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Chapter 640: Capital to be Absolutely Unrestrained

Chapter 640: Capital to be Absolutely Unrestrained

“Even the Thunder Emperor was not that unrestrained back then, challenging the top merchant association in the world because of a promise.”

“It is hard to imagine that Xiao Chen really killed his way to the Wan Clan and brought someone away, all for a promise.”

The guests discussed the earlier events. In this world overflowing with cupidity, there was still someone who would honor their promises like that, braving the dangers of this world. This was a rare quality.

This was especially so when considering the ramifications and knowing that a Martial Sage held down the fort. Despite knowing all this, Xiao Chen risked his life and really rushed over.

“Let’s go. There is nothing for us here. This grand wedding was just a farce put up by the Wan Clan.”

The guests dispersed, heading to the gates of the Wan Clan’s palace.


In the underground treasury of the Wan Clan’s palace, the experts guarding that place keeled over and could not get up again. From the appearance of the bodies, they were killed with one strike.

Inside the treasury, a group of black-clad people was excitedly looting all the treasures stored there.

One of these black-clad people stood out from the rest. He had an extremely corpulent body. Clearly, he had forced himself into the black clothes, which looked very tight on him as if they would split open at any time.

“Young Master, unexpectedly, this Wan Clan’s treasury is so easy to break into. We struck it rich this time.”

The fatty chuckled and said, “That Brother Xiao of mine is too awesome. He even managed to severely injure all the Eight Great Guardian Deities. Otherwise, we would not have such an easy time, either.”

This group of people was like a pack of hungry wolves that managed to enter a sheep pen. They moved around continuously. The various treasures in the repository vanished rapidly.

Normally, even though many people eyed the wealth of the Wan Clan’s headquarters, no one would succeed with the Eight Great Guardian Deities on guard.

Today, the Eight Great Guardian Deities were all severely injured. Jin Dabao led the Jin Clan’s Martial Monarchs and raided the Wan Clan treasury, gaining a great advantage from this.

If Wan Baolou knew of the looting of the treasury, he would be angered to death. Half of the Wan Clan’s wealth was stored in there. It would take the clan an incredibly long time to recover from such a loss.


High above the plaza of the Wan Clan’s palace, Wan Feng’s master, the Extreme Yin Old Man, watched the messy situation below without any expression. The Supreme Sky Sect’s Old Feng stood quietly behind him.

“Old Feng, this time, your Supreme Sky Sect managed to take in a genius from the lower realm. He is probably not much weaker than the true inheritors of your main sect as he is now.”

Old Feng smiled slightly and said, “Senior Extreme Yin is exaggerating. Compared to the other geniuses that the Martial God Palace collected, his accumulations as a Martial King are weaker. Furthermore, he has not experienced a true war.”

The Extreme Yin Old Man said, “That is true. We will know for sure whether he is a true dragon or not after he has undergone the baptism of the Kunlun Realm.”

The Extreme Yin Old Man paused for a while before adding, “You may leave first. Although this old man does not exactly have a stellar reputation, I still have some magnanimity. I will not make a move against an insignificant Martial Monarch.”

When Old Feng heard this, he heaved a sigh of relief. Although the old man before him looked very genial, he was famous for his ferociousness in the Kunlun Realm. The cultivators of other races all feared him.

Given that Xiao Chen defeated the Supreme Yin Old Man’s disciple before everyone in the world, Old Feng had been worried that the old man would not be able to resist making a move. In such a case, even if Xiao Chen had a Divine Weapon, only death awaited him.

“Many thanks, Senior!”

After gaining a definitive answer, Old Feng bowed slightly and turned into a beam of light, returning to the Supreme Sky Sect.

After Old Feng left, the Extreme Yin Old Man’s face suddenly sank. He looked in the direction of An Zixuan and muttered, “Unexpectedly, this little fellow has some relations with the Fiend Race experts.”


