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Chapter 643: Initial Entry to the Kunlun Realm

Chapter 643: Initial Entry to the Kunlun Realm

Old Feng used an extremely grave tone as he said that last sentence. Yue Chenxi and Gong Yangyu exchanged glances, feeling the seriousness of the matter.

On the other hand, Xiao Chen did not feel much about it. He had expected this long ago. There were the genius disciples of the Supreme Sky Sect’s main sect in the Tianwu Domain and the other geniuses with the Luck of their great realm that the Supreme Sky Sect recruited.

None of these people would be mediocre. The competition would only intensify. In a situation of equal resources, talent would stand out.

Only those who proved themselves worthier of nurturing would obtain what they sought.

Soon, everyone on the bow uttered a startled cry as the jade warship entered the seven-colored whirlpool.

Everyone felt an intense suction. Before that force, no one could resist; they were pulled apart into countless tiny pieces.

At this moment, the spirit separated from the body. They retained their consciousness and cognition but could not control their own bodies.

Such a strange state made everyone fearful. However, this did not last for long. The pieces of their bodies soon reassembled.

Their bodies returned to their control. Suddenly, they could see what was before them. A bright sun hung high in the boundless sky.

Forests and cities filled the mountainous land below. The tall buildings looked as small as ants from where they were. Looking from high above, they could not see any difference from the Tianwu Continent.

“My cultivation seems to have increased slightly; my Quintessence became purer.”

“Me too. It feels like the Quintessence of my body reorganized itself. Several meridians that were previously blocked are now open.”

“Is this the Kunlun Realm?”

The many young cultivators of the Sky Dome Realm on the bow exclaimed excitedly, their expressions clearly thrilled.

Xiao Chen circulated his Quintessence slightly and discovered what they said to be true. His cultivation as an early Inferior Grade Martial Monarch had advanced somewhat.

The flow of Quintessence in his meridians was smoother, saving him half a month of cultivation.

Old Feng smiled faintly. “The laws of the lower realm are different from the upper realm’s. On the first entry, everyone will receive some benefits to their cultivation. Although it is not much, it is better than nothing.

“You should spend this time sensing the Spiritual Energy of the Kunlun Realm. Before you reach the Martial God Palace, you should try and get used to it.”

Without needing Old Feng to remind them, the youths on the bow had all already closed their eyes and sat cross-legged, greedily absorbing the Spiritual Energy around them.

Xiao Chen did not rush to sit down. He circulated his Quintessence and casually grabbed at the air. A ball of liquid formed from Spiritual Energy appeared in his palm.

The ball of faint blue liquid looked saturated, containing a vast amount of Spiritual Energy.

Xiao Chen muttered, “With just a casual grab, there is already this much Spiritual Energy. There is ten times more here compared to the Spiritual-Energy-rich Great Jin Nation.”


Xiao Chen flicked his hand, and his Quintessence sent that ball of liquid spinning and flying into the distance before exploding.

The ball of liquid turned into mist, spreading into the surroundings. However, there was not even the slightest ripple in space.

“Odd. In the Sky Dome Realm, a casual attack of mine can tear space. Earlier, I had infused a drop of compressed Quintessence into that ball of liquid, yet it didn’t produce even one spatial ripple.”

Shock flashed in Xiao Chen’s eyes as he muttered to himself. The space of this Kunlun Realm seemed much sturdier than the Sky Dome Realm’s. The natural laws’ restriction on cultivators was greater.

“Let’s try again.”

This time, Xiao Chen exerted more effort. He used fifty percent of his Quintessence and his sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent. Then he pointed and sent out a strand of sharp saber Qi to the side.

The sharp saber Qi was like a flash of sunlight. It soon disappeared from Xiao Chen’s sight.

Everywhere the saber Qi passed, faint ripples appeared on both sides. The ripples spread out in space like a stone dropped into still water.

Given this, Xiao Chen was now sure that this Kunlun Realm’s space was much sturdier.

If he were to use buildings as metaphors, the Sky Dome Realm’s space was a wooden building while the Kunlun Realm’s space was a tall, steel tower.

There was no way to compare the two; the difference was too extreme.

Xiao Chen retracted his hand and said softly, “In such a sturdy space, cultivation progress, flying speed, and the might of Martial Techniques will receive much more restriction.”

No wonder Wan Feng’s Quintessence was so pure. Due to the law of the Heavenly Dao, the suppression on cultivators here was much stronger than in the lower realms.

Given this, cultivators from the lower realm like them had a natural disadvantage, compared to the geniuses who were already used to the Kunlun Realm’s natural laws.

Any prideful and unruly cultivators coming here who were unconvinced of the strength of the local geniuses would be in for a harsh lesson.


Far in the distance, two girls stood on an Azure Luan that was covered in flames.

The girl on the right wore a green dress. She looked pretty and elegant, demure and cute. This girl was already considered an absolute beauty.

However, the girl on the left, wearing a red dress, was even more outstanding. Her skin was glossy and her teeth sharp. She was like a blazing fire, a top-class beautiful woman.

As the Azure Luan flew quickly through the sky, a sharp saber Qi with a flourishing aura flew over from the side.

The girl on the right reacted very quickly. She pointed, sending out a fiery sword Qi from her finger, and a resonant phoenix cry rang out.

