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Invincible Saint Salaryman the Path I Walk to Survive in This Other World

Author:Brocolli Lion

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Updates:Chapter 266: Receiving a windfall

One day, Earth’s God of Destiny, and Galdardia’s Chief God had a bet. The God of Destiny lost, and chose ten mediocre souls to hand over. To those ten souls, the Chief God of Galdardia handed them new vessels. And amongst those mediocre souls was one salaryman who fought against his destiny of death. How will this man grow from now on? Not the God of Destiny, nor the Chief God of Galdardia, nor even the author themselves know. Seija Musou ~Sarariiman, Isekai de Ikinokoru Tame ni Ayumu Michi~ 聖者無双 ~サラリーマン、異世界で生き残るために歩む道~
《Invincible Saint Salaryman the Path I Walk to Survive in This Other World》 Text
Chapter 1: Healer’s Guild
Chapter 2: Promotion to Healer apprentice
Chapter 3: Adventurer’s Guild
Chapter 004: Training 1 – Talent in martial arts
Chapter 5: Slight changes from Object X
Chapter 006: Growth and leaving the nest
Chapter 007: U-turn
Chapter 008: Welcome Party and Encroaching Darkness
Chapter 009: Appearance of the Botacyl the healing director in Meratoni
Chapter 010 : Training 2 – Numeric values and strength report It has been a week since Botacyl came to the adventurer guild.
Side Story 2: Meratoni Adventurer Guild’s three heavyweights anxious about Luciel’s future
Chapter 011: A new journey
Chapter 012: Holy Attribute Magic, The price of treatment
Side Story 3: White Wolf’s Bloodline and the eccentric heretic
Chapter 013: The work at the guild headquarters?
Chapter 014: The Undead Labyrinth (Tentative)
Chapter 015: The wrongly pressed button and the rumoured urban legend
Chapter 016: Stagnant levels and the constantly advancing spirit
Chapter 017: Complacency and the threat of the boss room
Chapter 018: Conclusion to the boss battle and negotiations with the Pope
Chapter 019: In order to become stronger, invitation to join the training of the Paladin Corps
Chapter 020: The Valkyrie Paladin Corps and early morning training
Chapter 021: Luciel’s denied nicknames discovered by the Valkyrie Paladin Corps
Chapter 022: First experience of horse riding, when anxious, train
Chapter 023: The provisional enlistment of Luciel into the Valkyrie Paladin Corps? On-the-job training for dual swords
Chapter 024: The boss battle at the 20th floor, before that …
Chapter 025: The second negotiation with the Pope (Business Negotiation)
Chapter 026: New nickname obtained “Deviant Saint”
Chapter 027: Full of cheat equipments (In Luciel’s eyes.)
Chapter 028: Deviant Saint’s whimsical day
Chapter 029: Training outcome? Battle with the 30th floor boss
Chapter 030: Third negotiation audience with the Pope and Object X
Chapter 031: The steadily advancing exploration and the disaster in Holy City Schull
Chapter 032: The wheel of philanthropy
Chapter 033: Specter Knight King (provisional), Mortal combat with Shisho, Luciel meets a real warrior
Chapter 034: There’s no time, if that’s the case I’ll just do it, labyrinth capture via tricks. The fang of the devil labyrinth that shook my mental spirit.
Chapter 035: Breaking through the Labyrinth of Tribulations
Chapter 036: Once again, the combination of masochistic zombie and devil mentor
Chapter 037: Tell me that it’s a lie. Luciel, finds out the truth to his hallucinations
Chapter 038: S-class healer-cum-exorcist, Luciel’s declaration
Chapter 039: Words from the legendary Healer’s Guild founder? Luciel, tripped by his own ignorance
Chapter 040: Letter from Shisho and the work to be done from now on
Chapter 041: Church Knights’ joint exercise
Chapter 042: Level up and new old men
Chapter 043: Eye of the artisan, Own position, Luciel learns of the cheat protagonist
Chapter 044: Own weapon, Strongest relationship, Survival of the fittest
Chapter 045: The new equipment is now the favourite
Chapter 046: Luciel, notices what he is lacking
Chapter 047: Date, Reincarnated individual found?
Chapter 048: Training direction determined
Chapter 049: Triumphant return to Meratoni, Botacyl’s approaching crisis
Chapter 050: Distant heights and welcome party
Chapter 051: Reunion with Meratoni’s largest healer clinic director, Botacyl?
Chapter 052: Luciel’s judgement
Chapter 053: The weight of words, New target
Chapter 054: Entering Ienith. Still some distance away from the capital
Chapter 055: Rocky road ahead to rebuilding the Healer’s Guild
Chapter 056: Luciel is a person who looks for bargains
Chapter 057: Purchasing slaves and God’s miracle
Chapter 058: Who exactly is this person?
