. After all, he is still the Kunlun Realm’s welcoming envoy.”

Jin Dabao thought for a while and took out a pair of underpants from his spatial ring. Then, he tossed them to Wan Feng and said absent-mindedly, “This is already considered to be extremely benevolent of me. Don’t forget to be grateful for this Fat Lord giving you underpants.”

“That…it looks like women’s underpants, Young Master!”

“Damn, this Fat Lord’s hobby has been revealed. I’m not too ashamed to face the world. Let’s run fast.” Jin Dabao quickly dashed forward at lightning speed.

The menservants exchanged glances. Since when did this fellow have any sense of shame?

After everyone left, the naked Wan Feng hugged that pair of red, flowery underpants and curled up.

He could not resist crying loudly. Extreme sadness was evident in his crying, which sounded utterly heartbroken. Those who did not know the situation would think that he was a virgin who had been raped by dozens of men.


Naturally, the people in the plaza did not know of Wan Feng’s misfortune. Otherwise, their eyes would goggle and their mouths gape open.

At this moment, their gazes were focused on the White Robed Bladesman walking steadily towards Feng Feixue.

Currently, Xiao Chen did not seem to be in good condition. He looked like he was on the verge of collapse.

However, Wan Baolou and his son, who stood in front of Feng Feixue, still trembled with fear, lacking the slightest bit of courage to make a move.

No one could say for sure how strong Xiao Chen was now. He even defeated someone as strong as Wan Feng. If he still had some trump cards, making a move now would only result in their deaths.

This father-and-son pair lived a life full of glory and honor. Their days were much better than those of regular people. The wealthier one was, the more afraid of death one would be.

The father-and-son pair found that they could not advance or retreat as they watched Xiao Chen approach. They did not dare to step up and fight, but they could not bear to hand over Feng Feixue, whom they had spent so much effort on, either.


Just at this moment, a dull, cold snort suddenly resounded everywhere. That voice contained boundless energy.

That one word reverberated like thunder, shaking heaven and earth, pressing down on Xiao Chen like a mountain.

That force was several times stronger than what Xiao Chen was capable of. Just the aura alone prevented him from moving, making his feet feel leaden.

Wan Baolou rejoiced, saying, “The ancestor is making a move!”

An old man in embroidered robes seemed to appear from nowhere, arriving before Xiao Chen and blocking his way. He stared gravely at Xiao Chen.

The guests in the plaza all revealed astonishment on their faces. They shook their heads and said, “The White Robed Blademan cannot continue forward anymore. The Wan Clan’s Sage has made his move.”

“Isn’t there a rumor that if anyone makes a move against Xiao Chen in the Sky Dome Realm, there would be dire consequences?”

“Rumors are not necessarily true. Furthermore, Xiao Chen has already pushed the Wan Clan this far. If they still do not make a move, he will end up taking Feng Feixue away, and they will lose face before everyone in the world.”

“Actually, at this moment, Xiao Chen is already spent. A Martial Sage can finish him off in one move. I don’t believe that there will be any dire consequences.”

All sorts of discussions rang out. Although there were rumors that if the Martial Sages of the Sky Dome Realm acted against the carrier of Luck, there would be dire consequences, most people discounted the rumors.

This disbelief was because Xiao Chen looked feeble at this point. First, he had defeated thirty-six Martial Monarchs; then, the Eight Great Guardian Deities; and finally, the Kunlun Realm’s Wan Feng.

All these achievements were already incredible to imagine. Xiao Chen’s current cultivation limited the amount of Quintessence he had. Even if it was not wholly spent yet, it should be close.

Any Martial Monarch among them should be able to stop Xiao Chen if they dared to try. What more a Martial Sage in perfect condition?

The Wan Clan’s Martial Sage said, “Little friend, you have caused a large commotion in the Wan Clan and showed your might before everyone. My Wan Clan has suffered tremendous losses because of you. If you leave now, I will not blame you for today’s matter.”

Actually, this person had sensed Xiao Chen the moment Xiao Chen entered the Wan Clan’s palace. However, because he feared that rumor, he had not dared to make a move.

The carrier of Luck was someone who held the Luck of a great realm. He enjoyed the protection of the Heavenly Dao. Martial Sages already touched the threshold of the Heavenly Dao. If they acted against the carrier of Luck, the Heavenly Dao would sense it immediately.

Sima Hong had not believed this would happen and wanted to kill Xiao Chen forcefully. However, the Heavenly Dao blessed and protected Xiao Chen. Not only did Sima Hong fail in his attempt, but he also ended up hanging at Saber City’s gates. His reputation took a considerable hit, and he lost all face.

With Sima Hong as an example, the Wan Clan Martial Sage had to be cautious. So he had remained hidden and did not make a move. However, at this point, he had no other choice.

Xiao Chen was probably the first Inferior Grade Martial Monarch to receive such polite treatment from a Martial Sage in the past thousand years.

Everyone looked at Xiao Chen, waiting for him to say something. They felt curious as to how he would answer.

Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “I will not leave until I meet the person I came to meet.”

Nobody had anticipated such an answer. Everyone was greatly astonished. Unexpectedly, Xiao Chen rejected the suggestion of a Martial Sage. Where did he get his confidence from?

The expression of the Wan Clan’s Martial Sage froze. Killing intent appeared deep in his eyes as he said, “Have you made up your mind to do this the hard way?”

A vast Quintessence surged in the old man’s body. The white sky suddenly turned dark, looking even scarier than the old man’s expression.

This person was now totally furious. All the guests could feel the strong killing intent in the wind and clouds, as vast as the sea.

Before that aura, Xiao Chen seemed as small as an ant, or maybe not even comparable to an ant.

