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Updates:Chapter 462: Running Into the Lion Tribe

The strong are lonesome. Overcoming the loneliness pushes you to stand invincible at the top. Pro-disciple of the Shaolin Temple on earth, Huang Xiaolong was reborn into a Martial Spirit world, carrying Hua Xia’s secret knowledge, the Body Metamorphose Scripture. In a Martial Spirit world, only those with Martial Spirit are able to train in battle qi and becoming a warrior. Huang Xiaolong born with a heaven-defying rare Martial Spirit was mistakenly taken for common variant Martial Spirit during the awakening ceremony conducted by the tribe and thus sidelined. However, Huang Xiaolong with his common “variant” Martial Spirit again, and again displayed unnatural talent, defeating geniuses, shocking the clan and the entire Martial Spirit World Associated Names Invincible Vô Địch Thiên Hạ 无敌天下
《Invincible》 Text
Chapter 01: Snow Wind Continent
Chapter 02: Grade Seven Martial Spirits?
Chapter 03: Only Xiaolong is Excluded
Chapter 04: The Annual Clan Assembly
Chapter 05: Wants To Cripple Both Of My Arms?
Chapter 06: It Is Useless to Beg Me!
Chapter 07: An Odd Valley
Chapter 08: Fortuitous Adventure at the Bottom of the Lake
Chapter 09: Sabers of Asura
Chapter 10: Thousand Year Old Leirion Heart Grass
Chapter 11: How Did You Advanced To First Order?
Chapter 12: The Annual Clan Assembly Begins
Chapter 13: Hit Until Your Dad Can’t Recognize You!
Chapter 14: Second Order Warrior!
Chapter 15: A Slipped Of Hand
Chapter 16: Breakthrough Fourth Order
Chapter 17: Only Huang Wei Is Going In
Chapter 18: Battle Skill Training
Chapter 19: Body Metamorphose Scripture – Fourth Stage
Chapter 20: Li Mu’s Celebration
Chapter 21: Asura’s Gate Disciple
Chapter 22 : Just a Lowly Slave, What Qualifications?
Chapter 23: Making an Exhibition of Oneself
Chapter 24: Protecting Loved Ones
Chapter 25: The Annual Clan Assembly is Here Again!
Chapter 26: Fear?
Chapter 27: This is Truly Fair
Chapter 28: The Peak of Late-Tenth Order!
Chapter 29: Asura Sword Skill – Second Style
Chapter 30: Leaving Huang Clan Manor
Chapter 31: Silvermoon Forest
Chapter 32: Fei Hou’s Martial Spirit
Chapter 33: Asura Demon Claw
Chapter 34: Framed
Chapter 35: Martial Spirit Strengthening
Chapter 36: Luo Tong Royal City
Chapter 37: Notify The Duke’s Mansion
Chapter 38: At The Delicious Restaurant!
Chapter 39: Marshal’s Not In?
Chapter 40: Junior Brother’s in Trouble!
Chapter 41: Who Dares to Hurt My Junior Brother!
Chapter 42: Xiantian Warrior
Chapter 43: Duanren Empire
Chapter 44: Stolen From Our Auction House
Chapter 45: Meeting Li Lu Again
Chapter 46: Imperial City Battle
Chapter 47: Sovereign Invincible Throughout!
Chapter 48: Revoked Qualifications
Chapter 49: Ought to be beheaded!
Chapter 50: Dare to Hurt Young Master!
Chapter 51: Something Big Happened!
Chapter 52: Invincible Throughout?
Chapter 53: Bet
Chapter 54: New Students' Assessment
Chapter 55: Challenge All New Students!
Chapter 56: Four Breaths?
Chapter 57: What Kind of Heaven-defying Talent is this?
Chapter 58: You Didn’t Understand My Meaning?
Chapter 59: Receive Huang Xiaolong as a Disciple?
Chapter 60: Isn’t he your Illegitimate Son?
Chapter 61: Eradicate the Marshal’s Mansion?