Chapter 059: Increased forces and Dolan’s motivation
Chapter 060: The Healer’s Guild underground facilities
Chapter 061: Ienith’s Adventurer’s Guild
Chapter 062: Disciple cornered by his Shisho’s boasts
Chapter 063: Object X is a Cheat item
Chapter 064: Ienith’s Adventurer’s Guild guildmaster is a muscle-brain
Chapter 065: Healer’s Guild assailants
Chapter 066: Men who assertively follow orders
Chapter 067: Self-awareness towards kindness and easygoing behaviour
Chapter 068: The first step towards becoming a supervisor from an individual
Chapter 069: Strategy meeting and onward to the labyrinth
Chapter 070: Dwarf-combi combat strength
Chapter 071: Capture that went too smoothly
Chapter 072: Missing advance party, capture meeting to ensure safety
Chapter 073: Information on another reincarnated individual and the labyrinth treasure chest
Chapter 074: The feeling of wanting to escape and the feeling of wanting to save
Chapter 075: Invincible Object X
Chapter 076: Criteria to enter the 51st floor
Chapter 077: The real mastermind and new problems
Chapter 078: Is this what they call middle management?
Chapter 079: Finding out Ienith’s current situation
Chapter 080: Ienith’s prudent management
Chapter 081: Reincarnation predecessors and what’s possible in Ienith
Chapter 082: Luciel’s scheme
Chapter 083: To the undeveloped forest
Chapter 084: Identity of the earth tremor
Chapter 085: Guidance of the Spirits and Revelations
Chapter 086: Saving the Hacchi race covered by miasma
Chapter 087: Negotiations with the Hacchi race and the legend of the Philosopher
Chapter 088: Luciel’s underground domestic affairs plan
Chapter 089: Relationship between honey and the Bear beastmen
Chapter 090: Disturbing rumours about the Philosopher’s past
Chapter 091: Luciel’s plan
Chapter 092: Written pledge
Chapter 093: Herbalist Guild guildmaster
Chapter 094: Moving the Hacchi race
Chapter 095: Abnormal changes to the Labyrinth of Astray
Chapter 096: Shadow of the Evil God
Chapter 097: Removal of the Slums
Chapter 098: Echoing roar in Ienith
Chapter 099: Unexpected helper
Chapter 100: Mastermind and Perpetrators (Part 1)
Chapter 100: Mastermind and Perpetrators (Part 2)
Chapter 101: Completion of the school
Chapter 102: Respective paths
Chapter 103: Sudden magic tool idea
Chapter 104: Earthquake, Monsters, and Uneasy feeling
Chapter 105: The hometown of researchers and engineers
Chapter 106: The banquet after returning
Chapter 107: Chance Encounter
Chapter 108: Way to Return
Chapter 109: Dragons and Spirits’ Beliefs
Chapter 110: Fleeting Rest
Chapter 111: Line of Compromise
Chapter 112: Messenger from the Dwarf Kingdom
Chapter 113: The Strife-laden Dwarf Kingdom
Chapter 114: Treatment of Slaves
Chapter 115: Preparation for Battle
Chapter 116: Watching the Base
Chapter 117: Corpses of the disappeared monsters
Chapter 118: Ecology of Ants
Chapter 119: Mastermind of the threat
Chapter 120: Existence that Spirits fear
Chapter 121: Estia’s past
Chapter 122: Future Dreams and Goals
Chapter 123: Dwarf Kingdom and Sir Rainstar
Chapter 124: Return to the Holy Capital
Chapter 125: Church Headquarters’ reception
Chapter 126: Luciel’s desire
Chapter 127: Mock Battle
Chapter 128: Shadowing
Chapter 129: Spirit and Spirit
Chapter 130: Combat mental attitude
Chapter 131: Empire, Demon race, Human rights
Chapter 132: Revenge battle after 3 years
Chapter 133: Distortion within the Knight Corps
Chapter 134: Abnormal change to the Labyrinth of Tribulations
Chapter 135: Once again into the Labyrinth of Trial
Chapter 136: Growth
Chapter 137: Motive of the Darkness Spirit
Chapter 138: Dignity of the Knight Corps
Chapter 139: Role of a Leader
Chapter 140: Visible position
Chapter 141: Empire’s Reincarnated individual
Chapter 142: Sorting of feelings
Chapter 143: First encounter of bandits?
