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Chapter 115: The Tragic Rabbit!

hing numbers on the lower half of the screen began to count down rapidly.

Ling Lan's eyelid twitched. Abruptly, she found that with the speed of her mecha's jumps, 3 minutes weren't long at all.

At this moment, Number Three's gleeful voice rang out once more, "Oh right, every time you fail an attempt, the system will dole out punishment. You hang in there now!"

Hearing this, Ling Lan frantically operated her mecha. Her fingers flew, actually blowing past the speed limits she had managed to achieve before this ... the system's punishment was not pleasant at all — she really didn't want to experience it ever again.

However, dreams are beautiful but reality is cruel. Ling Lan slammed into a wall for the nth time, and after repeatedly embodying the rabbit in the tale ' waiting for a rabbit by a tree stump ' 1 , the timer finally hit zero. Overall, she had only managed to jump forward a few metres. Oh, tragic rabbit ... Ling Lan had yet to finish bemoaning the poor rabbit when a wave of numbing pain swept over her body ...