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Chapter 544 - News of Xing“er

Chapter 544, News of Xing’er

Ye Qingyu did not bother with this clown.

Sooner or later, he would find a chance to crush this guy.

But now the most important thing was the safety of Yu Xiaoxing, and once he saved Xing’er, Ye Qingyu would never let Greater One Sect stand so steadily.

Now that the situation had developed to this extent, the Enlightened Tea Party was finally over.

The crowd dispersed in twos and threes.

Originally, everyone came for the [Great Dao Sentient Flower], but it was clear that the battle between Tian Huang and Chen Shaohua, was the biggest discovery and surprise of the Enlightened Tea Party.

Everyone understood that, after this battle, Thunder and Lightning Sect’s Tian Huang, these six words, would most likely grow wings and spread widely across Greater One Peak.

Becoming famous after one battle.

From today onwards, the major sects and forces would most likely have to research about the Thunder and Lightning Sect.

The dispersing crowd was discussing spiritedly.

“Pass the message, we need to investigate that Thunder and Lightning Sect, perhaps we can become friends.”

“Tell people to prepare a gift, I will go see Tian Huang.”

“Investigate that Thunder and Lightning Sect.”

“Haha, interesting.”



On the road back to the rear peak of Greater One Peak.

Hu Bugui was very energetic.

“Sigh, Brother Tian Huang, you are so reckless, that is the White Lotus Immortal Sword, a real divine weapon, how could you so casually return it like that,” Hu Bugui said in a slightly annoyed tone. “You won, that is your loot, you have the right to keep it, and if you really do not want the White Lotus Immortal Sword to hinder you on your martial arts path, then you can always give to your friends... For example me, this big brother who stands up for justice.”

Ye Qingyu was a bit speechless, “That would harm you instead, Greater One Sect will hunt you down to take back the sword.”

Hu Bugui burst out laughing, “Why would I be afraid, when you're covered with lice, you don't itch. When you're up to your ears in debt, you stop worrying. I am a robber, I cheat and steal, more than half of the people of Clear River Domain are my enemies, do I need to care about that Greater One Sect?”

Ye Qingyu took his clothes from Old Fish, beginning to feel a little curious about this Great Thief.

According to reason, a guy who’s so arrogant like Hu Bugui and who had angered so many people, he should have been beaten to death thousands of times already, but he was unbelievably still alive and well. Either he is exaggerating his so-called enemies, or that he is very strong, strong enough that none of those forces could touch him so easily.

But he was clearly lacking the demeanour of a matchless expert.

He was a little hard to see through, a little hard to read.

“Haha, clever disciple, you’ve become famous, you did well. I have not thought that I could enhance the fame of Thunder and Lightning Sect through challenging the people in the tea garden. You are one step ahead of Master, haha, you really are a scheming man, haha.” Old Fish was also very excited, saying eagerly, “I can already foresee the wonderful picture of our Thunder and Lightning Sect being revitalized, hahaha. If I make a board that says I am accepting disciples then many people would come for the fame and crying to join our Thunder and Lightning Sect, right? Hahaha.”

Ye Qingyu was more speechless at this old man than Hu Bugui.

Nan Tieyi surprisingly answered in a serious tone of voice, “Today’s battle, Brother Tian Huang will definitely become famous, and the Thunder and Lightning Sect had won the first battle. If you formally open the sect and recruit disciples, there should be a lot of people enrolling.”

Ye Qingyu stared in helpless disbelief, “Brother Nan you really believe this old thing, I can guarantee that he definitely does not have any good intention.”

“No? Did elder not say that the revitalization of the Thunder and Lightning Sect is his lifelong ambition.” Nan Tieyi looked surprised.

Before his voice faded.

He could hear Old Fish muttering to himself, “Haha, if I receive 10 kilograms of Origin crystal as entry fee, then with 1000 disciples, I will be rich, hahaha.”

Nan Tieyi, “...”

This time even Hu Bugui was a little speechless, “Damn, this old cross-eyed is greedier than me, 10 kg of Origin crystal from one disciple, why don't you go rob instead?”

Nan Tieyi seemed to have thought of something, added, “Brother Tian Huang, today’s battle you have amazed everyone. In the next several days, I fear some situation will appear. In Clear River Domain, relationships between people are fickle, many people once famous, will indulge themselves in a life of luxury, become careless and lose their mind. You must control yourself.”

Ye Qingyu knew the successor of Immortal God Emperor Sect was sincerely advising himself, nodded as thanks, “Life on this world, there is happiness and hatred, as long as the heart has the right thoughts, and not forget your conscience, then the charms of the world is nothing but a kind of sharpening. There is no need to care too much. Many times, patience and avoidance can put one out of trouble, but it is not the best way to solve a problem.”

When Nan Tieyi heard this, he couldn’t help looking at Ye Qingyu seriously.

His exquisite mind immediately understood the meaning behind Ye Qingyu’s words. “So brother Tian Huang has noticed my trouble.” He sighed, not saying anything.

Ye Qingyu of course did not continue.

There were some things that should be left unsaid.

If you say more, it would instead give half the result despite double the effort, and ruin something instead.