Xiao Chen said calmly, “I have never thought of harming the Wan Clan. All I want to do is remove that red veil and ask her if marrying into the Wan Clan is her intention or not.

“If it is, I will leave immediately. If it is not, then according to my promise, I will bring her away.”

This person knew full well how Feng Feixue had come to the Wan Clan. Naturally, he would not let Xiao Chen go up to ask her. “If you insist on this, then don’t blame me for bullying someone weak.”

The Wan Clan’s Martial Sage was going to take action!

The people around could already guess what would happen next. As they looked at Xiao Chen, whose white robes were already dyed red with blood, they could not help but reveal expressions of pity.


Just at this moment, the situation changed.

The package wrapped in black cloth on Xiao Chen’s back split open, and a simple rectangular wooden box flew out and landed heavily on the ground.

It was like a formless wall came out of the wooden box. In that instant, the pressure from the Martial Sage’s aura vanished, and Xiao Chen recovered his ability to move.

The expression of the Wan Clan’s Martial Sage turned grave as he exclaimed, “Divine Weapon!”

Divine Weapons were renowned throughout the entire Tianwu Continent. The Wan Clan’s Martial Sage no longer dared to drag things out, so he immediately made his move.

However, it was too late already. “Ka ca! Ka ca! Ka ca! Ka ca!” The four wooden sides fell apart and a Divine Weapon, the Heavenly Universe Saber, floated quietly in midair. An ancient and mighty aura burst forth from it.

The momentum of the Wan Clan’s Martial Sage’s move collapsed without Xiao Chen having to do anything.

The Holy Seal in Xiao Chen’s sea of consciousness turned into a clump of golden flame, burning up quickly. A miraculous energy spread through his entire body, granting him the temporary right to use the Divine Weapon.

Xiao Chen extended his hand, and a resonant saber hum broke through the clouds.

The Divine Weapon flew into his hand, and the sky and earth instantly turned dark. The sun, moon, and stars all appeared. The thousands of people in the plaza felt like they stood within a boundless starscape.

Xiao Chen grasped the Divine Weapon tightly and felt an unrivaled energy flowing through his meridians. He felt like he could pluck the stars and bring down the moon, turning the universe upside-down; everything seemed possible.

“Chop!” Xiao Chen shouted ferociously and attacked with the saber.

Heaven and earth regained their previous calm. When everyone looked up, they only saw the strong and powerful Martial Sage flying backwards.

Space shattered everywhere the Martial Sage passed. He flew for an unknown distance before crashing into a mountain outside Wan Clan City and pulverizing it.

The Divine Weapon returned to its sheath, and the potent energy ebbed from Xiao Chen’s body. Now, he felt dizzy and extremely feeble.

Xiao Chen had even sent the Wan Clan ancestor flying. Wan Baolou and Wan Shan were frightened into trembling. They completely lost all their courage and fled miserably.

Xiao Chen collected his senses and continued walking before everyone. The distance between him and Feng Feixue shortened with each step he took. Soon, he arrived before her.

“This fellow really managed to walk over. Martial Monarchs could not stop him, and the Eight Great Guardian Deities could not stop him. Now, even a Martial Sage could not stop him.”

This incredible scene happened before everyone. All the guests were shaken; they found this experience indescribable.


Far in the distance, at the mountain that the Wan Clan’s Martial Sage had crashed into, the Wan Clan’s Martial Sage walked out of the lingering dust cloud. He had a horrifying wound so deep that bones of his chest were visible.

The regenerative ability of a Sage Body did not seem to be working. Blood flowed out continuously from the wound.

“Damn that brat! Unexpectedly, he brought a Divine Weapon. Let’s see how many more times you can use it,” the Wan Clan’s Martial Sage shouted in rage.


Just as the Wan Clan’s Martial Sage was about to soar into the air, a strong palm wind broke through space and knocked the Wan Clan’s Martial Sage back. This attack was from the Myriad Fiend Palace’s An Zixuan, who had promised to keep Xiao Chen alive.

“An Zixuan! Since when has your Myriad Fiend Palace interfered with the matters of my Wan Clan?”

When facing the raging Wan Clan’s Martial Sage, An Zixuan could not be bothered to say much. “I will do as I please. It is not up to you to decide what I do. Just stay here and wait.”

The Wan Clan’s Martial Sage was infuriated. However, he was not An Zixuan’s match in the first place. Furthermore, he was currently injured. He had no way to defeat An Zixuan.


On the other side, Xiao Chen undid Feng Feixue’s restrictions. Then, he slowly removed the red veil on her head, revealing a pretty girl, one beautiful enough to cause a nation’s downfall.

Feng Feixue’s eyes misted slightly as she choked up. “You really came.”

Xiao Chen smiled faintly. “Four years ago, outside Mohe City, I promised to do one thing for you. I will honor my promises forever, so I will definitely come.”


Xiao Chen removed the strip of cloth on his forehead and summoned out the scarlet throne. First, he helped the heavily injured Feng Tianming onto it; then he brought Feng Feixue up. Finally, they turned into a clump of scarlet clouds and slowly disappeared from everyone’s sight.

The crowd only withdrew their gazes after a long time. When they looked at the extremely dilapidated plaza, they could not help but sigh.

The vast Wan Clan, with thirty-six Martial Monarchs, the Eight Great Guardian Deities, and a Martial Sage, was still a toy in Xiao Chen’s hands, suffering heavy losses.

After this, the Wan Clan’s reputation would fall significantly. It was likely that they would not be able to retain their position as the top merchant association in the world.

“A King Grade True Dragon genius is indeed extraordinary. The Sky Dome Realm truly cannot contain him.”