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Chapter 186: Ling Lan Returns!

Chapter 186: Ling Lan Returns!
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Xie Yi could not help but purse his lips at Lin Zhong-qing's words, saying, "I really just can't figure you guys out. Training desperately these past 3 years in mecha control, almost to the extent of forgetting to sleep and eat ... are Boss Ling Lan's instructions really that important?"

By the time Xie Yi had joined the team, Ling Lan had already withdrawn from the academy and left. Therefore, he wasn't very clear about Ling Lan's revered status within the team, and just could not comprehend why the goal Ling Lan had set would cause everyone in the team, including the team leader, to be so driven. The average person would not have been able to endure the sort of training the children had put themselves through which had almost bordered on self-torture. However, Qi Long and the others had persevered — holding on for a whole 3 years. It was as if they would be caught and devoured by a savage beast chasing from behind if they had stopped.

Of course, Xie Yi had suffered greatly these three years as well. His teammates had all been like wound-up springs, training fervently — the amount of training they did was mind-blowing. Despite no one forcing him to train with them, seeing all his teammates training diligently beside him, he could not help but submit to the immense pressure to train too ...

In short, Xie Yi felt like he had been living in hell for these past three years. Along the way, he had sometimes cursed himself back then for being so naive and clueless, being so easily tricked into joining their team ... But Xie Yi did not want to be left behind by his team members, and so he had actually managed to endure it all, obtaining results that he would never have imagined on his own. Moreover, over these three years, Xie Yi had been completely integrated into the team. At this time, even if they tried to kick him away, he himself would cling onto Qi Long's thigh and refuse to go.

Xie Yi's question caused Lin Zhong-qing to begin to reminisce. His smile deepened, and he nodded heavily at Xie Yi and said, "That's right. Although the nominal leader of our team is Qi Long, the true soul of our team is Boss Lan." He then advised Xie Yi, saying, "Xie Yi, remember this. Even though we've all acknowledged you, for as long as Boss Lan does not acknowledge you, you will never be a true member of our team."

Hearing this, Xie Yi's face fell. "So, I still need to gain the approval of Boss Ling Lan?" After three years of working hard beside these companions, Xie Yi had long considered himself as part of the team.

Luo Lang chimed in with a cold sniff, tone proud as he said, "That goes without question. Xie Yi, you should be careful. Don't keep fooling around all the time. Boss Lan isn't as easily taken in as we are." Luo Lang did not forget to step on Xie Yi while he was down 1 .

"Luo Lang, you've known Boss Ling Lan for so long, you must know what Boss Ling Lan likes. Come on, tell me ..." Xie Yi seemed to have forgotten all about his earlier fight with Luo Lang. He began pestering Luo Lang, trying to get some information on Ling Lan so he would be able to play to his favour.

"Boss Lan is very fair and objective, don't think of getting by with tricks ..." Although Luo Lang's words were still curt and cold, his tone had obviously gentled a little.

"No, definitely not. How would I be so shameless? Don't you see how I'm trying now to understand our Boss Ling Lan a little better? Oh Luo Lang, my good brother ... earlier, it's all big brother's fault. Don't be angry, ok? Right now, big brother is in trouble. You need to help big brother a little, right~?" Xie Yi was someone who was 'people-smart' 2 — clearly sensing the easing of Luo Lang's attitude, he immediately intensified his efforts like a snake slithering up an extended stick 3 . Expression tragic and pitiful, he reasoned and pleaded with Luo Lang. The thickness of his skin made the other three youths look askance at him. They could not help but take a few steps back and pretend not to know this shameless fellow.

"Hmph, so now we're brothers? What did you say about me earlier?" A triumphant smile appeared on Luo Lang's lips. His prideful glee made the other three step back a little more. Fine! These two were truly a quirky pair! When their tempers were riled, the two of them fought like cats and dogs — definitely no sign of any brotherly affection whatsoever. But when the two of them got along, their relationship was so harmonious that they could almost share the same pair of pants.

Sure enough, under the bombardment of Xie Yi's candy-wrapped missiles, Luo Lang caved. He began to tell Xie Yi about what he knew of Ling Lan's personality and principles. However, his explanations caused the three people beside the pair to lose control of their facial muscles once more ... was the Boss Lan being described by Luo Lang really the boss they knew? Why couldn't they relate his descriptions to the image they had of Boss in their minds at all?

As the sun slowly rose higher into the sky, and the few waiting youths began to become a little restless, Qi Long suddenly said, "Looks like he's here ..."

The other youths all looked towards Qi Long, and Han Jijyun said with a raised brow, "Animal Instinct?" Qi Long's innate talent Animal Instinct was very strong — he would often sense a change in the surrounding environment a step before them.

Qi Long nodded, indicating that Han Jijyun was right. His innate talent Animal Instinct had indeed sensed the vibrations in the air, letting him know that a large convoy was approaching. And today, all of the 10th grade students taking the assessment were already inside the academy. The only one coming here now would be Boss Lan.

10 minutes later, at the horizon, a massive airborne team was slowly approaching them. Right at the front were two miniature mecha. At their chests was the emblem of a fiery red phoenix in flight. As it was a family emblem, there was a black ring outside the flying fire phoenix.