Back at the residence of the rear peak of Greater One Peak, Ye Qingyu returned to his room for a temporary rest.

The purpose of the battle against Chen Shaohua today was, one, to vent his anger and show them his existence, and two, to confirm his cultivation results during the days training in that Underground Moonlight Immortal Palace. So that he could understand the difference in strength between him and real experts of Clear River Domain.

And the result obviously made Ye Qingyu very satisfied.

In the state of his incomplete consciousness, he found the most suitable way to fight.

Chaotic thunder liquid and his strong physical body, these two forces have achieved the most perfect combination. Coupled with the [True Will of the Sky Dragon], he, in one move, defeated Chen Shaohua who was wielding the divine weapon White Lotus Immortal Sword.

This also gave Ye Qingyu immense confidence. He now had a much clearer speculation on where his present strength is placed in the whole Clear River Domain.

He had more confidence in what were to be done in his next plan.

Looking outside at the darkened sky, Ye Qingyu felt a little anxious.

“That silly dog, I told him to investigate the whereabouts of Xing’er, but he has been gone for half a day, he should have been back now. Why is he not here, has that guy ran off to somewhere to eat? Or was he lured away by a female dog of Greater One Sect?” Thinking of the silly dog’s unreliable performance in the past, Ye Qingyu couldn’t help feeling a little worried and his head aching.

He waited for another moment, but the dog still had not returned. Ye Qingyu had to restrain the anxiety in his heart, beginning to cultivate.

He was savouring and summarizing the gains and losses of today’s battle.

Time slowly went by.

A sudden gust of breeze swept into the room.

A white shadow, like a bolt of lightning, came out of the void, pouncing onto Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu opened his eyes, with no response, and immediately was knocked to the floor by this white shadow.

A big lump of white furry thing immediately lay in the arms of Ye Qingyu, twisting and turning playfully, “Woof, Master, Woof is back, haven't seen you for such a long time, Woof misses you.”

Now silly dog Little Nine was already the size of a regular large dog, and probably even a little heavier, but he was now pressing on Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu really did not know whether to laugh or cry.

He grabbed the neck of the dog and lifted him up, “It’s only been half a day... you miss me, but why are you twisting and turning in my arms, why do I feel you want to steal something. To tell you the truth, all my valuable things are in the copper cauldron, don’t even think of stealing it.”

“Oh, you should have said so earlier.” Silly dog looked disappointed, but still denied it. “Woof just misses Master. Master you gauge the heart of a gentleman with your own mean measure.”

Ye Qingyu could not bother talking nonsense with him. He directly asked, “Found any signs of Xing’er?”

Sily dog Little Nine repeatedly nodded, “Of course, there is nothing that Little Nine can’t find.”

“How is she?” Ye Qingyu asked, overjoyed.

“Well, before talking about that Crown Prince girl, Master did you forget something?” Silly dog Little Nine leaned closer, shaking his tail and stretching out his tongue.

Ye Qingyu stared blankly and then immediately understood his meaning.

This thing wanted the reward that was agreed on before.

“Damn, I raised a stupid thing, it is like raising a father.” Ye Qingyu furiously took out a bowl of God-level origin liquid from the [Cloud Top Cauldron], giving it to the dog to drink.

This is God-level origin liquid, even many Heaven Ascension experts do not have such a treasure, but he was now feeding it to a dog.

It's a waste, a sin.

After it finished drinking the God-level origin liquid, silly dog Little Nine licked his mouth satisfyingly. “Woof, Crown Prince girl is locked in the ninth floor of Greater One Peak underground prison. This dungeon had been strengthened with formations by the past first expert of Greater One Sect, there are most likely hundreds of layers, and it is suppressed by a variety of sacred material, especially the ninth floor of the dungeon. It also seems that it is sealed by Greater One Sect’s divine formation [Eight Immortal Emperors Formation]. This formation, seems to be one of the four strongest formations of Clear River Domain, Woof spent a lot of effort to go in...”

“Get to the key point,” Ye Qingyu said directly.

“Master, you are so impatient.” Silly dog Little Nine was obviously irritated by the fact that his exaggeration was interrupted, that his wording was a bit improper, but he still obediently continued, “The key point is that, now it is difficult to save the Crown Prince girl. Even I also dare not stay long in that place, to avoid being found by people of Greater One Sect.”

Once Ye Qingyu finished listening, he did not say a word for a long while.

From the description of silly dog Little Nine, he was able to know the current situation of Yu Xiaoxing.

According to some of the information before, after the questioning via torture was ineffective, the Greater One Sect attempted to use soul searching techniques to search the sea of memory of Yu Xiaoxing. Unfortunately, because of the fact that Yu Xiaoxing was the Crown Prince of Heaven Wasteland Domain’s Snow Empire, and possess the imperial qi, the soul searching technique was also ineffective. So they invited the Demon Palace, Nangong family, the Heaven Devastator Demon Sect and other top forces, hoping to gather the sacred weapons of the major forces to break Yu Xiaoxing’s imperial qi, and then search her memory.

Now Yu Xiaoxing had become Greater One Sect’s biggest gambling chip, therefore she was guarded and watched over so strictly.

So it seems that Xing’er was safe for the time being.