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In a Different World with a Smartphone

Author:Fuyuhara Patora

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UpdateTime:8/9/2018 9:51:49 PM

Updates:Chapter 283: The Boy King, and the Prodigal Girl

After a freak accident involving some lightning winds up zapping him dead, 15-year-old Mochizuki Touya wakes up to find himself face-to-face with God. “I am afraid to say that I have made a bit of a blunder…” laments the old coot. But all is not lost! God says that he can reincarnate Touya into a world of fantasy, and as a bonus, he gets to bring his smartphone along with! So begins Touya’s adventure in a new, anachronistic pseudo-medieval world. Friends! Laughs! Tears! Inexplicable Deus ex Machina! He sets off on a journey full of wonder as he absentmindedly travels from place to place, following whatever goal catches his fancy. The curtains lift on an epic tale of swords, sorcery, and smartphone apps! Associated Names In Another World With My Smartphone Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomoni В Другом Мире со Смартфоном. 異世界はスマートフォンとともに。
《In a Different World with a Smartphone》 Text
Chapter 1: Death and Revival
Chapter 2: Awaken and a Different World
Chapter 3: A Change of Clothes and Ten Gold Coins
Chapter 4: The inn and the first meal
Chapter 5: Twins and the end of the day
Chapter 6: The guild and the weapon shop
Chapter 7: The first battle and the first reward
Chapter 8: Magic and Aptitude
Chapter 9: Attribute and movement magic
Chapter 10: Stirring and vanilla ice cream
Chapter 11: The first trip and samurai.
Chapter 12: Hairpin and Attraction
Chapter 13: Summoning and Healing Magic
Chapter 14: A daughter and escort request.
Chapter 15: Royal capital and Duke Mansion
Chapter 16: Medal and Viscount Residence
Chapter 17: A match and Recording Playback
Chapter 18: Shopping and Imperfect Product
Chapter 19: Changing and Then Returning
Chapter 20: Trust and Completing the Request
Chapter 21: Rain and the Shougi board
Chapter 22: The Headless Knight and the Ruins
Chapter 23: The Underground Ruins and the Crystal Demon
Chapter 24: The Demi-human Country, and the Attempted Assassination of the King
Chapter 25: Detoxification and Posion Retrival
Chapter 26: Solving the Mystery and Securing the Criminal
Chapter 27: Ancient Language, and the Explosive Statement
Chapter 28: Engagement and the Uninvited Guest
Chapter 29: Silver Wolf and The Great Ape
Chapter 30: Summoning and the Byakko
Chapter 31: The Lost Child and the New Feature
Chapter 32: Guilty Feelings and Ancient Magic
Chapter 33: Gauntlets and Goth Loli
Chatper 34: Receiving a Title and People of the Royal Palace
Chapter 35: A New Home, and Moving
Chapter 36: Butler and servant employment
Chapter 37: The Duke’s visit, and the Personal Request.
Chapter 38: the country of beastmen and surprise attack
Chapter 39: Great River Gau and Accessories
Chapter 40: The Jungle and Invasion Threat
Chapter 41: Village of Eldo, and the Black Dragon
Chapter 42: Dragon’s Horn and the Guardian
Chapter 43: The Capital of Misumido and the Beast King Match
Chapter 44: Acceleration magic and the Party
Chapter 45: Polaroid, and the Fairy Master
Chapter 46: Gun Production, and a new Kind of Weapon
Chapter 47: Ultra Spicy, and a White Mask
Chapter 48: The Maids’ Circumstances, and the Summit
Chapter 49: Return Home, and the Happening
Chapter 50: Title Acquisition, and Bicycles.