Chapter 62: Poison Blood Palm
Chapter 63: Underground Giant Tree
Chapter 64: Just One Sword Strike
Chapter 65: Return to the Royal City
Chapter 66: Should Be A Tie
Chapter 67: The Academy’s Annual Competition Begins
Chapter 68: King Lu Zhe
Chapter 69: Not Necessarily
Chapter 70: Unwilling to Throw in the Towel Without A Fight
Chapter 71: Call Out Your Martial Spirit
Chapter 72: Huang Xiaolong’s Martial Spirit
Chapter 73: The Academy Competition Comes to An End
Chapter 74: Cultivating In The Dragon Flame Valley
Chapter 75: Pagoda
Chapter 76: Asura’s Gate Headquarters
Chapter 77: Heavenly Treasure
Chapter 78: Heavenly Treasure List Number One
Chapter 79: Huang Xiaolong Goes Home
Chapter 80: Mishap in the Eastern Courtyard
Chapter 81: Dad Was Wounded!
Chapter 82: Roll Out Here!
Chapter 83: What Thingy is Big Sword Sect!
Chapter 84: Eldest Uncle is Wrong
Chapter 85: Gifted to Me
Chapter 86: Huang Ming and Sons, Killed
Chapter 87: Let Them Eat at the Floor Below
Chapter 88: Are There So Many Coincidences?
Chapter 89: Back to Tianxuan Mansion
Chapter 90: Wrath of the Nether King
Chapter 91: Breakthrough to the Seventh Order
Chapter 92: Opening the First Layer of Linglong Treasure Pagoda
Chapter 93: Class Advancement Test
Chapter 94: Strange Little Town
Chapter 95: The Martial Ning Family
Chapter 96: Arrest Him
Chapter 97: Four Years Passed
Chapter 98: Wings of Demon
Chapter 99: This Freak of a Man!
Chapter 100: Yu Ming Missing
Chapter 101: Breakthrough ? the Ninth Order
Chapter 102: The Yuwai Kingdom
Chapter 103: Running into Bandits
Chapter 104: Slander and Trust
Chapter 105: Running Into Each Other Again
Chapter 106: "I’m His Old Man!"
Chapter 107: Really Is the Patriarch’s Old Man?
Chapter 108: What, Do You Dare to Do Something To Me?
Chapter 109: Yang An is Here!
Chapter 110: Kaiser Lion Transformation
Chapter 111: Of Course We Won’t Let It End Like This!
Chapter 112: The Yang Family’s Arrival!
Chapter 113: Leaving In Embarrassment
Chapter 114: The Vision Manifestation of Heavenly Treasure Appears!
Chapter 115: A Heavenly Treasure is About to Appear!
Chapter 116: Duanren Empire Intervention
Chapter 117: Duan Wuhen
Chapter 118: Crawl from Here
Chapter 119: Kill Them All!
Chapter 120: Spirit Beast!
Chapter 121: Hunt!
Chapter 122: Heavenly Treasure Found!
Chapter 123: Heavenly Treasure: God Binding Ring
Chapter 124: Li Residence Obliterated
Chapter 125: Attacking the Tenth Order
Chapter 126: Huang Min and Li Lu Missing
Chapter 127: Li Lu Left
Chapter 128: Meeting Jiang Teng Again
Chapter 129: Hunting for Iron Crocodiles
Chapter 130: Running into Big Sword Sect Disciples
Chapter 131: Kill Southern Cliffs City Castellan
Chapter 132: Clear Cloud Pavilion Troubles
Chapter 133: Heading To Big Dawn County
Chapter 134: Clear Cloud Pavilion’s People
Chapter 135: Lock Up?
Chapter 136: You Dare?
Chapter 137: Clear Cloud Pavilion Moves in for the Kill
Chapter 138: “You Go Kill Huang Xiaolong!”
Chapter 139: Acme Killings
Chapter 140: Eliminate from the Root
Chapter 141: Million Treasures Auction
Chapter 142: Going to the Auction
Chapter 143: Meeting Yang An Again
Chapter 144: Bidding War for Geocentric Esne!