Retracting his gaze, the Extreme Yin Old Man entered into deep thought. Then, he stopped thinking and tore space apart with his hand. He entered the spatial tear and reappeared on the roof of a building. As he looked at Wan Feng, who was lying on the ground, wearing flowery red female underpants, he smiled coldly.

Feeling a gaze from above, Wan Feng looked up. He could not help but tremble. His voice quivered as he said, “Master, disciple has embarrassed you. I only ask for a swift death!”

The Extreme Yin Old Man gave him a chilly smile and replied, “Why should I kill you? If it were not for me allowing it, no one would be able to hurt you in this Sky Dome Realm.”

Wan Feng’s expression froze. He exclaimed, “Master, you saw everything?”

The Extreme Yin Old Man nodded silently. He said, “So, you won’t be so condescending in the future anymore, right? Even when a lion hunts a rabbit, it will use its full power. You are not even a lion. What is the point of all that arrogance?

“What is the point of thinking about all these mundane matters? It is useless to cultivation and will hinder you from achieving success. Just cut your ties with the Wan Clan and focus wholeheartedly on cultivation. If anyone humiliates you, just return the humiliation a hundredfold or even a thousandfold.”

Wan Feng suddenly became enlightened. He understood what the Extreme Yin Old Man meant and was trying to do. His master had seen everything clearly and had used this opportunity to let him gain experience. He also wanted to use this to help temper his mental state.

“Many thanks for Master’s lesson. This disciple will repent sincerely and mend my erroneous ways. I will absolutely not embarrass the Extreme Yin Sect.”

The Extreme Yin Old Man did not say anything more. He waved his hand and drew Wan Feng over. Then, they flew off into the distance.

After everyone left, the debacle of the grand wedding in the Wan Clan’s palace officially came to an end.


Ying Yue, leading the Imperial Dragon Legion, had been waiting at the border between the Great Jin Nation and the Great Qin Nation for a long time. After Xiao Chen handed Feng Tianming and Feng Feixue over, he headed for the Heavenly Saber Pavilion alone.

The Heavenly Saber Pavilion was as peaceful as ever. No one was aware that Xiao Chen, who had just returned, had done something shocking in a distant land.

“Senior, fortunately, I did not fail. I have not lost the Divine Weapon!”

After experiencing the power of the Divine Weapon for himself, Xiao Chen gained a deeper appreciation for Leng Tianhe lending it to him.

Leng Tianhe was in no hurry to take back the Divine Weapon. He gave Xiao Chen’s wounds a glance and said, “Don’t be in a rush to leave. Let me take a look at your injuries.”

After fighting continuously big battles, especially using the Strength Character Formula together with Return of the Azure Dragon, Xiao Chen’s injuries reached a horrifying level.

Leng Tianhe used his right hand to hold Xiao Chen’s wrist. After checking Xiao Chen’s pulse, he exclaimed in shock, “Your physical body is extraordinarily strong. If other Martial Monarchs pushed themselves as hard as you did, they would have lost their lives long ago.

“However, the situation now is little better. In another half month, you will be leaving the Sky Dome Realm. You should stay with me during this period of time to treat your injuries.”

Leng Tianhe personally treated Xiao Chen, using his own Source Energy and the peak grade treatment-type Medicinal Pills the Heavenly Saber Pavilion accumulated over the years to help Xiao Chen heal quickly.

Seven days later, Xiao Chen was completely recovered. He became much more spirited and lively.

The battles at the Wan Clan’s palace provided Xiao Chen with rich experience—particularly his battle with Wan Feng. Wan Feng’s will of ice had given him great motivation.

Before Martial Monarch, cultivators had to have a peak state before they could defeat someone above their cultivation realm—when they would be considered geniuses.

However, after reaching the Martial Monarch realm, peak states were too common. Only when one raised their states into wills could they defeat someone above their cultivation realm.

The most important reason why Wan Feng could look down on all the Martial Monarchs in the Sky Dome Realm was his rudimentary comprehension of the will of ice. Also, his Quintessence was much purer and more plentiful than that of the Sky Dome Realm’s cultivators.

