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Chapter 188: Applying to a School!

Chapter 188: Applying to a School!
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Watching Xie Yi drift down soullessly from the hover car, the waiting Ling Lan could not help but furrow her brows. Could it be that the little fellow had been struck too deeply by her words and had incurred a spiritual wound?

She looked dubiously at Qi Long, her eyes filled with questions. D*mmit, didn't you all say that this guy was very thick-skinned? Why did he fall into such a sorry state from such a minor setback?

To Ling Lan's questioning gaze, Qi Long could only shake his head firmly, indicating that he knew nothing.

Of course, after Ling Lan shifted her gaze elsewhere, Qi Long could only murmur in his heart, 'That also depends on who the opponent is. A humanoid weapon like you with such horrific killing power — what does it matter how thick one's skin is? Your power is still unbearable!'

At this thought, Qi Long couldn't help but glance sympathetically at Xie Yi, donating a handful of compassionate tears for his plight of almost collapsing under a simple jab by Boss Ling Lan ... Thinking back, this was also how I, your big bro, endured till this day!

"Xie Yi, are you really planning to apply for the First Men's Military Academy in this state?" Xie Yi was suddenly jolted out of his thoughts by a familiar cold voice.

Ling Lan was staring at him coldly. The ice in his eyes caused Xie Yi to shiver involuntarily — he could actually feel the same pressure as when he stood before some instructors. It had been a long time since he had felt that sensation.

"If you lose here, then you will really have no right to become a member of our team." Ling Lan's warning made Xie Yi gather his emotions. There was no room for him to consider all these complicated things right now. Only one thought remained in his head — he could not fail here. He must succeed in enrolling into the First Men's Military Academy, and then prove himself worthy of becoming a true member of the team.

Seeing Xie Yi regain his equilibrium, Ling Lan let out a silent breath of relief. If her previous words had caused Xie Yi to stumble and make a mistake during the assessment, then she would have committed a grave sin.

The few of them arrived at the assessment point specially set aside for the First Men's Military Academy. Almost all of the Central Scout Academy's 10th grade boys eligible for admission was gathered here. Everyone had three application chances, and all of the boys had set their first option as the First Men's Military Academy. This was the dream school of all the boys, so even if they knew the chances were slim, they still used up one of their application chances on this school with no regrets.

Qi Long and the others joined the long line of people waiting. However, the line moved swiftly, and very soon it was their turn. Qi Long and his team lifted their right hands, revealing their communicators, and waved them at the A.I. processing the applications for the First Men's Military Academy. A beep was heard, and then the virtual screen displayed their details, along with the honours and results they had obtained in their 10 years at the scout academy.

After each person concerned verified his details, he would press the 'confirm' button of the A.I., and their information would be delivered instantly to the database of the First Men's Military Academy. After that, all they had to do was wait to receive the confirmation notification on their communicators.

Very quickly, the First Men's Military Academy had responded by sending their application numbers to their communicators. At this point, they then had to wait patiently for the communicator notification for the final testing.

After the 5 members of the team had gone through the entire process, they waited for Ling Lan to do the same. However, Ling Lan did not do anything, merely signalling for Qi Long and the rest of the team to move so they would not obstruct the others behind them from applying.

This unexpected action of Ling Lan's confounded Qi Long. He blurted out right then and there, "Boss, why aren't you applying to the First Men's Military Academy?"

"Let's speak at the side, alright?" Qi Long's outburst had made them the centre of attention; Ling Lan was rather resigned by this.

"Ah ... that's Ling Lan who withdrew from the academy three years ago." Noticing Ling Lan, everyone began to stir in excitement. The grand armed melee that year had been launched by Ling Lan, and due to that decision, many initially unawakened students had obtained the opportunity to awaken ... It could be said that, a large majority of the 7th graders then — that is, the 10th graders now — were extremely grateful towards Ling Lan.

"Our uncrowned king has returned ...!" shouted someone in joy, obviously a loyal supporter of Ling Lan.

"Just now I seem to have heard that Ling Lan is not applying for the First Men's Military Academy? Why is that?" Some people had latched onto Qi Long's question, and began to debate the reason behind it in astonishment.

In their eyes, only those Class-A folks would be able to successfully enrol into the First Men's Military Academy without much trouble. As the king of kings in Class-A, if Ling Lan did not enter the First Men's Military Academy, who should?

"Could it be that Ling Lan's injury from back then still hasn't healed?" asked a random student. The cacophony was cut by an abrupt silence, and then the noise exploded, even more chaotic than before. Could that really be true?!

Hearing these speculations, as if thinking of something, Qi Long's face changed.

Seeing the situation slipping out of control, Ling Lan hurriedly signalled for Qi Long and the others to leave the area first. This spot was truly unsuitable for them to talk.

The group quickly left the application point. The assessment time would be sent directly to the applicants' communicators, so it was not necessary to wait at the application point itself. As long as the applicant was not late for the assessment, it was all fine.

The six of them came to a relatively quiet location, and then Ling Lan said, "Actually, choosing not to apply for the First Men's Military Academy is a deeply thought out decision on my part."

"Could it be that your body hasn't healed yet, Boss?" asked Qi Long anxiously. Back then, when the academy doctor had determined that Ling Lan would require 3 to 4 years to fully recover, they had assumed that 3 years would take care of everything for sure. Who knew reality would not turn out this way ...