Chapter 145: News of Yu Ming
Chapter 146: Taking the Class’s First Place?
Chapter 147: No Mercy
Chapter 148: Lin Han Landed a Punch!
Chapter 149: This is Like Scratching an Itch for Me
Chapter 150: Ice Silkworm Delusion Palm
Chapter 151: Battle for the Academy’s Number One
Chapter 152: Three Elders’ Ambush
Chapter 153: Academy Number One
Chapter 154: Internal Force Breaks Through Xiantian Level
Chapter 155: An Engagement between Huang and Guo Family
Chapter 156: Zhao Shu and Yu Ming’s Arrival
Chapter 157: The God Binding Ring’s Previous Master
Chapter 158: Journeying to Duanren Empire
Chapter 159: Passing Through Southern Cliffs City
Chapter 160: Heavily Surrounded from all Directions
Chapter 161: No Escape for Huang Xiaolong
Chapter 162: About to Break Through Xiantian Realm?
Chapter 163: Battle Qi Breakthrough–Xiantian Realm
Chapter 164: Second Layer of Linglong Treasure Pagoda
Chapter 165: Promptly Arriving in Duanren Empire
Chapter 166: Unable to Find Out?
Chapter 167: The Imperial City Battle Begins!
Chapter 168: Can I Sit Here?
Chapter 169: Imperial City Battle (1)
Chapter 170: Imperial City Battle (2)
Chapter 171: Imperial City Battle (3)
Chapter 172: Imperial City Battle (4)
Chapter 173: Imperial City Battle (5)
Chapter 174: Imperial City Battle (6)
Chapter 175: Imperial City Battle (7)
Chapter 176: Imperial City Battle (8)
Chapter 177: Imperial City Battle (9)
Chapter 178: Imperial City Battle (10)
Chapter 179: Imperial City Battle (11)
Chapter 180: Imperial City Battle (12)
Chapter 181: Imperial City Battle (13)
Chapter 182: Imperial City Battle (14)
Chapter 183: Imperial City Battle (15)
Chapter 184: Buying Southern Hill Estate
Chapter 185: Refining a Xiantian Expert
Chapter 186: Insolent!
Chapter 187: So, the Little Monkey Has Grown Up
Chapter 188: The Connection Between Zhao Shu and Duan Ren
Chapter 189: Duanren Institute Term Begins!
Chapter 190: New Students Signing In
Chapter 191: I’ll Leave Your Doglife
Chapter 192: Amusement District
Chapter 193: Investigating the Absolute Soul Pearl’s Whereabouts
Chapter 194: Body Dividing Technique
Chapter 195: News of Deities Temple
Chapter 196: Divine World
Chapter 197: Li Lu Appears!
Chapter 198: Ao Baixue
Chapter 199: A Paltry Little Huang Family Pissant
Chapter 200: Just Now Was A Misunderstanding
Chapter 201: My, Chen Qingfeng’s Methods
Chapter 202: What Exactly Happened?
Chapter 203: This Matter Won’t Be Forgiven So Simply
Chapter 204: Then My Surname’s Not Guo
Chapter 205: Are You Alright?
Chapter 206: Saint Pavilion
Chapter 207: Eye of Reincarnation
Chapter 208: Saint Pavilion Opens
Chapter 209: Searching for Absolute Soul Pearl
Chapter 210: Terrifying Valley
Chapter 211: Permutations
Chapter 212: Soul Mandate
Chapter 213: Heartless Hall
Chapter 214: All Of You Must Die Here!
Chapter 215: Guo Family’s Ancestor Exits
Chapter 216: Saint Realm Expert?
Chapter 217: Duanren Emperor Rushes Over
Chapter 218: Deities Templar Appearing Again
Chapter 219: Crashing Yao Manor
Chapter 220: Yao Manor’s Annihilation
Chapter 221: Journeying to the Blessed Buddha Empire
Chapter 222: Blessed Buddha Altar
Chapter 223: Reaction from the Blessed Buddha Altar
Chapter 224: Astonished!