If Wan Feng had advanced his will of ice by another step, he might have defeated Xiao Chen, despite the Taiji Yinyang Flame Diagram and the Strength Character Formula that strengthened Martial Techniques by thirty-three times.

“I have to make full use of my time to try and comprehend my will,” Xiao Chen said resolutely as he clenched his right fist tightly.

After making up his mind, Xiao Chen immediately went to look for Leng Tianhe. With such a Martial Sage present, it would be too wasteful if he did not go and ask for pointers.

When Leng Tianhe learned of Xiao Chen’s intentions, he could not help but laugh. He said, “How old are you now? You are still so young, and you already want to comprehend a will.”

Xiao Chen could not understand. He asked, “Could it be that will has something to do with age?”

Leng Tianyun nodded and said, “It definitely has nothing to do with age. However, some people lived for five or six hundred years, even reached Martial Sage, and they still did not comprehend their wills.

“To advance a state into a will, there are several important factors. First is talent, second is breadth of knowledge, and the third is opportunity. Talent is simple; it refers to the comprehension of a person. You managed to comprehend a new Four Season Saber Technique on your own, so your comprehension is definitely not poor.

“The so-called breadth of knowledge refers to a cultivator’s personal experiences. There are many great realms and many strange and profound phenomena happening. How many do you think you have experienced?

“Even if you achieve this, without the right opportunity, you will never be able to comprehend your will.”

Xiao Chen looked pensive. However, he still said doubtfully, “That welcoming envoy, Wan Feng, he is only three or four years older than me. However, he already gained a rudimentary understanding of will. How is that?”

Leng Tianhe smiled faintly and replied, “That is actually not will. If I remember correctly, the Extreme Yin Sect has a special method to strengthen the state of ice. It can increase the might of a peak state of ice by twenty percent.

“If he truly comprehended a will, you definitely would not be his opponent. I became a Martial Sage ten years ago. Even in the Kunlun Realm, my talent is considered outstanding. However, I still have not comprehended my own will.”

To think wills are so hard to comprehend!

Xiao Chen frowned heavily. Unexpectedly, even Leng Tianhe had not comprehended his will. Leng Tianhe probably did not lack talent or breadth of knowledge. It was likely that he had not encountered an opportunity.

Leng Tianhe stood up and casually waved his hand. A cool breeze immediately blew within the room, bringing with it a gentle warmth and making one relax with indescribable contentment.


Suddenly, Leng Tianhe stretched out his hands, and the cool breeze slowly disappeared. In its place, a bone-chillingly cold wind blew. The force of the wind did not change, but when it blew at Xiao Chen, it felt even more painful than knife cuts.


Leng Tianhe moved his hand again, and a strong wind swirled, howling within the room and shaking the furnishings inside.

“Chi! Chi! Chi!”

In that instant, the strong wind stopped blowing and turned into thousands of wind arrows that shot the room full of holes.

Sunlight shone through the holes. When the beams of light merged together, they formed a mottled light, illuminating the entire room.

When Xiao Chen saw all this, he could not help his astonishment. Leng Tianhe managed to make the simple wind display a variety of scenes under his manipulation.

Given Xiao Chen’s cultivation, he would not be able to pull off the techniques and finesse necessary for this display.

Leng Tianhe could produce a cool breeze or a gale strong enough to blow the roof off. However, he still could not do it with ease.

He retracted his hand and muttered, “I have already gained a rudimentary understanding of the will of wind. All I lack is an opportunity, and I can advance my state into a will.

“You cannot use the earlier demonstration as a template to follow. It should only be used to broaden your horizons. There is a great difference between thunder and wind; as for how to comprehend it, you have to rely on yourself.”

Xiao Chen quickly performed a cupped-fist salute as thanks. This demonstration had indeed broadened his horizons. He discovered that his previous line of thought had been too restrictive.