Chapter 144: Mystery of the demon race
Chapter 145: Threat from the undulations of Darkness
Chapter 146: S-rank healer Luciel
Chapter 147: Second home
Chapter 148: Strength of a different dimension
Chapter 149: Request
Chapter 150: Labyrinth Nation Grandol
Chapter 151: Slave merchant and the rumoured adventurer sisters
Chapter 152: Auction
Chapter 153: Something more important than the sense of duty
Chapter 154: Entrusted item
Chapter 155: Raid
Chapter 156: True nature of the Slave Merchant
Chapter 157: Fate of the assailants
Chapter 158: The ultimate goal of training
Chapter 159: Once again, Spartan training
Chapter 160: Unexpected incident
Chapter 161: Prophecy
Chapter 162: To the Labyrinth of Traps
Chapter 163: As expected of another dimension
Chapter 164: Random Boss
Chapter 165: Broad versus Lionel
Chapter 166: Everyone’s growth and Unforeseen circumstances
Chapter 167: Unreasonable overturn
Chapter 168: Compensation for the Forbidden art and hereafter
Chapter 169: Till we meet again
Chapter 170: To retrieve what has been lost
Chapter 171: Onward, to the Independent Magic City Nelldal
Chapter 172: Magic Guild Leader Orford
Chapter 173: Astonishment
Chapter 174: Magic that can’t be invoked and secrets
Chapter 175: Rumors from the past and the consequences
Chapter 176: Value varies from person to person
Chapter 177: Premonition
Chapter 178: Attitude to endeavor
Chapter 179: Traces left in the food storehouse
Chapter 180: In order to regain confidence
Chapter 181: Divine Protection of the God of Destiny
Chapter 182: Guardians
Chapter 183: Regained power and new powers
Chapter 184: Glimpse
Chapter 185: Imagination and possibility
Chapter 186: A man’s romance?
Chapter 187: Items left behind by the Twin Dragons
Chapter 188: One-way Passage
Chapter 189: Rumor
Chapter 190: Holy Attribute Magic saves the heart
Chapter 191: Rumor and Belief
Chapter 192: Hostility
Chapter 193: Determination
Chapter 194: Disrespect?
Chapter 195: Request
Chapter 196: Future of the Church
Chapter 197: Heart to Compromise
Chapter 198: Detour
Chapter 199: Summon Magic
Chapter 200: Cavalry
Chapter 201: Reunion
Chapter 202: Three months from then
Chapter 203: Urban Legend?
Chapter 204: Shisho
Chapter 205: Unable to do one’s best
Chapter 206: Arrogance
Chapter 207: Double agent
Chapter 208: Tangled thread
Chapter 209: Goal
Chapter 210: Axis
Chapter 211: It is an ill bird that fouls its own nest
Chapter 212: Flight
Chapter 213: Air travel
Chapter 214: Demarcation/Drawing a line
Chapter 215: Their choices
Chapter 216: Gap in the heart
Chapter 217: Target
Chapter 218: Paula’s miracle
Chapter 219: Choices
Chapter 220: Powerful drug
Chapter 221: Apology
Chapter 222: Grumbles
Chapter 223: Daily training
Chapter 224: Promise
Chapter 225: Appointment
Chapter 226: Alias/Nickname
Chapter 227: Reason to go to the Empire
Chapter 228: Prudence/Taking care of oneself
Chapter 229: Spirit Crystal
Chapter 230: Anxiety and adjustment
Chapter 231: The balance of body and mind
Chapter 232: Minor issues before the serious matters?
Chapter 233: Past grievances
Chapter 234: True identity of the trouble
Chapter 235: Entwined
Chapter 236: Alliance
Chapter 237: Strategy Meeting?
Chapter 238: How to spend an off-day
Chapter 239: Time flows equally
Chapter 240: Changing one’s way of thinking
Chapter 241: Past battle
Chapter 242: Imitation
Chapter 243: Unimaginable skirmish
Chapter 244: The Darkness Dragon’s wish
Chapter 245: Shattered Golem
Chapter 246: Battle preparation
Chapter 247: Fornoir’s ability
Chapter 248: Infiltrating the Imperial Capital
Chapter 249: Betrayal?
Chapter 250: Sparing
Chapter 251: Reckless
Chapter 252: Underground path
Chapter 253: Underground condition
Chapter 254: Short-tempered
Chapter 255: Silent anger
Chapter 256: Offensive posture
Chapter 257: Cloud
Chapter 258: Father and Son
Chapter 259: Enemy or Ally
Chapter 260: Revenge
Chapter 261: Estia’s six sense
Chapter 262: The majesty of General Sen’Oni
Chapter 263: Lionel’s back
Chapter 264: Emperor of the Elimasia Empire
Chapter 265: Throwing cold water
Chapter 266: Receiving a windfall