Chapter 225: Meeting Shi Fantian
Chapter 226: Entering Buddha Cavern
Chapter 227: Searching for Godly Mt. Xumi
Chapter 228: Clues of Godly Mt. Xumi’s Location
Chapter 229: Refining the Godly Mt. Xumi
Chapter 230: Practising on Godly Mt. Xumi
Chapter 231: Combining Four Treasures into One
Chapter 232: Weren’t You a Xiantian Third Order?!
Chapter 233: Back In Duanren Imperial City
Chapter 234: Wounded My Xiao’er
Chapter 235: Young Noble Huang!
Chapter 236: Chen Tianqi’s Suspicion
Chapter 237: Snow Wind Continent’s Number One Beauty
Chapter 238: The Bedlam Lands
Chapter 239: Ancient Puppetry Art
Chapter 240: Something Really Happened!
Chapter 241: Under Brutal Siege
Chapter 242: Formless Poison
Chapter 243: Promoted to Holy Maiden
Chapter 244: Breakthrough Xiantian Sixth Order!
Chapter 245: Entering the Bedlam Lands
Chapter 246: Shall We Entertain this Kid?
Chapter 247: Not Willing?
Chapter 248: Black Demon City
Chapter 249: Ghost Shadow Sect
Chapter 250: Controlling the Giant Puppets
Chapter 251: An Impetuous, Death Seeking Slave!
Chapter 252: Eye Of Hell
Chapter 253: Geng Ken’s Doubt
Chapter 254: Who Allowed You to Leave?
Chapter 255: No Medicine for Regret
Chapter 256: Chen Xiaotian’s Suspicion
Chapter 257: Greeting the Young Lord!
Chapter 258: Battling Chen Xiaotian
Chapter 259: Taking Control of Sky Magi Sect
Chapter 260: Death God’s Chain
Chapter 261: Begin Swallowing the Blood Swallow School
Chapter 262: Ally with Sky Magi Sect?
Chapter 263: Chen Xiaotian’s Too Presumptuous
Chapter 264: Jiang Tianhua Paying A Visit
Chapter 265: You Think This Is A Joke?
Chapter 266: Eye of the Yellow Spring
Chapter 267: Undying Devil Physique
Chapter 268: Taking Over Blood Swallow School
Chapter 269: Nosy
Chapter 270: Young Lord!
Chapter 271: Where’s the Young Sovereign?
Chapter 272: Annihilate the Sky Magi Sect!
Chapter 273: Empty
Chapter 274: Killing Hu Han
Chapter 275: Unifying Black Demon City
Chapter 276: City of Myriad Gods
Chapter 277: Savage Sanguine Wasteland
Chapter 278: Don’t Dodge If You’ve Got Guts
Chapter 279: Remains From An Ancient God Tribe Master
Chapter 280: Ghost Shadow Sect Patriarch
Chapter 281: What Kind of Palm Power Is This?
Chapter 282: Four Seas Mountain
Chapter 283: Saber Imperial City
Chapter 284: Poison Saint Sect
Chapter 285: Great Demonic Yin Sound
Chapter 286: Summoning the Giant Puppets
Chapter 287: Godly Xumi Art Resurfaced!
Chapter 288: Arriving in the City of Myriad Gods
Chapter 289: The Ancient Herculean King
Chapter 290: Meeting Yao Fei Again
Chapter 291: Life Soul Grass
Chapter 292: Our Young Lord Wants to See You!
Chapter 293: So, It Was Like This…
Chapter 294: Back to Explore Broken Tiger Rift
Chapter 295: Beneath the Rift
Chapter 296: Fish of Natural Spiritual Energy
Chapter 297: Tree of the Divine World
Chapter 298: Refining the Spiritual Energy Fish
Chapter 299: At the Bottom of the Cold Spring
Chapter 300: Divine Grade Spirit Pellet
Chapter 301: Eminent Holiness Halberd Sutra
Chapter 302: Have You Heard of Heavenly Treasures?