"Yes, I still need one year's time. And this year just happens to be the most critical one ... If I don't take care, some latent problems will remain in my body, which may even affect my future career as a mecha operator." Ling Lan did not hesitate to exaggerate. Even if she were as fit as an ox right now, she would still spin it so that she was a ravaged wilting white cabbage.

"You all know that the first year of physical training at the First Men's Military Academy is exceedingly harsh — if one doesn't pass, one will be kicked out from the school directly. My family doctor has clearly diagnosed that my body would not be able to withstand that year of training. Since I already know it is impossible, I can only give up on applying."

Ling Lan naturally wasn't afraid of this so-called harsh physical training. The reason why she would not apply for the First Men's Military Academy is that both her mother, Lan Luofeng, and she were not at all confident that she could keep her gender under wraps for all 6 years at the school.

Just the annual physical check-up alone would be an unfordable natural chasm, not to mention the various forms of physical training they would have to go through. Based on what she knew, there were times when they had to fight stripped to the waist — and this was impossible for Ling Lan!

Of course, even without those issues, it still was not suitable for Ling Lan to enter the First Men's Military Academy, this gathering grounds of abnormal prodigies, with her current situation. Mind you, once she managed to enter that school, she would draw the attention of the entire Federation. And this was precisely what Ling Lan did not need. The best thing for her would be to be utterly forgotten, to fade away into obscurity so she could find a chance to regain her female life.

Lan Luofeng did not want her daughter to live forever in the world as a man; she just could not bear it. Thus, after discussion, the final decision was for Ling Lan to apply to the most remote planet in the galaxy, planet Aureolin 1 .

It was an agricultural planet, with beautiful scenery and temperate weather. Moreover, the college there was rather easygoing — one just needed to muck about for a few years there to obtain a degree. Although Ling Lan felt somewhat regretful for the choice, she did not want to let Lan Luofeng worry, and so agreed.

Of course, Ling Lan did not obediently apply to those horticultural colleges as Lan Luofeng wished, choosing instead to apply to the only community college specialising in mecha repairs on the planet. Ling Lan had carefully examined that school, and found that although it was known as a mecha service college, it still had a mecha control course. The course only accepted 50 people, but Ling Lan believed that, based on her status as a Class-A student from the Central Scout Academy, that college would definitely not reject her.

When Qi Long and the other 4 members heard about Ling Lan's situation, their mood instantly dropped.

Han Jijyun could not help but ask, "Then, which military school are you applying to?" The other military schools were perhaps not as strict as the First Men's Military Academy.

"I've prepared to apply to the Windchase Mecha Service College on planet Aureolin." The youths were gobsmacked once more by Ling Lan's reply.

"Servicing mecha? Boss, are you joking?" Qi Long leapt up in shock, his face filled with disbelief.

He had never forgotten Ling Lan's formidable control skills — while in the virtual world, he had piloted a mecha and simulated a fight with the figure of the Twilight mecha that day in his mind, and he had lost spectacularly. This gave Qi Long a clearer idea of Ling Lan's true control ability. For such a prodigious mecha operator to go become a regular skilled technician and service mecha ... he felt that his entire world was being upended.

Ling Lan cut off Qi Long with a cold glare, "The Mecha Service College does not just have mecha servicing courses, it also has a mecha control course."

These words finally let the team members' spirits return to their bodies — Boss wasn't going to go become a mecha repairman! — they felt they had been revived.

"Is the mecha control class of that planet any good?" asked Han Jijyun dubiously.

However, Ling Lan's response to that let them finally understand why their Boss Lan had chosen that school. "It's so-so. But that planet is the most suitable for resting and recuperating. The weather is mild, the scenery beautiful, and the air quality is the most optimum A+ grade. My family doctor has said that my body will be able to relax best there, and will be able to eliminate all latent problems. Plus, the school is very easygoing, working on a credit-based system. For the first year, I plan to rest at home and just work on some theory classes. I will put the actual control classes in the second year ..." said Ling Lan, her expression turning helpless at this point, "Only that school allows me to freely arrange my time, so that place is the most suitable for me ..."

Ling Lan found that she was really good at lying — she herself was almost taken in by her own lies.

Seeing the five still in low spirits before her, Ling Lan added, "Besides, just because I've gone there doesn't mean I won't ever come back. The First Men's Military Academy has transfer opportunities every year. Promising students at other schools can still reapply for the First Men's Military Academy through testing. Once my body recovers, I will be back."

First comfort them for now, there will be some excuse to explain things later on ... Ling Lan decided to take things one step at a time and cross bridges when she came upon them. Right now, she needed to pump Qi Long and the others up for their application test into the First Men's Military Academy. Mind you, only at the First Men's Military Academy would they receive the best support for their development. She definitely would not allow their futures to be negatively impacted because of her.

Sure enough, Ling Lan's words caused Qi Long and the others to rally immediately. It was true when they thought about it! So Boss Lan wouldn't be applying for the First Men's Military Academy now, but that doesn't mean he won't be able to enrol later on. There would still be chances, and although those chances would be much more difficult than applying now, who was Ling Lan? He was their boss! It would be no problem for him!

It had to be said that Qi Long and the others really had a kind of blind faith in Ling Lan. In their minds, as long as it was something Boss Lan wanted to do, nothing was impossible.