Chapter 51: Storage Magic and Theft
Chapter 52: The New Employee and the Pendant
Chapter 53: The Visitors and the Bad News
Chapter 54: Fraze and to Ishen
Chapter 55: Oedo, and Takeda’s Grand March
Chapter 56: The Demon Mask and Complete Recovery Magic
Chapter 57: Rain of Light and the Secret Message
Chapter 58: Takeda’s Circumstances and Infiltration
Chapter 59: The Four Kings and the Rescue
Chapter 60: Immortal Jewel, and a Prayer
Chapter 61: The Sea and a Vacation
Chapter 62: Beach Paradise and Ruins on the bottom the ocean
Chapter 63: Black Tortoise and Infinite loop
Chapter 64: Transfer Formation and Sky Garden
Chapter 65: Compatible Person and Babylon
Chapter 66: A Kiss, and then A Kiss
Chapter 67: Wife’s Anger and the Second Person
Chapter 68: The Duel for Some Reason, and Magic Prohibition
Chapter 69: Discussion and The Love God
Chapter 70: Decision and Message
Chapter 71: The Professor and the Monotone Boy
Chapter 72: Rings and Paruteno silver coin
Chapter 73: The Mithril Golem, and The Spiciness
Chapter 74: The Fall, and The Mithril Collection
Chapter 75: The Search for Babylon, and The Katana Production Commission
Chapter 76: The Electric Fan, and The Scuffle
Chapter 77: The Knight Order’s Affairs, and The Night Raid
Chapter 78: The Mirage, and The Screening Party
Chapter 79: The Hot Spring, and The Peeking
Chapter 80: The Vacant House Remodelling, And The Survivors
Chapter 81: The Emancipation, And The Third Time
Chapter 82: Manta, and The Reunion
Chapter 83: The Investigation, And The Nosebleed
Chapter 84: The [Workshop], And The Babylon Linking
Chapter 85: The Book Collection, And The Store
Chapter 86: The Voice Input, and The Gravity Change
Chapter 87: The Opening, and The Rose-Colored Cafe
Chapter 88: The Crab, and The List of Goods
Chapter 89: The Bookstore, and The Author Encounter
Chapter 90: Early Rising, And new Gauntlet
Chapter 91: The Empire, and The female knight
Chapter 92: The Empire’s Princess and the Demon
Chapter 93: Imbibe Demon’s Bracelet and the Defense Bracelet
Chapter 94: The Two Princesses, and the Strategy Preparations
Chapter 95: Highest-level Talks, and the Empire’s 12 Swords
Chapter 96: The Rushed Contract and the Declaration of War
Chapter 97: Airtight, and the Chemical Slime
Chapter 98: The Fifth One and Establishment of a New Nation
Chapter 99: Territory, and the Wedding Funds
Chapter 100: Country Foundation, and Castle Construction
Chapter 101: Abandoned Castle and The Ghost
Chapter 102: Abandoned Castle and The Ghost
Chapter 103: Completion and First Vassals
Chapter 104: Mounts and the Emperor
Chapter 105: Game Room and Invitation Preparations
Chapter 106: Friendship Party and the Fireworks
Chapter 107: Spider and Crystal Material
Chapter 108: The women tribe, and the Increase of vassals
Chapter 109: Highway, and Checkpoint
Chapter 110: Talent Scout and Bento
Chapter 111: Arctic region, and Magical Ice
Chapter 112: [Alchemy Building], and the maidens qualities
Chapter 113: Nurse Clothes, and the Holy Kingdom
Chapter 114: Spinning Top, and Crystal weapons
Chapter 115: Holy Kingdom messenger, and Descending
Chapter 116: God, and intervention
Chapter 117: The Female Pope, and the denial of god
Chapter 118: Prison, and the truth
Chapter 119: Second Coming, and The Wriggling Object
Chapter 120: The Spirit of Darkness, and The Fraud Kami-sama
Chapter 121: Divine Message (Fake), and Reform
Chapter 122: New Magic, and Flight Magic
Chapter 123: The Knight Order Recruitment, and the Commander Selection
Chapter 124: Selection meeting, and passed candidates
Chapter 125: The Invitations, and The Crystal Knight Order
Chapter 126: The Farm, and A Family Reunion
Chapter 127: The Thunder Bear, and an Unexpected Reunion
Chapter 128: Counterplan, and The King of Birds
Chapter 129: Baseball, and baseball field
Chapter 130: Surprise morning, and the fourth
Chapter 131: Solitary Island, and Pipe Wrench
Chapter 132: [Hangar], and frame gear