The colour of the ring represented the family's rank. Families were ranked from top rank, to rank-1, rank-2 ... and so on in sequence until rank-7. In total, there were eight ranks. Gold was the highest rank. Typically, only large and powerful families, which were generally elite families with long-standing legacies, had the right to bear this colour. Within the Federation, there were two top rank families — the Li family and the Ye family.

There were four rank-1 elite families represented by the colour purple. They were the reclusive Northeastern Muqi, the Old Martial Beitang, the Empyreal Zhuge, and the Hundredfold Zhou.

Meanwhile, there were obviously many more rank-2 families, which were represented by the colour bright yellow. Rank-3 elite families used orange, rank-4 red, rank-5 blue, rank-6 green, and rank-7 black. Rank-7 was the most humble of small families, pretty much encompassing all areas of the Federation. Any average family who possessed personal armed bodyguards fell into this category, and the colour they could use was black.

If the Ling family had not split off from the original Ling elite family, they would have borne the red of rank-4 families ... Initially, the Ling family had not modified the totem on their mecha, continuing to use their family totem with its red outer ring. This was because the fire phoenix was red in colour, and along with the flames blazing brightly beneath it, many people would overlook the red of the outer ring, taking it as part of the flames. At a glance, all most people would see was a totem of a fire phoenix being reborn in a wash of flames ...

However, the original totem was retired after Ling Lan returned home to the Ling family mansion at 13 years old. Lan Luofeng, Ling Qin, and the others had felt that it was time to hand over the Ling family to Ling Lan. Once there was an official change in the family head, the totem would be changed to match the status of the family head. Since the Ling family had cut ties with the Ling elite family, then it no longer had the right to use the red of rank-4 families. Furthermore, as family head, Ling Lan did not have any battle exploits nor societal status, and so could only use the lowest ranking black ring.

When Qi Long saw the totem, he exclaimed in excitement, "It really is Boss!"

Closely following behind the two mecha were three black hover cars flying almost abreast of each other, while behind the hover cars were two more miniature mechas tailing closely. This formation was clearly meant to protect the black hover car right in the middle. The gazes of Qi Long and the others all honed in on that hover car. In particular, Qi Long was nervously clenching his fists. His palms felt as if they were a little damp.

The speed of the flying convoy was not very fast, perhaps it could even be considered slow, as if it were waiting for something. The answer was soon revealed as the roar of mecha engines suddenly reverberated throughout the academy. A squadron of mecha flew out swiftly from the within the academy, moving forwards to meet the convoy. If it had just been hover cars, the mecha squad would not have bothered. However, they could not let down their guard with the addition of the four miniature mechas.

Seemingly receiving the mecha squad's permission to enter, under the watchful guard of the mecha squad, the convoy began to accelerate and speed towards the academy gates. Just before they were to arrive, the four miniature mecha suddenly separated to hover in mid-air at four corners, going into a defensive stance. Meanwhile, the hover car in the middle began to descend, slowly gliding down towards the school gates. In the end, it stopped not 10 metres away from the gates.

Qi Long's group of five was just about to approach when a strong sense of danger swept over them. The two miniature mecha closest to them almost simultaneously aimed their beam guns at the group. If they continued to move forward, countless beam shots would rain down on them.

"Ling Yu, they are my friends!" A cool voice rang out from within the hover car. This caused the two miniature mecha to immediately be at ease, pulling back their beam guns.

"It really is Boss!" That familiar voice instantly excited Qi Long and the others. Sure enough, their boss was back!

The doors of the hover car finally swung open, and a youth dressed in a red uniform bent over with his head bowed to get out of the hover car. Black military boots stomped confidently on the ground. The youth stood up straight and lifted his head to look in the direction of Qi Long and company.

Qi Long and the others felt an intense gaze sweep over them — they couldn't help but puff out their chests and suck in their tummies, standing up straight in response.

Then, an extremely subtle smile appeared on the lips of that sculpted cold face. "Companions, I am back!"

"Boss ..." Qi Long and the others pounced at Ling Lan emotionally. Qi Long's speed was the fastest — he was the first one to embrace Ling Lan. His eyes were red, and his voice was choked with tears as he said, "Boss, I've waited for you for so long."

The last three years, he had trained desperately, all in the hopes that one day he would be able to truly stand by Ling Lan's side, so they could become brothers who could watch out for one another and brave life and death together ... and today, he had finally seen this day arrive.

Ling Lan patted Qi Long's back lightly, "Yes, I know. Which is why I've come back."

Qi Long suppressed the upheaval in his heart, reluctantly letting go of Ling Lan. But before he could say anything else, he had been shoved aside by Luo Lang. Luo Lang grabbed Ling Lan and hugged her tight, fiercely snuggling against her, as if seeking comfort. "Boss Lan, I've missed you to death."

This action of Luo Lang's rendered Ling Lan completely speechless. Who the heck was this? When did their team take in a girl? She slowly pushed away the clingy Luo Lang, and after giving him a close look, voice cracking, she said, "Luo Lang? How did you grow up to look like this?"

This punk Luo Lang had actually grown up to be even more feminine than she had — was there still any reason in this world?! This harsh reality deeply wounded Ling Lan's fragile soul. She raged in her heart: Hells, I am the one who's a girl, alright?!