Chapter 303: Let Me Experience the Strength of a Half-Saint Realm
Chapter 304: Back to City of Myriad Gods
Chapter 305: Why Should I Run ?
Chapter 306: Battling Saint Realm
Chapter 307: Ghost City Appeared
Chapter 308: Earth Dragon Egg
Chapter 309: Refining the Earth Dragon Egg
Chapter 310: Stepping into Ghost City
Chapter 311: Ghost King Palace
Chapter 312: What If I Intervene?
Chapter 313: Ghost King Sutra
Chapter 314: Saint King’s Junior Brother?
Chapter 315: I Hope You Can Think It Over Clearly
Chapter 316: White Phoenix
Chapter 317: Underground Palace
Chapter 318: Giant Ghost That Reached Saint Realm Cultivation
Chapter 319: Blood Pact Mandate
Chapter 320: Ghost King’s Cultivation Cave
Chapter 321: Battling Zhao Chen Again
Chapter 322: Giant Ghost Feng Yang’s Might
Chapter 323: Entering the Ghost King’s Cultivation Cave
Chapter 324: The Third Floor
Chapter 325: The Fourth Floor
Chapter 326: Ghost King Dan and Ghost King Sutra
Chapter 327: Return to Duanren Empire
Chapter 328: Back in Luo Tong Kingdom
Chapter 329: Unable To Rescue?
Chapter 330: God Killing Fist!
Chapter 331: Deities Templar Appears Again
Chapter 332: Even If Given Wings… Won’t Be Able To Escape
Chapter 333: Able To Contend With Me?
Chapter 334: This Monster!
Chapter 335: The Holy Maiden of Deities Templar
Chapter 336: Senior Huang
Chapter 337: Back To Duanren Imperial City
Chapter 338: Begin, Refining the Ghost King Ring
Chapter 339: Absorbing the Ghost King Dan
Chapter 340: Refining the Supreme Ghost Flag
Chapter 341: Teach Them How To Behave?
Chapter 342: Cripple Your Own Two Legs
Chapter 343: Come At Me, Anytime.
Chapter 344: Fabled Scimitar Sect
Chapter 345: The Origin Forest
Chapter 346: Tearing Into Saint Realm
Chapter 347: You Broke Through Half-Saint?
Chapter 348: Beast God Scepter
Chapter 349: Ruins of the Ancient Dragon Clan
Chapter 350: I’ll Take Them All
Chapter 351: Guarantee That You Can’t Stop Heaping Praises
Chapter 352: Huang Xiaolong!
Chapter 353: Not One of Them Leaves
Chapter 354: Heavenly Treasure Resurface In the World
Chapter 355: Poison Corpse Scarabs
Chapter 356: Subduing the Poison Corpse Scarabs
Chapter 357: The Ancient Dragon Clan Ruins, Found!
Chapter 358: Dragon Blood Crystal
Chapter 359: Dragon Palace
Chapter 360: Great Dragon Saber
Chapter 361: Dragon Tomb
Chapter 362: Entering the Dragon Tomb
Chapter 363: Dragon Pearl
Chapter 364: All Sides Snatching
Chapter 365: Refining the Dragon Pearl
Chapter 366: Three Years Later
Chapter 367: Asura Order
Chapter 368: Peace Emperor World
Chapter 369: Cancel Your Tryout Eligibility!
Chapter 370: Swear Allegiance to Deities Templar?
Chapter 371: Poison Corpse Scarabs’ Battle Might
Chapter 372: Yao Shan’s Death
Chapter 373: Deities Templar Temple Preceptor, Ying Tian
Chapter 374: Passing Through the Blessed Buddha Empire
Chapter 375: Soft Tofu
Chapter 376: Still Soft Tofu?
Chapter 377: Blessed Buddha Temple
Chapter 378: To the Blessed Buddha Temple
Chapter 379: Looks Impressive But Has No Substance…
Chapter 380: I Know Who He Is!