Chapter 133: Magic stone discovery, and mock experience
Chapter 134: Mass Production, and Marriage Proposal
Chapter 135: First Prince, and the second Prince
Chapter 136: Rynie, and the Alliance Conference
Chapter 137: The Idiot Prince, the Rotten Queen, and the Wicked Prime Minister
Chapter 138: The Rescue, and A Mother and Child Reunion
Chapter 139: The Secret, and an Illustration of the Future
Chapter 140: The Inheritance of the Throne and the Screaming Fool
Chapter 141: Joining the Alliance, and a little fiancee
Chapter 142: Birth, and naming
Chapter 143: The Startup, and The Test Run
Chapter 144: The Guild Master and The Behemoth
Chapter 145: The Scorpion, and The Request for Cooperation
Chapter 146: New Machine Type and Working People
Chapter 147: Train Project and Gathering Raw Materials
Chapter 148: Golden Golem and a Mysterious Girl
Chapter 149: Debut and Memory Loss
Chapter 150: After a long time, and the introduction of characters
Chapter 151: The Dragon Knight, and The Raid
Chapter 152: The Princess Knight and The Presentation
Chapter 153: [Rampart], and [Tower]
Chapter 154: The Babylon Castle, and The Punishment
Chapter 155: Assassin, and Self-destructing
Chapter 156: Absorption Magic, and Elder Sister’s Visit
Chapter 157: The Yuuron Invasion, and The Quint Village
Chapter 158: Grand moving, and Great Wall
Chapter 159: Written protest and Grand Invasion
Chapter 159: Written protest and Grand Invasion
Chapter 160: Sonorant and Dragon Knight Transfer
Chapter 161: Urgent Meeting and Allied Participation
Chapter 162: Battle preparations and Battle Commencement
Chapter 163: The Melee and the Appearance of Advanced Class
Chapter 164: Meteor Shower, and Annihilation
Chapter 165: The last days of the Heavenly Kingdom and the New Weapon
Chapter 166: Two Gold-Ranked People, and a Princess in Love
Chapter 167: Dazzling First Love and a Match
Chapter 168: The Bride’s Conference and The String Swimsuit
Chapter 169: The Sacred Sword, and the New Knight King
Chapter 170: The Guild Branch, and A Tanned Girl
Chapter 171: The Pruning Ceremony, and a proposal
Chapter 172: The Deity Tree Region and the Start of the Game
Chapter 173: Balum tribe, and the Spirit of the Great Tree
Chapter 174: The Warriors, and A Second Older Sister
Chapter 175: The Tribe of Poison, and Older Sister’s true strength
Chapter 176: The Dragon’s Magic Eye, and A Sign Of Change
Chapter 177: The Boujutsu User, and The Dual Sword’s User
Chapter 178: The Boxing Match and a Nullified Poison
Chapter 179: The Wood Golem, and the Fragarach
Chapter 180: The Winter Comes and A Songstress
Chapter 181: The East-West alliance, and Skating
Chapter 182: The Demon Country and the Puzzle
Chapter 183: The Riddle and 「Library」
Chapter 184: Fairy’s confession and [Human Type]
Chapter 185: Proposal and Dungeon
Chapter 186: Non-serious exploration, and a Gold Ring
Chapter 188: Reorganization, and a Wyvern
Chapter 189: The Echo Needle of Domination and the Azure Dragon
Chapter 190: The Dragon Rebellion and an Unjustified Resentment
Chapter 191: The Dragon Raid, and the Knights’ Power
Chapter 192: The Island of Dragons, and the Dragon King
Chapter 193: Fortune Making and the Rookie Adventurers
Chapter 194: Fake Adventurers and Human Trafficking
Chapter 195: The Curse and the Slaver’s Ship
Chapter 196: The Slave Merchant, and Coming Home in the Morning
Chapter 197: The 8th Bride, and the Snow Mouse
Chapter 198: The Cave of the ruins, and an Attribute of Clumsiness
Chapter 199: The New Frame, and Invasion Prophecy
Chapter 200: Again, Profile Introduction 2
Chapter 201: Rodomea and a Mock Battle
Chapter 202: The End of the Mock Battle, and the Hill State Governor
Chapter 203: Completion of the Repairs, and Man’s Romance
Chapter 204: The Rampage, and the Red Deity of Destruction
Chapter 205: Standing by, and the Appearance of Frazes
Chapter 206: The Advantageous War Situation, and the Second Advanced-class
Chapter 207: Gorilla, and the ruling class