The sword Qi gave off a dazzling fiery light; its aura was flourishing as well. When it clashed with the saber Qi, it quickly melted the saber Qi. After a while, the saber Qi turned into a cloud of vapor and scattered.

The girl on the left said in astonishment, “Whose saber Qi was that? It actually forced Elder Sister Nuan to use the Vermilion Bird Holy Fire.”

The girl with the family name Nuan looked at the distant jade warship. She saw a blurry white figure and said softly, “This strand of saber Qi is not only composed of very pure Quintessence but also contains a sixty-percent-comprehended saber intent. If I want to destroy it casually, I need to use the Vermilion Bird Holy Fire.”

At the same time, this girl felt surprised as well. She recognized the insignia on the warship. It belonged to the welcoming envoys of the Martial God Palace. A lower-realm genius must have launched this saber Qi.

“However, there was no killing Qi in it. This should just be a casual test by a lower-realm cultivator. It’s not a problem. Come, I’ll bring you to rank yourself on the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking!”

As Xiao Chen pondered the differences, the youths on the bow all opened their eyes.

A bright gleam radiating strong self-confidence appeared in their eyes. Some of them even started laughing loudly.

“What dense Spiritual Energy! No wonder that Wan Feng was able to easily defeat so many of us as an Inferior Grade Martial Monarch. He simply has very rich accumulations.”

“That’s right. Given a little time, we will definitely surpass him.”

“It is not that his resources are more than ours but that he has spent more time in the Kunlun Realm. Sooner or later, we will take our revenge.”

The cultivators felt their bodies surging with Spiritual Energy after cultivating for a while. They felt great, forgetting their earlier anxiety.

Their expressions were now filled with excitement as if they had come back to life.

Xiao Chen frowned slightly but did not say anything. Wan Feng’s strength could not be explained that simply.

Even in the Tianwu Domain, not just anybody could grasp Wan Feng’s technique, which surpassed a peak state of ice.

Furthermore, everyone had access to this Spiritual Energy. In the Kunlun Realm, it is as common as bok choy; there was no need to be so excited about it.

[TL Note: As common as bok choy: Bok choy is a common vegetable found in the marketplace. This is a common expression to say something can be easily found.]

“In the end, these are still youths; they have not matured yet,” Old Feng muttered softly, shaking his head slightly.


Just at this moment, beams of golden light came from the front. A colossal floating palace appeared before everybody.

Mist surrounded that palace, making it looked even more mysterious. When the jade warship got closer, they discovered the words “Martial God Palace South Gate” above the gates.

“We have arrived. All of you, disembark quickly. As for what to do next, the elders of your sects will explain.”

The Extreme Yin Old Man’s relaxed voice rang out from the warship’s hold.

Old Feng said, “Let’s go down. I will bring you to the Martial God Palace to register yourselves. After that, we will rank you on the Proud Son of Heaven Ranking.”

Just as Xiao Chen was about to get off the warship, he suddenly felt an intense, hateful gaze.

When he turned his head, he saw Wan Feng looking at him coldly from a crack in the warship’s windows. His eyes brimmed with boundless hatred.

The overweening hatred—like he wanted to eat Xiao Chen up alive yet even that would not ease his hatred—looked very frightening.

Xiao Chen thought to himself, Why does this fellow feel so much hatred? I only defeated him before everyone. If he is not satisfied, he can just challenge me again. Why the need to give off such a scary gaze?

Naturally, he did not know about Jin Dabao humiliating Wan Feng. Wan Feng had ascribed all the humiliation of that day to Xiao Chen.

If Xiao Chen had not severely injured Wan Feng, how could Jin Dabao have beaten Wan Feng up, resulting in him kneeling on the ground and admitting his mistakes, begging for mercy?

When Yue Chenxi saw Xiao Chen in a daze, she called out to him, “Xiao Chen, it’s time to go.”

Retracting his gaze, Xiao Chen replied with a smile and jumped off the warship.

Wan Feng clenched his right fist tightly and said coldly, “I’ll let you feel proud first. Wait until I break through to Medial Grade Martial Monarch. I will definitely march up to the Supreme Sky Sect to humiliate you.”

The vast palace glittered with a faint golden light in the dense spiritual mist, looking like heaven on earth.

Viewed from a distance, the Martial God Palace reminded Xiao Chen of the Forbidden City of his previous life, except that it floated in the air.

[TL Note: The Forbidden City is the Imperial Palace in Beijing, China.]

Pavilions filled the place, all sorts of simple and unadorned buildings standing tall.

A close look found even mountains and lakes. Although this was called a palace, it was more like a miniature continent.

With the elders of the various sects as guides, the youths on the warship arrived in front of the Martial God Palace’s south gate.

Two rows of golden-armor-clad warriors with deep cultivations stood under the simple signboard. They watched expressionlessly as cultivators entered the south gate.

Occasionally, people riding on Spirit Beasts descended from the air. There were also various small birds with intense Spiritual Energy flying over in flocks.

When looking carefully, one would be horrified to find that the unremarkable birds gave off a bright glow from their feathers, and their Spiritual Energy felt overwhelming. Unexpectedly, they were Rank 7 Spirit Beasts.

Some of the more daring birds did not even fear the cultivators. They flew around them, chirping constantly.

Now that the youths of the Sky Dome Realm had arrived at the Martial God Palace, they were full of curiosity at what they saw; they kept looking around nonstop