Chapter 381: He Is Young Noble Divine Dragon
Chapter 382: Junior Brother!
Chapter 383: Deities Templar’s Forces
Chapter 384: Twelve Forms of the Dragon God
Chapter 385: Small Child
Chapter 386: Kill To Silence
Chapter 387: Blood River War Chariot
Chapter 388: Poison Corpse Scarabs’ Evolution
Chapter 389: Cosmos God Cult
Chapter 390: Asura Sword Skill, the Eighth Move
Chapter 391: Arriving at Starcloud Continent
Chapter 392: Aowu Shop
Chapter 393: The Age Definitely Can’t Be Wrong
Chapter 394: It’s the Fairest
Chapter 395: Why, Why So Fragile to Beating?
Chapter 396: Big Event
Chapter 397: Archaic Peak Appraisal Firm
Chapter 398: Having Something Appraised
Chapter 399: Whatever Request?
Chapter 400: Hurry, Notify the Castellan
Chapter 401: Mister Luo Yun!
Chapter 402: Arriving At the Center Oblast
Chapter 403: None of You Can Escape!
Chapter 404: You’re Finally Here!
Chapter 405: We Have Been Waiting A Long Time for You
Chapter 406: Can Evolve?
Chapter 407: Sovereign’s Divine Might!
Chapter 408: Definitely has Given Birth Before
Chapter 409: Sovereign Chen Won!
Chapter 410: Such A Nice Fragrance!
Chapter 411: Taking Control of Asura’s Gate
Chapter 412: Grand Martial Exchange
Chapter 413: Won’t Dare to Make a Move on Our Qi Family
Chapter 414: An Asura from Hell?
Chapter 415: Refining the Asura Bloodline
Chapter 416: A Hero Wants to Save the Beautiful Damsel in Distress?
Chapter 417: Why Are You Here Only Now?!
Chapter 418: Breaching Entry Into the Castellan Manor
Chapter 419: Surrender the Murderer
Chapter 420: What Are You Considered As?
Chapter 421: Still Considered Tactful
Chapter 422: I Will Take Revenge!
Chapter 423: Arriving in Treasure City
Chapter 424: Qin Family
Chapter 425: Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce
Chapter 426: Shi Xiaofei’s Whereabouts
Chapter 427: Congratulations, Young Lord
Chapter 428: Not Even Qualified to Carry His Shoes?
Chapter 429: Frontal Assault
Chapter 430: Notify The Young Lord
Chapter 431: It’s The Young Lord!
Chapter 432: Death God’s Sinister Technique
Chapter 433: Godly Xumi Art!
Chapter 434: Death God’s Sword
Chapter 435: Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce Headquarters
Chapter 436: Our President Is Not In
Chapter 437: Our President Invites Thee
Chapter 438: Thank You For Your Hospitality
Chapter 439: Back To The Golden Pavilion Chamber of Commerce Headquarters
Chapter 440: Where’s Shao Dongjian?
Chapter 441: Look at the Stars
Chapter 442: Refining A Primordial Divine Dragon
Chapter 443: Back to Blessed Buddha Empire
Chapter 444: Poison Dragon Valley
Chapter 445: Refining Another Primordial Divine Dragon
Chapter 446: My Big Uncle Is Young Noble Divine Dragon!
Chapter 447: The Elf Forest
Chapter 448: Magus
Chapter 449: Dwarf Race
Chapter 450: Stellar Thunder Canyon
Chapter 451: This Roast Meat Is Not Bad
Chapter 452: And If I Don’t?
Chapter 453: Beast God Sacrificial Rite
Chapter 454: Lowly Human
Chapter 455: Liege Lord Beast God
Chapter 456: Unqualified
Chapter 457: Rebellion & Usurpation
Chapter 458: I Object!
Chapter 459: I Support Leibert!
Chapter 460: Beastmen Tribes Congregation
Chapter 461: Entering the Poison Dragon Valley
Chapter 462: Running Into the Lion Tribe