Chapter 208: An Interlude, and the Space Between Dimensions
Chapter 209: The Postwar Cleanup and the Robbery
Chapter 210: The Search for an Answer, and a Gentle Change
Chapter 211: The Radar, and the Dark Elf
Chapter 212: The Two New Models and the Shield
Chapter 213: The Sensor Board and Escape
Chapter 214: The Railcar, and an Omen of War
Chapter 215: The Clock Tower, and a Celebration for the Promotion
Chapter 216: The Flying Boat, and the Silver Oni Warrior
Chapter 217: The Running Horseman, and the One-eyed Warrior
Chapter 218: The Golden Gourd, and the Awakening
Chapter 219: The Subordinate God, and the Spirit World
Chapter 220: Nursing, and Divinity
Chapter 221: Ferzen and the Bridge
Chapter 222: The Collection and the Brother-in-law
Chapter 223: Marriage greetings, and the Golden Association
Chapter 224: Completion of the Bridge, Curry and Rice
Chapter 225: Spring, Earth, Wind and Fire
Chapter 226: Farne, and an Extremely Stupid Guy
Chapter 227: Memories, and a Reunion with Mother
Chapter 228: An Attack, and the Second Ruler-class
Chapter 229: The Demon King and Doting Father
Chapter 230: The Mastermind, and the School
Chapter 231: The Theater, and a Starry Sky Confession
Chapter 232: The Blade of Light, and the Cat Knight
Chapter 233: The Sea Dragon, and 「Laboratory」
Chapter 234: The Professor, and Earth
Chapter 235: The King’s Children, and the Analysis
Chapter 236: Mass production, and the Pressure of Work
Chapter 237: The New Heavenly Emperor and the Reclamation Plan
Chapter 238: The Capital Heiron, and a Reunion
Chapter 239: The Grudge, and the Symbolic Mark
Chapter 240: The Obstruction Barrier and the Castle invasion
Chapter 241: The Sovereign Seal and the Iron Machine Soldier
Chapter 242: Escape and the Path of human
Chapter 243: Dealing with aftermath, and 「Sanctuary」
Chapter 244: The Fusion and the Great Golden Deity
Chapter 245: The Cleaning Up, and a Sigh
Chapter 246: Suspicious Person, and the Feedback
Chapter 247: The Monologue, and [She]
Chapter 248: Everything [So far] and [From now on]
Chapter 249: Sacred Treasure, and Heavy weapon equipment
Chapter 250: Again, Profile Introduction 3
Chapter 251: Start of the Examination, and Survival
Chapter 252: The Oni and the Candidates
Chapter 253: The End of the Survival Test and the Ninjas
Chapter 254: The Interview and the Successful Candidates
Chapter 255: Black and Blue, and the Fishery
Chapter 256: The Secret Phrase, and the Snow Wolf
Chapter 257: The Queen and the Blessing of Life
Chapter 258: The Prize Capsule, and the Third
Chapter 259: The Gods and the Banquet
Chapter 260: New Relatives and Song Magic
Chapter 261: The Lunch Box Made by the Beloved Wife, and A Woman on Each Side
Chapter 262: The tortoise, and An Enigmatic Ruler Class
Chapter 263: The Interlude, and the Investigation and the Infiltration
Chapter 264: The Kingdom of Slaves, and the Strangeness of the Desert
Chapter 265: The Burned City, and the Crystal Skeletons
Chapter 266: An Urgent Meeting, and an Island of No Return
Chapter 267: The Ongoing Damage, and an Enigmatic Island
Chapter 268: The Circumstances of the Island, and a Critical Situation
Chapter 269: The King of Slaves, and the Overwrite
Chapter 270: The Takeover, and Suffering the Consequences
Chapter 271: The Release, and the Second Death
Chapter 272: Opening the Beach Season, and the Behemoth Invasion
Chapter 273: The Three Behemoths, and Palerius
Chapter 274: The Mentor, and the Central Temple
Chapter 275: The Invocation, and an Unknown Land
Chapter 276: The Help of God, and Reflecting on one’s actions
Chapter 277: The Evil God, and the Cocoon
Chapter 278: The Barrier Release, and the Second Visit to the Parallel World
Chapter 279: The Capital Alen, and a Golem
Chapter 280: The Chief of the “Red Cats”, and the Curse Removal
Chapter 281: The Personal Machine, and the Pregnancy
Chapter 282: The Discussion, and the Paluf Kingdom
Chapter 283: The Boy King, and the Prodigal Girl